Terraria Armor Tips (Spectre Armor, Modifiers, Gun Parts)

The Spectre Armor, consisting of the Spectre Robe and Pants, with the Spectre Mask or Hood, is a must-have for anyone interested in a magic build in Terraria. I understand that the type of Spectre Armor you can choose in Terraria is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, which Spectre Armor should I choose in Terraria? The choice of a Spectre Armor will vary depending on the player, considering that each set of Spectre Armor has limitations to its efficiency. One of the options you can take is having the Spectre Mask and Spectre Hood and switching between them throughout the game, depending on the situation. This way, you will keep yourself alive and manage the continuous damages.

The Spectre Armor, in Hardmode, is available to players after defeating the Planetera boss. It reduces the damage from magic, converts it to a healing force, and boosts magic weapons. Therefore, which Spectre Armor should one choose in Terraria?

Between the Spectre Robe, Spectre Pants, and the Spectre Hood and Mask, you can choose the Spectre Hood and Mask since you can use them interchangeably; however, it depends on your tactics and the mission at hand.

If you choose the Spectre Hood and Mask, you should keep both of them and store the one you are not using in the decorative slot. As long as your health is high, the Mask will serve you well. However, if you need to recharge, then switch to the Hood.

If a player wears a full Spectre set, the effect will manifest white orbs when they hit their enemy with a magic weapon. This effect is dependent on the headpiece option. For instance, with the Spectre Mask, you expect the orbs to act as homing projectiles. On the other hand, the orbs will travel to a player and heal them if you select the Spectre Hood as your headpiece option.

In Terraria, you can get the Spectre Armor through crafting. The entire Spectre Armor set features four pieces of armor, including the Spectre Robe, Spectre Pants, and the Spectre Hood and Mask, which are the helmet variants.

Crafting each piece of the Spectre Armor requires materials including the Spectre Bar, Chlorophyte bar, and Ectoplasm. The Chlorophyte bar and Ectoplasm are mostly necessary for Nintendo players. With the required materials, you can proceed to an Orichalcum Anvil or Mythril Anvil for crafting.

The Spectre Hood’s healing and the Spectre Mask’s damage feature efficacy limitations. For the Spectre Hood healing, the basis of the healing is Life Steal, recharging by 30 each second up to a maximum of 80/70. Thus, in constant combat, healing will be at 30 health per second, with an original burst of 80/70.

The basis for damage in the Spectre Mask is the Ghost Damage, while the damage dealt in every hit drains this stat. Depending on your console, the Ghost Damage will recharge by 400/ 250/150 up to a maximum of 1500/1000 every second.

A player wearing a full set with either of the helmet options will be translucent, with a ghostly appearance. Equally, a player will be translucent if they ride a Minecart. On a full set of Spectre Armor, you should also expect a translucent appearance as dyes are invisible.

Depending on the helmet you wear, you can get a bonus in the game. If you wear a full set of Spectre Armor, you will get a bonus, enabling you to perform any magic to your enemies and release projectiles that will take homage to other enemies or the original target if there is no enemy in the vicinity. On the other hand, if the Spectre Hood is equipped, the 20 percent of the magic you will deal with will return to you with the lowest current HP. This magic damage will also decrease by 40%.

Can Armor Have Modifiers in Terraria?

Modifiers in Terraria apply permanent changes to an item’s stat. Therefore, can armor have modifiers in Terraria?

There is a 75 percent chance of getting random armor modifiers in Terraria when you craft an armor. If this does not happen, you can rely on the universal armor modifier or reforge the armor with Goblin Tinkerer NPC. Some of the best modifiers in Terraria include Godly, Legendary, Demonic, Unreal, and Mythical.

The Godly modifier is ideal for melee weapons that you cannot modify their speed or size. For other melee weapons, you can work with the Legendary modifier. The Demonic modifier is suitable for ranged weapons lacking the knockback, while the Unreal is ideal for the rest of the weapons in this category. Mythical modifiers are ideal for magic weapons with knockback.

Universal modifiers are available on all types of weapons. The Godly or Demonic modifier is the best in this category. Their difference is in the knockback, as highlighted above. Even then, the knockback is a non-beneficial stat, with this difference being negligible, such that these two rank the same.

Reforging, provided by the Goblin Tinkerer, applies a random modifier to an item in exchange for coins. This service allows players to add extra stats to armor, weapons, and accessories and uses the same technique as enchanting. You can reforge an item once, but replacement can occur severally.

A reforge offers greater stat boosts with a higher Rarity of an item. Reforging adds a modifier to an item or replaces an existing modifier. At the end of this activity, you should modify all items. You should note that you cannot reforge armor, vanity items, and special tools like the Grappling Hook.

By purchasing a reforge from the Goblin Tinkerer’s interface, you can apply better or worse stats to the item in question. This could include improved damage, better movement speed, or the improvement of the item’s defense bonus. Possible modifications could also include making the items in question less desirable. This could include making a weapon cause less damage or slow its firing speed.

Weapons and accessories have different lists of their buffs and debuffs. When you reforge an item, this action randomly chooses the applicable buff or debuff from the respective list. If you reforge multiple times, this action will not stack the items, rather, the recent reforge will overwrite existing buffs on the item. Thus, you can reforge an item as many times as you wish without facing any penalty.

To add a modifier through the Goblin Tinkerer, you will need the Goblin Tinkerer, obtainable after defeating the Goblin army, an amount of money depending on the item’s value you want to reforge, and the weapon or accessory in question.

Start by talking to Goblin Tinkerer and select Reforge from the populate options. Next, place the items you want to reforge in the box that pops below the inventory. You will see a small grey hammer below the listed cost, which will reforge the item in question for the listed price when you click.

If you are using an old generation console or a mobile version, you can reforge by clicking the reforge tab. Next, speak to Goblin Tinkerer and click the reforge button. This action will pull up the inventory and highlight items you can reforge. These items are those that a shadow cannot hide. You can move your cursor over these items and press the reforge button once on the items you want to reforge.

To add modifiers, the Goblin Tinkerer will charge a third of the item’s current value, equivalent to one-third of its base value or 5/3 of its selling price. If you want to lower the reforge cost, you can utilize the Discount Card or Greedy Ring, which cuts it by 20 percent. Also, the current modifiers will affect an item’s value. Thus, items with poor modifiers will be cheaper to reforge while already well-modified items will be expensive.

What Can You Make With Illegal Gun Parts in Terraria?

As their name suggests, Illegal guns are prohibited in Terraria yet useful crafting materials. If you possess illegal gun parts or know how to obtain them, I will help you know their importance and what you can make with them.

Illegal gun parts in Terraria are one of the crafting materials useful in making the Flamethrower, Megashark, and Sandgun. You will have to transact with the Arms Dealer at night since such trade is illegal to get these gun parts. The Arms Dealer is an important NPC in the game. In addition to the illegal gun parts, he will also sell you Ammo and the Minishark.

To find the Arms Dealer, you will need first to gain the Ammo and then get the gun. Getting the gun is easier than the Ammo, and with the Ammo at hand, you are a step closer to the arms dealer.

From here, go underground to the Shadow Orb, where a musket will drop, enabling you to get to the Arms Dealer. However, you will need to do several explorations, and once you get a gun that can fire bullets from your inventory, the Arms Dealer will appear.

The Megashark is a Minishark Hardmode upgrade. Thus, before crafting it, you will need your hands on the Minishark. Getting a Minishark will require you to put in the effort. You can purchase it from the Arms Dealer at 35 Gold Coins, hence demanding in Pre-Hardmode.

Given its high cost in Pre-Hardmode, it is advisable to wait until you are in Hardmode to buy it as your enemies will drop more money. Once you acquire your Minishark, the next step is to make more shark-Ys. This implies collecting five shark fins by killing sharks in the ocean biome.

In as much as the Megashark is a good gun, it is illegal, and getting some of its parts will have to be a night trade to keep things quiet. Thus, your final step will be to get the Souls of Might, making this item super.

Souls of Might are difficult to get, but you can acquire it easily from the Destroyer boss if you have a piercing weapon. Once you gather all the above pieces, take your Minishark, five shark fins, the twenty Souls of Might, and one illegal Gun Part to a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil to craft your Megashark.

The Flamethrower is another powerful weapon in Terraria, dealing with 55 damages per second with an average shot of about 30. To craft the Flamethrower, you will need twenty iron or lead ingot made in a normal furnace in the respective ore.

You will also need twenty souls of fright, which drop after killing the Skeletron Prime. Lastly, you will need illegal gun parts, attainable from the merchant at night at 20 gold coins. Once you collect all the parts you need, like in the making of the Megashark, proceed to the anvil and craft the Flamethrower.

While using this weapon, you should be aware of its setbacks. For instance, it can, from time to time, impose the On Fire debuff on you and your friendly characters, making you lose up to four health units. To eliminate this effect, you will have to go into the water to neutralize the debuff.

Lastly, you can craft the Sandgun using the one illegal gun parts, five topaz, and ten Antlion mandibles. This gun causes low damage and can cause sand clumping where you fire. Like the Flamethrower, you should be cautious when using this gun, as it can create sandy messes. Also, it can block you from landing a hit on your enemy, making it a difficult gun to use against enemies.


When playing Terraria, you are likely to have a different Spectre choice from other players, considering each set has its limitations. Even then, you can consider both the Spectre Hood and Spectre Mask and switch between them depending on your situation. This way, you will manage the damages and keep yourself alive.

To apply permanent changes to an item stat in Terraria, you will utilize modifiers. Armors in Terraria have up to a 75 percent chance of getting a modifier. However, if you do not succeed, you can reforge or rely on the universal armor modifiers.

Finally, you can use illegal gun parts in Terraria to craft materials, including Sandgun, Megashark, and Flamethrower. Getting these parts requires illegal transactions with the Arms Dealer at night. Even with the risks in this venture, the benefits you will reap from the crafted materials make it a worthy hassle.

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