What is Citrix XenDesktop Platinum Edition?

The XenDesktop Platinum Edition provides the following on top of the XenDesktop VDI Edition and XenDesktop Enterprise Edition features.

HDX Seamless local apps

Application installed on the device the user is connecting to XenApp from can be blended into the XenApp session, giving a seamless user experience.

CloudBridge VPX-10 for WAN optimization

Allows XenDesktop and XenApp to perform better over WAN connections to public and private networks.

CloudBridge plug-in

Allows laptops and workstations accelerated network access across CloudBridge solutions connecting private and public networks.

Self-Service password reset

From StoreFront users can set new passwords, unlock their accounts and reset their passwords via security questions, without the need to call the helpdesk.

Common Criteria certified

XenApp and XenDesktop is certified with Common Criteria, which is used by twenty five countries as security recognition.


Smart Access policy management allows policies to control printing, copy/paste or mapping drives on an individual basis for users.


Available separately, allows NetScaler VPN sessions to be used to connect into the corporate network from any device.

SmartAuditor Session Recording

Sessions can be recorded for monitoring purposes, security including individual sessions and user activity.

Hosted App Usage Reporting & Trending

Published applications and their usage can be analysed including for specific users, servers, time periods, allowing administrators tackle issues but also manage capacity better.

Advanced Performance Analytics

Available via EdgeSight through integration into Director, allows for comprehensive trend analysis and environment health monitoring.

User Experience network analysis

By using NetScaler HDX Insight, user sessions can be broken down for analysis to assess network issues. Thereby allowing to determine which network issues are degrading performance.


AppDNA can be used to analyse applications for compatibility with XenApp and XenDesktop deployed systems.

Integrated AppDNA for AppDisk

Instant application compatibility reporting for AppDisk layered applications including remediation of applications by layer reordering.

Citrix Connector for SCCM

System Center Configuration Manager (SSCM) Console can be used to manage Citrix Delivery Sites and published applications as well as Citrix Studio.

NetScaler InSight integration

Integration with NetScaler Insight allows analysis of the user connections to drill down and assess end to end user connectivity. This can aid in troubleshooting issues experience by users connecting to published resources.

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