Minecraft Hypixel Tips (Enchantments, Potions, Compactor)

Enchantments are some of the fascinating aspects of Minecraft Hypixel SkyBlock. You can use them to revamp your equipment, whether Swords, Tools, Armor, Fishing Rods, and Bows through stat boosts. If the concept is fairly new to you, the following is the full list of Enchantments in the game.

So, what are all the enchantments in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock? Sword enchantments include Cleave, Scavenger, Lethality, First Strike, Critical, Ender Slayer, Giant Killer, Execute, Life Steal, Experience, Thunderlord, Venomous, and Vampirism. However, common enchants for Sword and Bows are Telekinesis, Dragon Hunter, Impaling, and Cubism. Conversely, the exclusive boosts for Bows include the Infinite Quiver, Aiming, Piercing, Chance, Snipe, Dragon Tracer, and Flame. Additionally, the Armor Enchants are the Big Brain, True Protection, Counter Strike, Growth, Smarty Pants, Rejuvenate, Respite, and Sugar Rush. Others include Pristine, Smelling Touch, Rainbow, Harvesting, and Replenish. Lastly, Fishing enchants include Angler, Spike Hook, Blessing, Frail, and Magnet.

You can get several Enchantments from SkyBlock, each for a particular piece of equipment. This section tells you about the new Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock and Minecraft Vanilla enchants alongside their uses. Read on for the full guide.

Sword Enchantments include Scavenger, Critical, Cleave, Ender Slayer, First Strike, Execute, Life Steal, Giant Killer, Experience, Thunderlord, Lethality, Venomous, and Vampirism. However, there are other common enchants for Sword and Bows like Telekinesis, Impaling, Dragon Hunter, and Cubism.

The exclusives for Bows, in contrast, are the Aiming, Piercing, Infinite Quiver, Dragon Tracer, Chance, Flame, and Snipe. The Armor enchants include the Growth, Big Brain, Smarty Pants, Counter Strike, True Protection, Rejuvenate, Respite, and Sugar Rush.

You can also use the Smelling Touch, Harvesting, Pristine, Replenish, and Rainbow for Tools. Lastly, Fishing enchants include the Angler, Blessing, Spike Hook, Frail, and Magnet.

  • Sword Enchantments

The Sword is the weapon with the most allocated enchants. First, Scavenger increases your coins for every kill you make, while Luck improves the chances of monsters dropping their Armor by 5%.

Critical escalates damage at 10%, Cleave impacts 3%, while Dragon Hunter has 8% more impact on Ender Dragons. Cubism also increases the damage on Slimes, Creepers, and Magma Cubes by 10%.

The Ender Slayer will come in handy when dealing with Endermen and Ender Dragons. Alternatively, Impaling will be effective when killing Guardians and Squid, and if you are having trouble with mobs, you can use the First Strike that increases mob damage at the first hit. Surprisingly, for each health percentage you miss, Execute will compensate by equally increasing the damage by the same percentage.

Another handy enchants is the Life Steal that heals you for every mob damage you deal and the Giant Killer that increases the damage for every additional health advantage that your target has achieved to 25.

There is also Experience that makes mobs drop the double experience advantage. Thunderlord enchants, on the other hand, use thunder to hit monsters for every three simultaneous hits.

You can also reduce your enemy’s Armor for a while after hitting them if you have Lethality and use Venomous to reduce your target’s walk speed and deliver the same damage amount. The last enchants are Vampirism and Telekinesis. While the former heals a percentage of your health for every kill, the other transfers mob drops and loots to your inventory.

  • Bows Enchantment

You can use some of the Sword enchants for the Bow. For instance, you can utilize Telekinesis, Impaling, Dragon Hunter, and Cubism for the same role as Sword enchantments.

However, this item still has its exclusive versions as follows. First, you can get Aiming that points towards your targets when they are at a certain block distance and Piercing that makes arrows go through enemies and gives additional mobs about 25% damage.

If you shoot your arrows for a while, the Infinite Quiver will also step in to return your weapons for reuse. The Dragon Tracer is also there to point you to dragons whenever they are two blocks away on every level.

Moreover, you have a chance to help you increase the probability of an enemy dropping items by about 15%. The last enchantments are Flame and Snipe. While Snipe will increase your Arrows’ damage percentage based on your block coverage, Flame makes them light up for some seconds as they deliver five damage per second.

  • Armor

The Armor usually has exceptional and exclusive enchantments stat boosts. For instance, Growth gives you additional health at +15 for every level. You can also use Big Brain and Smarty Pants to increase your Intelligence. For your defense needs, you can also implement the Counter Strike to gain +10 on initial hits from enemies or the True Protection for an extra +5 of your True Defense.

This True Protection Chestplate is usually in the Howling Cave, and you can buy it for 900k. On the other hand, Rejuvenate improves your regeneration abilities by 2% as the Respite gives you 5% of the same capability. However, your Armor can only have Respite or Rejuvenate, never both. Finally, Sugar Rush will offer you +2 speed for every level.

  • Tools

You can also boost your tools with enchantments to help you perform certain tasks. You can easily double your crop yields through the Harvesting capability on your hoes or use Smelling Touch to convert ores to ingots when they break.

Additionally, if you have Experience, it enables ores to dispose of double Experience, while Pristine gives you a chance to do away with flawed options when mining. Finally, you can enjoy Replenish and Rainbow; the former helps you replant crops while the other enchant drops random colors from wool when shearing sheep.

  • Fishing

The best way to maximize your fishing experience in Minecraft Hypixel is through Enchantments. For example, if you want to increase your chances of obtaining sea creatures and double items, your best bets are the Angler and Blessing, respectively.

Similarly, to improve your chances of avoiding bait consumption and inflicting damages to sea animals, you can implement the Caster and Spike Hook. The Frail also reduces the health of your captive sea creatures as the Magnet gives you an additional experience orb for every catch.

What’s an Enchanting Table in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock?

There are various in-game features to help you improve your gaming in Minecraft. You can collect more bonuses and strengthen your weapons through stat boosts as you perfect your skills. Therefore, I am here to help if you have come across the term Enchanting Table but are unsure how to use it.

The Enchantment Table is a feature in Hypixel Skyblock that lets you select the enchants or stat boosts to add to your gaming. You will find all the possible Enchantments appearing to the side of the Table. Note that each one requires a particular level of Experience and Bookshelf Power.

To craft this Table, you will need one Book, two Diamonds, and four Obsidian. The three resources are essential to successfully create a practical table, although they are unnecessary for weapon enhancement.

For the Enchanting Table to function, ensure that you have the Bookshelf Power and Experience. A single Bookshelf gives you one level of power, while an Enchanted Bookshelf increases the Bookshelf Power by 15.

However, you can obtain an Enchantment experience by catching the Grand experience bottles from Fishing, where every catch gives you a certain level.

Another fast way to gain combat experience is by killing your enemies. The more Bookshelves you have, the higher you can climb to the greater Enchantment levels. For instance, 15 Bookshelves are equivalent to level 30. Also, note that Enchanting items build up the Experience, which you will require for certain items that need a particular skill level.

Once you place an object on the Enchantment Table, the applicable boosts will show, allowing you to pick the appropriate option. You can also remove the Enchantment you had granted earlier, although it will cost the same Experience you used to grant it. You only have to place it on the Table and click the same stat boost and level.

What Potions Are in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock?

During combat in Minecraft, players use up certain useful stats such as health and damages. Therefore, you need certain consumables to help you minimize the damages you receive from enemies. Potions are viable remedies for this, explaining why it is best to know about them and prepare them for an added advantage when facing mobs.

Potions in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock are in two major groups, the Buffs, which positively impact the user by enhancing their stats, and Debuffs that have devastating effects. Under the two options, there are other consumables for specific roles; for instance, there are Healing potions, Poisons, Fire Resistance, and Archery. Furthermore, other versions grant you night vision and strength. Lastly, note that all the potions can either be vanilla or non-vanilla.

You can group vanilla potions as Buffs or Debuffs, although others don’t require any special unlocks for you to wield them; therefore, you can access their prescription from the Recipe Book.

For example, the Spider Eye is essential for creating a poison that degenerates your enemy’s health with each second. Another amazing potion is Water Breathing, whose recipes are Pufferfish or Epufferfish. It is a Buff that saves you from taking damages from drowning.

Moreover, if you need immunity to fire and lava, there is the Fire Resistance potion. Similarly, there are Non-vanilla versions that you can obtain by unlocking particular ingredients and brewing them.

A good example is the Haste potion, which improves your mining speed. You can make it by preparing the regular Awkward brew then adding Blaze Powder and Sugar. Moreover, other potions like Agility and Dodge assist you during mobs attacks, and it helps that the stats increase according to your level.

Fortunately, you can find all the recipes for every potion in the Recipe Book on Skyblock’s main menu. There are also other unique potions that you cannot brew the conventional way called Non-brewables.

Another special potion is the Skill EX Boost that you can only obtain from Gifts. Finally, if you want to enhance stats on the potions you make, you can implement Modifiers and Brews to improve your fighting skills.

What Does a Compactor Do Hypixel?

Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock features several tools and weapons to facilitate the activities in the game. There are also many ways to maximize resources and use them for your tasks, including the use of a compactor. Therefore, what does a Compactor do and how do you obtain it?

A Compactor condenses items produced by certain Minions into a block resource. You can unlock it at Cobblestone level five to let you upgrade what your Minions have produced. It can compress the objects into regular vanilla Minecraft blocks.

However, you may need a super Compactor 3000 to turn the resources into an Enchanted state. The upgrade item is quite involving to create and the rarest to unlock. These blocks that you get from Minions are invaluable assets, especially when you are developing an island.

The resources you upgrade in Minecraft are handy since you can use them to design a private island as the basic building blocks. As long as your Minions keep offering you resources, you can constantly design enough blocks to build whatever you need, making them an exciting way to obtain resources effortlessly. To compress the items, you can place the Compactor in the Minions update slot but note that the Potato and Carrot Minions do not accept it.

To create a Compactor, you will need to complete a Lapis Miner quest which involves delivering him an Iron Pickaxe. Alternatively, you can also obtain the upgrade item through crafting, for which you will require an Enchanted Redstone, equivalent to 160 Redstones (mined from the Pugman’s Den).

Next, add another seven Enchanted Cobblestones or 1120 Cobbles (from areas like Coal and Gold mines). Finally, you should be at level five in Cobblestone to compact the Minions’ resources.

Wrap Up

If you are new to Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock, the several items available for use in the game may seem overwhelming. However, they are pretty simple to use and implement for your gameplay. If you have come across Enchantments and wondered about their roles, note that these are essential items for you to boost your stats.

Each Enchantment usually has a function in the game according to its attaching equipment and note that what works for a tool or weapon may not necessarily be viable for another item type. Alternatively, you can also use Buff or Debuff potions to help you progress in the game. You can use the Buffs or Debuffs positively or negatively based on your intentions.

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