PS4 and PS5 Same Account? (Tips and Tricks)

The gaming industry might change if owners of multiple devices could log onto a single account. It would be more convenient, especially in a family setup where there are different console users. Therefore, I investigated whether Sony allows this capability with the PS4 and PS5.

So, can I use the PS4 and PS5 with the same account? You can set your PS4 and PS5 to use the same PlayStation account. Provided that the two consoles can log onto the internet and verify that you own both versions, you can even use them online simultaneously. If you buy a PS5, you can always use the old PS4 account to access the games on your other console fully. It works in a family set up where you want other users to play games on your library, even when using a different console generation model.

If you have a PS4 and a PS5, it may be more convenient to use one account to access your games. As this could help in game sharing between the two devices thereby saving on costs of not having to have two accounts.

The PS5 was one of the most highly-anticipated consoles, with hardcore gamers expecting a lot from it in terms of functionality. However, a persistent question is how the console will interact with the PlayStation account of its predecessor, the PS4. If you want to buy one or already have one, but still own a PS4, here’s what you should know.

The good news is that you can access your PlayStation account using the PS5 even when you still have your PS4 logged onto the system. Fortunately, you don’t have to use a new account for your recent PS5 if you already have one or two PS4s utilizing the system.

Therefore, both your devices can view the game library provided that they can all log onto the internet. You will only have to verify your account, and you will get the same video game library. You can also use your PS4 and PS5 online at the same time. It will come in handy if your family members want to access games but on individual consoles.

Many prospective PS5 buyers were worried that they would have to get a separate account for their consoles when they had an existing one for their PS4. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of controlling two systems. Sony has allowed the new PS5 to use the same account as the PS4, which is great news for family members with different consoles.

You can all share one account but still have the same game library for all of you to play your favorite games. Hence, if parents want to play games on the PS5, they don’t have to knock the kids off the account. It also applies to individuals who wish to buy the most recent PlayStation device but don’t want to let go of their old PS4.

How To Play PS4 and PS5 on the Same Account

Playing digital games on your PlayStation account using different consoles lets you enjoy multiplayer games with your family and friends. You can also utilize your rich game libraries on the platforms. In this chapter, I will discuss how to play PS4 and PS5 from one account.

You can play digital games simultaneously from your account while connected to a PS4 and PS5 by making the PS4 a primary console. With a reliable network, you can access your account using the PS5 console and play games from the same system as the one that connects to your old device.

In this network, you can further link two secondary consoles and play comfortably. If the PS4 is the primary account, you won’t play its games on the new generation model concurrently, but the games will run smoothly without kicking anyone out of the system.

Cross-generational compatibility on SONY gaming consoles is an excellent design to help gamers improve their experience through internet connection of different gaming platforms.

You won’t throw away that old PS4 just because you acquired an advanced model. Your kids and friends can still use it to access your massive library. All you will need is to make your PS5 a primary and any other that link to it to be secondary accounts.

In essence, the PS4 console may use a different account but still access the other for titles. However, if you log out, the secondary consoles won’t play the games on your libraries. Also, your network should remain active to allow you to verify the accounts.

Once connected, the PS5 cannot drop the dependents even after you boot the gaming device. Remember that the devices can only share the PSN account online; hence you cannot play non-digital titles using this technology.

How Many Primary Accounts Can You Have on PS4?

A primary account on your PS4 will allow you to connect to other accounts and play all the digital games available on the console. It will also facilitate multiplayer mode letting your family and friends join in on the fun. Therefore, you wonder what is the maximum number of primary accounts you can attach to one PS4.

The number of primary accounts you can set on your PlayStation depends on its version. For instance, PS vita only works with one primary account; however, most PS4s can accommodate more primary accounts.

On the contrary, you cannot have several PS4 consoles serving as a main for one PSN account, and if you must change the primary, then it is advisable to log out of the prior device. When you want to share games and link other players, you’ll switch to the account of your choice. Ultimately, you can only connect other devices using a single active account.

Most PS4s have successfully and conveniently run two primary accounts. However, it is also possible to have more than ten accounts on one PS4 system. Therefore, you will only pick the account with the game you want to play.

Generally, you may find it challenging to have two systems running concurrently on your PS4. However, you can connect to another console to share the perks of the primary gaming platform. You can share applications and games and enjoy PSN subscriptions with your loved ones.

The primary account will only work with the console it has set as its primary device. Otherwise, you won’t share games with your friends. To assign a primary account to your PS4, you will first have to activate your PSN account online, then go to the console settings. Next, click account management and activate the device as the primary console. Confirm the activation to ensure that your gadget is ready to share the digital titles.

Why Does Sony Allow PS4 and PS5 To Share an Account?

Sony must stay ahead of its competitors by releasing updates and allowing excellent and improved capabilities for its consoles. Take a look at what it aims for by allowing PS4 and PS5 to access the same account.

Sony lets users have the best of both worlds with the PS5 and its predecessor. It is strategic as it enables PS4 owners to purchase upgraded devices still and enjoy their favorite games. If you can use the same library, nothing will hold you back as a prospective PS5 buyer.

You won’t have to deal with the hassle of the system kicking out the old console when you log in using the PS5. It also allows gamers to access their account with the consoles they own, and they can play anywhere and make the most of their gadgets.

By allowing users to play on their PS4 and PS5 online simultaneously, gamers have all the freedom they need. Perhaps you want to buy a PS5 and give your old PS4 to another family member, say your kids.

Sharing an account means that they will still access your game library and play as you are gaming online. It has improved the PS5’s functionality and sales, knowing that the system allows backward compatibility.

Can PS4 Gameshare With PS5?

Switching from an old generation console to another may be fascinating, but even better if you can share games between the old and the new devices. Still, on the cross-generational compatibility between the PS4 and PS5, I will look at the concept of game sharing and whether the two consoles allow it.

You can share games between a PS4 and a PS5. You can add the PS5 account to the PS4 by setting the PS4 as the primary system. Next, navigate to the games and download the titles you need. The system will allow you to download any that is playable on the PS4.

Game sharing can also go the other way, from the PS4 to the PS5, where you add the account from PS4 to PS5. Secondly, you can enable console sharing on the system through the user’s icon under the settings. When done, you can now find your favorite games and download them to the device.

If you have just bought a PS5, you may want to know how the games from the old console work on the new one. The PS5 is one of the consoles that support backward compatibility with previous models. Moreover, you will discover that PS4 games will likely have better quality when playing on the PS5. Luckily, game sharing between the two different console generations is as straightforward as with two similar consoles.

You can also share from PS4 to PS5 or from PS5 to PS4, provided that the game is compatible with both gadgets. The manufacturer has also ensured that you can use your new device to log into your PS4 account and access your games.

Therefore, you don’t have to lose your previous games just because you upgraded. Ultimately, you can either log into your PlayStation account with the PS4 and PS5 or do game sharing between the two consoles.

Impact of Sony’s Game Sharing between the PS4 and PS5

When a gaming company releases a new console, avid gamers will still have the previous generation models and their downloaded games on the system. Therefore, users fear that buying the new release will interfere with their gameplay since they would want to retain their favorite titles. Let’s find out what Sony has done to tackle this problem.

Sony made the PS5 come with a great feature called “Console sharing and Offline Play”. It enables the new generation console to share media and games with other consoles as long as they are compatible. Therefore, you don’t have to allow settings like remote download or play on your device.

It means that you can share your game collection with your old PS4 without necessarily losing out on the perks of the “Primary” setting. However, Sony is yet to solve the issue with “Offline Play” because, like the previous method of game sharing, this system will likely cause challenges with license verification in the game collection on your PS5 if there is an issue with the network.

The PS5 console sharing capability is a great leap for Sony, given that it is a significant improvement in the PS4’s process. With the older generation, you had to tweak the system to enable the setting of the primary console.

This process was necessary to allow other users to access the console’s game library without necessarily logging into the PlayStation account. Thus, if you had two PS4s, you had to set both as each other’s primary to share the games.

It meant that each PS4 could have its games by logging into the PSN, and you could access the other device’s titles through the primary modification. Doing this would lead to issues with authentication when there were problems with the internet.

However, thanks to the PS5’s improvements, you no longer have to go through these challenges. You only have to tap on console sharing, and you can easily access the PS4’s game library.

Wrap Up

Conventionally, if you logged into your account using another console, the system would automatically kick the old device out and retain the newer sign-in. Therefore, it became cumbersome to keep signing your consoles in and out. Sony has made modifications in its system to allow cross-generational compatibility to make it easier for users to transition between consoles.

Booting your PS5 won’t remove your old PS4 from the account, and you can enjoy the gameplay, especially titles that can play on both devices. When you have two PS4s, you can still buy a PS5, link them to the same account, and have the same game library. Your friends and family can now access your huge library even when you are using different console models.

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