Minecraft Tips (Wither, Ender Dragon, Sword, Axe, Fire)

Minecraft is a leading gaming platform that comes with lots of exciting features, allowing gamers to enjoy various game modes and go on missions they like. Minecraft has several boss mobs you’ll have to defeat, thus it’s better to know more about them and weapons you can use against them to make your gaming experience worthwhile.

So, how do Minecraft Wither and Ender Dragon compare? Ender Dragon is more deadly and powerful than Minecraft Wither. Most Minecraft users admit that Ender Dragon is tough and needs extended fighting to take it down. Some of the features that make it more durable are the devastating charge attack type and its twofold increase in health.

If you play Minecraft regularly, you know about the tough opponents you encounter from one mission to another. Minecraft has several boss mobs, each ready to take you down and end your progress. Minecraft Wither and Ender Dragon are the top boss mobs in Minecraft.

Between the two, Ender Dragon is stronger and more deadly. One of its unique features is that it can regenerate health using crystal towers. However, it is easy to destroy these crystals using a simple bow and arrow.

This shouldn’t fool you into believing that it is easy to get rid of this boss mob. Its ability to regenerate its health means you have attacked it consistently using sophisticated weapons. Luckily, you can easily find bows and arrows crucial in fighting the Ender Dragon.

It is not a secret that both Ender Dragon and Minecraft Wither are deadly attackers to fight. Even though both mobs are dangerous and could easily take you down, thus you need a different approach when facing them. To start off, you need to compare their different stats to enable you to determine which strategy you will take.

As mentioned earlier, Ender Dragon and Minecraft Wither have significant powers and great potential to cause devastating damage. Defeating them is vital because it gives you access to the valuable assets in Minecraft. Without defeating them, you will never move to the next game level.

Therefore, you should have a strategic plan you can use to get rid of either of them. Most Minecraft users start by analyzing the strengths of each mob and developing ways of weakening them. In that regard, I will focus on some of the strategic points and the best way to weaken both Ender Dragon and Minecraft Wither.

To start, health points are very important when analyzing these mobs. On Minecraft, the health stats of both mobs can be compared. Ender Dragon has around 200 health points while Wither has 300.

This is not the case on Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Wither has a staggering 600 health points on this version of Minecraft, while Ender Dragon has only 200. This means that Ender Dragon has around 600 hearts while Wither has 200.

While both can attack excellently, Ender Dragon has an advantage thanks to its crystals. The crystals can heal it in case of injuries. This gives Ender Dragon an edge over Wither. Ender Dragon will emerge victorious even when the towers get destroyed. Ender will also win because it can’t sustain damage from Wither mob attacks. Therefore, Ender Dragon edges out Minecraft Wither in terms of health points.

Another vital factor when comparing them is health regeneration. Ender Dragon uses its crystals to regenerate health after an attack. However, you can easily destroy these crystals using simple bows and arrows.

Accessing these tools isn’t difficult because they are readily available. In Minecraft Java, Wither has a natural regeneration rate of 2 health points per second. If Wither kills a rival mob, it regains ten health points immediately.

In addition, Wither has a tough layer of armor that forms when its health drops to 50%. This gives it an edge, especially when fighting deadly mobs. On the other hand, Ender Dragon has a health regeneration rate of 15. This is slightly better than that of Minecraft Wither.

Minecraft Wither and Ender Dragon are very close when it comes to attacks. In Minecraft Java Edition, Wither shoots skulls at players. Every head independently fires skulls, increasing the rate of damage. With this ability, Wither can attack three targets at once.

This is highly dangerous, with each skull making between 5-15 hit points of damage. The damage depends on the level of difficulty you are playing. Minecraft Wither can spawn several Wither skeletons in the Bedrock Edition and make a dash attack.

However, the Ender Dragon is highly deadly and more straightforward than Minecraft Wither. Even though it only has 3-7 damage hit points, it can ruin almost anything it comes in contact with. Its wings are highly dangerous and could be deadly if anything comes in contact with them.

Furthermore, the Ender Dragon head has several hit points and could easily destroy enemies. Also known as the head of endermens, Ender Dragon is a flying mob that could deliver attacks without warning.

It has around 100 hearts, and it is the final obstacle you have to fight before proceeding to the next level. You also have to beat the dragon to win the game. Ender Dragon has one vital defensive mechanism — it doesn’t suffocate. Nonetheless, both are powerful enough to get rid of your worlds. As you might be aware, the Ender Dragon is found in the end dimension of the game, where healing pillars are found.

Whenever you want to get rid of the Ender Dragon, you should destroy the healing pillars. This is important because, without destroying them, it is impossible to defeat the Ender Dragon. This approach is also applied to the Minecraft Wither, a significantly high health regeneration mob.

Minecraft Sword versus Axe

To progress in Minecraft, you need to fight off enemies. Some of the common weapons available for that purpose are swords and axes. Most Minecraft users wonder which weapon is ideal, between a sword and an axe.

Generally, an axe is better than a sword. It delivers more damage than a sword, making it the ideal weapon. Furthermore, it is readily available, and you don’t have to move around looking for it. To enlighten you on the ideal weapon to use Minecraft, this section discusses the various features of swords and axes. It also gives reasons why axes are better than swords in Minecraft.

When playing Minecraft, some enemies will attack you, trying to kill you right away. On the other hand, some rivals will try attacking from a distance, using a tactical approach. In simple terms, you will face many dangerous situations when playing Minecraft. This is why you need to put a defense to fight off the attackers.

Luckily, Minecraft has numerous weapons you can use to fight the enemies. You also use these weapons to protect your team and keep intruders at bay while trying to gather essential supplies. Without a doubt, the two most popular weapons on Minecraft are swords and axes. But how do they compare?

One important criterion you should use to compare these weapons is the amount of damage. In Minecraft Java, the axe delivers more damage than a sword. With an axe, you can focus your power on a single enemy.

This is beneficial because you will deliver the highest amount of damage. Concentrating on a single enemy gives you the ability to strike the most important parts, killing your enemy instantly. You can take out a strong enemy in only one or two hits.

While the axe can cause significant damage, it can be ineffective in situations where you need to fight multiple enemies at a go. On the other hand, a sword doesn’t deliver significant damage. However, you can use it to fight multiple enemies at a go.

Thanks to this feature, attacking several enemies with a sword causes more damage than killing them one by one with an axe. Therefore, you should know the gameplay before picking a weapon. If you face enemies one by one, you should go with an axe. However, if you face multiple enemies at a go, pick a sword. Doing so will help you deliver maximum damage.

Another important criterion to consider is the attack rate. In Minecraft Java, swords are more deadly than axes regarding attack rate. This is because axes have a very low recovery time, a characteristic that could make it extremely difficult for some players.

On the other hand, swords allow players to deliver attacks repeatedly within a short time. This is advantageous, especially when fighting multiple enemies. If you are skilled enough, you can cause significant damage to multiple enemies with just a single hit. Therefore, if you play an intense and action-packed game, you should go for a sword. This helps deliver significant damage within a short time.

Another vital factor to consider is cost and durability. This is because it takes less material to make a sword than making an axe. However, this shouldn’t be the defining factor. While an axe could cost more, it is highly durable.

You can use an axe the entire mission without it sustaining damage. On the other hand, swords are not durable. They could easily break, especially when fighting a tough opponent. Swords are only good for short-term battles that don’t need a marathon. They are also ideal when fighting a large group of enemies.

Minecraft Protection versus Fire Protection

Minecraft comes with several fascinating features. Some of these features include Minecraft protection and fire protection. Given their importance, gamers wonder which one is more ideal.

Minecraft protection is better since it protects you against all types of damages, including fire, projectiles, and blasts. On the other hand, fire protection is a type of enchantment that only protects you against fires.

However, the strength of the protection that either of them may offer you depends on their EPF (Enchantment Protection Factor). The EPF usually has four levels and you can use a combination or one or multiple enchantments to increase your protection levels.

Generally, protection enchantments are the most sought-after supplements in Minecraft. Some of the other important enchantments to consider are Acqua Affinity and Feather Falling, among others.

It is one of the most established and leading enchantments you can have in Minecraft. When looking for an amour, it is vital to consider getting this enchantment as well. This is important because, in cases of a severe attack, the damage is significantly reduced.

Therefore, you can help improve your ability to fight off enemies by getting protection enchantment. This Minecraft enchantment works to protect you from any kind of damage and injuries sustained in a battle. It also helps a lot in cases where players have to spend time in the Nether area.

The Nether is incredibly hot and can cause severe damage. However, thanks to the protection enchantment, you will only get 8% fire damage. This doesn’t affect you and you will continue with your adventure effectively.

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a protection enchantment. For instance, you need to consider the type of attack you are likely to face. If you are playing an intense game with high cases of fire outbreaks, you should get fire protection.

In Minecraft, fires can be very dangerous. Finding yourself in a fire without sufficient protection could see you perish instantly. Therefore, you should get adequate fire protection in such risky conditions.

On the other hand, if you play a game with lots of shooting, the chances of getting wounded are very high. In that case, you will need adequate protection that helps keep your body secure. It also reduces the amount of damage.

Many Minecraft users prefer getting body protection instead of fire protection, given the many events it protects against. The chances of getting killed in an attack are low if you have protection enchantment. Besides, fire protection only protects against fires, leaving you vulnerable to other forms of attack.

Wrap Up

Minecraft is a leading gaming platform that comes with lots of exciting features. Minecraft Wither and Ender Dragon are the most popular Minecraft boss mobs. Ender Dragon is more deadly and powerful than Minecraft Wither. Most Minecraft users admit that this boss mob is tough and needs extended fighting to take it down.

When choosing between an axe or a sword, you should first consider how you want to use your weapon. An axe will come in handy if you are battling a single or a few enemies while a sword will come in handy when you are battling many enemies at once since it has a faster recovery time as compared to the axe.

Finally, Minecraft protection can be said to be better than fire protection enchantments since they protect you from several damages, including fire. However, your protection depends on the EPF Levels of your enchantments and their combinations.

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