Oculus Quest Tips (Virus, Parental Controls, PINs)

The Oculus Quest gives you an all-in-one VR gaming system with just a VR headset and controllers. I understand that whether the Oculus Quest can get a virus or not is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, can the Oculus Quest get a virus? Unfortunately, the Oculus Quest can be infected with a virus. However, like any other computerized device, these viruses cannot arise through random mutation. Instead, someone has to write and distribute codes or programs that cause this infection. The good news is that with a few security measures, you can mitigate this to avoid falling victim.

Whether for gaming or any other activity, accessing the internet is an opportunity for hackers and other internet users to send viruses and malicious traffic to your system. This can compromise your performance and overall experience, which is why you should be alert while accessing the internet.

The Oculus Quest can get infected with a virus if someone writes or distributes harmful programs or codes. Even then, the expected return from Oculus Quest viruses is not as high, hence demotivating most coders from doing so.

To achieve Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of virtual reality democracy, Facebook continues to circulate more headsets, hence a larger Oculus Quest audience. This large audience also implies an interesting space for virus and malware creators to attack. The question remains, should you be worried?

Generally, the Oculus Quest ecosystem is closed, and everything you will install undergoes a check by the Oculus quality department before proceeding to the Oculus store. Even then, you should note that most malevolence will not come from this space. The internet browser remains one of the most prominent openings for virus attacks. The most naïve internet users can get viruses via email and messaging through the browsers.

Thus, if you are in the mode of using the helmet, you can remain calm. The use and installation of applications, apk, uploaded to unofficial sites is another threat. This installation will require you to remove security that prevents the installation of files from unknown sources. If this option works and you can install programs not intended for Quest, it will be possible for a hacker to modify these files and harm anyone trying to recover them.

While there is no evidence of this occurrence yet, it is a possibility that you should not overlook. Thus, you should always know what you are doing and avoid downloading your apk from shady sites.

Also, avoid clicking links stating Click Here or Urgent Update, and avoid emails with attachments if you do not know the sender. Thus, while a traditional virus may not exist on Oculus Quest, malware can, especially on Android and iOS.

Given the above virus and malware risks in the Oculus Quest platform, installing antivirus software is necessary, especially for anyone using the headset to browse the internet. Frankly, certain sites are not as safe, and having software protection on your Quest headset will save you big time.

In addition to antivirus software, you should also have a self-diagnostic tool downloadable onto your headset to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. While a self-diagnostic tool may not solve every problem you encounter, it will help you give educated feedback to your customer service for a more customized solution. Finally, it is worth noting that if you use the Quest as intended, the probability of getting a virus will drop significantly.

Does Oculus Quest Have Parental Controls?

The internet is not a safe space for any child even with parental controls since a child can access more than they should at their age. But, even then, most parents will pick the Oculus Quest as the first high-tech gift for their children, given its great technology and amazing games.

The Oculus Quest lacks parental controls, and it is impossible to delete the browser. This is despite its amazing features. With this in mind, the Oculus Quest is not designed for children under 13 and allowing your child to access it uncontrollably will have unsuitable ripple effects.

To start with, the Oculus Quest does not support kid profiles or accounts. This is because you need to sign in via a Facebook account to use the Oculus Quest. Since Facebook does not support user profiles below 13 years, it will assume that all users with access are 13years and older. Thus, a kid who is online is usually under an account of an older member as the Quest does not support separate profiles or logins.

When it comes to the Oculus Quest, monitoring, filtering content, and turning off chats is also impossible. This is because the game, unlike others, assumes that everyone on the platform is of age, hence no child controls.

This risks exposing your child to uncensored conversations and chats. There are also many games on Oculus Quest with horror and gun violence rated for adults that your child may access. Worse off, there is a web browser in it with no content filter settings, and you can view anything from 360-degree video content and VR, which is meant for adults.

In addition to the social impact above, the lack of parental controls on Oculus Quest may pose physical security threats to your child. Given that VR is a high-motion gaming situation, there are lots of hand swinging and movements, requiring you to set a boundary called Guardian when you turn on your headset. With this boundary, you will be aware of the obstacles on your way.

Even then, Oculus Quest lacks a sense of where the obstacles are, and you may end up hitting someone in the room, trip over someone or something, or even injure yourself in the process. Adults prevent this by proofing their gaming space, something that kids will not do, causing more harm during gaming. The headsets may also feature some sharp edges that may injure a child or when detached, could be a choking hazard given the tendency of children to put things in their mouths.

Given the above risks, it is evident that the games are not vetted for kids. The Oculus Quest headsets, according to Zuckerberg, are not weighted or aligned for small heads and eyes but individuals with an interpupillary distance of a certain range. Thus, small kids lack the neck strength and capacity to wear these headsets during gaming. The headsets also pose potential threats for eye strain and motion sickness.

When using the headsets, you can move the lenses closer together or further apart for better focus. Still, even with this, the minimum distance between the lenses can be too far for some children resulting in eye strain, as they try focusing on the displayed image.

Thus, if parents permit their older children to use these headsets, they should monitor them closely to revert the negative effects during and after use. A responsible parent should also limit children’s time on the Oculus Quest, as prolonged use could affect their balance, hand-eye coordination, and multitasking abilities. If you notice a decrease in these abilities on your child after use, discontinue use.

While the Oculus Quest can risk your child’s physical and social development, you do not have to bar them completely from the game. There are amazing videos and simulations that they can watch on the app.

All you should do is create a safe area for them to watch the game as you monitor. You can also cast what they are watching on your phone using the Oculus app, enabling you to watch what they are watching and ensure it is appropriate.

Unfortunately, you may not guide them through the experience, as the phone lacks good controls. While some parents will opt for the above option to keep their children safe, others will not.

Therefore, users can only hope that Facebook builds a better account and parent controls and add safety measures to Oculus Quest before you can consider it appropriate for your child. Even then, if you insist on gifting your child this gift, stay prepared to address the above concerns.

Where Do I Find Oculus Quest 2 PIN?

The Oculus 2 PIN is vital in verifying your identity and simplifying your purchase in the Oculus store. Since this PIN is associated with your account, you will use it on your Oculus devices. Forgetting the Oculus 2 PIN is common among VR headset owners; thus I will help you know how to change it.

To find your Oculus PIN, you will need to open the Oculus app on your computer, and on the left menu, select settings. Next, click Oculus PIN under Account, and you will see your PIN. Knowing your PIN is crucial to logging in and accessing the hundreds of VR games and experiences, bringing your friends along for the adventure, and sharing your experiences through live casting.

If you forget your PIN, you can request a reset via email from the Oculus website. To do this, visit your profile on Oculus.com and click Security on the left menu. Next to the PIN option, click Edit, and next to Save, click Forgot PIN. Lastly, click the Request Pin Reset, and you will receive an email with a link to reset your Pin.

This email may take some time to arrive, and you should be patient. However, if you cannot see it after a few minutes, check your spam folder or request another one by repeating the steps above.

You can also change your PIN for security reasons and not after forgetting. This process will vary slightly depending on whether you use the Oculus mobile app, website, or Samsung Gear VR. If you are using the Oculus mobile app, open it on your phone, and on your left, click on your profile picture. Next, tap the Account Settings, enter your current PIN, new PIN, and Submit.

To change your PIN on the Oculus website, you will visit the Oculus.com website and on the left menu, click Security. Next, click Edit next to PIN and type your current PIN. Enter your new PIN and click Save to effect the change.

Lastly, if you want to use your Oculus app for Samsung Gear VR to change your Oculus PIN, open the app on your phone and click the More option. Next, click Reset Oculus PIN, enter your new password and the new PIN, then save the changes.

When playing on Oculus Quest, you can log in with a different user, but you cannot play the same game simultaneously. Also, if you want to switch accounts, you will need to do a factory reset and not a pin reset.

A factory reset will also enable you to choose a new account in the startup process. This explains why it may be advisable to buy for everyone a new Quest. With this, you can link the Quests to one account, and members can access the games such that you do not have to rebuy.

To factory reset your Oculus 2 using the headset, press and hold the volume and power buttons on your Oculus Quest until it turns on. Using the volume button, highlight the Factory Reset and press the power button to select and initiate the reset. Your Oculus Quest will start the reset and enable you to perform an initial setup. Select the main account for your Oculus Quest and download all your games again.

Wrap Up

The Oculus Quest enables you to enjoy various games on the internet with your family and friends. Given this access, it can be infected with a virus, but like computers, the virus will arise out of someone’s distribution rather than mutation. Installing a few security measures like anti-virus software will save you from virus damages.

Unlike other platforms, the Oculus Quest lacks parental controls, hence unsuitable for kids. The general assumption is that children below 13 years should not access the platform, though this is usually violated as adults grant their children access. Thus, you can monitor your child by casting what they are watching through the Oculus app on your phone to ensure exposure to the right material.

Finally, if you forget your PIN, you can reset it with a few mouse clicks. You should be able to access the website to perform this action. Finally, while there are a few setbacks to the Oculus Quest, especially in children, it remains the best option if you want a fantastic VR experience.

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