Oculus Quest Tips (Gift Cards, Steam, Trade Ins)

During the holiday season, one way to make your loved ones feel special is by giving them gift cards to buy their preferred presents. If they love VR gaming, it would be thoughtful to gift them a Quest 2 gift card, but first, it is best to know whether it is a viable option for their go-to platform.

So, can you use gift cards on Oculus Quest 2? At the moment, Oculus hasn’t offered its users a way to use gift cards to access their products. The only alternative is to directly buy games for your loved ones that they can obtain by redeeming on their Quests. To do this, you can go to the store and buy the recipients’ favorite titles that will appear as a code in their emails. Consequently, they can enter these codes in the games you have bought and access them for free.

If you have friends or family members that are die-hard gamers, you will easily win them over with impressive gifts that they can use daily. One considerate option is a gift card from Quest 2 that can get them applications or games for free, but does Oculus offer this to its customers?

Currently, Oculus doesn’t have gift cards for its users. However, you can offer games and applications as presents to your loved ones by buying them directly to their Oculus Quest or Quest 2.

You can go to the company’s official store and buy the recipient’s favorite game. You will need your prepaid card and your buddy’s email address. After purchase, you can send them a code that they can easily redeem to get the application or game that you have bought.

Gift cards are some of the most convenient and creative ways to gift the people you love. You can also use them as presents if you are unsure about the perfect gift because it gives the user freedom to choose.

If you know that they are gamers, getting a gift card allows them to pick their favorite games or applications. Most gaming companies offer great incentives like this and other options like allowing you to send money to other users’ accounts.

Unfortunately, Oculus still doesn’t offer gift cards to their users, and the only option is to buy a certain game or application for the recipient through the company’s store as long as they have an Oculus Quest 2. This way, you can send a practical and touching gift instead of cash. It is pretty easy, and you only need to go to Oculus and buy a particular game.

However, unlike regular gift cards, the recipient doesn’t have any choice regarding the game they can get. Therefore, it is entirely upon you to pick the title they would love. You can easily tell which game they prefer if you two are close, but it gets tricky if you don’t know the receiver very well. Alternatively, other gamers opt for these cards from major retailers like GameStop. In this case, their loved ones can use them to buy an Oculus Quest 2 if they want.

How To Gift and Redeem Games in Oculus Quest

Sadly, for many users, Oculus doesn’t have gift card incentives for you to present games or applications to your friends and family. On the positive side, there is a workaround to this. Instead, you can buy the titles as gifts and send them to your friend for free access on their Quest gadgets. Here is how to do it.

Gifting games in Oculus Quest requires your credit card, your buddy’s email address, and five simple procedures. First, select the game you want to send from Oculus’ official store and pick the option to buy for your friend. This button is usually on the right side below the price.

Afterward, you will enter the receiver’s email address, and the system will generate a 25-digit code to claim the gift. You are also free to include a witty and creative note, perhaps one that matches the occasion. Lastly, you can pay remotely for the game using PayPal or a credit/debit card.

You don’t have to be concerned about Oculus lacking the option to send gift cards to your gamer loved ones. Luckily, you can always buy titles for them directly to their gadgets, which saves them a lot of money in the long run.

It is a meaningful gesture, and you will be certain that they will enjoy the gift. However, select a game from a genre that they love; otherwise, they may hardly play it, losing the entire point of the gift.

You will appreciate that it is a pretty straightforward process that will take a few minutes. As soon as you have the game type in mind, you can head to the Oculus Store and select the perfect title for them.

Below the price, you will click on the option to buy for your friend on the right side. Next, the system will ask for their email to send the 25-digit code to help them redeem the game you have bought.

With these digits, they will have a pass to help them fill a form they will receive later. You can also include a personal message to make them feel more special. The final step is selecting the payment method, which you can choose PayPal or a credit/debit card like Mastercard or Visa. You will have completed the entire process as soon as you make the necessary payments.

This gifting could also go either way where you are the one receiving. If you want to redeem the gift, you can go to the store and head to the application or game that you have received. When you navigate to the right side, you will see the option “redeem gift”. When you click on it, the system will ask for the digits you received in your mail. When you enter them correctly, you can successfully redeem games.

Do Steam Gift Cards Work for Oculus Quest?

Many gamers opt for gift cards instead of credit/debit cards, especially for security reasons. Perhaps you are also considering buying a steam card for your gamer friend but are concerned about it not working with Oculus Quest gadgets. After trying and testing, here is what you should know.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Steam gift cards to purchase Oculus products. The two platforms are independent and competitive gaming providers meaning that the cards will not work even with your previously purchased games.

Instead of buying straight from Oculus as you would with other cards, this system only allows you to purchase Steam games supported by Quest. Otherwise, your best bet is to buy the games you want using credit/debit cards or PayPal.

Many gamers prefer making purchases using gift cards; this way, they can buy from multiple stores and accumulate funds to virtual wallets. It is very convenient, and the best part is that several gaming companies offer the service, including Steam, PlayStation, and Blizzard, among others

On the contrary, some gamers are usually skeptical about the security aspect of conventional purchase methods of cards. They fear online hackers since it involves giving out your security details. Oculus would reap big if it also offered gift card services.

Simply put, you cannot use Steam cards or others to buy the games you want unless you obtain them traditionally. Given that the two are separate gaming service platforms linking the games to your Steam gift cards is pretty challenging. Therefore, you may have to find alternative means to buy games on your Oculus Quest.

Can You Use iTunes Gift Card for Oculus Quest?

Any avid gamer loves to restock titles and frequently catch up with trending games. iTunes gift cards are a reliable way to purchase your favorite titles, movies, and shows from the store. These cards are primarily for in-app purchases, but a common concern is whether they can also be handy for Oculus Quest.

iTunes gift cards are custom-made for purchases from the Apple marketplace, only making it challenging for use with Oculus Quest. You can use them to buy games, movies, TV shows, music, books, and much more content. Quest Stores don’t accept iTunes, explaining why you cannot buy anything directly to your VR gadget.

Luckily, you can use other means to play from iTunes to your Quest headset. For instance, you can install the Movies Anywhere app that allows you to play games in your Apple’s iTunes.

Although the Oculus Quest is not compatible with iTunes gift cards, there are still some workarounds to enjoy fantastic Apple games via VR. Remember that the content you purchase from the Apple marketplace cannot run on the Quest. Hence, you will need a third-party application like Movies Anywhere.

You can purchase your preferred games using your iTunes account, then download and install the app onto your iPad. Next, you can open the YouTube VR on the gaming device by clicking on the Oculus account and opening purchases.

Although there is a long list of available games, you can use Quest’s voice search to navigate the options and automatically find the content you need. Ultimately, you can download the intermediate app, open an account, and connect it to all the platforms from which you have purchased the games. Next, ensure that you open iTunes or any other similar app through Google Play and open a Google/YouTube VR account from the headset to find your games.

Where Can I Trade in My Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quests are great VR gaming platforms, but they eventually require upgrading to newer and better versions. Maybe you have an older model that you want to dispose of and use the proceeds for a current-generation OQ. The following are some of the current top-rated stores to sell your used Oculus Quest.

You can opt for Swappa, a convenient site where you can list the VR headset for sale and get cash as soon as a buyer accepts it. On this platform, you can get your OQ’s exact worth at the time of sale.

Alternatively, you can trade it in Techpayout, provided that the device is in good condition. The GreenBuyback site is another excellent place to get an ideal trade. Lastly, you can go for sites like Amazon trade-In or the r/hardwareswap, although it majors in PC parts.

Amazon lets you sell used but working electronics like your Oculus Quest. The program functions as Amazon’s retail store, where you can upload and submit the Oculus from the app on your mobile.

The steps are simple and self-explanatory, but you may need to register to make submissions easier. Ensure that you enter the device’s conditions according to the prompts and note that products in poor states will fetch less money.

Luckily, Amazon can process the transactions in about ten business days. After evaluating your product and getting the exact price it can sell for, you can top up to get enough to purchase an improved OQ from Amazon.

This way, you can save a lot of money compared to buying a new one. Swappa is also ideal for Quest Trade-ins. Their price tags on used items are fair, and since there are no middlemen, it offers more profits and fast payouts.

Here, you will list the item on Swappa for interested buyers, fill in all the necessary details and upload several photos of the product. Swappa will even give you a list of previously sold Quests to help you select the appropriate pricing.

Similarly, GreenBuyback is an excellent platform to sell an old OQ as long as the touch controllers and power adaptors are intact. Once you ship the product to the GreenBuyback stores, you get paid immediately after verifications.


Gamers are slowly gravitating towards VR gameplay using gadgets like Oculus Quests. If you have a friend or family member that cannot get enough of these exciting titles, it would be pretty special to give them gift cards for them to access any title they want.

Unfortunately, Quest doesn’t have a gift card option to purchase games for other users. Similarly, you cannot use Steam or iTunes gift cards. You can only make direct transactions using credit/ debit cards and PayPal.

Luckily, there is a way to provide a recipient with free games. You can buy a title then send the code you receive to their email addresses. When they enter this code, they can redeem the game you have bought.

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