Oculus Quest Casting (Firestick, Roku, Apple TV checked)

Virtual reality doesn’t have to be confined to a headset experience. Thanks to advanced technology, you can now share your exciting Oculus Quest and Quest 2 adventures for others to see what’s happening.

So, can you cast and stream Oculus Quest to Firestick? The Firestick casts and streams from the Oculus Quest as well as the Quest 2 to a TV using an app called AirScreen. The AirScreen app can use major over-the-air streaming protocols, like Miracast, DLNA, Airplay and Cast. This makes streaming content effortless for your devices, without a need for wires.

There is no direct connection method unless you use a third-party app like AirScreen. With an updated headset of 10.0 or more, a 4K firestick, and a compatible application like the AirScreen app, you can easily link your devices.

After launching the app “AirScreen – AirPlay & Cast & Miracast & DLNA”, you can tap “Start” as you wait for the two devices to sync, and you will see the “Wait for Connection” icon. Next, press share from the Quest, then click cast through Chromecast.

Casting enables sharing of your VR clips to a wider screen. The Amazon Firestick is one of the most exciting devices with impressive functionalities. Besides its high quality, it also allows the user to stream movies and videos via the internet. If you are a die-hard for Oculus Quest, you must wonder whether you can cast your games through the device.

You can cast Oculus Quest to Amazon Firestick using a third-party FireTV app like AirScreen. You may also need an updated Oculus Quest or Quest 2, preferably 10.0 or more firmware, and a 4K Firestick. This method allows direct casting and streaming from the headset to the Firestick.

Ensuring that you are using the most recent Oculus update, you can download the AirScreen app to your Firestick to facilitate the connection. Launch the application, then press “Start” as you wait for the devices to sync. You will see “Wait for Connection”, and you can now go to your headset’s sharing icon, click Cast through Chromecast, and begin.

With a third-party app like AirScreen, you can always cast directly from your headset to your amazon Firestick, even without linking it to your phone first. However, this will work best if you run the latest Oculus Quest, mostly 10.0 or higher firmware.

You can download the app to your Firestick, open it, and start to establish the connection. Next, you can go to your Oculus and pair the two through Chromecast under the Sharing icon.

If everything is running smoothly, the casting should be successful at this point. Now that you have completed the casting, you can always click back via your FireTV controller to exit the AirScreen app.

Alternatively, if the AirScreen seems too pricey, you can always download AirReceiver, which is equally effective and quite affordable. Secondly, if you have problems with the pairing, you can restart your Quest and Amazon Firestick, and it should work.

However, this method only works with smart TVs that support Chromecast, but what if you have an old set? In this case, it will be impossible to make a direct connection; therefore, you will only rely on mirroring to cast through the Amazon Firestick.

You can install the gadget on your TV and set it up following the due process. Next, you will need another mirroring application that you will use to stream from the headset. Note that different phone operating systems will require unique apps.

For instance, Android devices may use Allcast while iPhones will deploy apps like Airplay. You can also forego app installation and enable direct screen casting from Android to allow mirroring. Next, from the Quest app, you can now connect the phone to the headset. Simultaneously, you can emulate the screen to the TV using the Firestick. This method will be effective even without Chromecast as long as your phone is compatible with the mirroring app.

How To Cast and Stream Oculus Quest 2 To Roku TV

Roku is a platform where you can stream online videos at an affordable cost. With the smart Roku TV, you can display your images to a wider screen and enjoy with friends and family. Therefore, it is understandable to wish that the same could extend to casting and streaming Oculus Quest 2.

You can view images on the smart TV screen, but there is no straightforward way to stream Oculus Quest 2 to your Roku TV. It doesn’t have a web browser to enable downloading the casting app, and there is no dedicated platform for that either.

Additionally, Roku doesn’t support Chromecast, limiting direct casting from the headset to the screen. Fortunately, there is a workaround, although quite tasking. Since you can cast the Oculus Quest to your phone, you can easily mirror the images to your Roku. Therefore, your phone should be compatible with the headset and the smart TV.

Although you cannot directly link your Roku TV to the Quest 2, it helps that it can support screen mirroring via your phone. The workaround is that if you can get your phone to cast with the headset, you can copy the visuals to the Roku. Therefore, you will require the Oculus mobile app when casting to your mobile phone.

Next, switch on your headset, select the menu, press “Sharing”, click “Cast”, and start the process through the app. If the application is open on your handset, you can always click “Start Casting” within the app.

Once done, the next step is to connect your phone to the RokuTV by screen mirroring. However, not all mobile phones support the capability. Generally, most Windows and Android devices with 4.2 or higher OS are compatible.

If yours supports the function, you will set it up first to enable the feature to request a connection to the Roku. If successful, you will easily convert your phone’s screen to your Roku TV, and if you also manage to cast it to the Quest 2, you will view the images to your TV after mirroring.

Can You Cast and Stream Oculus Quest To Apple TV?

It is challenging to stream quest to some devices, especially if you don’t have Chromecast or use an incompatible gadget. Given that Apple and Oculus run on separate operating systems, many are often confused about sharing the images from the headset to the Apple TV.

You cannot directly transmit content from the Oculus Quest to your Apple TV because the two devices are not compatible. Therefore, you will have to link your iPhone to your Apple TV for a mirrored connection. You will require the Oculus app on your handset, then ensure that you connect it to your TV.

Also, check that the iPhone is running on the same Wi-Fi as the Apple TV. On the phone, you can scroll to the control center in iOS. Next, tap on the screen mirroring icon and pick Apple TV that uses one Wi-Fi connection with your phone. Lastly, you can now press the Oculus app, and it will cast to your phone, which will mirror straight to your Apple TV.

The only challenge with streaming Oculus Quest to incompatible devices is the lack of support for Chromecast. Thus, instead of directly linking the gadgets, you need a third-party app to connect them to a compatible device. Additionally, you will notice that the screen quality will not be the same compared to using Chromecast.

Since the connection goes through your iPhone first before reaching the TV, the graphic clarity slightly drops. You will also have to compromise on sound since you will only be mirroring the images from the handset. Ultimately, this method is a standby solution, especially if you don’t have Chromecast.

How To Cast Oculus Quest To TV

Undoubtedly, Quest offers an incredible VR experience. However, some don’t like the single-user functionality and want to share everything with their family and friends. The best part is you can easily stream everything from your headset to your TV.

There are two main ways to connect Oculus Quest to a broader screen, either directly from the headset or through the app. For both methods, your TV should be compatible with Chromecast or another casting platform. It should be a smart device, or, if not, you should have an external gadget that can facilitate the connection.

If you want a direct linking, you can go to the home menu on the Quest and press share as you wait for the two devices to pair. Otherwise, you can also use the Quest app on your phone, search for casting gadgets then select your TV.

Note that you can only link your TV to the headset if it is compatible, meaning that it should be smart with an inbuilt Chromecast, or you should have an external device to enable the connection. Therefore, the process is straightforward since the gadgets can connect directly and stream the images in real-time. However, you require Chromecast or another casting means.

There are two convenient ways to cast your games to your TV screen. First, you can make the link from the headset to the TV through the settings. You can select share, then cast with other devices, and pick your TV on the home menu.

Alternatively, you can also facilitate it using your phone through the Quest app. If you have it downloaded, you can always link it to your headset, ensuring that the two are using the same network. You can then navigate your phone as you set casting from the headset to the TV.

Generally, casting Quest to smart TV is usually simpler since they have an inbuilt Chromecast, and it is only a tap away. For such devices, you can either make a direct connection from the headset to the TV or an indirect one from the Oculus to the phone then mirror it to the TV. However, if you don’t have a smart TV, you cannot use inbuilt Chromecast or another similar platform. Therefore, a suitable option is the Amazon Firestick, perfect for improving your TV’s capabilities.

Can You Cast and Stream Oculus Quest To PC?

I have highlighted the impressive Quest capability to cast and stream to TV and mobile phones. However, one aspect I must also address is whether it can also apply to computers. What if you don’t have a TV? Can your friends view your experience through a PC?

You can easily set up your computer to cast from your Quest. Most importantly, you should ensure that the headset and PC share a Wi-Fi network. Next, go to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome and type oculus.com/casting and open your account. Find the universal menu using the right-side controller and click share on your Oculus, then cast.

Lastly, pick the computer option, and, if successful, the casting will start. It is a straightforward process as long as you meet all the requirements. However, note that the display on the PC is usually smaller, and the casting doesn’t have voice support. Also, note that a few games are not compatible with this procedure.

Casting to TV and other devices proved successful, but Facebook noticed a gap in the capability. Therefore, it began advancements to enable gamers to cast their experiences wirelessly to their PCs. It beat the need for USB cables since the process was faster, and the users only required an internet connection and an Oculus account. You can comfortably link your PC and headset from your web browser and view the same images in real-time.

There are also only two compatible options, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Ensure that you are using the latest browser and click oculus.com/casting. Next, on your Quest or Quest 2, you can now access the Oculus menu and go to share. Lastly, you can select the casting option and pick your PC from the listed devices.

You will now have successfully connected your headset to your PC, and you can stream visuals. This method is the most preferred, but there are also other wired options you can deploy. Unfortunately, when casting to a computer, the images don’t have a widescreen capability. Therefore, they tend to appear square, which may be inconvenient if you have a tiny PC screen.


Thanks to smart TVs and gadgets like Amazon Firestick, VR through Oculus Quest doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. People around you can now see what you see through casting to broader displays. If you have an inbuilt Chromecast, streaming in real-time from your headset is a straightforward process.

You only have to go to settings and click Share, then cast to your TV. Alternatively, you can also use the Amazon Firestick and the Quest app to connect. Also, if your TV doesn’t support casting through the VR, you can always do it using your phone then mirror the images to the TV.

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