Minecraft Tips (Starter vs Master, Creative, Survival, RTX)

If you want to relive your experiences by putting together the best creative world in Minecraft, you need an excellent place to start. However, the several Minecraft versions and game modes available make selection quite daunting. Therefore, I have shortlisted some of the best variations and analyzed them for you.

So, how does Minecraft Starter compare with Master? The Minecraft Starter Collection offers an entry point for newcomers, featuring the base game, 700 Minecoins, and a selection of DLC packs. Meanwhile, the Master Collection targets advanced players, including the base game, 1,000 Minecoins, and a more extensive DLC collection.

The Starter and Master collections are handy add-ons for Minecraft players, particularly those using Xbox One. Primarily, the Master is an all-inclusive collection best for experienced players that comes with more packs and 1000 coins for your purchase needs. In contrast, the Starter is more suitable for beginners, comes with fewer benefits and 700 coins for in-game buying. Therefore, Master is more expensive to buy while Starter is relatively more affordable.

Opting for the Starter Collection to begin the Minecraft journey as a beginner makes senses as the Master Collection is for more experienced users seeking additional content.

Minecraft is the ideal platform to expand your imagination while building brick worlds. I understand how tasking it may be for you to select collections and game variations and have picked some gamers’ favorites, including Minecraft Starter, Master, Creative, Survival, RTX, and Shaders, giving side-by-side comparisons to break it all down.

If you have an Xbox One, it must have crossed your mind to buy an excellent collection together with your game. Thanks to their unique perks, the Starter and Master are great options if you are a first-timer or veteran player. The only challenge is not knowing which collection between the two is perfect for you.

The Minecraft Starter and Master collections are both exclusive add-ons for Xbox One and are very handy for you as a player, whether experienced or a beginner. The main difference is that they come with various features.

The Master is the more comprehensive option and includes 1000 Minecoins to aid in in-game and community product purchases. However, the Starter is ideal for first-time users and comes with 700 coins for players. Generally, while Master is more all-inclusive, the Starter is more beginner-friendly and affordable.

The Master collection is an exclusive add-on for Xbox one gamers. Many buyers prefer it since it is one of the most all-inclusive Minecraft versions. If you want to have the best gaming experience and explore your creative side in Minecraft, the Master is an excellent selection.

With this Standard Edition, you can enjoy some of the best from Noxcrew, PixelHeads, Imagiverse, and more. Most importantly, Master gives you access to 1000 Minecoins. Therefore, you have the currency you need to make in-game purchases from Minecraft and buy world, skins, and textures from communities.

On the other side, there is the Starter Collection from Minecraft, which, as the name suggests, is ideal for a beginner. If you want to explore your imaginative side but are unsure of an add-on, the Starter will be helpful for you. It serves as a simplified Master Collection version without a Creator’s Pack.

Also, instead of the 1000 Minecoins, this purchase gives you 700 coins that you can use to purchase community content. In addition, you get packs such as Villains Skin and Plastic Texture. Your decision about the best collection to buy will also depend on your budget. You will notice that purchasing a Master Pack alongside the game is more expensive than the starter pack you buy with the game.

The Starter is also well-suited for first-timers and is an exceptional creation for their needs. Remember that these two are not distinct Minecraft Editions. They are only bundles with optional add-ons and the Minecraft version for the current Windows.

Some players would even buy the game as it is without the collection. Therefore, the Starter or Master is only suitable if you are sure about your purchase; otherwise, you can always buy them later.

If you are a first buyer still learning how to use the packs, you can go for Starter, which has the advantage of competitive pricing. Alternatively, if you are a veteran in the game, you can select Master and enjoy all the packs from the collection. Also, if you prefer a cheaper option, the Starter will be a suitable pick.

Minecraft Creative versus Survival

Minecraft comes in different game modes, each with distinct rule sets and player capabilities. Creative and Survival are some of the most popular variations, which are unique but from the same game. If you want to start playing Minecraft but are uncertain of the suitable game mode, I will describe these two in detail.

Minecraft Creative mode allows players to unleash their imagination, offering unlimited resources and the ability to fly. It’s ideal for constructing massive structures and experimenting without the risk of danger. In contrast, Survival mode is about resource gathering, crafting, and combat, with players facing threats like hunger and mobs. This mode encourages exploration and problem-solving, providing a more challenging and immersive experience.

Generally, Creative and Survival are distinct Minecraft concepts. While Survival focuses on how well the player can survive with minimal resources, Creative is more hassle-free. Instead of the anxiety to live through another day, the game provides you with everything you need to craft any brick world.

Survival also has enemies, and you are constantly battling to stay alive. Therefore, it is an ideal mode if you find it all exciting, while Creative will be perfect if you want to practice how innovative you can be without the stress of Survival mode.

One essential difference between the two is that they are individual concepts. Survival gameplay is primarily about how well a player can live using limited resources. The mode is standard and relies on hard work since you must do with the little the game gives you and build from there through the levels. On the contrary, Creative mode, like its name states, depends on how creative the player is.

Unlike Survival, there is no anxiety when playing. Instead, the game taps to your artsy side, letting you create a brick world however you prefer. You can use anything in Minecraft and be as imaginative as you can be.

Similarly, the game modes offer players different supplies for Minecraft. If you find it thrilling to make use of meager resources and still succeed, you will incline to Survival since you must work upwards with almost no resources initially.

The game involves exploration and locating essentials necessary for Survival. For Creative, the game provides you with everything you need, and the only challenge is choosing what to create from all the supplies. Another glaring difference is that you will face imminent danger in Survival but not in Creative. The former involves defending yourself from enemies and other life-threatening aspects.

However, the Creative mode gives you more freedom to do whatever you want without fearing enemies or dying. You get everything you need and the flying capability to reach places faster. Therefore, Survival is best for players who are excited by the thrill.

The game requires you to survive with the little you have and watch out for lethal enemies while you are at it. Still, if you prefer hassle-free gaming where you can be as imaginative as you want, you can also go for Creative.

Minecraft Adventure versus Spectator

Minecraft’s different game modes make it quite fascinating for players since each playstyle is unique. You don’t have to stick to single gameplay, with options such as Spectator and Adventure availed for you to try out. Therefore, in this section, I will discuss the two alternatives in detail.

Minecraft Adventure mode is tailored for custom maps and experiences, restricting players from breaking or placing blocks unless allowed by map creators. It emphasizes storytelling and objectives, requiring players to follow the rules set by the map’s designer. Spectator mode, on the other hand, lets players observe the game world without directly interacting with it. Players become invisible, can fly, and pass through objects, making it ideal for observing or streaming gameplay without interference.

Adventure game mode allows you to use a player-made map in the game. You can also interact with objects, but you cannot break blocks with your bare hands. On the other hand, Spectator mode lets you fly around the world and see everything happening on the ground without necessarily interacting with them. Moreover, you can die in Adventure mode but not in Spectator. However, you cannot start a Minecraft world in the two games unless you switch to Survival or Creative.

Adventure and Spectator game modes are Minecraft sub-games for players to select depending on their needs. The Adventure mode will allow you to traverse the custom maps in the Minecraft servers, while the Spectator style lets you enjoy the skies and spot your enemies’ locations on the ground. However, it is pretty challenging to start both games in the Minecraft world, hence ideal if you switch to a preferred mode via the “game mode” command in the chatbox.

Also, the game modes require a player to activate cheats; otherwise, the commands may fail. In the Spectator style, you are just an observer of the underworld. You can locate mobs, but you cannot fight them, and you have the remarkable ability to penetrate walls and solid objects. This playstyle doesn’t let you die because it lacks health or experience bars, unlike in Adventure mode, where you can deplete your lives and starve.

You don’t use a defined map in the Spectator option, but you require a tailored version in Adventure to make the game more fun while navigating the Minecraft world. Besides these similar and contradicting aspects, Spectator and Adventure Minecraft still have more features to explore. For instance, the Adventure mode is handy when you need actions like looting and interacting with mobs.

This way, you can acquire collectibles such as weapons and food in the process. On the contrary, the Spectator option restricts looting containers or chests. Lastly, when flying in this mode, you become invisible to other players unless they are also playing in the same style. However, the Adventure mode makes you visible to everyone else you encounter.

Minecraft RTX versus Shaders

Superior gameplay means access to high-quality videos with the best resolutions, fantastic displays, and excellent graphics. If the objects in the game are apparent, you can see everything happening on the screen, and you won’t struggle when playing.

Minecraft RTX is a version of the game with real-time ray tracing support, providing realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections for NVIDIA RTX GPUs. It delivers a high level of visual fidelity and immersion, showcasing the potential of ray tracing technology. Shaders, conversely, are community-created modifications that enhance Minecraft’s visuals by introducing custom lighting, shadows, and water effects. While shaders offer a wide range of visual styles, they lack the full realism and consistency of RTX.

Shaders and RTX are modes in the Minecraft world that you can apply to enhance the game’s graphical and visual representation. Both programs ensure that the GPU enhances Minecraft’s aesthetics and makes the images more realistic. RTX works by ray tracing objects to make them brighter through reflection, shadows, and lighting.

Similarly, Shaders improve illumination and bring your images to life but not in the wholesome way that RTX does. Besides, they require downloading while RTX comes with the Nvidia processor for Windows 10.

Both modes enhance and fix the visuals in Minecraft by giving you images that are clearer, well-lit, and realistic. This way, you will get the exact picture and easily distinguish objects. These tools aren’t restricted to use on a particular GPU on your PC, plus they are easy to install and use. Another similarity is that the technique used to illuminate surfaces on both RTX and Shaders are technically the same.

All the RTX supporting graphics cards can improve images in Minecraft and make them real through ray tracing technology. It means that it sorts the graphics in terms of shadows, reflection and light, then tweaks them and gives you exceptional images. The Minecraft RTX Windows 10 version requires a 64-bit PC, which should also be running on Windows 10, and a dedicated DirectX NVIDIA RTX 20 series graphics or better.

Additionally, your gadget should be a 5i CPU and have over 8 GB of storage space to get you started. Besides NVIDIA, you may use other powerful GPU cards such as RADEON RX 6000 series.

You can still achieve excellent, life-like graphics with Minecraft RTX enabled, provided that you have the ideal hardware requirements. The reflective surfaces in Minecraft bounce off the light that falls on their surroundings in real-time.

Also, the blocks that emit light come updated with RTX features for incredible illumination. Unfortunately, this technology doesn’t apply to console users who will have to stick to the older graphics and hope for ray tracing to reach the platforms in the future. Notably, RTX is available in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Hence, you may opt for an alternative mode if you use other versions.

Shaders, in contrast, use path tracing technology to illuminate images in the Minecraft world to give you the final top-notch and hyper-realistic visuals. Also, unlike RTX, they function perfectly on the Java edition of Minecraft.

The mode comes in different options, and each focuses on particular aspects. You can find it from the internet and download it to your device but ensure that it supports Minecraft’s current version.

Otherwise, it may be challenging to install. Shaders are compatible with quad-core intel, AMD or better, and an AMD RX5700 or NVIDIA GTX1080 GPU. Furthermore, your device will need 8GB storage or more on Windows 10 at 64-bits. These specs guarantee a smooth and stable operation to illuminate the objects, improve resolution, and maintain crisp graphics.


Minecraft taking various forms and gameplays is excellent for players who love experimenting. However, the downside is that beginners are often uncertain about the best playstyle to use. Luckily, the game offers players the ultimate experience regardless of the game mode. You can go for a Starter or Master collection on your PC and enjoy the benefits like free Minecoins.

Alternatively, you are also free to select the perfect game mode, whether Creative, Adventure, Survival, or Spectator. Either way, you will enjoy building and defending your brick world and fully utilize your imagination. It will all depend on your skills and what you consider exciting about Minecraft.

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