Xbox Series X Controller (Vs Xbox One & Elite 2 Controllers)

New generation consoles come with new controllers and improved features, which are an additional input to gamers. These features include improved quality, performance, and accessibility. With each Xbox generation featuring several controller models to choose from, I will break down the differences and improvements in each generation to enable you to make a smart choice.

So, how does the Xbox Series X controller compare to the Xbox One controller? While the Xbox Series X controller and Xbox One controller appear similar, they feature critical differences, including a refined design, backward compatibility, and improved functionality. The Xbox One is the most basic controller, and its features will meet those of a beginner player. With more experience, you will shift to the Xbox Series Controller, whose features enhance your performance for a fantastic experience.

As stated earlier, the Xbox controller features several models to choose from, and you will need to navigate through the differences to make an informed decision. These different models result from Microsoft’s desire to enhance users’ experiences by developing a controller that meets their needs without forcing them to migrate from Xbox One.

The Xbox One controller is the main controller for Xbox One and Xbox series S/X game consoles. It boasts compatibility with Windows PC and operating systems like Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X is an updated version of the Xbox One controller and features further improvements in shape and functionality.

The series X also features improved handling choices. For instance, unlike Xbox One, which is slippery due to its glossy finish, this controller is matte with a more robust texture. Its tactile dots on the triggers further enhance grip during gameplay. The robust texture makes this console suitable for individuals with sweaty hands.

To start with the physical outlook, the Xbox One layout is more or less similar to that of the Xbox 360. This includes two face buttons, shoulder bumpers, analog triggers, analog sticks, and a Dpad.

Its Start and Back button are now the Menu and View buttons, and the Guide button now has the Xbox Logo. This controller has refinements, including a smoother build and the scraped protruding battery compartment. To ensure a wired connection, this controller features a micro USB port.

The Dpad in the Xbox One controller has an updated 4-way design that enables players to use it as an individual key in the games that utilize it in item selection. The controller bumpers and trigger buttons are curved to improve their ergonomics. A player can rest their fingers naturally at an angle in this controller than with the Xbox 360. The triggers also have a smoother feel enhancing a player’s comfort during gameplay.

With the above features, the Xbox One controller has all the basic requirements that a player needs to maintain control while gaming. Its buttons are responsive and feel great in your hands.  In addition, the Xbox One controller uses AA batteries, an advantage in that you do not have to replace your controller when it stops holding its charge. Rather, you will replace them with a rechargeable battery. These controllers also come in a wide array of colors, ensuring every player settles for their taste.

While the Xbox Series X appears cosmetically similar to the Xbox One controller, they feature significant differences in their design and functionality. The Xbox Series X features an improvement in speed and compatibility across generations.

One of Microsoft’s goals when coming up with this controller was to improve the players’ experiences. The team wanted to develop a controller that would address their promises to their customers to ensure a significant impact despite minor improvements.

With this principle in mind, one of the needs they met is designing this controller with the youngest player in mind. As such, the controller can accommodate the hands of an eight-year-old player without compromising the experiences of players with larger hands. To achieve this, the Xbox series X features rounded bumpers with the bumper size reducing around the triggers.

Another improvement in this controller is the Dpad design. The D-pad aims at improving performance and accessibility. Depending on your game, you may need to hit diagonals or do some sweep actions.

In this case, the D-pad will come in handy, not to mention its impact on a player’s style. Thus, to ensure players get it right, the Xbox Series X features a deeper dish than the Xbox One, giving your thumbs a comfortable resting place. The angles are also in tune to ensure minimal movement.

Backward compatibility is another issue that the Xbox Series X addresses. Generally, gaming consoles are expensive, and no one will want to replace their console with each accessory upgrade. Instead, gamers would want to access and play their favorite games on their devices, despite their generation.

To ensure this, Microsoft designed the Xbox Series X so that it can work well with the Xbox Series X and still pair between the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Some of the improvements that ensure backward compatibility are invisible and function in the background, while others are visible and even define the controller’s shape.

The top priority in backward compatibility was ensuring that the Xbox Series X functions well with the Xbox One consoles and controllers. While achieving this, gamers gained an additional benefit, allowing them to game on other devices including Android, iOS, and PC while using this controller.

This controller also features a good memory and can remember most devices making the connection seamless. Also, with its USB Type C port, a player can play and charge their controller with any modern cable available.

With the Xbox One controller, latency issue was a common problem that Microsoft wanted to address with the Xbox Series X. To reduce latency issues, Microsoft introduced the Dynamic Latency Input DLI, which comprises the console-specific technology and HDMI connection to your TV.  With this connection, the actions in the game will be more instantaneous.

Finally, the incorporation of social media into gaming connects individuals as they spend time playing and chatting. To enhance this experience, Microsoft added the share button to the Xbox Series X. The share button makes capturing instantaneous, as you do not need the menu to record a video or capture a screenshot. What’s more, you can share this content with the friends you are playing with via chat or on your social media.

Xbox Series X Controller Vs Elite 2?

Xbox controllers, including the Xbox Series X and Elite 2, have improved gamers’ experience over the years. This is courtesy of their advanced features, including a D-pad, share button, and texturized grips. However, these controllers vary greatly in prices, and knowing which one to invest in depending on your needs is advisable.

The Xbox Series X and Elite 2 are advanced Xbox One controller models. As such, players will have different preferences depending on their needs. The main difference lies in their physical features, especially the bumper feel.

The Xbox Series X has a matte texture that feels familiar in the hands and features a refined geometry that makes it ergonomically friendlier than the elite 2. This matte finish matches its robust texture, enhancing grip during gameplay. Such features make this controller suitable for players with sweaty hands.

In regards to weight, the Series X is lighter than the elite 2. Even then, this weight is well distributed from the center to the wings, ensuring the controller rests comfortably in your hands.  When you pick this controller for the first time, it may feel like the elite 2, but the Elite 2 will feel heavier over time while the Series X maintains the same comfort level.

The series X also features a Share button that enables a player to easily capture and share game clips and screenshots with just a single button press. This way, a player does not need to disrupt their progress to interact with the menu and share their progress. Sharing gameplay with friends and family on social platforms is increasingly becoming popular in recent years, and with the Xbox Series X, you can achieve this seamlessly.

Another improvement in the new Xbox series X is the replacement of the micro-USB charging port with a Type-C port. Thus, you can plug this controller with the same cable that charges most of the best phones, laptops, tablets, and headphones. In addition to charging the device faster, this USB also allows for cross-device connections.

Both Elite 2 and Xbox Series X feature backward compatibility, a feature that highlights Microsoft’s commitment to its customers. This feature also encourages individuals to remain in Xbox One systems. Thus, if you have an older Xbox One console, you need not worry, as this controller will work perfectly.

Unlike other consoles which have abandoned their old generation hardware, Microsoft affirmed to its customers that all their Xbox One controllers will continue functioning in Xbox One and X series. If you own an Xbox One, this is great news, as the shift to the Xbox Series X will not render your console useless.

The Series X also features Dynamic Latency input. This technology communicates with your display and enhances communication with the controller, ensuring that the input to the game matches that onscreen. This feature is crucial in reducing latency issues.

The Elite series 2, launched in November 2020, features full compatibility with Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PCs. In addition, it has superior features to its predecessors that allow players to customize their gaming experience. However, the question remains, is the Elite series 2 worth the money?

Apart from its stylish design, the Elite series 2 features impressive specs that you would want to explore as a novice player. This controller has eighteen assignable buttons, including four paddles at the back. It also features a thumbstick adjustment tool that enables users to change the thumbstick tension manually.

Thus, if you engage in retro throwbacks, you can customize this controller by changing the thumbsticks and Dpad. Also, you can change the thumbstick sensitivity through its app. With the above customization, the Elite Series 2 is worth the money and will give you an upper hand in your overall gaming experience.

Like other Xbox One controllers, the Elite Series 2 is also rechargeable. This controller features wireless recharging capabilities giving you up to forty hours of gaming. You can charge it using its USB Type C cable or its dock inside the case it ships with.

This small dock can fit near your TV, or you can carry it safely in its case, offering an efficient way to charge your controller. While most Xbox One controllers use AA batteries, Microsoft recognizes that high-performance controllers do not require these. Thus, the Elite 2 features an internal battery as one of its upgrades.

To ensure you remain connected with your chosen devices, the Elite series 2 features Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity. This way, you can connect with other powerful universal devices, including Windows 10 PCs, iOS, Android smartphones, laptops, and the Xbox Series X. However, when playing via PC, do this via the Xbox Wireless Adapter instead of Bluetooth. This way, you will enjoy a faster connection, and switching between devices will be much easier.

The Elite 2 also features more customizable ways, thanks to the Xbox Accessories App. With this app, you can utilize voice commands and button mapping. Some of the voice commands include “take a screenshot” and “record,” which enable you to share your gameplay without navigating to the menu.  You can also assign any of the controller buttons to function like the Shift Key, further enabling alternative inputs for other buttons.


Microsoft continues to improve its controllers by adding features that enhance a player’s gameplay skills for a fantastic experience. While the Xbox Series X and Xbox One controller appear similar, they are different, with the former featuring a refined design, backward compatibility, and improved functionality.

The Xbox Series X and Elite 2 are advanced Xbox One controllers, and each features a uniqueness designed to meet a player’s specific needs. Generally, these controllers have more or less performance, and noticeable differences lay in their physical features.

The Xbox Series X features a matte texture and refined geometry, making it ergonomically friendlier. With respect to weight, the Series X is lighter and more comfortable, especially if you play for longer hours. This feature also adds to its compatibility with children. Despite the above differences and performances, the best controller is one that meets your needs at your budget.

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