MacBook Keep Downloading? (Lid Closed, Sleeping, Updating)

The MacBook is one of the most advanced devices produced by Apple. It has a high processing speed, which makes it one of the best devices for work. It also comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

So, will the MacBook continue to download when closed or in sleep mode? MacBook will not continue with the download when closed or in sleep mode. When the device is closed, a significant number of operations stop. Similarly, when you put it to sleep, the download process will stop instantly. However, it will resume downloading once you remove it from sleep mode or open it.

Macs are one of the most advanced devices from Apple. They have excellent features that make them reliable for work-related activities. However, some users wonder whether MacBooks can continue to download when closed or in sleep mode.

MacBooks don’t continue the download when closed or in sleep mode. Once you close the device or put it in sleep mode, most of the ongoing activities stop. This means that if you were downloading something, it would stop.

But is there a way you can continue the download while your MacBook is in sleep mode? It is helpful to know all the possible ways you can keep your MacBook downloading even when you close it.

There are many reasons why users want to continue downloading content even when the device is closed. For instance, you might want to plug the device into an external display unit like a projector.

This allows you to free up space on the desk or wherever you are working. You can access the contents of your MacBook without the need for it being there. Besides, you might be planning to play music or download an update on your Mac while you do other things.

Without a proper strategy, the download will stop as soon as you close the MacBook or put it to sleep. Therefore, you must find a way to continue the download even after you put the MacBook to sleep or close it.

One of the common problems users come across when using a third-party device to project the contents of the MacBook is turning it back on. Some feel it is mandatory to open the lid and then press the power switch.

However, this shouldn’t always be the case. There is a workaround that when used appropriately, can fix this problem. With it, you can continue downloading your content even after you close the MacBook or put it to sleep.

Suppose you don’t want the MacBook to go to sleep when you close the lid, you need to adjust some settings. This is especially when you are downloading something, and you don’t want it to stop while the MacBook is in sleep mode.

You could have left it downloading an update overnight while you were asleep or engaged in other activities. Some users also want to sync the Time Machine backup and prefer not to see the backlit keyboard; therefore, they put it to sleep. You might also want to play music from the MacBook without having to open the lid.

While all these scenarios need your MacBook to continue running even when it goes to sleep, that might not be the case. The problem is that once you close your MacBook, it goes to sleep. This is the case if you haven’t connected it or plugged it into an existent external display. Therefore, you need to find a solution to this problem if you want to enjoy background services.

Thankfully, you can set your MacBook never to go to sleep through System Preferences. Navigate to this section and click on its icon to open it. Then, scroll down to the energy saver then click on “prevent my device from automatically going to sleep when the display is switched off”.

You can also get another set in the system preferences menu. After scrolling down to this menu, click on energy saver then select “wake for network access”. This setting means that your MacBook will still run updates in the background even if you put it to sleep or close it.

Remember that these settings will not be effective if you haven’t attached your MacBook to an external monitor. Without this, closing the lid or putting them to sleep means that there will be no background download.

Thankfully, there are a few third-party apps you can use to prevent your MacBook from going to sleep while the lid is closed. One of the apps is known as Insomniac. You can get this app on the Mac App Store for a few dollars.

After downloading it, you install it on your Mac. This little utility app prevents your device from going to sleep even if you close it. Therefore, it can continue downloading even when you put it in sleep mode. Another app you can use for this purpose is known as Caffeinated.

You can also get this app on the Mac App Store for a few dollars. It works by overriding the Energy Saver settings to help keep your device awake. This prevents it from going to sleep. Similarly, it will not stop downloading even after you close it.

The Amphetamine app found for free on the Mac App Store serves the same purpose. It overrides the energy saver settings and keeps your MacBook on throughout. You don’t have to open it up and press the power button for it to continue downloading. This makes it an excellent option for those looking for background downloads.

How Do I Keep My Mac from Going To Sleep While Downloading?

The MacBook has a high processing speed, which makes it ideal for downloading. With a fast internet connection, you can download things in a short time. However, some users wonder how you can prevent your MacBook from going to sleep while downloading.

To prevent your MacBook from going to sleep while downloading, go to “system preferences” and then click on “energy saver”. After that, change Mac’s sleep auto to “never”. Once the download is done, change the settings back to “normal”.

This will enable you to enjoy a fast download without the device going to sleep. Besides, you won’t have to worry about rebooting the system because it will remain connected even when the lid is closed.

Alternatively, you can use the charger to prevent the device from going to sleep. Keep in mind that it is impractical to tweak the energy settings for things you can adjust manually. Besides, you wouldn’t want the computer or display going to sleep during a presentation or something similar.

This means you have to keep it on throughout the process. You can imagine how frustrating it is for a large file to stop downloading halfway just because you put the device to sleep. Therefore, you must keep it powered on at all times.

But what are some of the ways you can prevent your MacBook from going to sleep while downloading? There are several ways you can do so.

Using the energy saver preferences is the most reliable method you can prevent your MacBook from going to sleep. Remember that macOS has several built-in energy saver tools that determine how long the computer waits before going to sleep after you turn it off.

If you want to adjust these settings and prevent the device from going to sleep, go to system preferences on the Apple menu. Then, click on energy saver. Keep in mind that for MacBooks, the battery tab plays a key role in controlling the device’s behavior.

The same applies when the device is plugged into a power source. After accessing this setting, drag the turn display off after the slider to “never.” Then, click OK from the message box that pops up. By doing so, you prevent the device from going to sleep.

Another way you can prevent sleep mode on your MacBook is through the KeepingYouAwake menu bar app. This app is based on the caffeinate command-line tool that is designed to prevent your device from going to sleep mode.

It is a reliable and suitable replacement for Caffeine that is now defunct. With this app, you can choose from a wide range of presentation options, including keeping it awake for 10,15, or 30 minutes.

To implement this command, click the menu bar and choose to activate for the duration. Then, choose the time you want the Mac to remain on. You can add your custom preset and choose to automatically go to sleep mode when the battery falls below a particular percentage.

Lungo is another reliable way to keep your device powered on. It is a modern menu bar app that prevents MacBooks from going to sleep. The app comes with a built-in dark theme that matches the operating system’s dark mode.

Upon launching this app, it will provide you with a list of pre-defined periods to prevent sleep mode. Besides, it gives you access to more specific preferences that keep you connected to your Mac. Lungo is more user-friendly because it supports an opening URL with a custom scheme. Besides, it has shortcuts that make it easy to key in various commands.

How Do I Download With the Lid Closed on a Mac?

Downloading on MacBook is fast and efficient because Macs come with a high processing speed. However, it might not be possible to download on Mac if the device is in sleep mode. For that reason, users wonder how you can download with the lid closed on Mac.

You can download with the lid closed on Mac by changing the power saver settings. When you close the lid, the device automatically goes to sleep and stops all the current downloads. Those with a download manager app will have the downloads paused and the continued after sleep mode.

As you might know, macOS is a highly advanced and intelligent operating system with many features you are not aware of. For instance, the operating system will keep the device up and running when it detects an external projector or monitor. This is referred to as Close-Clamshell Mode or Closed-Display Mode. In this mode, the device will remain on even when you close the lid.

All you have to do is connect a few peripheral devices and shut your device’s lid. One of them is an external display which can be a projector or monitor. You can also connect an external keyboard — it can either be wired or wireless. An external trackpad or mouse will also get the job done. The point is, once you connect any of these external devices, your Mac won’t go to sleep.

Will My Mac Continue Updating If I Close It?

Using a Mac is ideal, especially if you want to download content. However, when the device goes to sleep, it might not continue downloading. For that reason, users wonder if their Mac will continue updating if it is closed. 

Mac can continue updating if you close it. If you install updates, you won’t have to restart it. However, if the automatic installation of these items is set up, you might need to restart it. Knowing the effects of closing your device while it is updating will help you take good care of it.

Generally, closing your computer while it is updating will not be detrimental to its operations. However, it will result in inconveniences when you are not aware of what is happening. Therefore, you need to find ways of keeping your Mac connected even when you close it.

Depending on the size of the download, you might have to keep your device powered on throughout. Avoid putting your Mac to sleep, especially when installing large updates. Besides, you should ensure your device has a sufficient battery charger at all times.


When using MacBooks, it is vital to know various aspects of them. For instance, MacBook will not continue to download when it is in sleep mode or when closed. This is because when the device is in sleep mode, most operations stop.

Besides, the use of power is limited to only a few apps. It is possible to prevent your Mac from going to sleep while downloading. To do so, go to system preferences then click on energy saver. This will keep the Mac running throughout.

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