Oculus Compatibility (Apple, Mac, M1 checked out)

You can access and enjoy various VR titles on your Oculus Quest with your Windows PC. If you have an Apple device, you may wonder if it is compatible with the Oculus.

So, is Oculus compatible with Apple? Oculus supports iPhones and iPads running on iOS 10 or higher. You only need to download and install the Oculus App for these two iDevices then make the necessary settings. You can also set up the headset and controllers and ensure that you connect to the same stable Wi-Fi. However, the MacBook is incompatible with Oculus since it doesn’t run on Windows, but you can use the Bootcamp application to convert it and run VR games.

It is common knowledge that the Oculus connects to Windows PCs, allowing users to access Steam games and other entertainment forms. However, Apple gadgets are pretty popular, and it would be perfect if they were also compatible with VR headsets. The following is the current compatibility state of Macs, iPhone, and iPads with Oculus.

Oculus supports iPhones and iPads as long as they run iOS 10 or higher. You can hook up your phone to the headset and use it to stream all the content you need, but you must first download the Oculus app, set it up and make necessary configurations.

You can install the app, open it, sign in, adjust the headset, and connect the controllers for the iPad. Unfortunately, Oculus isn’t compatible with MacBook or Apple Mac unless you use Bootcamp’s emulation program. Therefore, the setup is quite tasking and not as straightforward for gaming as the PC.

Thanks to Apple’s support, you don’t need to set up your Oculus to a high-end PC if you have an iPhone. It is usually a straightforward process that will only take a few steps before gaming. For this to work, you need to sign in with Facebook, download the Oculus application, and your iPhone must be running on iOS 10 or later. Note that older Apple systems are incompatible.

You can link your VR headset to the iPhone through Bluetooth if you do everything correctly. If you don’t have the application on your smartphone, you can always go to the App Store and install, open and sign in via Facebook, then make the necessary pairing. The setup process is similar if you have an iPad.

You first download the app, open it, and sign in. Next, you can set up the headset and ensure that the two devices operate on the same Wi-Fi. Lastly, you can configure the controllers to allow gaming.

While connecting your iPhone and iPad to Oculus headsets is simple, it becomes tedious when dealing with a MacBook or Apple Mac. You can link the two but not for VR gaming, and it is not as straightforward compared to connecting to a PC.

If you want to use your computer for Oculus, you should first install the application that you will use to access the games. Unfortunately, the app is only for Windows PCs, hence not supported by Mac.

You can use a USB-C to connect the MacBook to the Quest, but its uses will be pretty limited, unlike what the PC does. You will only use it for movies or file transfer, not VR gaming. Luckily, if you are tech-savvy and don’t mind how tasking the process is, you can make the Mac compatible with VR gaming using the Windows Bootcamp application that you will learn about in the coming sections.

Does Oculus Work With M1?

Perhaps you have recently bought an M1 chip MacBook Pro and are a loyal VR gamer. Read on to understand if Oculus works with M1 and whether you can take advantage of its impressive specs.

Unfortunately, the M1 is incompatible with Oculus since you first need to download the app exclusively for Windows computers. Currently, Oculus Link, ALVR, and Virtual Desktop don’t support OSX, and the only option is Windows. Secondly, the M1 chip will find it challenging to run games on Oculus since it is not as powerful as other systems. The workaround is to install Bootcamp, which makes the computer compatible with Oculus.

Apple users always want to keep up with the most recent releases from the company; therefore, if you have recently purchased a MacBook Pro or any other computer with an M1 chip. you may want to know how well it operates with Oculus to let you play titles via Steam.

However, the gaming application is demanding and will only work with compatible gadgets. Before running Oculus or Steam VR titles, your computer must first meet all the minimum requirements.

You can only find Oculus for Windows explaining why PCs are the best options for the application. Since the M1 runs on a different operating system, you cannot download, install or use the Oculus app on it.

Moreover, the Oculus Link needs a particular video card that meets the requirements, and the M1 doesn’t level up to the task. Generally, the chip is not as powerful as other PCs’ and may not come in handy for the heavy Oculus tasks, only the light functions like VR applications.

The M1 may be competent for its dedicated tasks, but its integrated graphics are insufficient for VR gaming. It is only safe to use a Windows version to install the Oculus app. At best, the M1 chip does not match up to the demanding needs of VR, and many gamers admit that the Mac does not have the best gaming GPU. However, you can bypass these restrictions by installing Bootcamp, but still, you may not have the best gaming experience compared to a typical x86 Windows PC.

Does Oculus Quest Work With Mac?

Perhaps you are a diehard Oculus player without a gaming PC and would want to try out VR using your Apple computer. Most gamers use Oculus Quest with PC because it is specially designed for gaming, and it leaves you wondering whether the Quest can run on a MacBook.

Unfortunately, you cannot use your Mac to play games traditionally as you do on PCs. However, you can connect Oculus Quest to a Mac to do tasks other than gaming, like transferring files through a USB-C cable between the two devices. The only solution is to hack the iDevice by installing the Windows Bootcamp that will allow you to download the Oculus app, which is exclusively for PC. Otherwise, there are no other ways to play Oculus titles using Apple computers.

Oculus Quest’s iMac function depends on whether you want to transfer data between the two or access VR titles. Sadly, you cannot connect Mac to Oculus and expect to play games directly. It is impossible because the Apple computers lack the Oculus support, which you need to play PCVR games. However, it is simple to move files between them since all you need is a functional standard USB-C cable.

Unavailable on iMac, the Oculus app is the sole means to link the computer to the VR headset to begin playing all your favorite games. Alternatively, the Windows Bootcamp may be your final resort for our iMac to be compatible with the Oculus. If your Apple computer is Intel-based, you can switch to Windows 10, effortlessly running the Oculus software. Nothing will limit the VR possibilities after turning the Mac into a PC.

After installation, you can download the compatible Oculus application and tether it to the headset and check whether it is working. Going the Mac VR way is pretty complicated and challenging, and you must adhere to the numerous requirements to make the process successful, or else, it won’t work. Before Steam ended its Mac support, gamers could easily play VR games; all you had to do was install the SteamVR app on your device and fill it with your favorite titles on your headset.

Unfortunately, it is tough for iMac owners without SteamVR OSX support. Only dedicated gamers who don’t mind the hassle can make the iMac work in their favor. If you are new to Oculus Quest, it may even be more challenging to set everything up only to watch a few titles that you know. However, if your computer is capable and you are tech-savvy, every minute you spend making the device Oculus VR compatible is worth it.

How To Connect Oculus Quest To Mac

The Oculus software came particularly for Windows 10 PC, and it has been performing beyond the users’ expectations. On the other hand, Mac owners also wish for the same gaming experience, although they don’t have support. If you are among the gamers but don’t know where to start, this last section is for you. 

To connect Oculus Quest to a Mac, first, go to your Mac, download Windows 10 and use the Bootcamp in the utility file to install the ISO folder on your capable Intel-chipped computer. Ensure that the iDevice is compatible with Windows 10; it should be a 2015 MacBook version or later. Otherwise, you can update the iMac’s operating system when running on an old version. Remember to back up essential data to avoid any eventualities.

For starters, the Oculus app has specific system requirements that you must meet before deciding to switch the iMac to Windows. The Oculus headset requires a dedicated graphics card like NVIDIA GTX 1060 and AMD Radeon RX 480, among other high-performance cards. Additionally, it needs an intel core i5 processor or greater, plus a storage space of 8GB and above. Your Apple computer should be VR-ready, considering all the above features.

The Windows 10 that you should download requires at least 4GB and above of system storage, over 2GB RAM for 64-bit, and a powerful graphics card. Provided that the computer has these impressive specs, it can qualify to run the Oculus app since the system can accommodate the Windows 10 ISO file. Once you have all the specifications, you can proceed to Microsoft’s website. Scroll the page to find the “Microsoft Windows 10 ISO download page”.

Secondly, find and select the drop-down menu under “select edition,” then pick Windows 10 out of the many items in the list. Next, confirm the action before opening the drop-down menu under “Select the product language” to pick your preferred language. Choose the 64-bit speed and save the ISO file, and you will have completed the first step before launching the Windows 10 Bootcamp in the utility file.

Proceed and select “continue” as you allow the Bootcamp to search for the ISO file automatically. Afterward, press and drag the “slider” into the “partition” and click install to download Windows software.

Set your password on the next open window and press “Ok” to get the Windows 10 setup screen. It will prompt you to pick a language and install the software. Next, insert a product key or select an alternative option.

Pick the Windows 10 program you want before clicking next, then press “Custom: Install Windows Only.” Pick “Drive O Partition X: BOOTCAMP” and click next. The iMac will restart severally at this level but lets you press “Use Express Settings” and type your username on the next window. You may also add a password and select the following action. Finally, the Windows software here is fully functional, and you can use it as usual.

Since you now have a Windows iMac, you can download the Oculus app from its official site and install it effortlessly. To link the Oculus Quest to the Mac, start the app on your computer and tether using the headset USB cable. Deny the message that will appear in the Oculus asking you to allow data access, and a prompt will show up with an enable button that you can accept to begin playing your favorite games.


Apple products are top-rated, explaining why you may want to use them for VR gaming. Luckily, an iPhone and iPad are compatible with Oculus as long as they run on iOS version 10 or higher. You only have to download the Oculus app on the gadget and sign in using Facebook, and you have unlimited access to VR gaming.

Unfortunately, the Mac does not have full Oculus support since the app can only function on Windows computers and needs higher specs. The only workaround is to use the Bootcamp software that allows you to install the application. Therefore, it becomes easier to download the Oculus app and make the Mac work as a regular gaming PC.

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