Move Items Quickly Minecraft (Here’s what you need to know)

When playing Minecraft, you can keep your valuable items in a chest if you do not want to use them immediately. Also, you can move the items from the chest to your inventory or from your inventory to your chest. Therefore, if you have many items in your inventory, you might be looking for the fastest method to move those items to your chest.

So, how do you quickly move items in Minecraft? Open the chest and press and hold the shift key on your keyboard. Select the item you want to move from the inventory to the chest and click on it. The items will transfer instantly to your chest, and it also works the other way round if you need to move items quickly from your chest to the inventory.

Suppose you have many items in the inventory; press and hold the shift key and select one item on your inventory. Move that item and hover it on another similar item in the inventory and click on it. All the items will move to the chest with one click. This method also works if you need to move items from the chest to the inventory.

Chests play a significant role in Minecraft as they act as an insurance policy, ensuring that you do not lose anything you store in them when your character dies. Therefore, if you want to know more about chests and inventory in Minecraft, this is the guide for you. Read on to find out how to move items in Minecraft quickly, how to move items with mass in Minecraft, and how to take things out of your inventory in Minecraft quickly.

In Minecraft, chests are primarily used to keep valuable items so that if your character dies in the game, you do not lose your items. You can move items from your inventory to a chest at any time.

The process that most people use is tedious because it involves dragging one single item at a time from the inventory to the chest. If you do not want to waste time moving the items, you might quickly look for ways to move the items.

One way to quickly move items in Minecraft while playing on PC is using the shift key and mouse only. Right-click on the chest to open, and a window showing items in your inventory and items in the chest will appear on the screen. Press and hold the “Shift” key on your keyboard and left-click the item you want to move from your inventory to transfer it to your chest instantly.

If you have many items, clicking on each item will take longer, but you can move all the items simultaneously. Press and hold the shift key and left-click on one item in the inventory, drag that item, hover it on another similar item in the inventory, and click on it. All the items will move to the chest at once. These two methods can also be used to move items from your chest to the inventory.

Your character in Minecraft can die in case aggressive mobs attack you, this includes zombies or even other players. Anything that you were carrying will get lost when you die unless you store them in a chest.

When you keep all your valuable items in a chest, you will find all your items safe in the chest when you die and respawn. Always check your inventory to see how many items you have and need during the game. If you do not need an item, move it to a chest to avoid losing it if your character dies.

Chests in Minecraft come in two sizes: single and double; therefore, choose a chest that can store all your items. A single chest can keep up to twenty-seven stacks of items, and a double chest can store up to fifty-four stacks of items.

One stack can have up to sixty-four items; therefore, if you like to collect items, you can store more than three thousand items in one chest. To create a double chest, place two single chests side by side, and you will automatically get a double chest.

In Minecraft, you can craft most of the items you will use during the game as long as you have the necessary items. You can craft a chest on your crafting table with eight blocks of wooden planks.

Place the eight blocks of wooden planks around the slots on your crafting table, leaving the middle slot empty to create a single chest. After crafting the chest, right-click the chest to open it and start moving items into the chest. To avoid getting confused about which chest has a certain item, you can rename the chest to match the items you are storing in it.

How Do You Move Items with Mass in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, items need to be transported from one point to another, especially if you have many items. Moving items with mass from one location to another can be tiresome if you choose the wrong mode of transport. If you want to move items with mass in Minecraft, here are some modes of transport that you can use to make the experience easier.

If you want to move items from your base to a nearby location, you can use water channels and hoppers. If you want to move items to a location far away from your base, you can use donkeys, ender chests and shulker boxes.

Each mode of transport can transport items in different directions; for example, water channels can move items horizontally while block elevators can move items vertically. You can also create your transport system that comprises different modes of transportation in Minecraft to move items from and into your base. Now let us look at each transport mode and how you can use it to transport items.

When moving items over a short distance, you can use water source blocks to create a water channel to serve you as a transport system. You can direct the water channel to the specific place you need to put the items and place the items in the water channel.

You can also add ice tracks in the water channel to make the items move faster. Water channels also have soul sand bubble columns that lift the items higher, making it the most efficient mode of transport.

You cannot use water channels to move items to faraway locations because you will spend a lot of time crafting the water channel, the time you could use to get a better mode of transport.

Another mode of transport that you can use to move items over a short distance is hoppers. Hoppers are pipes that can move items into a container that they are pointed to, such as chests or barrels. Hoppers can connect to each other, creating a chain that can transport items over a short distance.

For example, if you have chicken and want a simpler method to collect the eggs, connect several hoppers running from the chicken coop to a chest, and when the chicken lays eggs, they will move to the chest instead of you coming to collect them. However, hoppers are very expensive and are difficult to craft in rough terrain.

Donkeys, mules, and llamas are a good mode of transport to move items over a long distance. You can use donkeys, mules and llamas to transport items and your character to locations far away from your base.

If you are going to collect certain items like coal, iron ore and gold from a mining site, take your donkey or mule to carry your items. You can take one donkey or several donkeys; however, it can be frustrating trying to control many donkeys at once. Mobs also do not work well in rough terrain. Before choosing a mule or llama as your mode of transport, check if the terrain is perfect for livestock to move freely.

You can also use an ender chest to transport items over a long distance. Ender chest is a type of chest that can be crafted using eight obsidian and one ender eye. The ender chest can share all items it contains with all ender chests across the world.

You can deposit items in one ender chest and access those items in another ender chest located in a different location. Shulker boxes can store items for long-distance travel and can retain the items if broken. You can also store a shulker box in an ender chest and access it from different parts of the world in Minecraft.

How Do You Quickly Take Things Out of Your Inventory in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the inventory is the pop-up window that you can use to manage items your character carries when exploring the world or completing a task. Some of the important items you find on your inventory include armor, weapons and tools. If you need an item from your inventory, you might be wondering how fast you can take it.

To take things out of your inventory quickly in Minecraft, press control and Q keys on your keyboard (Ctrl + Q) to take many things at once from your inventory. If you only need to take one item out of your inventory, press and hold “Q” on your keyboard, and the item you selected will be dropped.

The controls change depending on your gaming PC or if you customized your control keys. In some gaming PCs, you need to press and hold the Shift key and Q (Shift + Q) to drop the items from your inventory; therefore, if the control key is not working for you, try the other commands. If you are using a Mac, you can press (CMD + Q) ;however, this is a command to quit other applications hence, and you need to change its function to stop closing other apps.

Quickly taking items out of your inventory is important, especially if you need to defend yourself. When you are in your village, and it gets dark, there is a chance that zombies, pillagers, vexes and witches. To defend yourself and the villagers, you need weapons and armor.

If the raid is sudden, you might have to go through your inventory quickly and get armor and weapons. When exploring a mine shaft or cave system, you might need a pickaxe to mine the minerals. To take the pickaxe out of your inventory quickly, select the pickaxe press and hold Q, the pickaxe will drop on the ground, and you can pick it and start mining.

When playing Minecraft in “Survival Mode”, ensure that you place an item in its correct slot. For example, if you place an armor in the regular slot, it will not be considered worn and does not offer any protection to your character during an attack.

Always equip your armor in the armor slot to ensure that it offers you protection. If you are holding armor and want to use it, you can place it in an empty armor slot or place it in an armor slot that is already occupied with armor.

Your Minecraft inventory usually has four amour slots, nine Hotbar slots, twenty-seven storage slots and an off-hand slot. You can select items in the Hotbar slots using the keys one to nine (1-9), or you can also select the item using your mouse.

One slot can hold up to sixty-four items in the storage slots, but not all items can be stacked. For example, you cannot stack weapons and tools except for clocks and compasses. Some items can be stacked but not up to sixty-four, such as empty buckets, which can only be stacked up to 16.


When playing Minecraft, moving items from your chest to the inventory and vice versa is an important part of managing your valuable items. If you are not using cheat codes to prevent death, you can lose all your items if you have not stored them in a chest.

Dragging the items one by one to the chest from the inventory can be tedious if you have many items. However, if you need to move your items quickly from your inventory to your chest or vice versa, you can use the methods discussed in this article.

If the items you need to move are not many, you can also quickly move items from your inventory to your Hotbar using the shift and left-click command. Finally, there are many versions of Minecraft, and the controls change slightly; hence, if pressing and holding the shift key does not work, check your control to see the assigned key.

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