PS4 Controller Charging Time (Low Battery check)

The DualShock 4 is among the top console controllers designed and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and is the primary controller for the PlayStation 4 console. The PS4 controller has a rechargeable battery that powers the controller when used wirelessly. If you want to play games with your PS4 without any interruption, it is important to know how long it takes to charge a PS4 controller.

So, how long does it take for a PS4 controller to charge? A PS4 controller takes at least two hours to fully recharge if the controller did not have any remaining charge. You can charge your PS4 controller by connecting to your console or a PC using the Micro-USB cable.

To charge your PS4 controller, you need to keep your PS console on or in rest mode. When you charge your PS4 controller in rest mode, the light bar will slowly blink in the color orange, and when charging is complete, the light bar turns off. To check the charge level on your PS4 controller, press the PS button and hold it. Your controller’s charging progress will appear on your screen.

The PS4 controller charge lasts between four to eight hours of play, depending on your gaming style. The PS4 controller battery runs out very fast compared to rival controllers such as the Xbox One controller; hence, the need to frequently recharge it.

The PS4 controller is an important accessory to a PlayStation console, and, without it, you can’t do anything with your console. As a wireless controller, the DualShock 4 is easy to use and convenient, but it requires charging regularly.

A PS4 controller takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge if the battery does not have any remaining charge. The PS4 controller’s charging process is not difficult, and you only need a Micro-USB cable.

You need to ensure that your console is turned on or in rest mode before connecting your PS4 controller to the console. If you want to charge your PS4 controller efficiently, Sony recommends that you do it when the temperature is between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you do not have a Micro-USB cable or do not wish to use it to charge your PS4 controller, you can use a DualShock 4 charging station. The DualShock 4 charging station can charge two PS4 controllers simultaneously, and you can charge your controllers at any time without needing the console.

The only disadvantage of the DualShock 4 charging Station is its high price tag. Suppose you do not have enough money to buy a DualShock 4 charging station. In that case, there are third-party companies that develop and manufacture charging stations that work well with PS4 controllers, such as the Lenboken-KJH All-in-One and the BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger.

When you are charging your PS4 controller, the light bar on the controller slowly flashes orange. The light bar will turn off when your PS4 controller’s battery is fully charged. If you connect your PS4 controller to your console and the light bar does not blink orange or light up, check if the USB cable is connected firmly to the USB port. If you still cannot see any light from the console, get another USB cable.

Sony recommends that you charge your PS4 controller using your console, but you can also charge it directly from a wall outlet. However, you should be careful when charging your PS4 controller using a USB wall charger. Ensure that the USB wall charger matches the required maximum current allowed for a PS4 controller.

You should also use an AC adapter to prevent excess power currents from destroying your PS4 controller. You should also resist the urge to charge your PS4 controller with fast Micro-USB cables meant for smartphones.

When you put your PlayStation console in rest mode, you can do several things such as downloading games, in-game content, or charging your PS4 controller. If you are waiting for a certain game to finish downloading, you can put the console in rest mode and charge your controller. After a few hours, you can turn on your console to find that your game has finished downloading and your controller has a full charge.

To charge your PS4 controller while your PlayStation 4 console is in rest mode, using your controller, go to “Settings” and select “Power Save Settings.” Open “Select Features Available in Rest Mode,” and you will see a pop-up message on your display stating, “Supply Power to USB Port.”

You have the option of setting it to always supply power at all times when in rest mode or for three hours only. Choose the more convenient setting for your schedule; after setting it to “Always” or “Three hours,” your console will charge any PS4 controller connected to it via a USB cable for the designated time.

If you cannot wait for two hours to start playing a game on your PS4 console, you can use your PS4 controller as it continues to charge. Your battery is safe from any damage if you continue to play games as your controller recharges.

The PS4 console can work as a wired or wireless controller. When you connect your controller to the PS4 console via a USB cable, the controller will start using the console as a power source when the battery is full.

However, you should note that it will take your PS4 controller more time to fully recharge if you use it as it recharges. You can also damage the Micro-USB port on your PS4 controller if you use it while charging.

A wired connection restricts your movements while gaming; hence, any hard or rash movements can damage the port if you are used to using a wireless PS4 controller. Two hours is not a long time, and you can carry out other activities as you wait for your controller to recharge fully. You can always schedule to recharge your PS4 controller when you are not gaming, eliminating the need to use it when charging.

The PS4 controller has a 1000mAH battery; therefore, you need to use some battery life-saving tricks to ensure that it lasts longer. The first thing you should do is change your controller’s shut-off time.

When you are watching a movie on Netflix using your PS4 console, you do not need to keep your PS4 controller on the entire time. Other things you can do to preserve your PS4 controller’s battery include reducing the controller’s speaker volume, turning off vibration, and keeping a spare PS4 controller.

How To Know If PS4 Controller Is Low Battery

If your controller runs out of battery charge when you are playing a game on your PS4 console, you might have to stop your game and start looking for its charger, which might take time. If you want to have a smooth gaming session, you need to know how to tell if the PS4 controller is running out of battery charge.

The easiest method to know if your PS4 controller has a low battery is to press and hold the PS button on your controller, and the battery level will appear on your screen. When using your PS4 controller, you will also receive a low battery warning from your console on your display.

If you missed the battery level low warning on your screen, your PS4 controller will stop sending input signals to the console and turn off. The light bar on your PS4 controller will not produce any light until you connect your controller to your console.

When you get the notification on your screen informing you that the PS4 battery level is low, you should charge it immediately. You can stop gaming and charge your controller using a USB cable or continue gaming while your controller recharges.

If you continue to play your games without connecting your PS4 to the console using a USB cable, it will turn off within a few minutes. When you connect your PS4 controller to your console or the charging station, the light bar will blink orange, and when the battery is fully recharged, the light bar will turn off.

The PS4 controller has an inbuilt 1000mAH battery that can only sustain wireless gaming between four and eight hours. When your PS4 controller has a low battery, you cannot remove the battery and replace it with AA batteries. If your PS4 controller battery becomes weak, there is no other option but to get another PS4 controller.

Therefore, you should try and practice a few tricks that preserve your PS4 controller’s battery so that you can use it for a long time. Some of the ways to preserve your PS4 controller’s battery include turning it off when you are not using it, turning off the controller’s vibration, keeping spare PS4 controllers and fully draining the controller’s battery, and recharging it fully at least once a year.

Sometimes, your PS4 controller, after running low on a battery charge, may refuse to charge after you connect it to the console or charging station. The reasons your PS4 charger may not charge include a faulty cable or a damaged Micro-USB port. Before you rush to the store to buy another PS4 controller, you should try troubleshooting to see if you can fix the issue on your own.

The first thing you should do is connect your PS4 controller to your laptop or another console. If the PS4 controller is charging when you connect it to another device, there could be a problem with your PS4 console’s USB port. Perform a power cycle on your PS4 console by unplugging it and waiting for 10 minutes.

While the PS4 is still unplugged, hold the power button for 30 seconds to drain the leftover power. Plug the PS4 console, turn it on, connect your PS4 controller with a USB cable, and check if it is charging.

If your PS4 controller is not charging after connecting it, try using another USB cable. Sometimes, the issue could be with your USB cable, and another one could charge your PS4 controller. You can also try charging another PS4 controller using the USB cable.

If the PS4 controller starts to recharge when you connect it using the other USB cable, then the issue may be a faulty USB cable. If the PS4 controller still does not charge after changing the USB cable, then your controller could be having problems with its charging port.

Check the charging port; dust or grit could block the power flow and keep your controller from charging. You can remove the dust or grit using compressed air or a wooden toothpick. Connect your PS4 controller to the console, and if it starts to charge, ensure that you keep the charging port clean.

If your PS4 controller does not charge, try and reset it. Go to “Settings” on your PS4 console’s menu, select “Devices,” and remove all devices connected to your console. Using a toothpick or bobby pin, press and hold it into the small hole on the underside of your PS4 controller for five seconds. Re-sync your PS4 controller using the PS button.

If your PS4 controller is still not charging, you should report the issue to PlayStation Support for repairs or replacement. You need to check if your PS4 is still under warranty with Sony or the store you bought it from. If your PS4 controller is still under warranty, you can have your PS4 repaired or replaced for free.

If your PS4 controller is not under warranty, you will have to pay some fee for the repair or replacement. The best way to avoid your gaming time being interrupted by a PS4 controller with charging issues is to always have two or more PS4 controllers. If one PS4 controller malfunctions, you can continue gaming as you find a way to repair or replace the faulty controller.


Charging your PS4 controller is an important part of gaming if you prefer to use it wirelessly. The PS4 controller can last up to 8 hours. Depending on the gaming intensity, you might charge your controller twice a day.

When gaming and you are unsure of the PS4 controller’s battery level, always press the PS button on your controller, the battery level icon will appear on the screen indicating the amount of power left. If your PS4 controller has a low battery and cannot recharge, you can refer to the solutions in this article or contact PlayStation Support for further assistance.

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