PlayStation and Steam Games (Tips for PS4 and PS5 owners)

When I bought my first PlayStation 4, I had to set up my account on the PlayStation Network that I would use to make purchases on the PlayStation Plus and the PlayStation Store. Sony introduced the platform so that gamers like me, can buy games and update their console software, while Valve corporation introduced Steam for PC gaming. So, if you have an account for your PS4, you might be wondering if you can link it to Steam.

So, can I link my PS4 account to Steam?

You cannot link your PS4 account to Steam because they are two different platforms catering to two different types of gamers. The PS4 account is for gamers owning PlayStation consoles, and Steam is for gamers using personal computers. The PS4 cannot play PC games because of the difference in software; hence, it will be difficult to link the two accounts.

Valve Corporation and Sony Interactive Entertainment own Steam and PlayStation Network, respectively. They do not have any close relationship; therefore, Sony will not allow you to link your PS4 to steam.

Many makers of gaming machines have digital platforms where they can sell exclusive games, third-hand games, and related software. In addition, some companies can share data with others, while some prefer to keep their games and data to themselves. Read on to find out if you can play Steam games on PS5 and other alternatives to Steam.

Steam is one of the platforms PC gamers use to buy games and play games online. If you have recently purchased a PS5 and have been using a PC to play video games, you might wonder if it is possible to play your Steam games on your new PS5.

It is not possible to play Steam games on a PS5 console because of the difference in software. Third-party game developers issue licenses to digital platforms like Steam to distribute their games, and the license does not allow sharing with other platforms.

Valve and Sony also want to profit from selling games and linking the two accounts might make one company lose revenue. Lastly, the two different companies have not made any announcement regarding transferring games and data from steam to PlayStation consoles.

The main reason why you cannot play your Steam games on PS5 is software differences. PC games can run on devices using Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems, and, on the other hand, the PS5 console uses FreeBSD12. Your PS5 will not be able to read files of games meant for computers. If you want copies of your Steam games on your PS5, you have to purchase their PS5 versions.

Licensing is one method game developers get to control how their products are used and earn money. When you buy a game on Steam, you get the license to play that game through the key code. Steam will keep that game in the catalog until their license to distribute that game ends. Therefore, you cannot play your steam games on PS5 because you do not have the license to do so. When the license ends, the game developer might make a PS5 version of the game, and you will play it.

When you create an account on steam and start buying games, the Valve Corporation and the game developer share the revenue. Companies introduced digital services so that they can increase their revenue by releasing games digitally. If you own a PS5, you’ll have to buy games in the PlayStation Store.

Sony cannot allow you to play Steam games on your PS5 because they do not earn any money from purchases made on the Steam platform. Unless Valve Corporation is willing to share the profits, you will not be able to play your Steam games on PS5 any time soon.

You cannot play Steam games on PS5 because the digital platforms’ companies cater to different markets. Valve Corporation introduced Steam for PC gamers only while the PlayStation Network is for gamers using the PlayStation consoles only.

The two companies do not have any business relationship making it difficult to play steam games on a different device. If the two companies decide to team up and distribute each other’s games in the future, you might be able to play Steam games on PS5.

If you already have a Steam account and want to keep playing PC games, you have to keep your computer. There are very many good games that you can play on your computer. Depending on the type of computer you have, you can also have a better gaming experience than a video game console. Steam also has many games to play compared to the few options you get on PlayStation 5.

If you want to play Steam games on a PS5, you can buy the console and purchase the PS5 versions of games. Some game developers like Rockstar North, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto games, usually release the games with versions that can be played on PCs and consoles.

So, you can look for Steam games that have PS5 versions before you decide to change your gaming machine. If you do not want to pay for the PS5 versions, then you can wait for the announcements from Sony or Valve Corporation confirming you can transfer games or dates between their platforms. However, that may take a long so just save a few dollars and buy those PS5 versions.

Are There Other Alternatives to Steam?

When it comes to playing video games, avid gamers know all the options to maximize their gaming experience. However, if you are new to PC gaming, you may have heard about Steam, and you are wondering if there are other platforms where you can buy digital PC games.

Steam has several alternatives, and the first one is Origin, introduced to gamers by EA. Another one is GOG, formerly known as the Good Old Game. There is also, mostly used by independent PC game developers.

Finally, you can also find Gamersgate, one of the oldest platforms known to gamers worldwide. Other alternatives to Steam include, epic games store, Uplay, Windows Store, and discord state.

Origin is among the most popular among PC gamers, published by Electronic Arts (EA). Origin works similarly to steam, and you can buy games, update software, save your progress in games, and interact with other PC gamers, among others. You can also access your game library when you are offline.

Origin also has numerous third-party games, such as Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix. If you have money, you can also subscribe to Origin Access, where you have unlimited access to over 90 games. You can also download new EA games before their actual release dates.

Good Old Games, now known as GOG, is a platform that also offers digital games like Steam. One big difference between GOG and Steam is the no DRM policy that GOG strictly implements. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management; which Steam uses to protect the intellectual property of game developers.

In addition, steam has to authenticate that you bought the game from their store when you play your games online. If you have a GOG account, you only download a game’s EXE file from their website through your browser with no authentication needed. You can also access your games offline, and you can back up as many games as you like.

If you like independent PC games, then you can find them on Many independent PC game developers want to sell their games to gamers and develop a name for themselves. Most of the games are very cheap, but you can pay more to support the developer if you like a game.

There are also many free games that you can download to check if the independent PC game developers know how to make good games. Some of the games are not that great, but it is nice to try new things and support aspiring developers. also has an app that allows you to play games on your computer while offline.

Gamersgate is the oldest platform, and like GOG, Gamersgate also offers its games with no DRM restrictions. As a result, you can find some great games, such as Resident Evil 7 and Far Cry 5. Gamersgate also allows its users to earn a unique digital currency known as Blue Coin, which you can use to buy games. You can earn Blue Coins by reviewing games or helping other users with the Game Tutor feature.

Another great alternative to Steam is the Epic Games Store introduced by Epic in 2018. In the Epic Games Store, you can buy games from third-party developers and Epic’s PC games. Epic also has a great offer for game developers by offering them 88% of all sales revenue.

Furthermore, Epic does not use forums; it integrates the developer’s social media pages with their store pages, making it easy to check misbehaving users. In addition, the epic has some great exclusive titles such as Hades and Hello Neighbor: Hide and seek.

Discord also launched its platform that caters to PC gamers called Discord Store. Discord also has exclusive titles for its users, such as King of the Hat and Minion Masters. Developers also get a great deal as Discord offers 90% of all sales; it does not matter if the developer is a single person or a company.

You can also find some great games from independent developers, such as Dead Cells and Into the Breach. If you want more games, you can subscribe to the Nitro subscriptions for ten US dollars a month and get more than sixty games. is also one of the oldest platforms, and you can find some great games such as Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, and Overwatch. Game developers can only have eight or fewer games on You can also update your games, chat with other users through the forums. also gives you the chance to stream your gameplay to Facebook. is also known as Blizzard. In addition to video games, you can also find music, themes, trailers, and early previews on If you have a account, you are guaranteed to find some great old games that you cannot find on other platforms.

If you are using Windows 10 as the operating system on your PC, you can find the app for Windows Store installed on your computer. The Windows Store has some great exclusive games that you cannot find on most platforms. One advantage of having a Windows Store account is finding a few select games that share saves and achievements with Xbox consoles. If you own an Xbox console, you can check if the games you have are on the Windows Store, and you can continue playing them from your computer if they have a PC version.

Uplay is also another digital platform by Ubisoft where you can manage all your games easily. You can also interact with your friends online, play games, and discuss various things regarding games. If you have a Uplay account, ensure you log in every Wednesday because Ubisoft always has great deals and promotions on Wednesday. Uplay is part of the Ubisoft Store, where you can also buy games, and sync all your purchases and licenses.

Another digital platform that offers the same services as Steam is Game Jolt. It has numerous games by independent game developers that most gamers do not know about. Game Jolt, just like Steam, categorized games according to your preferences.

You can find games arranged according to popular gaming genres such as horror, action, and RPG, among others. Game Jolt also has features that allow you to socialize with your friends and other gamers. You can also play multiplayer games on Game Jolt.

Wrap Up

Steam and PlayStation Network cater to two different markets, making it difficult to transfer or share data. If Steam decides to offer services to gamers using consoles, maybe there will be a time when you will be able to play Steam games on your PS5. In the meantime, you can continue using your computer to play steam games and enjoy their games and offers.

Steam is a great digital platform where you can get numerous great games, but other alternatives have shown that they can also be competitive. You can check out some of the alternatives in this article and choose the ones you think can provide you with the best games. If you find the best alternative to Steam, you can inform some of your friends looking for great digital platforms that sell video games.

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