Minecraft Hypixel Tips (Rank, Talisman, Grappling hook, Cape)

When you enter Hypixel forums, you will immediately notice that every user has a frame indicating their rank. As a beginner, you must wonder about their essence and whether you need one when you start playing Minecraft Hypixel.

So, what does Minecraft Hypixel rank do? A rank is a status that you can buy in Hypixel if you are a player or acquire it by merit as a staff member or a content creator. Your rank will appear beside your name when you interact with other players. While the default title has basic perks, the higher versions usually come with cosmetics and in-game rewards. All the titles except for staff are purchasable through the Hypixel stores, and they have various prices according to their advantages.

If you are a beginner in Minecraft Hypixel, you will frequently come across terms like ranks, talismans, the cape, the grappling hook, and other essential items. I will outline them in detail in the coming sections to help you know how to attain and use them.

Generally, when you interact with other players, you will immediately notice that they all have a board with a tag under it. You may not know what it means since every player has a distinct version. The following is the meaning behind each title and all the various forms.

A rank is an item you can buy as a player and use for cosmetics. You can obtain one from Hypixel stores, but some users earn some from merit. Each rank varies in price according to its number of perks.

Immediately you buy a title, it will always appear under your name whenever you are chatting with other players or in the lobbies. Initially, you get a default rank, a grey-colored tag with elementary benefits. Otherwise, you can get donator ranks that you can use to gain additional cosmetics.

There are more than ten ranks in Minecraft Hypixel. Here is a detailed description of each of them.

  • Default Rank

Every new entry into Hypixel automatically earns a default rank. The perks are less than that of higher levels since you only get a monthly bonus as a mystery box, and you can give a cookie for Housing. However, you don’t get a karma multiplier.

  • VIP

The VIP is one of the cheapest donator ranks that costs $6.99, and it is a permanent rank. It removes the chat filter and allows the holder to open mystery boxes and fly across lobbies (using the fly command).

Additionally, you get a jukebox and a housing mailbox, and you can spawn fireworks in the lobby. Lastly, you will receive five boxes every month, and you can skip queues if the server is full.

  • VIP+

This is the second rank and permanent like the VIP, and the two share common perks, including the VIP benefits. VIP+ lets you create guilds and provides you with an Ocelot Baby and three mystery boxes every month. You can also skip server queues and access Skyblock even during updates.

  • MVP

This is the third rank. It is permanent and purchasable from the store. It gives you access to all the VIP+ perks plus other benefits. First, you get 5-star boxes and four monthly box packages. Additionally, your karma multiplier moves to ×4 while the limit of the guest to play with on Skyblock improves to 5.

  • MVP+

Most frequent Hypixel users prefer this rank; the best part is that it offers double the perks of the MVP. Besides the MVP benefits, it also gives you unlimited access to map selectors of SkyWars, Murder Mystery, and Bed Wars. Moreover, the karma multiplier increases to 4, and you can access the latest feature for Hypixel SMP. 

  • MVP++

Unlike the other ranks, the MVP++ isn’t permanent, and you must subscribe to replace it for 1 to 6 months or a year. However, it is a worthy investment because it has twice as many perks as the MVP+. First, you get exclusive commands like the /nickname, /stream, and /partyprivate. Interestingly, you can access several mystery boxes simultaneously, and you can obtain other amazing in-game benefits.

  • YouTube

This rank is special from Hypixel since you can apply for it as a content creator. You can get it if you have more than thirty thousand subscribers on your channel. Thanks to the /nick command, you can make nickname changes whenever you want. You also access all the Heroes in smash and the Mega Walls classes, including other incredible coveted rewards.

  • Game Master

While the other levels are for players, the Game Master and the rest of the ranks are for Minecraft Hypixel staff members. The GM tag is a higher and paid title above moderators that you can apply for in the career section of the platform. It entails more moderation duties, and you can work more closely with the players.

  • Administrator

The Admins are the highest-ranking paid staff in Hypixel. You will hardly see them in the game due to the nature of their roles. They are the customer support, developers, staff managers, Heads of build teams, animators, and project managers, among other positions in the company.

  • Owner

This rank is an exclusive tag, and only two people have it, Rezzus and Hypixel, who are the server builders. The tag looks like the Admin version but with a different name.

What Is a Talisman in Minecraft Hypixel and How Many Are There?

There are several terms to learn in Minecraft Hypixel if you are a first-timer. If you are running into the term talisman, you would want to know what it means, how many are in the game, and how impactful they are for gameplay.

Generally, talismans effectively increase the damage you deal in your gameplay. You can also use reforges for more benefits and higher chances of dealing with critical damage and gaining impressive strength.

Every talisman has a color-coded label in Minecraft, and they are in various difficulty levels, namely:

  • Event
  • Endgame
  • Extreme
  • Hard
  • Medium
  • Easy

There are about 66 talismans in Minecraft Hypixel, and you can find one when you click ctrl+f or command+f if you are using a mac. You can obtain Uncommon, Epic, Legendary, Rare, Dungeons, or Upgradable talismans.

The first way to obtain talismans is by manually unlocking them from specific collections. For instance, you can access the Farming, Speed, Talisman of Coins, Vaccine, Magnetic, Potion, and Wood Affinity talismans.

You will need to unlock collections and craft them using unique in-game objects. Alternatively, you can buy others like Skeleton, Village Affinity, Intimidation, Skeleton, Mine Affinity, and Scavenger using harvesting money.

Hypixel also allows you to obtain other items like Pig’s Foot, Melody’s Hair, Wolf Paw and Frozen Chicken by completing some tasks in the game. Still, you can acquire more from minions like the Feather that upgrades to Feather Artifact and Feather Ring or the Sea Creature version, upgradable to Artifact and Ring. You will have to unlock some collections and craft them using gems or enchanted objects to get other talismans.

Great examples that deploy treasures include Gravity, Day Crystal, Night Crystal, Experience Artifact, and Haste Ring. The rest of the Talismans from Minions usually require enchanted items.

If you learn how to craft, you can design Lava, Piggy, Farmer Orb, Night Vision, Fire, Haste Ring, and Experience Artifact talismans. Many players would first get the above artifacts because the rest are typically tasking to find the tier 5 types unless you have high-level gear.

There are also versions from Slayer Quests, and you can decide to find them earlier on if you can. You can unlock corresponding creature levels and craft the talismans using unique items for the following.

For instance, you can get the Zombie Ring, Devour Ring, and Zombie Artifact using the Zombie level. Additionally, you can unlock Wolf to find talismans like the Red Claw Talisman and Ring and Hunter Talisman and Ring. Lastly, you can unlock Spider Ring and Artifact, Survivor Cube, and Tarantula Talismans by unlocking various spider levels.

The last talisman group is the Auction House that you can easily purchase from AH using coins, although there are other methods. You can find Wither and Ender Artifacts from the dark auction or craft a Wolf Ring using special catalysts.

Alternatively, you can collect other talismans that drop from other creatures like bats, Water Hydra, or old wolf. Lastly, the Bait Ring’s rarest talisman requires millions of coins to buy in AH.

How To Get a Grappling Hook in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

Hypixel Skyblock is one of the most stable games in Minecraft servers with a massive loyal fanbase thanks to its exciting content. In-game, one item you can find is the grappling hook that helps your navigation.

You can get the grappling hook by crafting three enchanted strings and two sticks. You can easily find sticks in Skyblock, but the strings are quite involving to obtain. You will need three stacks of ordinary strings and must put them in the middle row of the crafting table to make an enchanted string.

You can repeat the process thrice to get the desired number. Once you have all the resources, you can take them back to the grid to make the Grappling Hook. Alternatively, you can buy them from the stores at a small cost.

Open the crafting table one more time with the two sticks and three strings. Next, put one stick in the bottom right square of the grid and another in the center, and remember to place the enchanted strings in order.

Lay one on the left-center square, the other on the top left, and lastly, one on the top center to construct a Grappling Hook effortlessly. On the other hand, you can still purchase from the Auction stores.

The tools here have fair prices, and you can get one from as low as two thousand coins depending on the dealer. However, each regular string would cost you about six hundred coins, and the total budget you need to pull off the needed strings is close to six thousand coins. You will realize that buying a complete Hook from the auction stores may be a lot cheaper, saving you the hassle of making one yourself.

How To Get a Cape in Minecraft Hypixel

The capes in Minecraft Hypixel make your character look presentable and more noticeable. Therefore, it is understandable if you want to find one for your avatar, but how do you get it? The following is a detailed guide on how best to find it if you find it tasking.

Minecraft Hypixel does not have its cape, but you can use mods to download one, selecting from numerous options. Although you can buy most of them, a few versions like the Realms Capes are free but hard to obtain. For instance, you can download Optifine or 5zig, two open-source programs that you can download freely.

However, you will need to donate some money to the developers to get a cape. For as little as $10, you can unlock your desired one from the software. MINECON also gives in-game capes to fans by sending redeemable URLs to emails registered on the tickets.

Unfortunately, you cannot obtain capes directly from the Minecraft Hypixel servers. However, you can get them through mods and customize them to your preference. Getting capes via mods is fulfilling, but it comes with some downsides. For instance, only other players who share the same platform can see your makeover. Secondly, not all cape mods are effective.

Some are scams that may compromise your account, while others contain bugs that can hinder smooth operations on the server. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to recommended mods such as Optifine, 5zig, or MINECON.

A highly populated platform like Optifine may be ideal since thousands of Minecraft Hypixel gamers will notice your new cape. Realms Cape requires you to construct a superb realm, submit it and get a cape that your counterparts can see.


Next time you go to the forums, you will understand the meaning of the tags under each contributor’s name. The ranks identify players from staff, and you can use them to know a gamer’s experience level.

It will also be easier for you to determine the rank to buy, but you can start from the lowest level as you upgrade to the higher ranks. It is also clear that the talismans effectively deal more damages to your opponents, and you can craft them using special items in the game. Additionally, you can design the grappling hook with enchanted strings and sticks, and you can find a cape using Hypixel mods.

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