Get Mineplex? (Play Mineplex and Alternatives)

If you are a fan of Minecraft minigames, your best bet would be to join a server like Mineplex. Its reputation precedes it, explaining why you are curious to find out more about this site. Fortunately, this article offers a detailed guide on all matters Mineplex.

So, how do you get Mineplex? Mineplex is a popular Minecraft multiplayer server that hosts various minigames and activities. To join Mineplex, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have a legitimate copy of Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition installed on your device.
  2. Launch Minecraft and sign in with your account credentials.
  3. For Java Edition players: a. Click on “Multiplayer” from the main menu. b. Select “Add Server” and enter the following information:
    • Server Name: MineplexServer Address: (for the US server) or (for the European server) c. Click “Done” to save the server.
    For Bedrock Edition players: a. Click on “Play” from the main menu. b. Select “Servers” and scroll down to the “Featured Servers” section. c. Locate “Mineplex” and tap or click on it to join the server.
  4. Once the server is added, you’ll see it listed in the “Multiplayer” menu (Java Edition) or “Servers” section (Bedrock Edition). Click or tap “Join Server” to connect to Mineplex.
  5. Upon joining, you can participate in various minigames and activities offered by Mineplex.

Remember to follow Mineplex’s rules and guidelines while playing on the server to ensure a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you are in the United States, you can use the IP You can also use the joint EU and US-based servers, the or You can also use or for US Hub or Clans Europe.

Otherwise, you can access the pocket edition at However, the EU server is no longer accessible since its termination in 2019; therefore, the IP will redirect you to the US-based platform.

Minecraft die-hards hail Mineplex as one of the best servers that improve multiple or single-player game modes. You might also want to enjoy all the fascinating features of the site, but the challenge maybe not knowing where to start.

If you are in the United States, your server IP to join the platform is, or you can use the joint EU and US-based addresses, the and Alternatively, for US Hub or Clans Europe, the IP is and

While you can access the pocket edition under However, the EU server was terminated in 2019, rendering inaccessible, although the system will redirect you to the US-based servers.

When you have launched your game and selected multiplayer mode, you can join Mineplex using the server name and code according to your region. Mineplex is one of the significant Minecraft servers where gamers converge to battle under one umbrella. It is the primary multiplayer version of Minecraft and will operate on at least version 1.8.

The only way to access it is if you have the correct IP address, which is based on your region. Luckily there are different versions for the US, US hub, Clans Europe, and pocket edition. However, the company brought down servers from some regions. Therefore, if you are in Europe, clicking on your address will only reroute you to the US server.

However, you will still have full access to the site. For the Australia server, the company faced a lot of challenges and had to close it down. To utilize Mineplex, you will launch your game as usual, then click on Multiplayer from the options. Next, you can tap on add server and enter the name and server address to have Mineplex access.

How To Play Mineplex

Mineplex is one of the dominant Minecraft servers known for excellent minigames with a huge player base. If you are new to the server, you must have dozens of questions, especially about getting started.

The initial step is to purchase the app from then download it using the Mojang Launcher. First, you will decide your preferred version, either bedrock, compatible with consoles and mobile phones, or Java, best for PC gaming.

After launching the software, you can select multiplayer from the main menu and click add server to insert the name and IP address. Note that there are various servers according to your region. Finally, click done, then open the Mineplex games tab and press join server to start gaming.

It is pretty straightforward to install and begin playing Mineplex titles since it only takes around a minute. On the upside, the games are now available on PCs, consoles, and also smartphones. Thanks to the Bedrock edition, Mineplex now has a competitive advantage over its counterparts in the gaming world.

Unfortunately, you cannot access Java through Bedrock or vice versa, although both versions allow for cross-platform provided that you are using Windows 10. Thus, you can play with friends who are logged in using different editions and devices.

What Do You Do in Mineplex?

You may associate Mineplex with one of the best gaming servers for multiplayer modes, but there’s a lot more beneath the surface. Therefore, I will give you the ins and outs of the site to know all the exciting things you can do on this server.

Mineplex offers the best multiplayer gaming experience allowing you to team up with your friends and chat with them online. There are many games to choose from according to your preference guaranteeing unlimited entertainment. In Mineplex, you can use the currency that you gain as gems from playing, and, in turn, use them to transact for kits.

Additionally, the platform brings together other Mineplex users in forums to exchange ideas about the games. It also makes it easier to check gameplay statistics, and you can also buy items from the shop with real money.

There’s a lot to do in the Mineplex world, but I will focus on some essential activities as follows.

  • Games

Mineplex conveniently hosts four minigames, Survival, Classic, Arcade, and Champions, enabling you to pick your favorite category. Survival games focus on your skills to wisely use limited resources to deal with daily problems and enemies and live through another day, the same case as in a typical Minecraft world.

On the other hand, Classic games are pretty complex for first-timers, although they are as short as the Arcade titles that last around five minutes. Lastly, you will find Champion games in Mineplex if you love equipping your character with particular skill sets from various classes. The server releases unique limited game variations during holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

These title versions will keep you entertained and offer a chance to win great prizes. Also, since the server deals with users, if some games don’t attract traffic, the system removes them to make room for more. They consider titles with glitches or those with low player counts and eliminate them.

  • Gameplay

The best part about Mineplex is that it allows you to pool all your friends for battle royales when you want to use multiplayer. It makes it easier to group up using the friends’ system and even chat with them on the server. There are also options to team up and compete with another friend group if you love such gameplay.

Furthermore, the system allows you and your buddies to join up automatically next time you log in. Mineplex frequently rewards you with gems that you can use to gain special kits to enhance your game tactics with new skill sets. Secondly, you can use shards to obtain cosmetics to help customize your game with unique effects.

  • The Lobby

To ensure that everything is coordinated, and users find whatever they need, Mineplex has a lobby that arranges all the minigames. Here you will find a sky island with more minor variations around it, and you can obtain any information you need about Mineplex from the Villager NPC. You can also play Stacker and Parkour and stand to gain valuable rewards.

As a player, you can use the lobby to progress forward and move as fast as you want when you repeatedly tap the space bar. If you are keen, you will find this lobby priceless because it holds many secrets and game commands, and the best part is that there is always a unique lobby design for momentous holidays.

  • Currency

Another exciting aspect of Mineplex is its currency system. Whenever you play a minigame on the site, you automatically receive more than ten gems. You can also gain these valuables when you succeed in challenges or Parkour. With these gems, you can easily make transactions like buying essentials you need for gameplay.

Mineplex allowed players to use this currency for cosmetics, although it later changed the system to treasure shards that you can obtain almost the same way as gems. However, the distinction is that the shards are exclusively for cosmetics like chests, while gems come in handy for general gameplay reasons like the acquisition of upgrades.

  • Forums

Mineplex has all the users’ interests at heart, whether veteran or newbies. Therefore, the site has set up forums where all the users can freely interact by posting, receiving, or giving responses. If you are a first-timer having challenges with Mineplex, you can always gain advice from more experienced Mineplexians.

You only need the XenForo application, and you can submit reports, maps, or any other related material. The staff also utilizes these forums to pass updates about news and games. As a user, you can react to other posts by giving them potatoes that serve as likes on different social platforms or send other reactions like Creative and Agree.

  • Shop

Mineplex also has room for players to make in-game purchases for better gameplay or unique tags as with other Minecraft servers. You can find the shop at Mineplex’s homepage, where you can click on the icon at the top of your screen.

This way, you can buy any item you need with actual money, including ranks. Previously, although currently unavailable, Mineplex also allowed users to purchase merchandise like T-shirts from the shop.

  • Statistics

Mineplex has redesigned its site to allow users to track personal and friends’ stats; hence, you can check the level you have achieved and your general progress for great rewards. Compared to the Enjin site, the upgraded XenForo version lets you check your reviews or that of your friends online even without connecting to the platform. With this system, you can confirm the points you have garnered.

You can also tell how many friends you have and the complete gameplay sessions you have all had, including the wins and losses for every game. Additionally, you will also find leaderboards after each title under the XenForo website.

It showcases the top players of each title alongside their scores. Moreover, the system allows you to check rankings by time frames meaning that you can have weekly or monthly reports.

How To Make a Server Like Mineplex

Mineplex serves thousands of players at a time, meaning that there’s a lot of work in the design and implementation process. Also, there are not many servers like Mineplex in the market unless they are exceptional enough to face competition. Therefore, how can you make a server like Mineplex?

The first step is choosing a reliable and affordable host server or securing a high-performance computer with impressive specs; this way, you can host thousands of players without glitches. However, it is advisable to use web hosting instead of creating one using your computer at home since it may be costly.

Since you need a powerful server, you’ll need a bigger RAM and disk space for your web. Once you settle on the best host plan, you can now create the server from your PC and upload it to your preferred host.

The Minecraft server you are using should be the current version, and you should configure it accordingly. When you host your server on another web, you may have to find help to perform specific settings, and the services differ depending on the host. For instance, some do port forwarding on your behalf, and you can also gain other benefits.

The key is to go to the Minecraft website, download it, open a folder on your device with any name, and set up the app. Next, you can run Minecraft’s current version to enable you to configure its files and after launching the software. You can now add some of the best plugins or purchase customized ones.

Remember to abide by the regulations from EULA before your final launch. You can do it by double-clicking the eula.text to change the eula=false to eula=true to comply. Besides finding a host website, you can still build a worthy server using your computer or purchase a server rack. Otherwise, you can find experts and advertise to increase your player base faster.

In Summary

Mineplex is one of the largest and most reliable Minecraft servers hosting thousands of players across its versions. You can use Bedrock or Java, and, regardless, have an excellent multiplayer gaming experience. The key is to use the correct server IP depending on your region, and you will launch your game and state the server IP under multiplayer.

Once you are in, I guarantee that there is a lot to do in the world of Mineplex. Besides offering four types of minigames, there are also new title variations during special occasions like Halloween. You also have the shop and gem currency to make in-game transactions. Additionally, you can check gameplay statistics and engage with other Mineplexians on the forums.

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