Minecraft Bedrock Tips (North, weapons, emeralds, particles)

Getting lost while playing Minecraft is a common occurrence since finding or using a compass is not that straightforward. Therefore, I understand that telling which way is north in Minecraft Bedrock is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, how do you tell which way is north in Minecraft Bedrock? There are several ways you can tell which way is north in Minecraft, including pressing F3 on your keyboard if using a PC and the Fn and F3 keys on your laptop. You can also use the sun to tell where the North is, given that in Minecraft, it will rise in the East and set in the West. Lastly, you can use a compass to establish the North.

When playing Minecraft, searching for resources or exploring is inevitable, and you may end up in unfamiliar spaces while doing this. I will help you tell which way is north to stay oriented as you navigate the landscapes.

To tell which way is north in Minecraft Bedrock, start by pressing F3 to debug the Menu. Next, look under the X, Y, Z coordinates for the letter F to know the direction you are currently facing. If you choose coordinates to establish direction, you need an understanding of how they work.

Minecraft features a vast world, as it randomly generates as the player travels through it. There are also numerous exciting points for the player, including villages, world spawn, desert temples, and mansions. A prudent player should take note of the locations of these interest areas for easy navigation.

Given the above nature of the Minecraft Bedrock edition, planning and execution without the correct coordinates can be challenging. Thus, to simplify this, Minecraft features three coordinates X, Y, and Z, which enable you to point to the locations in Minecraft world accurately.

The X coordinate shows the East and West locations on the map. A positive value indicates east, while a negative indicates west. The Y coordinate shows the vertical position, and the more you move upwards, the value will increase positively.

When you go towards the bedrock, the value will decrease. The Z coordinate shows the South and North directions. Shifting to the south increases the positive value while moving to the North reduces it to a negative value.

When playing the Bedrock edition, you can find your coordinates with a few easy steps. To do this, navigate to the menu, and select Game then scroll to the Show Coordinates selection. You will see your coordinates on the top left of your screen on this window, and they will change depending on your movement.

Apart from coordinates, you can determine the north using the direction of the sun. Like in real-life scenario, the sun rises in the East on Minecraft. Thus, if you face the sun as it rises, the north will be your left, and if you are facing it as it sets, the north will be on your right. Other players also use sunflowers to tell the direction though this is not fully verified.

If you are using the map to find your North, it is towards the top if you are holding it in your hands. Like any other object on Minecraft, you can put on maps an item frame. When you click on a map in an item frame, it will rotate, and you will not get the right direction. This explains why you should pick it up by left-clicking on it then hold it in your hands to establish the directions.

How To Get 32k Weapons in Minecraft Bedrock?

32k weapons are the most powerful weapons that you can access in Minecraft. Accessing these weapons can help you screw around and troll your friends in Minecraft Bedrock.

The best way to get 32k weapons in Minecraft bedrock is using a hacked client; this means you have to backdoor your server to access the weapons. After the acquisition, you will have to continue using the hacked client to handle these weapons.

Thus, if your server features an anti-cheat, you may not be able to access the 32k weapons unless you disable this feature. With an anti-cheat present, you will experience issues while trying to obtain the weapons.

How Do You Break the Bedrock in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Breaking the bedrock in the Minecraft bedrock edition enables players to enjoy several benefits. It is worth noting that unlike other blocks in Minecraft, bedrocks cannot break in Survival mode.

There are two ways of breaking bedrock in the Minecraft bedrock edition, using a Nether portal and switching to Creative mode. The creative mode is the easiest alternative as there are no restrictions on this mode.

To switch to the Creative mode and break the bedrock, you will start by launching Minecraft on your device. You should note that during this switch, you will not gain trophies or achievement points for your game. Next, tap the Esc button to open the menu, then click the Open to LAN tab. On this Menu, click Allow Cheat On, then Start LAN World.

Next, go back to the game by clicking the back arrow and then the Resume Game tab. At this point, open the console box and enter “/gamemode c” command, then press Enter. This action will switch your game from Survival to Creative.

You will know you are in Creative mode if your hunger, health, and experience meters disappear. In this mode also, you will have unlimited resources, and performing activities such as breaking the bedrock will be much easier. You will click on the block that you want to break, and it should come to ruins.

Using the Nether portal bug to break the bedrock is easier and faster. All you will do is put the non-spawnable blocks on every block within 16 blocks horizontally. Next, you will destroy the Nether portal you used earlier and create another one that should be sixteen blocks away and go to the Overworld. Lastly, go to the original Nether Portal and travel to the Nether. The Nether that will spawn at the ceiling will replace the bedrock.

Given the effort in breaking the bedrock, you may be wondering whether the effort is worth it. Well, to start with, Minecraft features different types of blocks, most of which can break easily if you use the right tool on them.

This feature makes bedrock stand out as the hardest to break. Even then, players will still insist on breaking the bedrock that prevents them from falling into the void and accessing certain places in the game.

Breaking the bedrock also enables players to travel long distances across the Nether. This action gives them easy access to the Nether through the bedrock, where they can put their elevator or ladder.

Also, breaking the Nether is helpful for a player who wants to fall into the Overworld void. Finally, this technique is also useful if you want to remove the blocks at the exit portal and end gateways and the frames on the portals in a stronghold.

What’s the Quickest Way To Get Emeralds in Minecraft Bedrock?

Emeralds are precious items in Minecraft. They spawn in mountain biomes in Minecraft and accessing them will enable a player to trade and decorate, among other uses. This explains why players are constantly on the lookout for this precious item.

The quickest way to get emeralds in Minecraft Bedrock is to strip mine. Before emeralds were added to the game, strip mining was useful in mining diamonds, coal, and iron. With its addition in the 1.3.1 update, players strip mine to find this gem and use it.

When strip mining, players go underground and use a pickaxe mine in a straight line until they find the ore. This technique is efficient and suitable since players can access all the ores in their neighborhood. Given their location in mountain biomes, players should target these areas for emeralds.

Another fast way of getting emeralds is through trade. In Minecraft, there are villages generated naturally with structures and occupied by villagers. These villagers use emeralds as their currency to trade. In most cases, the villager will offer emeralds for a number of goods or goods for a certain amount of emeralds.

This offers an easy option for a player to collect emeralds from the villagers as long as they can supply them with the items they need. The best trade options a player can engage in to acquire as many emeralds as possible include trading crops and coal. Usually, such trades will require up to twenty of an item for an emerald.

Other sources of emeralds in the bedrock edition include oceans, deserts, and jungle temples. In the oceans, a player can find underwater ruins and abandoned shipwrecks. These structures underwater generate emerald, and, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, a player has a higher chance of finding emeralds in the ocean.

One emerald has a 15% chance of generating in the underwater ruins, while in shipwrecks, one to five emeralds have a 73% chance. Finally, a player who enjoys exploring the dangerous jungle temples and deserts can come across some emeralds on their tour. In the Bedrock edition, there is up to 18 percent and 8.7 percent probability of one to three emeralds generating in the desert and jungle temples, respectively.

How To Turn Off Particles in Minecraft Bedrock?

Minecraft commands make gameplay easy for players. One such command that gamers love is the particle command, and I will help you know how to turn it off in Minecraft bedrock.

Generally, you can remove all status effects, including the particles, by dying, drinking milk, or traveling through the return portal. However, if you want to turn off particles in Minecraft Bedrock, you should do so from the particle file instead of making the particle texture transparent. This, you should do before or after creating the world.

In the bedrock edition, the command you will use is “/particle <effect> <position>.” The effect, in this case, is the name of the particle you will create, and the position is the coordinate where the particles will be. You can tag a wide range of particles in the command, including phantom trails, large explosions, and angry villagers, among others.

To use the above particle command in the Minecraft bedrock edition, you will enter it into the chat as a regular message. As you play with others, this command will be visible to all of them. The particle command is an important addition as it brightens up the world courtesy of its effects.

While you may want to turn off particles to enjoy some game benefits, they are important in Minecraft Bedrock’s visual experience. You can use them for effects, including magic spells and exhaust smoke, among other animations. In maps, you can use them for ambient effects such as falling leaves and placing 2D graphics in your Minecraft world.

Using particles in animations comprises linking the particle effect in the client file, giving it a name, and then using the name in animation. When you use particle effects in animation controllers, you will first add the effect to your client entity file then add the effect to a particular state of your controller.

In the above cases, it is worth noting that this creation is a trial and error with different settings combined. Therefore, you can play with different parameters for fun and see what may come out of it.

Wrap Up

When playing Minecraft, you can get lost, given that most of the features come by as you navigate. This is why knowing the direction is vital. To determine which way is North, use the coordinates, map, compass, or the sun’s direction. While navigating, you can gain 32k weapons by accessing your server through a hacked client. This way, you will have the upper hand over your friends and enemies in the game.

Finally, emeralds are a gem in the game, and having them will give you the ability to trade with villagers and acquire essentials in the game. You can access this treasure through trade or sourcing from abandoned temples and shipwrecks, where they have a high probability of regenerating. Whichever means you choose, it is worth noting that when playing Minecraft, creativity is vital to get the most out of the game.

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