Xbox Controller PS4, PS5, PC or Steam Compatible? (Checked)

Xbox controllers are complex devices meant to direct characters when gaming on Xbox consoles. They have a simple but effective design that makes gaming on Xbox fun and enjoyable. Therefore, if you have another type of console, you may wonder if it can use your Xbox controllers.

So, can you use an Xbox controller on PS4? It is not possible to use an Xbox controller on PS4. This is because PS4 is a different console that cannot connect to an Xbox controller. It is also not possible to play an Xbox game on PS4. Therefore, if you have a PS4 console, you will need to get a typical PS4 controller.

Owning an Xbox and a PlayStation can get you wondering whether you can use controllers interchangeably. This happens when you have lost or damaged your PS4 controller, tempting you to use the Xbox controller instead.

You cannot use an Xbox controller on PS4 because PS4 uses different software, lacks the compatibility feature, and is physically different. These reasons make it impossible for you to use your Xbox console on PS4. This makes it necessary for you to get a typical PS4 controller if you have a PS4 console.

One of the reasons you cannot use an Xbox controller on PS4 is that the PS4 console uses different software. For a controller to connect to a console, they need to run on common software. PS4 uses unique software that only connects to PS4 controllers. In fact, it is very challenging to use PS3 controllers on PS4. This underlines how “choosy” PS4 consoles are when it comes to controllers.

Lack of the compatibility feature on PS4 also makes it impossible to use an Xbox controller on it. This rules out any chances of linking the two devices and playing games. As a result, the PS4 console will not respond to any signals from the Xbox controller. You will have to use a PS4 controller that can connect to the console and make gaming enjoyable.

The fact that PS4 is physically different from an Xbox console also makes it impossible to use an Xbox controller. The PS4 has a unique shape and design that only responds to a PS4 controller. Connecting an Xbox controller to this console is impossible due to the location of the signal receiver and interpreter. Signals from an Xbox controller won’t reflect on the PS4 console, making it impossible to play.

Can I Use Xbox Controller for PS5?

The PlayStation 5 is the latest gaming console from Sony. It is a captivating console with a wide range of new exciting features. The console also supports a broader scope of games than PS4.

You can use the Xbox controller on PS5. This is possible because the new PS5 supports compatibility with a wide range of controllers. To use your Xbox controller on PS5, you will need to take advantage of the remote play app found on iPhone and Android devices.

Remember that adapters like Gam3Gear that let you use Xbox controllers on other consoles don’t work on PS5. This is because they will need a firmware update that is currently not available.

To use an Xbox controller on PS5, you will need a PS5, an Xbox controller, the PlayStation remote play app, an Android device running Android 10 and above, or an iOS device using ISO 13 and above.

To link your Xbox controller to PS5, connect the controller to your iOS device using Bluetooth. This helps initiate the connection process effectively. To do so, you should press and hold the Xbox button on the controller until it gets into the pairing mode.

Take your iOS device, then navigate to settings and click on Bluetooth. You will see the Xbox controller under the “Other Devices” tab in Bluetooth settings. To connect the controller, tap on it and let them pair.

Make sure that the two devices are close to each other physically for more effortless connectivity. After that, you should download the PlayStation remote play app onto your device. This is important because it is the only link between your Xbox controller and the PS5.

After downloading, start the PlayStation remote play app. The app will immediately ask you to connect a controller if you haven’t linked one already. This is where you register your Xbox controller. After that, the PlayStation remote play app will give you a chance to connect to either PS4 or PS5; in this case, click on PS5. At this point, you will be able to use your Xbox controller on PS5!

Can I Use Xbox Controller for PC?

PC gaming makes it possible for gamers to enjoy gaming in multiple ways. It also widens the range of games you can play on PC. However, you may not want to use the traditional mouse and keyboard while gaming with your PC, making you wonder if you can use Xbox controllers for PC.

You can use your Xbox controller on a Windows 10 PC. There are currently three ways you can pair your Xbox controller to your PC; that is, using a USB cable, Bluetooth, or a wireless adapter. These methods are reliable and will successfully connect your Xbox controller to a Windows 10 PC. It is recommended that you use an Xbox One controller when applying any of these methods.

The most common way of connecting an Xbox controller to a PC is using a USB connection. To do so, connect a micro-USB charging cable to your Xbox controller. You should make sure that the USB cable fits into the controller’s port to avoid damage. Then, plug the other end of the USB cable into your PC. This should trigger an automatic configuration of the Xbox controller. Keep in mind that you can connect up to eight Xbox controllers using USB cables. This is beneficial, especially if you are playing multiplayer games. However, you should avoid overcrowding your PC with many controllers because it can affect its performance.

You can also connect your Xbox controller to a PC through Bluetooth. To do so, start by powering on your Xbox wireless controller. After that, gently press and hold the Bond and Xbox buttons on your wireless controller for about four seconds. It would help if you waited until the Xbox button or the controller’s backlight begins to flicker rapidly.

When that happens, you should power up your PC and navigate to the settings icon. Then, click on “Devices” then “Bluetooth and Other Devices.” Under this category, you can enable or disable Bluetooth. In this case, enable it. Once the Bluetooth is on, click on “Add New Device.” This will prompt your computer to begin searching for nearby Bluetooth devices. When the search is complete, click on the Xbox controller to connect it to your device.

Also, you can connect your Xbox controller to a PC through an Xbox Wireless Adapter. To connect it, start by booting up your PC and plug in the wireless adapter. Make sure that the adapter is firmly plugged in before proceeding.

Then, navigate to the settings icon on your PC and go to Bluetooth. Search for new devices and click on “Wireless Adapter” upon the completion of the search. The adapter will only appear in the search results after it has finished installing.

When the Wireless Adapter is ready, power on your Xbox controller by gently pressing the Xbox button. Make sure the adapter is physically close to the PC for easier connection. Press and hold the Bind button to connect your Xbox controller.

Can I Use Xbox Controller for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is one of the most exciting gaming platforms. However, its controllers can be uncomfortable in some hands, especially when you use them for a long time. This makes it necessary to look for other controller alternatives.

You can use your Xbox controller on Nintendo Switch. This is because Nintendo Switch is compatible with several Xbox controllers and responds well to them. However, you will need an adapter to connect your controller to Nintendo Switch. One of the most common adapters used for this purpose is 8BitDo.

To use the 8BitDo, start by inserting the USB-C cable into your Nintendo Switch console. This should be straightforward because most USB cables are compatible with Nintendo Switch consoles. However, it would help if you made sure that the port is large enough to hold the USB cable firmly. Without that, the USB cable will not connect your Xbox controller to the console.

After connecting the USB cable, insert the 8BitDo adapter on the other end of the USB cable. This will complete the connection. It would help if you used a long USB cable for this purpose to make movement easier. It can be very uncomfortable to play games using a short USB cable.

To enter pairing mode, make sure that Nintendo Switch is powered on, then gently press the button on the 8BitDo adapter. You will know that the console is in pairing mode when the light blinks faster. At this point, you should awaken your Xbox controller by pressing the power button.

It is essential to ensure that the controller is charged before starting this process. This is because playing games on empty controller batteries can lead to unnecessary distractions. The controller might also fail to connect when it has a low battery charge.

After powering on your Xbox controller, place it near the adapter and give them a few minutes to pair. You can start playing when their lights stop flashing. This will be a sign that your Xbox controller has connected to Nintendo Switch successfully.

Can I Use Xbox Controller for Steam?

Steam is one of the most captivating gaming platforms available on the market today. The platform lets you play a wide range of games and has a remarkable video output. This makes it ideal for gamers looking to explore different options.

You can use your Xbox controller on Steam because it has built-in controller support that lets you use different controllers. The console will automatically recognize any controller you use once you connect them to your PC. There are several steps to follow when connecting your Xbox controller to Steam.

Start by powering on your Xbox controller. To do so, gently press the Xbox button on your controller. Make sure that the controller is charged for better functioning. Failure to do so, the controller might fail to power on.

After powering on your Xbox controller, hold down the “Pair” button for about three seconds. This will put the controller into pairing mode. Holding down the button for too long could power off the Xbox controller. Therefore, you should be precise for effective operations. You will know that the controller is in pairing mode when the button starts flashing.

After that, go to your PC and navigate to Settings. Then, click on Devices and select Bluetooth and Other Devices. This procedure is almost the same regardless of the type of PC you are using. However, some computers might have a different menu bar, making it challenging to access these settings.

Nonetheless, you should ensure that you access the “Bluetooth and Other Devices” option. You can check the internet for specific steps you should follow to access these settings on your computer.

Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on before proceeding. Then, click on “Add Bluetooth or other devices.” This will prompt the computer to search for all the nearby Bluetooth devices. Make sure that your device is physically close to the computer for quicker connection. When the controller is far from the PC, it might fail to connect.

Lastly, select your Xbox controller from the list of available Bluetooth devices. If there are too many Bluetooth devices nearby, you need to navigate through them and choose the correct controller. You can use the same procedure if you want to use several Xbox controllers. At this point, you will be able to use your Xbox controller on Steam!


Xbox controllers are designed to run on different gaming consoles. These controllers cannot work on PS4 because the console uses different software. Furthermore, PS4 doesn’t support the compatibility feature that lets you use other controllers. However, you can use your Xbox controller on PS5. This is possible because the new PS5 supports compatibility with a wide range of controllers.

Apart from PS5, you can use your Xbox controller on PC, Nintendo, and Steam. On PC, you can connect your Xbox controller in three different ways; that is, through a USB cable, via Bluetooth, and using a wireless adapter. When using Nintendo Switch, you can only connect your Xbox controller using an adapter like 8BitDo.

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