MacBook Cricut (Use Circuit Design, How To Connect)

After years of using the Intel chips, Apple’s switch to its processor, the M1, sparked users’ interest in knowing whether the new processor would allow certain apps such as the Cricut Design Space to work on new generation Macs. The Cricut Design space is useful in crafting, and project layout and usability on the Mac guarantees a user access to quality tools for a better final product.

So, can you use a MacBook with Cricut? You can use a MacBook with Cricut. Cricut utilizes compatible software with Mac, and you do not need to worry about compatibility issues. However, you should check for minimum requirements that your Mac should have to function well with this app during purchase. According to several users online, the Cricut works normally on a compatible Mac. However, there have been a few reports of connectivity and other app-related issues, but most are minor, hence fixable with a few mouse clicks.

Running a Cricut requires having a device, whether a laptop, desktop, or mobile phone. The device you pick should be compatible with this app by meeting some minimum requirements. Read on to know whether you can use a MacBook with Cricut and how to go about this process.

You can use a MacBook with Cricut to create the designs usable on your machine. This is given that Cricut machines utilize a software Design Space compatible with macOS. Hence, if you already own a Mac, check its features to ensure it can work with Cricut.

If buying a new computer, you should look out for the minimum requirements for it to work with Cricut. If you can afford it, buy a Mac slightly above the minimum requirement, as such will last you longer and perform better.

For Cricut to work on your MacBook, there are some minimum requirements. For instance, you will need a Mac 10.5 or later version with a CPU of 1.8 gigahertz, as they can run Cricut Design Space. The latest Mac versions also allow you to use the latest Apple OS with the offset feature. Your Mac Display should be 1024 x 768 pixels.

In terms of the memory, you require a RAM of 4GB and 2GB of free disc space at the minimum. You can increase this speed depending on whether you want to use it offline or online as a cloud-based service to save the images and fonts.

Lastly, your internet connection should match your computer specs for the best functionality. Seamless use of Cricut on Mac requires you to download and install the app on your Mac. This process will require a space and internet connection.

You also need adequate space on your Mac to navigate the app without hitches, hence the above system requirements.

Can You Use Cricut Design Space on a MacBook?

The Cricut design space app is useful for anyone who loves digital design as you can use it to layout your projects, among other crafting needs. This app features useful tools for creating, modifying, and personalizing your Cricut projects, not to mention the library of fonts, images, and projects. Cricut’s versatility and user-friendliness allow for multiple platform support, hence usable in both mobile and desktop apps, depending on your preference.

You can use Cricut Design Space on a MacBook. This free software is usable on the Mac operating system, but there are some basic system requirements that you should take care of when using Cricut on Mac. Failure to do so may cause system errors that could cost your unsaved work. For this reason, you should troubleshoot your Mac to check adherence to system requirements.

Mac requirements for the Cricut Design Space app include Mac OS 11 and later, 1.83GHz CPU, 4GB ram, 2GB free storage, and a display of 1024 x 768px. With this set, you can proceed to download the Cricut Space app. Open your browser and navigate to On this website, select Download.

As the app downloads, the screen will change depending on your browser. Wait for the download to complete, then double click the dmg file. Alternatively, you can navigate to your Downloads folder and open the file.

In order to use your Cricut Design Space app, you should install it on your Mac. To do this, drag the Cricut icon to the Applications folder for automatic addition. You can then double-click the app to launch it for Mac.

If you want to create a shortcut, drag the app to your dock. During installation, you will get a Mac notice asking if you want to open the app downloaded from the internet, and you should select Open to continue. You can enter your Cricut credentials to sign in and use the app.

After download and installation, the Cricut Design Space for Mac will save on your desktop screen. You can pin the app to your taskbar by right-clicking and selecting Pin to Taskbar. This way, it will be easier to access the app, and you can continue enjoying it on your Mac.

After downloading and signing in to your Cricut Design Space app, it will remember your sign-in details, and you will not have to sign in every other time you launch unless you logged out of your previous session.

Also, to note is that the app does not auto-save. Hence, you should frequently save your projects before quitting the application. Failure to do this will clear all your work from the system the next time you log in.

While you may install Cricut Design Space for your crafting needs, a time may come when you no longer want to use the app. In this case, uninstalling it is wise to create more space on your Mac.

Uninstalling the Cricut Design space may also be necessary if you are experiencing system issues requiring this troubleshooting. Whether permanent or temporary, you can uninstall Cricut on Mac by navigating to Finder and selecting Applications.

Locate the Cricut Design Space App in the Applications window and drag it to the trash. Afterward, open the Trash window, select the gear icon, then Empty trash. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the deletion of the items in the trash, and you should select Empty Trash to confirm.

The system will then complete uninstallation, and you may receive a prompt to restart your Mac.  Even if you do not receive a prompt, restarting your PC is advisable before reinstalling programs.

A common problem when using the Cricut Design Space on Mac is the white screen display. To solve this problem, you should double-check your app version and troubleshoot to check for malware.

Usually, the white screen will populate if you download v6.11 and lower, as they are no longer supported. Hence, if you are currently using this version, uninstall the app and download the latest from the website.

If uninstalling and reinstalling Cricut Design Space does not resolve the white blank screen problem, it could be a malware problem. Cricut security measures detect malware through the white screen or error messages. In this case, you will have to troubleshoot your Mac to resolve the problem.

Apart from the white screen, your Cricut app may have issues, including errors or lags. This can happen due to internet problems or glitches. A slow internet connection could also cause Circuit Design Space failure to work on your Mac, given its strong internet requirements.

Using an unstable internet with this app may cause errors as you work. The best way to fix an internet problem is to restart your router or switch to a different network. If the internet problem persists, contact your ISP and inform them of the conditions, and they will fix the connection problem.

If your internet and all the above factors are functional, you can try clearing the cache for any improvements. To do this, go to the Finder and type ~/Library/Caches, then press Enter. This action will open a list of files, and you should clear cache files for your Cricut Design Space app, then restart your Mac. After this space, most of the problems with your App on Mac should be seized.

Force reload is another alternative you can use within your Cricut Design Space app. While on this app, click View at the top left corner and select Force reload. You should then wait for some time before opening your app, and you should not face errors.

Lastly, if none of the above solutions solves your problem, you can assume a system glitch. You can restart your Mac to allow it to fix the glitches, and any temporary system errors will disappear.

How Do I Connect My Cricut To My Mac?

Using Cricut on Mac requires you to connect the devices. Among the devices you will connect include the Cricut Maker machines and Explore 2.

To connect Cricut to Mac, you will use Bluetooth wireless connectivity. To check if your Mac is Bluetooth enabled, navigate the Apple Menu, click System Preferences, and select Bluetooth to open the Bluetooth window. Toggle the button to turn on Bluetooth and wait for your PC to detect your Cricut machine.

While doing this setup, ensure your Cricut Maker Machine or Cricut Explore is on, well charged, and within 15 feet of your PC. Also, you should turn on your Bluetooth in your Circuit to enhance visibility. With this set, your Mac will display a list of the available devices, and you should select your Circuit from the list. You will receive a prompt to enter a PIN, 0000, to connect. This pin is usually the same for everyone.

Upon successful Bluetooth connection, the power button light will turn blue. Another alternative Bluetooth connection is a USB device, the Bluetooth Dongle. This device allows wireless connection between your computer and Cricut. If you go this route, Circuit recommends picking one supporting audio devices.

While you expect your Mac to connect to Cricut without any issues. This is not always the case. A failure in this connection means that you cannot use your machine. For this reason, you should prepare your Mac in advance to counter such possibilities.

An effective way of achieving this is regular cleaning and system optimization. By downloading and installing the MacKeeper, you can turn on auto scan to detect issues and clean all possible troubles from your system.  If you are a designer, Cricut cutting machines can come in handy, although they may not always work with your Mac. 

If you try the above measures but Cricut fails to connect to your Mac, you can try a few fixes.  First, you should reset your Bluetooth as a glitch could prevent this connection. To do this, navigate to the System Preferences and select Bluetooth.

Click Turn Bluetooth Off and open the Terminal. On the terminal, type sudo rm–R/Library/Preferences/ then Enter. You will receive a prompt to enter your password and then restart your Mac.

After restarting, navigate to the System Preferences, Bluetooth, then Turn on Bluetooth and try connecting your Mac to Cricut and check for any improvement. You should note that restarting your Bluetooth will unpair previously connected devices, and you will have to pair them again.

While a Bluetooth reset will work for most users, yours could be an exception, requiring you to update your firmware and Bluetooth on Cricut. This update is necessary even after a reset to minimize the probability of these issues in the future. If you try the above solutions in vain, it might help to reach customer support for further assistance as the issue might be technical, requiring technical intervention.

Wrap Up

If you own a Mac and are into design and crafting, you can use Cricut to achieve this. Cricut utilizes a Mac-compatible software that can work well with your Mac as long as it meets the minimum requirements for functionality. According to users, very few issues come up during use, and you can fix them through troubleshooting for internet and malware issues.

Using the Cricut Design Space requires you to download and install the app on your device. While using it, also ensure you have a stable internet connection, and save your work, as it lacks an auto-save feature.

Finally, when using Circuit with Mac, you will utilize Bluetooth connectivity. You should check that your Mac is Bluetooth enabled, if not, turn it on to ensure visibility with Cricut. Like any other connection, you will see your Cricut on the list of available devices and pairing them will allow use.

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