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The Kindle ereader is the best way to access titles on the go, no matter where you are, straight to your tablet screen. If you are eyeing it and want to order one from Amazon, you may have questions about it; this write-up addresses some of the most common questions.

So, why is Kindle so expensive? The Kindle comes at an affordable price based on its impressive functionality and excellent design. The Kindle Paperwhite retails at $90 and is cheaper than the old Fire tablets, while the higher-end Kindles like Oasis sell at around $250, making the gadgets generally reasonably priced. The new version is more expensive but still worth the price due to the new additional features and enhanced functionalities.

Some first-time buyers believe that the Kindle is quite pricey, given that it only serves one purpose, to provide books for download and reading. Considering various Kindle versions from Amazon, you need to know how the manufacturer prices them and whether they are still worth buying today.

Unlike what some prospective buyers believe, the Kindle is not an expensive gadget, given its top-notch design and capabilities. The basic and older versions are affordable for less than $90, which is even cheaper for the Fire tablets.

Only the higher end makes like the Oasis, priced at around $250, are considered more expensive, but they are more advanced and feature better capabilities than the standard options. They are fancier and have newer features, hence the price point, but generally, the Kindle is quite affordable.

The Kindle may seem pricey for a new user based on the single functionality, but if you buy one and use it, you will realize that it is cost-effective, more than most tablets on the market. It is a specialized device that does its one job perfectly and is easy to maintain.

Most users attest that they have used their Kindle for years without requiring replacement unless they wish to upgrade, making it one of the most dependable ereaders.

It is well-priced, considering its impeccable design, high-performance battery, and ink technology. It may not be cheap to manufacture, but considering the prices of various models, Amazon is quite mindful of its client base.

For instance, the 2019 Kindle is less than $90, while the Paperwhite goes for about $140. The Fire tablets are the cheapest of all designs, but the newest Kindle Oasis costs about $250, making it one of the most expensive.

Voyage and Oasis Kindle models

The Voyage and Oasis are newer and more high-end than the basic Kindles, but the price is still worth it based on the features and performance. Looking at these models, any first-time buyer would conclude that the Kindle is pricey, but the capabilities would change your mind. For instance, they boast an impressive screen display that is larger than that of standard versions.

The Oasis is the go-to for Kindle fans who want only the best capabilities, and it doesn’t disappoint, given the new aspects. Amazon improves its display with color-changing LEDs that can alternate from bright to warm hues and low to high brightness. Reading on the Oasis is also better, thanks to the fast-changing pages and the ability to listen to audiobooks through Bluetooth.

You can highlight lines effortlessly without the screen buffering like in some models. These cool additional features make the Oasis more expensive than other Kindles. Regardless, the device is inexpensive, and anyone can afford one of the various models in different price ranges. You can go for the standard Kindle and Paperwhite or the newer and pricier models, the Voyage and Oasis, but either will still serve your needs.

Why Are Kindles So Small?

If you have tried shopping online for a new Kindle, it is normal to look at the size and find it slightly tinier than you envisioned. Many prospective buyers liken the Kindle to a larger screen tablet. Let’s take a closer look at the ereader to determine whether it is too small to serve its purpose.

The average size of the Kindle is 6 to 6.5 inches, which may be small compared to some tablets, but the dimensions are perfect given the device’s intended function. Amazon designed it to resemble a portable book that was easy to read and lightweight. The Kindle is best for reading novels, but it may not be ideal for PDFs and comics, for which you may need a bigger screen. However, the ereader’s size is generally suitable for most users who find it compact and resembles a book.

Many first buyers expect the Kindle to be larger than it is and get underwhelmed by the 6” display they should use. With time, it is easy to understand why Amazon designed the Kindle in a compact size.

The objective was to create a gadget that looked, felt, and worked like a book, but the difference is that this version can hold more titles in one place and is easier to carry wherever you want. The company succeeded in this, given the high demand for them among book lovers.

You may be initially skeptical but will eventually realize that the Kindle’s size makes it perfect for reading for hours. The goal is to have your books in a gadget that you carry inside your purse or pocket and be comfortable scrolling through pages.

Luckily, if you are keen on size, Kindles come in different dimensions, and you can choose your preferred option, although most users go for the 6” makes that are tiny yet practical.

Another excellent aspect of the ereader is how you can play around with the font size to ensure that the text is comfortable to read. Once you set your preferred size and use landscape mode, you won’t find it too tiny. If the letters are small enough, you will not strain your eyes by changing lines every time, and fans love how it easily fits in your hands, and you can carry it everywhere like your handset.

Thankfully, the Kindle’s touchscreen makes turning pages seamless through a slight tap, making scrolling pages fast, unlike on other devices. The size is suitable for nighttime reading, and the rubber back provides a firm grasp to ensure it doesn’t slip off during use.

The size usually works for reading novels, although it may not be ideal for PDFs or comics. You will need a larger display for these and reading through the Kindle may be too tasking.

Max devices per Kindle account

Ebooks are exciting if you are a book lover who wants access to several titles. If your friends and family are also fans of the Kindle, you may want to share with them to make reading more fun. Here is what you need to know when linking a single Kindle Amazon account with others.

You can connect up to six gadgets per Kindle account, including all devices that support the service, from tablets to cell phones. You need to sync the respective devices to your Amazon account to access notes and books using either of the linked gadgets. Connecting several Kindles to a single account allows you to share titles with friends and family, lowering the purchasing costs. The best part is that you are free to deregister any device from the account.

A single Amazon account can support about six devices, counting Kindle and non-Kindle gadgets. However, the number of ereaders you can pair to one book would depend on the publisher’s specifications.

Some books support fewer gadgets, and you should confirm the details before downloading. If you need a different device after reaching your book limit that supports fewer connected devices, you can deregister the Kindles that you no longer use and add the title to newer gadgets.

If you want to use several devices with your Kindle account, you must know all the steps to connect them successfully. First, log in to your Amazon Kindle account with the alternative gadget, click to open the Kindle program and open the Menu, then Settings, and finally Registered Devices. Next, click the addition sign button and type the email address and password of the Amazon account you want to use.

If you complete the action, you are free to download and access all the books you bought on your Kindle account. Now that you can add other devices to your Amazon account, chances are high that you may also want to delete some gadgets later for various reasons, like when you decide to sell one of your Kindles. Therefore, it is also essential to know the deregistration procedure. Swipe the device’s display down and select Menu, then go to Settings.

Next, navigate to find the My Account tab and tap on it, and on the open window, select Deregister and confirm. All Devices supporting the Kindle app can access Amazon’s ebooks, and you can use the feature to link to several devices and allow users to spend less on book costs. Therefore, if you come from a family that loves reading ebooks, you may only need to buy a Kindle or use your smartphone that supports the app.

Use a Kindle Without Registering It?

Kindles are ideal for reading ebooks, given their exceptional designs and abilities. They are affordable on Amazon, and any ebook enthusiast will always want to get their hands on the latest version. As a curious fan, you may question whether you must register an account with Amazon to use the ereader.

You can use Amazon’s Kindle without registering it if you won’t need to buy ebooks from Amazon and have an alternative source for your titles. However, if you plan to enjoy the vast library the tablet manufacturer provides, your only option is to register an account with Amazon. If you can get excellent books from other sites and free ebooks from the internet, you may be better off without having an account, but you will likely get limited options, unlike the highly rated Amazon titles.

The manufacturer recommends creating an account once you acquire the Kindle ereader. New Kindle users get prompts to open one with Amazon during the setup, but it is not mandatory.

You can skip the stage and use the tablet without registering, but there are ups and downsides. For instance, you can’t access newer ebooks with discounted prices without an Amazon account, and you will find it challenging to sideload programs on the device.

Using without an Amazon account

On the other hand, without an Amazon account, chances are high that you won’t spend money on ebooks that the manufacturer provides, which may sometimes be pricey. Furthermore, Amazon cannot track your activities through your account for personalization. You can also give the tablet to your child for their entertainment since they cannot do any transactions without an active Amazon account.

Before you decide to skip creating an account with Amazon, it is vital to understand all the advantages and limitations. Amazon requires you to link the tablet to an account at the earliest stages of your setup. However, you can avoid the process by skipping the Wi-Fi configuration to later, and if a window asks you to create an Amazon account, you can avoid it too if not ready.

The steps may differ depending on the gadget you are using. Ultimately, it is best to avoid connecting it to the internet during the setup process since the device will use the network to take you to Amazon’s registration page. Registering your Kindle tablet to an Amazon account opens the doors to a vast library of fantastic ebooks, perfect if you are an avid reader.

You can still use your tablet to download free ebooks or share some titles from a friend’s laptop or phone without an account. However, with an Amazon account, you can get the best of both worlds and make your reading more exciting. Interestingly, the procedures involved in creating an account with Amazon are simple, and you can effortlessly join the group of e-readers whenever you change your mind.

The Kindle Is Worth Buying

The Kindle is a fan favorite for ebook reading; you should grab one if you cannot go a day without your novels. If you are worried about it being expensive, you should know that it comes in various designs, each with a different price tag. Therefore, you can find an affordable standard version if you don’t want the pricey versions like Oasis.

Others also think the Kindle is too tiny, but veteran users confirm that the size is ideal for reading since it is portable and convenient. Also, note that it is not mandatory to register your e-reader, and if you want to, you can add up to six devices and deregister some whenever you want.

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