Terraria vs Minecraft (Better, Harder, Players)

The gaming world is a never-ending supremacy battle, with each group confident that its devices and titles are better versions. Minecraft and Terraria are two of the most popular sandbox games in the market, making one wonder which between the two is the best.

So, Minecraft vs Terraria, what’s the difference? Minecraft and Terraria are great games to play, but Terraria seems to have more impressive features. Unlike Minecraft, it ticks gamers’ boxes in weapon customization, bosses count, NPCs, rewards and updates. Minecraft, in contrast, wins in terms of superior 3D graphics, multiplayer mode capability, and the massive world it provides for its players.

Many gamers are unsure of the side to take when comparing Minecraft and Terraria. The two games may be in the same genre, but they are pretty distinct. I will help you find out their outstanding yet contradicting aspects from gameplay, content, combat elements, and many more features. You can easily pick a favorite with more details based on the desirable characteristics.

Both Minecraft and Terraria have the most exciting gameplays and offer fantastic stories with fulfilling endings. However, Terraria has proven to have superior weapon options, a better reward system, and more chances to interact with NPCs.

It also features more content for gamers to explore, thanks to the developers’ attention to making consistent and timely updates. On the other hand, Minecraft wins in Graphics and world size matters. It is in high-resolution 3D and offers players a massive space for gaming.

Minecraft and Terraria are some of the most highly competitive games, given that they have similar aspects. It is best to consider the essential features you need and determine whether you can find them in these games.

  • Gameplay

Undeniably, both titles offer unmatched entertainment and have several ways to make it more fun for players each time. Terraria seems to focus more on conventional gameplay with a lot of emphasis on combat. Therefore, one session means several encounters with bosses, making it fascinating and keeping you on your toes.

However, Minecraft is keener on a player’s creativity. It gives you a chance to create a survivable world from limited available objects, and the best part is that you can bring other players on board. Generally, Terraria is great for adventure lovers, while Minecraft targets creative gamers.

  • Graphics

Terraria is a 2D world, meaning that it is straightforward to play. Many first-timers state that it is easier to see all the features in the game, which is handy when dealing with enemy attacks. However, Minecraft offers a more complex 3D gameplay in the first person. The objects in the world appear more defined, although there is the risk of enemies often sneaking up on you. Conclusively, Minecraft appears to be the winner here because of the superior graphics. You can effortlessly delve into the game, and you will have more to explore.

  • Combat Gear

One of the best aspects of Terraria is the ability to pick and design hundreds of weapons for gameplay. The list is massive, giving you access to melee weapons and other modern weapons. Each choice is remarkable for its purpose and robust in its own right.

For Minecraft, you only have a few options to make between axes, swords, and bows, making it relatively quite limited. It is understandable since Minecraft doesn’t have as much focus on combat. In this case, Terraria outdoes its competition in weapon choice and customization.

  • Content

Terraria again stands out as the more exciting game here. There’s much more to do, including digging, fighting enemies, and the ability to create weapons. It also provides you with more fun activities like biomes and dungeons.

In addition, the developers frequently update it to add more exciting features. Minecraft, in comparison, lacks in content. First, it has fewer bosses to deal with and generally less fun activities. Therefore, if you are looking for unlimited entertainment, you may incline more to Terraria.

  • World Sizes

Gamers love when they have unlimited space to discover. Minecraft ensures that you get massive room to explore, given its enormous world. You may spend days or weeks traveling to get to the edge, and you can make the space even more massive if you use mods.

For Terraria, users are concerned that the game has few tiles, limited to the map size. Regardless of how large the layout is, you will still discover everything within a specific timeframe.

  • Non-Player Characters

NPCs are essential in gaming, and both Minecraft and Terraria have elaborate systems to interact with them. For instance, Minecraft lets you interact with villagers to trade with for handy items.

Terraria also allows you access to several NPCs like Goblin Tinker to help obtain unique objects. Additionally, you can interact with many others when you beat some bosses in the game or finish specific tasks.

  • Updates

Any avid gamer knows how critical and timely system updates are to gameplay, and Terraria has constantly proven this to its players. The developers never fail in releasing improved features and objects for gamers to try out. It rejuvenates the entire world to give you something to look forward to whenever you log in.

They also tell the users what’s new from the trailers and video bits. Therefore, you can expect new bosses, more regions to discover, and new digging areas. The story changes for Minecraft since the creators seem too lax when it comes consistent updates. Besides a few new biomes and some slight event tweaks, there’s nothing much to look forward to apart from the usual.

  • Rewards

Player’s love getting rewarded for their resilience. When playing Terraria, you will notice that killing bosses give you access to other objects. You can also obtain essential items from them like treasure bags.

However, for Minecraft, killing bosses doesn’t unlock any unique objects or capabilities other than XP. Thus, you may struggle in the most punishing levels without the excitement of a hefty reward besides the regular loots that you can still find wherever in the game.

  • End Game

Undoubtedly, both games offer a great experience for players. They also seem to have a clear end goal for gamers. First, Terraria focuses on level progression after defeating the enemies in your way. Consequently, you conquer more ground and obtain critical objects as you keep beating more bosses.

Similarly, Minecraft’s end goal is to let players have as much fun as they want and choose their tasks, whether exploring or building blocks. You can also encounter the final boss but still enjoy the game even without battling with bosses.

Which Is Better, Terraria or Minecraft?

It is a never-ending battle between fans of both games, with each faction sure that theirs is the better version. After checking the most coveted features of Terraria and Minecraft, it is finally time to pick a favorite. If you want to commit to one title, here is what you should know.

Each game is excellent in its own right since they both offer the best entertainment for their users. However, Terraria seems to tick more boxes than Minecraft. It is the better option if you are looking for more customizable weapons and rich gaming content featuring more bosses and generally more action-packed battles.

It is also a gamers ‘ favorite, thanks to the reward system and the never-failing and well-timed updates. Minecraft is still a great choice given that it has better graphics in 3D and opens up a vast gaming world for you to explore. Either way, both titles have fantastic gameplay and a fulfilling end goal.

The best part about these two games is their distinctness despite being of the same genre. It is a close call between them, but Terraria may be the better version due to its several impressive features.

It beats Minecraft in the availability of weapons to customize and having more exciting activities to do. When you complete all this, you also get a handsome reward, and you will encounter and unlock several NPCs.

These remarkable aspects are primarily thanks to the developers’ frequent updates on the system. On the other hand, Minecraft has its fair share of wins, primarily the graphics and the world size.

It is in 3D and is generally the superior display version, and it helps that there is massive ground to cover. It is best for creative players who want to build structures from scratch, allowing multiplayer mode. Therefore, you are sure of the best gaming experience, whichever way you go.

Which Is Harder, Minecraft or Terraria?

The most exciting part about Minecraft and Terraria is when the levels get more challenging as you go. It usually pushes and challenges you while getting more rewards and experience in return. However, some are pretty complex, especially for first timers, and the goal here is to determine which of the two is less punishing.

Terraria is generally more challenging to play than Minecraft. For starters, it features a lot of bosses that you must go through to succeed. Bosses rarely spawn In Minecraft, but they appear randomly and attack you in Terraria.

Besides bosses, Terraria also includes other dangerous enemies to conquer and numerous customizable weapons, each with different capabilities. You must be skilled to wield and make them perfect for use compared to Minecraft armaments that are fewer and more straightforward to craft.

Minecraft has an elaborate system of handling resources in the game. The tools arrangement does not favor any player, making it more exciting. You can also deploy several modifications to help improve your weapon performance during combat to make gameplay more fun. However, in Terraria, you must face several rivals explaining why the quests are usually quite challenging.

Note that Terraria is a 2D video game compared to Minecraft, in 3D. It means that Terraria has a limited view, hence more tasking to build blocks in its world. Additionally, fewer tiles offer you a tinier space to explore. Also, the maps in Minecraft are more straightforward while the world to explore is massive. Unlike Terraria, Minecraft is easier to transverse, build, and features fewer enemies.

Which Has More Players, Minecraft or Terraria?

Minecraft and Terraria belong to the same sandbox genre, but they still differ. Players usually have varying tastes and preferences when selecting what game to invest their time in, and it is crucial to investigate which of the two is more popular.

Minecraft has more players worldwide, reaching more than 140 million active users across all their platforms. Terraria, in contrast, has close to a hundred thousand players, although it reached a record five hundred thousand users in May 2020. Regardless, Terraria’s player count is still far below Minecraft’s level.

Unfortunately, Terraria game numbers are not steady, and these fluctuations make the game shift every time through the ranks. Moreover, Minecraft has sold over 200 million copies over the years while its counterpart lags at approximately 40 million sales.

Terraria has had incredible sales of over thirty-five million copies worldwide across its platforms, with PC gamers accounting for the more significant chunk with about 18 million users. Additionally, consoles contributed close to 9 million, while mobile devices accounted for the rest.

The rise in the Terraria player count may have been from advertisements from online platforms. According to the developers, there are still hopes that the game will sell more in the coming years.

Minecraft is the more popular game, unlike Terraria. The massive following is outstanding, and the latter may have to work tirelessly to get to that level. Currently, Minecraft has gained over a hundred million and counting active gamers from around the globe and a whopping 200 million subscribers on all its platforms. Console gamers take about half of the total users, followed by PC owners and mobile phone gamers.


Minecraft and Terraria have a lot in common but still have distinct features. While Terraria is a combative and adventurous game, Minecraft is more about creativity and decision-making. However, they both provide the best entertainment if you want to explore them. The glaring differences prove that Terraria is a better version regarding what gamers consider the best features.

For instance, it offers more customizable weapons and generally provides more content for players. The rewards are enticing, and you will often meet NPCs to help, all thanks to the consistent updates from the developers.

On the other hand, Minecraft wins in fantastic 3D graphics and the enormous world it offers players. Therefore, you can select your favorite based on your preferences knowing that they are both outstanding choices.

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