Kindle Books Storage (Where On Android and Mac?)

One of the ways you can use your Android device is to read eBooks. EBooks are available in different formats, with Amazon’s Kindle and pdf being the most popular. This article will help you know where Android Kindle Books are stored.

So, where are Android Kindle Books Stored? Android Kindle books are available on Android/data/com.overdrive/files folder. Once on this folder, you will see other folders with a name corresponding to the book names. You can tap on these folders to read your books. Adding and removing your Kindle folder is possible with a few mouse clicks.

If you are a book lover having difficulty tracing your Kindle books, read the rest of the sections to find out where kindle books are stored on Android and Mac. 

Generally, you do not need an Amazon Kindle to read a book on your Android. However, you require an Amazon account to buy and download the book. You can read the book online on Amazon servers, but if you want offline access, you can use the copy saved on your device.

Android Kindle books are stored in the Android/data/com.overdrive/files folder. To access this folder, you will sign into your Google account, navigate the file manager, and tap Export to Device. Once in the above folder, you can tap on a book to open it. The file will be in Mobi format, and you can select your preferred file manager application to open it.

Another option for accessing your Android Kindle books is through your PC. To do this, long press the book in question and manage its properties upon selecting the title. Next, you can use the Kindle app to sync your books and if you have multiple books, send them to your android device.

Reading Kindle books is possible in offline and online modes. Online reading requires an internet connection to access them directly from the Amazon server. On the other hand, you should download your books to your Android device if you want offline access or read the book from your Kindle app.

The Kindle app is a free-to-download app, and you can find it in all App Stores on your Android device. If you are using Google Play Store, navigate the search window and type Kindle. Next, tap the Kindle icon to download it to your Android device.

Launch your Kindle app, then register it with your Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account at this point, you can create a free one and proceed to buy books online. Registration and book purchase will require an internet connection.

Kindle Newbies

If you are new to Kindle and do not have any books in your Library, you can take advantage of the free books available on the Amazon website or buy more. To go to the Kindle eBook store, scroll to the bottom and tap Store. You can then download the free books to your device. Your Kindle library will also sync the books you bought with their highlights, related notes, and the last page you read.

While users could buy books directly from Kindle, there are certain limitations with Android devices. Therefore, users should utilize the Amazon Store to buy books. To do this, open the Kindle Store on Amazon and sign in with your Kindle Android app.

Next, search for the book you want and tap on it. Select the Kindle edition on the product page and tap the Buy Now button to deliver your book. You can also use the dropdown below the Buy Now to deliver your book to your Kindle Library.

With all your books in the Library, you can read by tapping a title to open the book. Holding down a letter will allow you to add notes, highlight a section, or do other activities. At times, you may not see your downloaded books on Kindle, as they are saved in the cloud first before downloading to your device. If this happens to you, ensure an active internet connection, then sync your Kindle. Turning off filters on your home screen may also help you trace your books on Kindle.

Transferring Kindle books

Transferring Kindle books from your Android device to another device is also possible. You can do this to save on space on your phone or for easier reading if you move the books to your PC. To transfer your Kindle books through USB, start by connecting your devices with a USB cable.

Next, navigate Amazon’s website and go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page. Select the title of the book you want to transfer in the Content list and tap Download and Transfer via USB on the pop-up window. You will receive onscreen prompts that you should follow to complete the transfer.

Upon completing a book, you may want to delete it from Kindle. To do this, search the book you want to delete and long press. A pop-up will appear, and you should tap Remove Download. Alternatively, you can tap the trash icon to delete the book. Deleted books are still available on the Amazon account, and you can download them to your Kindle library when necessary.

While deleting books from Kindle is easy, rarely will users find it necessary unless they run out of storage. This will take a while as books consume less space than other files on your device. Most Kindles have up to 8GB of storage, and it may take over 300 books to fill this space.

To check how much space is left, navigate the Home page on your Kindle app and tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Next, tap Settings, Device Options, then Device Info. A popup window will populate at the bottom of your screen, displaying the space available.

Where does Kindle save books on a Mac?

The Kindle app is a lifesaver for book lovers as they can use it with their Mac devices to read books in friendly fonts, free of disruptions. However, if you are new to Kindle, you may find it challenging to access your books on Mac.

While you can easily download the books from the app, they will not go to your Downloads folder but instead will be saved in a different location, which most users have difficulty tracing. If you have this challenge even after buying several books on Amazon, read the rest of the sections to find out where Kindle saves your books.

Kindle will save books on Mac in the My Kindle content, available in My Kindle Content folder. This is contrary to popular opinion of the books being in the Downloads folder or somewhere on the hard disc. Amazon has cloud-based storage from which you can download the books you buy. By accessing the My Kindle Content Folder, you can find your downloaded kindle books on your Mac PC or other Mac device.

With the My Kindle Content being the main location for your Kindle books, you can explore two alternatives to get your books on Mac. The first is the app download on the AppStore, and the second is for apps from the PlayStore.

Installing Kindle on a Mac

Installing Kindle is possible directly from the Amazon website or your App Store. You can also download this app from other websites on the internet. If you download Kindle from another site apart from the app store, your route to the My Kindle content will be Users > User name > Library > Application > Kindle >My Kindle Content.

To get to your Kindle book location with the latter path, double click your Kindle Application to open it, and on the Kindle menu, select Preferences. Navigate to the Content folder on the open window. You can then hover your mouse on the last folder name, and a pop-up will show the complete path.

Using the Kindle app on Mac is advantageous as, without this app, you will have to search the books every time you open the app. Also, keeping track of the chapters and pages you last read would be challenging without this app.

Hence, it is vital for Kindle to store your books on MacOS to save you time and hassle when reading your books. By downloading Kindle Books on your Mac, you can enjoy offline reading while traveling on a plane or camping, where internet access is limited.

If you are new to Kindle and want to get books to save on your Mac for offline reading, start by logging in to with your credentials. If you do not have one, you can create one for free.

Afterward, navigate the search window and enter the book name followed by Kindle. You will get a selection of free and reasonably priced books that you can buy. With a premium membership, you will have even more books in your search results. When you buy a book, it will go into your Library.

Kindle App vs Kindle Website

Reading your books on Kindle is possible through two approaches, the app and the website. The app offers a convenient way to read Kindle books with just one click. It also has extra features that make reading more enjoyable.

To access your books through the Kindle app on Mac, start downloading the app from the Appstore, open the App Store, and on the search window, type Kindle, select the Kindle app compatible with your Mac, and press Download. Alternatively, download his App from the Amazon website.

Once you download your app, open it on your Mac, and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to enter your Amazon credentials. By signing in, you will get a redirect to the Kindle homepage. If you have the Kindle app on your other devices and have bought books through your Amazon account, your app will auto-sync your Library and your saved information.

Once the sync is complete, your Kindle library will open and display your books. Tap Download to see the books in your download and PDFs for other content available in other formats apart from eBooks.

If you are completely new to Kindle or want to add books to your Library, you will have to download new books. Creating a shortcut at this point, especially if you use Kindle regularly, is advisable to ensure easy access to your books.

With all your purchased books available on your Kindle Library, you can double-click on any to open and start reading. If you are entirely new to Kindle and do not have an established eBook library, you can browse through the Amazon store for free and paid books. Most of the book titles have reviews that you can review before purchase.

Kindle Cloud Reader

The Kindle cloud reader is convenient if you do not want to clutter your Mac with apps. To do this, open your chosen browser and navigate the Kindle Cloud Reader website. While here, log in with your Amazon account credentials.

If you already have books in your Kindle Library, you can browse through your collection. The recent titles will display first, but you can change this setting using the dropdown menu on the top left corner of your screen.

You can then double-click a book to open it and read directly from the Kindle Cloud website. The Kindle Cloud Reader also allows you to download your books for later reading while offline. To do this, click your book cover, then select the Download and Pin option on the drop-down.

You may want to change your book storage on Mac if you have a spacious drive or for other reasons. To do this, open the General Window and click Change under the Content Folder section. Next, create or select the folder where you want to store your books. Kindle will then move your books and the relevant data to the new storage.

Wrap Up

If you are a book lover, taking advantage of eBooks is advisable, given their convenience. You can download your books and read them offline anytime as long as your device has enough charge.

The Kindle app makes book reading even more convenient by allowing users to download and read books from the Amazon site. However, most users find it challenging to trace their downloaded books, but by following the specific paths in the article above, you can access and read your books from your phone or Mac.

When you download a book on Kindle, it may take some time to be available on your device. When this happens, check your internet connection, sync your device and check your books in their respective locations on Mac and Android. Also, while it may take time before your book collection fills your device memory, you can delete them from your Kindle app if need be.

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