Kindle Book Release Time (Free Books, Number of Books)

Kindle is an Amazon product that contains thousands of eBooks. E-readers use the platform to access a wide range of books all in one place. Kindle is highly efficient and beneficial because it can hold a large catalog of books irrespective of their size.

So, what time do Kindle books release? It takes between 24 hours to 72 hours for Kindle books to release. The Amazon review period allows readers to evaluate available books and choose their favorite ones. After the review period, you cannot change the book’s listing information. Keep in mind that uploading new files after the review period is also not possible. The author also influences the time it takes Kindle to release a book.

Kindle is one of the most popular e-reading platforms in the world. Launched by Amazon, Kindle has thousands of books you can read and access online. However, some users wonder what time Kindle books are released.

It takes between 24 to 72 hours for Kindle books to release. The time it takes the platform to make new books available depends on the type of book and its size. Some books take shorter to be uploaded, especially if their demand is high.

Once the book has been uploaded on the platform, changes cannot be made to its listing information. A new file can also not be uploaded. Authors are encouraged to upload books at least seven days prior to release. Doing it even sooner makes it easier to process.

When Kindle was first conceptualized, it wasn’t a dedicated e-book reader device. Given that it was of its kind, it didn’t have much competition. This is the case because there was no significant market for e-book readers.

Similarly, many people were not interested in reading books online but rather physically. What propelled Kindle to massive success a few years later was its one big advantage over other ebook readers: being an Amazon product.

Kindle benefits heavily from the fact that it is an Amazon product. It enjoys a seamless integration with Amazon, a giant online store that hosts millions of books and similar data.

Because Kindle is wireless, you can access Amazon without connecting it to a computer. This means that Kindle can hold your favorite books, which prevents the need to use a computer and access them online.

With this platform, you can purchase or subscribe to an electronic version of a book on Amazon. After that, you can download it and read it on Amazon. The time it takes to access a new book depends on its release date.

High-selling books are sometimes more difficult to access due to demand. The large customer base of Amazon means there is a significantly large audience for e-books. There are also lots of self-published authors and publishers that want to join the e-book market.

This makes Kindle a highly lucrative platform for reading and accessing online books. It is also a great investment for investors.

Why use a Kindle?

But why would you want to use a platform like Kindle? Being a digital e-book program, Kindle can hold many book titles. Most premium Kindle platforms have sufficient storage that can hold thousands of books.

For instance, the $90 Kindle, which is the lowest model, comes with 8GB of storage. Keep in mind that ebooks come in different sizes; some could be as high as a thousand pages, while others have only a few. Even better, the original Kindle comes with a port that allows you to save your favorite books on a memory card.

This can extend the device’s capacity and make it easy for you to access your book. You don’t have to search for the book you are currently reading because it will be automatically updated. Most of the most recent Kindle models don’t have memory card slots but can get Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite.

Any of these options can be configured to 32GB storage. If you want more space, you can take advantage of the free online storage offered by Amazon. This means that if you run out of space, you will have a backup plan.

The high memory capacity that comes with most Kindle platforms makes it convenient for travelers. Thanks to the high storage, you don’t have to worry about packing heavy books. Instead, you will use a lighter and more organized Kindle.

This will keep you entertained and distracted in case of a long trip. If you decide that you want something different, you can access Amazon and purchase a new book. This is only possible if you travel in the country or anywhere Amazon offers its services.

The unique thing is that the biggest Kindle users are older people and baby boomers. Old folks enjoy Kindle because it makes the book print look larger. Therefore, those with eye problems can easily read the book. Millennials seem to prefer paperbound books. The use of Kindle has been on a significant rise in recent years as more people discover its worth.

How Many Kindle Books Do I Have?

E-readers are preferred for many reasons — they are environmentally conscious, lightweight, and give you access to many online books. The fact that they are substantially cheaper than traditional books also makes them more popular. Some users wonder how many books Kindle can hold.

A Kindle can hold up to several thousands of books, depending on their size. If the Kindle model you use is 4GB, you can fit at least 1,000 average-length books on the device. Kindle models with larger sizes like 8GB will hold at least 3,100 books. A 32GB Kindle model, which is the largest one, can hold up to 15,100 books.

Some users find it difficult to tell the exact number of books they have on Kindle. Thankfully, there are several ways you can determine the exact number of books you have and the space used up.

Doing so is helpful since it lets you manage the space appropriately. As most smartphone users know, electronic devices don’t have quite the same storage as they are advertised. The same applies to Kindle.

If Kindle has 8G storage, almost 2GB of that space will be used for its operating system and other necessary files. This means a Kindle Paperwhite with 8GB storage only has about 6.2GB of space.

Therefore, when thinking about the number of books you can have on Kindle, you should consider the space. Nonetheless, the remaining space is still large enough to hold as many books as possible.

To determine the number of books Kindle can hold, divide its storage space by the average book size. There is 1,000MB in a GB, which translates to 6,230MB worth of storage in an 8GB Kindle after deducting the storage consumed by the operating system.

An average-sized book on Kindle is 2MB, meaning there are about 3,115 books in an 8GB Kindle! The average size of an e-book varies depending on the total number of books it has.

Kindle Book space usage

Generally, most ebooks are very small compared to the total space available on Kindle. This is the case despite having different page counts and volumes. Irrespective of their sizes, e-books on Kindle end up having similar amounts of space once they have been compressed into a Mobi file.

A good example is The Lost Daughter, a book by Elena Ferrante. The book is only about 160 pages but takes up 1.8MB of space. Ordinary People by Sally Rooney takes up only 1.5MB, despite having over 304 pages.

Larger books like Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter, which have around 700 pages, don’t take up much space either. The many pages shrink down to just 3.3MB on Kindle. Americanah, a 588-paged book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, only takes up 2.6MB on Kindle.

This shows that the space a book takes up on Kindle is relatively small despite its original size. Most books on the platform are between 300 and 400 pages, so the average space a book takes up on Kindle is 2MB. However, it is vital to note that some books can take up to 5MB of space depending on their features.

Why Are Books Free on Kindle?

Kindle is an established e-reader platform with thousands of books. You can easily access your favorite book on this platform despite its release date or size. However, some users wonder why there are free books on Kindle.

The most common reason why books are free on Kindle is that it is a public domain. From a legal point of view, this aspect makes it free to access various books on Kindle. However, you need to understand each book’s copyright details. For instance, there are different time limits on how long the books can be on the platform and different restrictions on printing.

The copyright law varies by jurisdiction (in a country) and is changed over time. Kindle is a public domain, and when a book is in the public domain, it is owned by the public. In fact, anybody can do anything they want with the material, including trading it.

Another reason books are free on Kindle is that they don’t need to pay royalties, nor do they need anyone’s permission. This is one of the reasons why there are hundreds of editions of Romeo and Juliet.

While all editions are true papers, they are much easier to publish. You won’t have a difficult time publishing an ebook; the same can’t be said about p-books. You might be wondering, why do people go to the effort to produce a free e-book of public domain material?

One of the answers to this question is simply altruism. A good example of this point is Project Gutenberg, an e-book done by Michael Harts. The platform is one of the earliest e-book sites, making it a highly valuable platform.

Some sites use PG books as source material due to the varying content. It can also be thought that people put up free books on the platform as advertisements on the website and books. The traffic these books attract makes Kindle an ideal platform for advertising.

While most books are free on the platform, others might do it for the glory. They might do it to entice people to get non-free books. Remember that Kindle is a public domain, meaning that any purchase must be made from Amazon.

Promotional titles

Books are also free on Kindle due to promotional titles. A quick check shows that there are about 300 free promotional titles on Kindle. While this is a common phrase, some people don’t understand what it means.

Generally, a promotional phrase is offered by an individual or organization who has the right to charge for it but chooses not to. The rights to the book are limited to the author who chooses to share them with the public. This means you can use that material but cannot sell it.

Authors put up promotional titles for a wide range of reasons. For instance, it can be to promote the sale of other books. When a promotional title is in the public domain, more people will be interested in reading other books written by the author.

Publishers offer the first book for free and then hope that someone will buy more of their books. Mostly, promoted titles are enticing and attract readers to other books by the author. This tactic has proven effective as many readers buy books after reading promotional titles. This is one of the reasons why Amazon and Kindle have hundreds of promotional titles.


Kindle is one of the most established e-readers in the world. The platform has thousands of books that you can access with ease. Even better, these books are free of charge because they are in the public domain. It takes between 24 to 72 hours for Kindle books to release.

The time it takes to access a new release on Kindle depends on the size of the book and the author. A Kindle can hold up to several thousands of books, depending on their size. The most common reason books are free on Kindle is that it is a public domain. While these books are free, you cannot download and use them outside the Kindle platform.

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