Microsoft Surface Cricut Design Space (Discussed in detail)

If you are an artsy person who loves to decorate, you know that the Cricut Design Space is a must-have. The only challenge may be finding a device that is compatible with the application. Considering not all tablets will run a Cricut, you may be wondering if Microsoft Surface is an exception.

So, can you use a Microsoft Surface with a Cricut? All the latest laptop and tablet versions of the Microsoft Surface will work effectively with a Cricut. You can obtain the Cricut Design Space on your laptop or studio versions from the website or use your Playstore if you have the Pro or Book models.

The Surface is ideal for all your Cricut needs because it has fast processing speeds, high storage, and produces high-quality images. Considering it comes with a touch screen, it is more comfortable and fun to use, and the lightweight nature enables you to do your tasks wherever you go.

If you love designing and doing DIY projects, you must have come across the Cricut Design Space since it receives many praises among crafters. Therefore, I will first introduce you to the genius idea of what it entails and how it can help you as a designer.

Cricut Design Space is an app that makes designing a walk in the park for you, with thousands of images and hundreds of fonts to select from based on your project specifications. With just your computer or mobile phone, you can sit back and let the website do the bulk of your work for you.

It is a wireless platform of the Cricut machines that incorporates several other apps to bring the best and most creative ideas to life. The best part is that you can upload it on the cloud and connect it to all your devices at the tap of a button.

This convenient app allows your projects to run from scratch, thanks to the already-designed images and fonts. Besides, there are other cool things you can do with the website. You have more than 50,000 images and 800 fonts to choose from in the library, and you can use personal concepts.

The inbuilt camera also enables you to view your ideas on actual objects, and you can upload images from your gallery. One aspect I love is that you don’t need to connect to a network if you have the images on your device.

Also, the “Make It Now” feature has people visualizing their ideas and making them happen. From décor, scrapbooking, crafting, and other amazing stuff, you will have endless opportunities to create your paper, fabric, leather, or vinyl concepts.

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Is Cricut Compatible With Microsoft Surface?

Most computers allow installation of the Cricut design application; however, the system will not run smoothly on all platforms. Therefore, is Cricut compatible with Microsoft Surface?

All the latest Microsoft Surface devices will work effectively with the Cricut. If you are using the Surface Laptop or Studio, you can obtain the app by downloading it from the website, but you can access it via the application store if you have the Surface Pro or Book models.

It is easy to run the platform on these gadgets because they have fast processing speeds and perform all your Cricut needs alongside other demanding tasks. They also have a large storage space to save all your data from the website and serve you longer, thanks to the 10-hour battery life.

If you want a sleek computer that takes care of all your crafts, you can consider the Microsoft Surface models. Besides the great features, these versions work effortlessly with circuit devices, but it depends on how you use the application.

There are four main Surface versions in the market, each with its outstanding features. For instance, the Surface Pro is an elegant tablet with a stand at the back to prevent tipping over. The only downside when using it is that you always need a desk, but it is generally ideal for people who love designing on their tablets.

On the other hand, the Surface Book is a people’s favorite since both laptop and tablet users can enjoy it, given that it is detachable. You may use it on your lap or as a tab, and it is impressive that it comes with a pen for the creatives that draw their concepts by hand. Alternatively, you can use a Surface laptop for all your Cricut Design Space needs, but it doesn’t possess the cool features of a removable tablet because it is a complete laptop.

Lastly, you may find the powerful Surface Studio a favorable option, especially if you do a lot of work on the design space. You may only have to compromise on portability, but it will still be effective if you work from home.

All the Surface versions perform impressively; therefore, your ultimate choice depends on your preference. However, note that the Surface Go isn’t the go-to for Cricut use. It runs on Windows 10s that limits the download of outsider apps, and although its pro version would allow it, it still isn’t suitable because it has relatively low RAM and slow CPU processing.

How Do You Connect Microsoft Surface to Cricut?

Successfully connecting your Cricut to your Microsoft Surface tablet introduces you to the best design experience. The only challenge may be how to go about it. To help, I will break down the entire process for you to keep up your creative work.

You can connect your Surface tablet to the Cricut using a USB cable or Bluetooth. If you are using a line, you need to ensure that it is compatible with the Cricut machine. A Bluetooth connection, in contrast, is a wireless design that you can use to control the device even when you are more than ten meters away.

It is crucial to confirm that you have connected the cables properly, and if your Surface doesn’t have a Bluetooth option, you can acquire a Bluetooth Dongle for a perfect pairing of the two devices.

Whether you use a Bluetooth connection or a cable, note that the process will initially require an application that functions smoothly with the Cricut machine like the Cricut Design Space. If your go-to linking method is Bluetooth, then you only need to follow some easy steps. First, ensure that your Cricut machine and the computer can pair via Bluetooth. If the device doesn’t have a wireless connection, you can always use a Bluetooth adapter instead.

Surface tablets usually come fitted with Bluetooth devices, but if you can’t find the application, an audio supporting Bluetooth Dongle may be effective. The first step is to open the start menu and click Settings on the Surface laptop. Next, open the devices, turn the Bluetooth tab on, then click to add Bluetooth and other devices. Afterward, click on the Bluetooth option and wait for it to search for your Cricut if it is ready to pair.

Once detected, the system guides you through selecting the machine, and it will further prompt you to verify a passcode. It may ask for a PIN in some instances; if so, you can enter four zeros then connect. As soon as you enter a valid code, your Cricut machine is ready to work with a wireless connection. Unfortunately, the above procedure only applies to Windows 10; hence, the process may vary if you have other Windows versions.

The procedure is fairly easier if you opt for a cable since there are older Cricut machines such as Explore One without the Bluetooth option. Most Cricut machines usually come with their lines, and if you don’t have one, you can always borrow from a printer. You need to plug one USB head into a USB port on the Surface tablet and the other end to the Cricut machine.

Secondly, open the Cricut Design Space from your tablet, it should automatically recognize the machine to get you started. Remember that since your portable Surface tablet can successfully connect to the design machine, you can easily craft your work while away on the Cricut Design Space application but only use the device when you want the final piece.

What Makes Microsoft Surface Work Great With Cricut?

Using a tablet for designing is a fairly new concept since most would rather use a desktop or a laptop. However, most tablet users prefer using Microsoft Surface models. Therefore, what makes Microsoft Surface work great with Cricut?

Microsoft Surface, particularly the Pro 7 version, is an outstanding designing tool since it is flexible enough to fit into your lifestyle. It is great for creative people since it supports multitasking, as you can use it for work, hobbies, or entertainment.

It also has notable features that make it convenient and high-power, perfect for all your Cricut Design Space needs. The gadget is also more affordable than other high-end devices and very user-friendly due to the wide-inch display, and it helps that you can use it as a laptop or tablet.

If you are always moving about or traveling but don’t want it to get in the way of your creativity, you can consider the Microsoft Surface. The models are sleek, lightweight, and you can have a tablet and a laptop in one place if you have the latest versions.

The best feature of Surface gadgets is that they have powerful processors, such that they effortlessly handle all your creations on the Cricut Design Space. Besides, the high performance makes them ideal for use in other projects since they are fast and easily adapt to your demands.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about overworking it or it failing to actualize your projects. The devices also have great storage space, meaning that you will always have room to keep your designs and store your favorite images. Most of the latest models support more than 128GB of data and start at 8-16 GB RAM: hence, extremely fast for app use. The screen resolution is also unmatched, coupled with a large display.

Why Use a Tablet for Cricut Design Space

The Cricut Design Space will function for most computers and mobile phones. However, going by the recent wave of DIYers and creatives switching to tablets, it begs why most would go for tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for all their designing needs.

The main advantage over other gadgets is that a tablet is more flexible. You can carry it wherever you go since it is lightweight, ideal for you if you are constantly traveling. Also, it won’t take up a lot of space; hence, you can fit it in your bag or purse without worrying about the extra weight.

Besides, with similar features, a tablet is more affordable than a laptop or a desktop. Another great feature is that tabs often come with detachable keyboards allowing you to use it as a laptop. You will also appreciate the touch screen nature of most tablets because it comes in handy in designing when you want to draw a personal concept.

Most users will attest that no other gadget supports their creativity more than a tablet. Besides being very convenient and comfortable to use, these devices allow you to customize your images for a personal touch.

You will also love that they are hassle-free because, unlike other computers that require logging into the Cricut website, you can obtain the app from the application store. However, the only downside is that not all tablets are compatible with the app. Therefore, it is critical to be careful when selecting your gadget.

The first aspect to consider as a creative is whether your preferred Surface offers the perfect display for you. Here, image resolution is paramount because you have thousands of pictures and hundreds of fonts to choose from, which you will only realize if you have a crystal clear, high-quality, and bright screen display.

Secondly, it is crucial to consider the processor speeds since you will be multitasking and fast. Another aspect to look out for is the amount of storage in your Microsoft Surface because an ideal gadget should save all your data. Lastly, long battery life will come in handy to allow you hours of uninterrupted use.

Final Word

The Cricut Design Space lets you do all your creative work on your computer or mobile phone. You can design on paper or tougher surfaces and bring all your genius creations to life. For such heavy designing work, you need a powerful and high-performance device like the Microsoft Surface.

They usually have high processing speeds for all your multitasking needs on the app and come with large storage space to save all your images. All versions work effectively for the application, although the Surface Pro 7 tablet is more flexible, comfortable, and convenient with the perks of a laptop and a tablet in one place.

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