Mineplex Skyblock (Checked out, Play with friends)

The fascinating aspect of Minecraft’s Skyblock is that you find yourself on a floating island with a tree, an ice block, and a lava bucket. If you are a massive fan of this version, you will need an excellent server that lets you play with your friends too. The only concern is whether you can find Skyblock on Mineplex.

So, does Mineplex have Skyblock? Skyblock is available on Mineplex and is a permanent alpha game. It debuted on the platform in February 2020 when you would only access it with a Knight or Knight+ rating. However, now any gamer can play, and you are free to log in as solo or multiplayer. Unfortunately, it is currently undergoing some maintenance, meaning that it is not yet running on the site until it gets updated and the developers re-launch it.

Before I get into the details of how to play Skyblock through a server like Mineplex, I will first explain the general gameplay of the title. Therefore, this section will take a sneak-peak into what you can expect when you delve into the action-packed world of Skyblock.

Skyblock is one of Minecraft’s most popular game modes. It tests your creativity by giving you an opportunity to design your world with few resources. The game takes you to a floating island with minimalistic items, and you must use them wisely to expand and forge through the challenges.

You can find many Skyblock maps and game tutorials on websites to help you get started if you are a beginner. Many players access this game online on multiplayer servers. Luckily, Skyblock offers one of the best Minecraft gameplays since there is no limit to what you can do and discover.

PVP games like Skyblock from Minecraft offer some of the fastest and most exciting action. The best part is that you can always create a server and have your friends join to make it more interesting. If you want to play Skyblock, there are some critical steps to consider.

  • Step I

Once you step onto Skyblock, your map will direct your gameplay. If you mine flowers and grasses, you will be better off to find a seed, dig it around the tree, and ensure that the saplings drop onto it.

Alternatively, you can also chop the tree, then create a table and use it to design a pickaxe. You will also have ice and lava buckets, and some maps will also provide turtle eggs. Another effective first move is to create a cobblestone generator by digging a hole and using lava and water.

  • Step II

When the first step is done, the following days involve gathering a lot of cobblestone and wood and finding ways to plant crops and find food. For instance, gamers obtain apples or melons from already plated oak trees or melon seeds. On the other hand, you can also utilize mob farms since they are sources of potatoes, bones, and carrots to kick start your crop farming journey.

Secondly, you can also get rotten flesh to replace your fruit diet. Lastly, you can design a makeshift mob farm to acquire animals using cobblestone as a passage from the floating island, and, if you are lucky, a passive mob may spawn.

  • Step III

When playing Skyblock on a server with your friends, you will only stay ahead when you acquire essentials like water and villagers. For one, water lets you set up pillars when building, and you can use it on your crops.

The easiest way to get it is by breaking the ice block provided. For an unlimited supply, you can convert two water sources into a constant flow. You will also find villagers a critical part of your tasks in Skyblock because they will help you find treasures, but only if you help cure the zombies.

Besides these few pointers, there’s a lot more to do in Minecraft’s Skyblock, and it only gets better if you invite your friends over through a reliable server.

Does Mineplex Have Skyblock?

Skyblock servers offer an elaborate way for gamers to play Minecraft minigames on solo mode or with other players. If Mineplex is your go-to platform and you are wonder whether it hosts one of your favorite titles, Skyblock, read on.

The good news is that you can find Skyblock on Mineplex since it is the site’s permanent game. The platform launched the bedrock version in February 2020 for players with Knight or Knight+ ranking, although it relaxed its rules to allow anyone to play in April.

Therefore, if you are a fan of PVP minigames, you can always log onto Mineplex to play solo or multiplayer with your buddies. With a server like Mineplex, an official Minecraft partner, you are sure of one of the best Skyblock experiences.

If Mineplex is your favorite Minecraft server and Skyblock your go-to game version, you will be glad to know that you don’t have to compromise. The game is permanent in Mineplex, and given the high player count, it seems that the company has no plans of removing it from its list. Thanks to the server, you will find it easy to access the title and invite your friends over.

You will notice that gameplay gets better if you are using an excellent server like Mineplex. When it first launched, players would find it tasking to access it unless they had a knight or Knight+ rank on Minecraft.

However, to be all-inclusive, the system later opened its doors to allow every player into the server. Since Skyblock is an intense PVP, creating a server and battling with your friends is the only way to make it more fun.

This way, the game puts all of you in the same arena on a floating island. The case is the same as other minigame battles where the aim is to be the only one standing. It will test your skills in making your base secure, utilizing the little resources you have, and crafting all the things you will need to survive, all within a short time.

How To Play Skyblock on Mineplex

Skyblock became available on Mineplex for Minecraft players to access. However, many find it tasking to join the server and play even on solo mode. Here are some critical tips to get you started.

To join a Minecraft server, you will first load the game you want, then select multiplayer mode. When logged in, the next step is to go to the bottom of your screen on the right then click on the add server option.

Afterward, you can enter Mineplex’s IP, ensuring that it is in the correct version. When successfully logged into the IP, you can pick the server you need. The last step is to join, and unless there are other hindrances, you should easily access Skyblock on Mineplex.

To play Skyblock on Mineplex, you can either join a server created by another player or create one and have others join you. The key is to select the correct IP and ensure that you have a stable connection. Besides Mineplex, there are also other servers that you can use depending on your preference. The best part about Mineplex is that it makes it easier to play online.

When you play with others, you get to battle until one player remains standing. Minecraft has allowed its users to meet online through a LAN, and, thankfully, the game has a single-player mode for gamers who don’t want multiplayer. With Skyblock, the goal is to test your skills and make the most of the little resources and the map you get at the start.

How To Play Skyblock With Friends on Mineplex

Mineplex is one of Minecraft’s primary multiplayer servers with unique minigames for you and your family. The site is also easy to use regardless of the game you need. In this segment, I will help you comprehend the simple steps to link into Skyblock with your buddies.

You can host your Skyblock server and invite a friend using your IP address. For one, you can go to the Skyblock server and share the link for another player to join. The invitations, however, work best when you and your friends are simultaneously online.

Otherwise, some requests may disappear within a few minutes in case they fail to join. Hence, you will have to resend another invitation. Another method is to open the command box and text /is space, then type the invite followed by a correct username. Your friend on the other end will have to accept the request to join.

Skyblock is a popular game mode from Minecraft with exciting challenges when developing your island despite the limited resources. Mineplex offers simplified instructions for you to have fun with your friends in all the Minecraft versions. By logging onto Skyblock, you can develop a server to ask your friends to join by sending them your IP address or links to accept and join your group.

You can even share the game link through WhatsApp for your partners to notice it faster, especially when they are offline. Mineplex also has a feature that saves your previous friends with their username such that you can click to link up when you want. Furthermore, you can receive notifications once your previous gaming partner is online, and you can join them by clicking on their gamer tag.

If you are playing on the bedrock version, you can type /party (username) then send a command to invite someone into your group, and they should accept by typing /party accept (party owner) to log in. Various prompts are member or leader-specific in Mineplex. For instance, you can easily quit the party by typing “/party leave”.

What Is the Current State of Skyblock on Mineplex?

Skyblock has been among the best games for avid Minecraft players who want to explore another game version. However, in the recent past, users have complained that they cannot access the title from Mineplex.

Skyblock is currently going through maintenance due to some hitches in gameplay that were causing bugs. Otherwise, it is still permanent on Mineplex, and there is no need to worry about any rumors about its removal from the site. Reworks are still ongoing, and the developers are yet to give updates about its return dates. There are also hopes that it will soon be back on your screens shortly.

Admittedly, it has been challenging to join Skyblock through Mineplex. Sometimes, it may show that the server is not found yet due to a connection problem. Early last year, players with ranks like Knight+ or higher could play for a few months before the creators recalled the game for further improvements. Skyblock testing and development came due to complaints from gamers about uncontainable bugs.

The clients suggested some issues for the app creators to address for better gameplay when Skyblock comes back online. Hopefully, judging by the constant calls for the game to come back online, the chances are high that it may be better than the previous version. Most players cannot wait for the minigame to bounce back, and, thankfully, there is the “state of Skyblock” thread where you can track any updates.

There is also Mineplex Discord, where you can join to keep up with any changes. You can also log into the Mineplex Bedrock version and check the NPC (nonplayer character) for the game’s status. Additionally, unlike the previous Skyblock, the awaited version may not require any rank for you to play, making it accessible by any player.

Luckily, if you already had a profile on Skyblock, you don’t have to erase it since you’ll lose everything you had. Therefore, it is advisable to keep it as you look forward to the revamped Skyblock. While patiently waiting for the upgrades, Mineplex has other fantastic minigames that you can enjoy in the meantime with your friends and family.


Skyblock is one of Minecraft’s popular versions that garnered players from all over the globe. It is available on Mineplex and you can play it solo or on multiplayer. You only need the correct server IP, and you will be good to go. However, if you have recently tried to access the title on the server, you will notice that you cannot play it.

The developers temporarily took it down to rectify some bug issues, and it will soon be back on the platform. Regardless, the game remains famous, and given the pressure from the fans, the developers will shortly re-launch the updated version.

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