Oculus Quest Tips (Alternatives, Take Outside, Monthly Fee)

Oculus is the most dominant brand when it comes to virtual reality. This makes a lot of sense because Oculus has the largest consumer share globally. Its outstanding features and ideal functioning indeed propels it to the top; however, it has its fair share of competitors.

So, what are Oculus Quest alternatives? Some of the Oculus Quest alternatives include Oculus Rift S, PlayStation VR, Vive Cosmos, and Valve Index. These are excellent alternatives that will give you a great gaming experience. You will also enjoy several features, just like is the case with Oculus Quest. However, these alternatives vary in performance capabilities, with some performing better. Nonetheless, they will give you a reliable gaming experience.

If you have used Oculus Quest, you know how captivating it can be. This VR headset has a wide range of features that make gaming quite enjoyable. However, you might want to consider other equally good alternatives.

Other Oculus Quest alternatives include Oculus Rift S, PlayStation VR, Vive Cosmos, and Valve Index. These alternatives are also equipped with reliable features that make them easy to use. You can be sure of a lively gaming session with any of these alternatives. Remember that they vary in performance, with some having better performance capabilities than others. Therefore, I will discuss them in detail and see why they are an excellent alternative to Oculus Quest.

Oculus Rift S is one of the most reliable alternatives to Oculus Quest. In most cases, there is an instant software jump between the second and first-generation. The same notion applies to the Oculus Rift collection of devices.

While the original Oculus Rift was a great headset, the jump to Rift S made it even better by introducing numerous improvements. The new Rift S is more comfortable and convenient thanks to its unique halo design; it comfortably rests on your head, making it easy for you to use.

This headset also comes with highly sophisticated integrated audio, meaning you won’t have to wear headphones. Even better, its 80Hz will make games smooth and more detailed. While its resolution is lower than the original version, Rift S boasts more detailed graphics.

Thanks to its coordination with Oculus Store’s massive collection of games, you will have plenty to enjoy on this platform. The libraries on Oculus Quest combine to make a vast collection of games you can enjoy.

However, there is a slight problem with Rift S because its thunder was rendered invalid by introducing the Oculus Link. This unique feature allows users to connect the device to a PC for gaming purposes.

Nonetheless, the Rift S has various hardware advantages that make it a better option. It is even better than Oculus because of its faster processing speed. In terms of pricing, it is cheaper than Oculus. This makes it more affordable, given that it has features similar to those of Oculus Quest.

The PlayStation VR is another excellent alternative to Oculus Quest. This VR headset has the great benefit of connecting with consoles you might already have. Unlike other gaming headsets, you don’t need to own a gaming PC to use it.

The PlayStation VR price is also a great feature. If you are willing to flex your budget, you can land this headset and enjoy its captivating features. In most areas, the PlayStation VR headset goes for around $265, and it’s loaded with several games. This is an affordable cost considering some gaming headsets cost as high as $350.

What makes it unique is that it is the best headset for VR sharing. This means that you can record and share your VR session on TV and allow friends and family to watch. This is a rare and captivating feature that is hardly found on wireless headsets. It also doesn’t rely on specific casting like the original Oculus Quest, making it easier to set up your games.

If you like exploring games on the PlayStation VR, you will have an excellent collection to choose from. Some of them include Rush of Blood, an intriguing game that will leave you thrilled from start to finish.

Even though its controllers are not that good, they help bring games to life. If you enjoy virtual reality or prefer the best virtual reality experience, this headset might not be a good alternative. However, it is an excellent choice if you want a budget-friendly headset that lets you share your experience with friends.

You can also consider the HTC Vive Cosmos headset. It has a wireless connection, a feature that attracts most gamers to Oculus Quest. This headset is compatible with the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter, allowing you to walk around your office or home while enjoying virtual reality. Besides, the Vive Cosmos VR headset is equipped with an inside-out tracking system that makes the experience more captivating. The built-in cameras mean you don’t have to create external sensors.

Whether you use it while tethered or wirelessly, the Vive Cosmos will give you a captivating gaming experience. What makes it unique is that you will need a gaming PC to use it. It has a combined resolution of 2880×1700, better than many VR headsets. This means that this headset has better picture resolution, making the game more realistic.

Its 90Hz refresh rate also makes it better than Rift S. Unlike the Oculus Quest headset, this model supports StreamVR Tracking 1.0 and 2.0. Therefore, you can choose the different accessories available in it.

Another thing that makes the Vive Cosmos interesting is that it is modular. With that design, you can purchase controllers and headsets and enjoy the VR with either of them. You are also free to add accessories like wireless adapters. Remember that no external faceplate allows you to connect this headset to external towers. This makes pricing more precise and accurate.

The Valve Index VR headset is another excellent Oculus Quest alternative you should consider. It gives you a high-end VR experience that is hard to beat. It also has a wide range of specs near the top of the VR market.

This includes a 144Hz refresh rate and a 130-degree field of view. Given that the Valve Index focuses on precision, it uses external tracking instead of inside-out tracking. Remember that you need at least two base stations for the Valve Index VR headset to function.

The presence of two base stations enables smooth tracking and precision. Its Knuckles controllers are among the best in the virtual reality market, making the headset even more valuable. These unique headsets can rest in your hand even without grabbing them all the time. This is helpful because it frees up more space in your hands, making it easy to control and manage the game.

While the Valve Index VR headset has essential features, its cost can be discouraging. It costs more than the Oculus Quest headset, even though the features are almost similar. The fact that you need to connect a gaming PC to use this headset is also discouraging. Those without gaming PCs might have problems with this headset due to connection problems. Therefore, you need to consider all of these factors before getting the Valve Index VR headset.

Can You Take the Oculus Quest Outside?

Most virtual reality games are played indoors; therefore, most gamers wonder whether you can game with your Oculus Quest 2 outside. It is essential to know this because it directly affects the well-being of your headsets.

It is not advisable to take your Oculus Quest outside. This is because sun exposure or powerful light can affect the safety of your device. For safety purposes, don’t leave your Oculus Quest headsets in direct contact with sunlight. You should also avoid using them outdoors at all costs. If you have to take your headsets outside, put them in a protective bag or casing protecting them from direct sunlight.

While the Oculus Quest 2 headsets might not be designed to be used outside, some users found success doing the same with the original Oculus Quest headsets. The original set is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, and you can use them throughout their virtual worlds.

Nonetheless, this is a risky move considering that direct sunlight could cause significant damage to the sensors and lenses. Most gamers believe that the new Oculus Quest 2 doesn’t have any solid features that support outdoor usage.

However, Oculus Quest 2 can function outside from a technical point of view. Even though you will experience several inconsistencies with the inside-out tracking depending on the weather and lighting conditions, you can still have a good gaming experience.

You should have no difficulty moving around the virtual space, with the device being capable of blocking excessive sunlight. While Oculus Quest 2 can sustain the conditions outside, the same cannot be said about its touch controllers.

Unlike the headset, its controllers might not function properly outdoors. This is because the cameras will have difficulties tracking down the controllers in bright environments. The same applies to hand-tracking, an essential feature in virtual reality. Having said that, you might experience challenges playing Oculus Quest outdoors.

Therefore, I advise that you find darker lighting conditions like overcast weather or outdoor canopy. The presence of more shade means that you will have better vision with your device kept in good condition. These conditions also make it better for headset and controller tracking.

Is There a Monthly Fee for Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest is a reliable virtual gaming headset designed and developed by Facebook. Thanks to its wide range of features, this platform is in high demand. For that reason, some gamers wonder whether it has a monthly fee.

Oculus Quest doesn’t have a monthly fee. You can enjoy the services for free as long as you have an active account. Remember that you need to have a Facebook account to sign up for Oculus Quest.

Perhaps the high demand for this VR headset has prompted its developers to create a more compelling destination, premium membership. This section discusses Oculus Quest premium services and everything you need to know about it.

With its community college, Oculus Quest has started building an ecosystem of games that will add more experience to the VR experience. Oculus Quest developers are expanding ways of accessing games and making them more realistic as part of its objectives.

They seek to take the experience beyond gaming and turn it into more productive activities like fitness or social activities. The developers also seek to build a robust business around content by introducing subscription services. Facebook is thrilled to support this venture because its objective is to help developers generate revenue.

Some of the developers will be motivated to deliver new and unique content through these app subscriptions. By subscribing to their services, you will access this exclusive content from some of your favorite collections.

The platform has also made it easier to unlock premium content; all you have to do is pay the subscription fee. Some of the games you can access through premium membership are Tribe XR, Rec Room, TRIPP, VZfit in VR, among others.

You need to have a Quest operating system with V27 or higher to purchase and use the subscription. Remember that the subscription offerings differ by title. You will need a subscription to unlock some features or content, while others don’t need any at all.

If you already own a title and looking to incorporate a subscription, you will still have to access the purchased content. You can do so by unlocking the premium content. The only way to unlock premium content is by subscribing.

Wrap Up

When it comes to virtual reality, Oculus Quest is one of the most dominant headsets. It has excellent features that make it unique. However, there are several alternatives you can use instead of Oculus Quest. Some of these alternatives include Oculus Rift S, PlayStation VR, Vive Cosmos, and Valve Index. Remember that these alternatives have different performance capabilities and abilities.

Also, most gamers wonder whether it is possible to play Oculus Quest outside. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to play Oculus Quest outside. This is because direct sunlight can damage the device’s lenses. It will also distort the control touches, affecting how you operate Oculus Quest.

Another concern regards the monthly subscription to Oculus. Typically, you don’t need a monthly subscription to access Oculus Quest services. However, its developers have created another system where players can access premium services.

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