Minecraft Dungeons Good? (Cross Platform, Play, Length)

Mojang Studios and Double Eleven developed Minecraft Dungeons, and Xbox Game Studios published it in 2020. Minecraft Dungeons is a unique game with different gameplay to the usual Minecraft games, and many gamers are interested in it. If you are interested in playing Minecraft Dungeons, you might be wondering if it is available on your gaming system.

So, is Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform? Minecraft Dungeons is cross-platform, and you can play it on a Windows 10 PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles. You can also play it on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X since they have backward compatibility. Minecraft Dungeons also supports cross-play; therefore, you can play it with other gamers using different gaming systems.

However, Minecraft Dungeon does not support cross-platform transfer. If you started playing it on your Xbox One console and want to switch to PlayStation 5, you have to download it again. You can only transfer your game if you are using Microsoft devices. For example, if you are playing Minecraft Dungeons on your Xbox One console, you can log in to your Xbox account using a Windows 10 PC and continue playing it.

Most game developers include support for different platforms to increase the number of gamers who buy or download their games. However, Microsoft owns Minecraft, and it is known to deny other rival platforms like PlayStation and Nintendo; hence, you might be skeptical if you can play Minecraft Dungeons on your PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

After its introduction in 2009, Minecraft has become a popular video game globally, and its success led to the development of spin-off games like Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Dungeons has a different gameplay, unlike the original Minecraft, and many gamers loved it for its use of procedural generating and being fun and charming. Most Minecraft games have cross-platform support, but since Minecraft Dungeons is the most recent game, you might be wondering if it has cross-platform support.

Minecraft Dungeons is cross-platform, and you can play it using a Windows 10 gaming PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. You can also play Minecraft Dungeons on your Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 because they have backward compatibility to all games supported by their predecessors.

Using different gaming systems, you can also use your console to play Minecraft Dungeons with other gamers since the game also has cross-platform play. However, you cannot switch your Minecraft Dungeons profile to a different platform unless the two platforms are using the same account. Since Xbox and Windows 10 are using the same account, you can download the game, log in using your Microsoft account, and continue playing the game.

When Xbox Game Studios released Minecraft Dungeons on May 26, 2020, the game did not have cross-platform play support. On November 17, 2020, Mojang announced several updates for the Minecraft Dungeons, and one of them was cross-platform play support.

Players using Windows 10 could play the game with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch consoles. Cross-platform play in Minecraft Dungeons works with the party system, which allows four players to play the game together no matter the game system they are using.

Since Microsoft owns Minecraft and Mojang, cross-platform play between Xbox and Windows 10 players is easy. Cross-platform play is automatically enabled, and all you have to do is join the party with the other three players.

For gamers using Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 console, you need to create a Microsoft account and sign in to play with the other three players. If you use a PlayStation 4 or 5 console, configure your console’s settings and enable cross-platform multiplayer.

However, only Xbox and Windows PC players can send and receive invites to join the party in Minecraft Dungeons. If you use a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 console, you can only send invites to your friends.

You should note that even though Minecraft Dungeons does have cross-platform support, it does not allow a cross-platform transfer. If you have been playing the game on your Nintendo Switch and want to use an Xbox One console, you have to buy, install and start playing from the beginning.

However, if you have an Xbox console and want to start playing Minecraft Dungeons using a Windows 10 PC, you only need to log in to your PC using the account you bought the game with.

Mojang has assured Minecraft players that a cross-platform cloud save is coming soon, and players will be able to access Minecraft Dungeons game saves on different platforms. However, Mojang is yet to give an exact date when the feature will be available to gamers.

Is Minecraft Dungeons Good?

Released in 2020, Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off game of the popular video game Minecraft, and many Minecraft gamers were quick to purchase it. This game does have unique features that make it stand out from the Minecraft spin-off games. If you have not installed Minecraft Dungeons on your gaming system, you might be wondering if the video game is worth it.

The Minecraft Dungeons is a good and interesting title due to its different gameplay, visuals, and music. It also has some of the best boss fights that make gamers more invested in the game.

The enchantment system in Minecraft Dungeons is considered the best among the spin-off Minecraft games. Gamers also have various classifications of enchantments and artifacts, making it easier to decide which weapon you need.

The Minecraft Dungeons had co-op gaming included straight from its launch; hence, you can play it with other gamers, and it also has cross-platform play support. However, not everything is perfect with the game. There are certain aspects that Mojang could improve, such as increasing different types of mobs and improving character appearance.

Minecraft Dungeons’ gameplay involves a player or players exploring dungeons in search of treasure. When exploring the dungeons, you will find monsters and bosses you will have to defeat to proceed to the next mission. The boss fights in this game are the best because they are not easy to beat, and it gets harder when you play at the highest difficulty level.

The boss fights make the game worth it because you might have to try more than once to defeat them. After you defeat the bosses and monsters and find the treasure, you will be more interested in exploring other dungeons and seeing what you can find.

In Minecraft, the developers included an enchantment system that players can use to make their weapons inflict damage on mobs and other players. The enchantment system in Minecraft Dungeons is one of the best because every weapon has different enchantments that you can use to upgrade them.

Some enchantments are new, while others are derived from the original Minecraft game. The higher-tier weapons come with pre-equipped enchantments; hence, they are always ready for battle. You can also add other enchantments to make the weapon even better.

The artifact classifications in Minecraft Dungeons also make it a good title because it makes your work easier in deciding which weapon you need. There are different options at your disposal, and you can easily pair them with the type of enchantment you think will improve their performance.

You can use different artifacts and enchantments to create a powerful character that can easily defeat bosses and monsters. Having a powerful character in Minecraft Dungeons is also beneficial in the multiplayer mode because every player would love to have you in their team.

Mojang also included the multiplayer option in Minecraft Dungeons; hence, if you like to play Minecraft with friends, you will enjoy this game. You can invite three other players to form a team of four and complete quests by exploring the dungeons.

It also has cross-platform play support; therefore, you do not need to worry about being allowed to play it if your friends have different gaming systems. If you have trouble inviting friends to join your team, you can contact Minecraft customer support or your console manufacturer’s customer support team for help.

However, Minecraft Dungeons is not a perfect game, and some gamers have raised issues that the developer could fix with an update or two. One of them is repetitive mobs. Players experience the same mobs in every dungeon they explore in the game, either skeletons or zombies.

After a few fights, it gets repetitive and predictable on which mob you might fight next. The developer can add more enemies that can make the game more exciting. Another thing that the developer can improve is the skins of the characters. Gamers have complained that the characters look the same, and even after adding armor and other items, you cannot make your character have a unique appearance.

How Long Is Minecraft Dungeons?

Most titles that include a storyline in their gameplay always have an end and can take a certain amount of time to complete when played from start to finish. If you have downloaded and installed Minecraft Dungeons in your gaming system, you might be unsure of how long it would take to complete it.

Minecraft Dungeons is about five hours long from start to finish if you only complete the main missions on a low difficulty level. It can take up to fifteen hours to complete the game on the highest difficulty level. The game is divided into missions where the player explores dungeons for treasures and fights monsters and bosses. Each mission could last up to thirty minutes. There are ten missions in the main storyline.

There are secret or side missions that have no impact on the game’s storyline, and if you complete them too, the time will increase. The game could also take more than five hours to complete if you set the difficulty level too high because killing the bosses or monsters will take longer. There is also post-game content that you play when you complete all the missions.

The five hours only consider the time you spend completing the actual missions. The game will be longer if you include choosing your character and selecting the weapons, armor, and enchantments.

Once you are done with all the missions at a specific difficulty level, you can always go back and start the game on a higher difficulty level. When you increase the difficulty level in Minecraft Dungeons, the challenges and puzzles become harder to solve, the enemies become harder to defeat, and you can no longer find treasure with ease.

The time can also vary if you play Minecraft Dungeons alone or with friends. Playing alone will take you longer to complete the game because you have to do everything in the mission by yourself. Completing the game will be shorter if you play with three other players.

Each player in the team will have a task to complete during a mission; hence, it will take you less than fifteen minutes to complete one mission. If you are playing Minecraft Dungeons with other players, you should select a higher difficulty level to make things more interesting and also make the game last longer.

When playing Minecraft Dungeons, do not rush to complete the game because you may end up missing many things. You can explore the dungeons more as opposed to simply rushing to complete the mission objective when you begin a mission. Take your time to create a strong character and collect treasure that you can exchange or use to create artifacts and weapons.

After completing all the missions, you can continue with the secret mission or start playing the post-game content. There are also Minecraft Dungeons events that the developers frequently release that you can participate in if you do not have any more missions.


Minecraft Dungeons is a popular video game globally, and Microsoft, the owners of the game, decided to make it available across multiple platforms to earn more profits. You can play Minecraft Dungeons on a Windows 10 gaming PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Nintendo Switch consoles. It also has cross-platform play support; therefore, you can play with your friends using a different gaming system. If you are looking for a new Minecraft game to play, the Minecraft Dungeons is worth it. It has unique gameplay, good boss fights, and co-op gaming.

Finally, the time it takes to finish the Minecraft Dungeons depends on your gaming style. If you like playing Minecraft Dungeons on the easy level and straight to the objective of the missions, it will take you less than five hours. If you set the difficulty level too high and take your time exploring the dungeons, you can enjoy the game for up to fifteen hours.

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