Xbox Tips (Wireless Bluetooth Controller, Xbox One Play 360)

Xbox is an exciting video gaming console you can use to play a wide range of games. Xbox consoles come with controllers; some can connect to Bluetooth while others cannot. These capabilities vary depending on the type of Xbox console you are using.

So, which Xbox wireless controllers have Bluetooth? There are three versions of Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth, the 1537, 1697, and 1708. However, of the three, only 1708 has a built-in BT connection; you can easily use it on smart TVs, laptops, and phones. You can easily spot the 1537 model because it has the words “Day One 2013” boldly embossed on the front. The 1708 model also looks remarkably similar.

Playing games on Xbox consoles is captivating, given their unique features. These consoles come with controllers designed to enhance your gaming experience. However, gamers wonder which controllers have Bluetooth and can connect wirelessly.

There are three models of Xbox that have Bluetooth connections, these are 1537, 1697, and 1708. These models can connect via Bluetooth, meaning you can use them on devices like smart TVs, laptops, and phones.

Bluetooth controllers can function wirelessly, this prevents the need to deal with wires that can be challenging, especially for beginners. To enlighten you on Xbox controllers, this section discusses their crucial details and how their Bluetooth connection works.

Arguably, Xbox controllers are the most comfortable gamepads around. This tempts some gamers to use them on other gaming platforms. Bluetooth connectivity is one of the factors that make Xbox controllers quite useful. However, Bluetooth connectivity in Xbox controllers depends on the version you use.

Older versions don’t have this feature, meaning you have to use recent Xbox controllers. You can tell if a controller can connect to Bluetooth by checking its guide button; if it is the same material as the shoulder triggers, it is an older version that won’t likely connect to Bluetooth.

However, if it is the same plastic as the front of the controller, then it can connect to Bluetooth. If you are still unsure of the model you are using, you can open the battery compartment and see the model number inside. Knowing the version of the Xbox controller you are using will tell whether it connects to Bluetooth or not.

When dealing with Bluetooth Xbox controllers, some gamers wonder how they can connect them to PC. This is a common question given the many times gamers use Xbox controllers on PC. If the Xbox controller is Bluetooth enabled, connecting it to your PC is easier. To do so, start by navigating to your PC settings, then click on devices.

Remember that reaching the settings depends on the version of your computer. After clicking on devices, click on Bluetooth settings. Then, hold down the guide button on your Xbox controller to switch it on.

Ensure that the controller is charged to avoid connection problems. When the controller is switched on, press the tiny sync button on top to make the Xbox logo blink. If things go as planned, it should appear as an available Bluetooth device ready for connection. Simply click on it, and the two devices will be paired!

If you own 1697, 1537, or first-generation elite pad, you will have to buy an accessory to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity. For instance, there is the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 that replicates Xbox One’s radio frequency module.

This allows you to connect up to eight Xbox controllers to one PC wirelessly. Such connection is crucial, especially if you are playing multiplayer games with friends. If you like using headsets, you can also plug them into the Xbox controller.

To activate them, press the sync button on the dongle, then follow it up with the sync button on your Xbox controller. This should connect the headsets to your PC right away. Once the headset has connected, you can press the guide button to bring up the settings option.

This includes the Xbox friend list that you can edit to your preferences. You can also take screenshots for further evaluation or get basic performance statistics. The settings option also indicates tracking CPU, RAM and GPU usage. You can use this information to adjust the settings accordingly.

Can Xbox One Play With Xbox 360 Online?

If you are an Xbox One owner, you might be interested in playing games with other users online. However, not every gamer has Xbox One, some have Xbox 360 and other models. This brings us to the question; can these two gaming consoles play online?

Xbox One can play with Xbox 360 online. This is because online gaming prevents direct linkage between gaming consoles, meaning they don’t have to be compatible. Therefore, you can play Xbox One with Xbox 360 online without the need for compatibility. This section discusses how you can play interchangeably with the two gaming consoles.

When playing an Xbox 360 game on Xbox One, it is like you are playing on an Xbox 360 console. However, you can still play games on these consoles online. You can also use Xbox parties to chat while playing against other gamers in any game you choose. The ability to chat with other gamers is essential, especially if you are playing in groups. You can chat directly with teammates to discuss strategies and how you can attack enemies.

Apart from playing games on Xbox 360, gamers also wonder how you can play original Xbox games on Xbox One. If you are one of them, then you came to the right place. There are several steps you need to follow to play original Xbox games on Xbox One.

First, turn on your Xbox One and sign into your account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up and get the login credentials. Similarly, you can ask for a new password if you forgot the original one. After logging in, ensure that you are connected to Xbox Live.

This is a premium service that will let you enjoy a wide range of Xbox One games. In the Xbox Live profile, put the original Xbox game you wish to play. Remember that the game title must be available in the catalog for it to play.

Click on it to launch the download process — this is essential because Xbox downloads the necessary content to your profile. Once the download is complete, launch the game from the home screen. You can also opt to launch it from My Games and Apps.

Another common question regarding playing Xbox One with Xbox 360 online is whether Xbox One can support GTA V with 360. Since Xbox One can play Xbox 360 games, you can enjoy GTA V with your friends if you own a copy of it. However, this is only possible if you are using the Xbox 360 version of the game. In simpler terms, that is the only way GTA V is cross-platform on Xbox One.

Another concern is whether you be signed in Xbox One and 360 at the same time. The answer is yes. This is because Xbox allows users to be signed into multiple platforms and consoles at once. For example, you can be logged into Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and even PC gaming.

However, you cannot be signed in to more than one Xbox 360 at the same time. If you try doing that, you will be automatically signed out from the first console. The only way you can run two Xbox 360 accounts at the same time is by using different accounts.

One of the exciting features about the Xbox One is that it is typically three consoles in one: the Xbox One itself, the original Xbox, and Xbox 360. This is the case because Xbox One features backward compatibility, which allows gamers to play games originally made for older consoles.

While Xbox One has backward compatibility, it is not the case with Xbox 360. This console is one of the latest models and cannot play games designed for older consoles. Therefore, when deciding which games to play, you must consider their release date and whether they are compatible with your console.

Can Xbox One Controller Work With Xbox 360?

Playing games on Xbox 360 is captivating given its wide range of exciting features. While it has its Xbox 360 controllers, some people wonder if controllers from the console versions can work on it. One particular concern is if Xbox One controllers can work with the Xbox 360 console.

Xbox One controller cannot work with Xbox 360. This is because the two consoles are not compatible with each other. Users with both consoles have tried it and it does not work. In fact, Microsoft, the makers of Xbox console, stated that Xbox One controllers cannot work on 360. This means that the Xbox One controller only works with Xbox One console.

Similarly, Xbox 360 controllers only work with Xbox 360 console. When dealing Xbox controllers, there are some common problems you are likely to experience. Knowing how to handle such problems is vital for your gaming experience. For that reason, this section will discuss some of the common Xbox controller problems and how you can fix them.

The common problem is the controller getting disconnected during a firmware update. If your Xbox controller was disconnected during a firmware upgrade, it will not function efficiently until the firmware is recovered. To do so, you need to upgrade the firmware from scratch. The process needs several requirements to function properly — for instance, there must be a reliable internet connection.

In such cases, you need to know that the wireless on Xbox controllers is nonfunctional. Therefore, the connection must be done over a USB cable rather than wirelessly. If you are having challenges getting the controller to turn in, remove its batteries for about 15 minutes before recovery to fix the problem.

You can plug the controller into the PC or console to fix the problem. Methods vary depending on the type of console or PC you need. This enhances the controller firmware recovery.

When faced with a situation where PC recovery requires Windows 10 as a prerequisite, Windows 7/8.x might not work. This is because newer versions of Windows 10 don’t require a Microsoft Account for the download, while older versions do.

Users with older versions of Windows 10 might need to convert one of the accounts on the computer to a Microsoft profile. Alternatively, you can log into the Store without altering the account.

You might also experience a situation where the Xbox controller does not function on the computer. When the controller is plugged into the computer using a USB cable, the controller might not function. In Windows 8 and 7, the Xbox One controller is known to fail automatic driver installation.

This is a common problem that most gamers experience when playing Xbox One. It is caused by the lack of drivers bundled with the available operating systems. To make matters worse, you are likely to experience detection issues in some areas.

Generally, the standard Xbox controller offers two driver options: Limited accounts and Standard accounts. Remember that correcting the issue by manually installing the driver needs you to have administrator passwords. Without them, you cannot log in and fix the issue.

Xbox controllers might also fail to connect to the console. This is one of the common problems experienced by Xbox users. There are several reasons why that is the case. For instance, it could be due to low batteries.

It is vital to charge controller batteries to avoid connection problems. If the batteries are low, the controller’s wireless signal strength might be weak. This makes it difficult to connect with the console.

If charging them does not fix the problem, you might have to replace them. Alternatively, you can switch off your console and let it remain inactive for about 15 minutes. This can fix then controller connection problems.

Wrap Up

Xbox consoles come with controllers equipment with different capabilities. Some of the controllers can connect with Bluetooth, meaning you don’t have to use wires. Some of the Xbox controller models that have Bluetooth connectivity are the 1537, 1697, and 1708. You can use these Xbox controllers on devices like smart TVs, phones, and laptops.

One common question gamers ask themselves is whether Xbox One can play with Xbox 360 online. The answer is yes. This is possible because online platforms don’t need consoles to be compatible. As a result, you can play with another person using different gaming consoles.

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