Bedrock In Minecraft (Here’s what you need to know)

Minecraft introduces you to a fascinating world of wonder with incredible features to explore. Therefore, whether you are new to the game or a veteran player, you must have seen the bedrock and wondered what lies beneath it or whether you can break into it.

So, what is under bedrock in Minecraft? There is nothing under the bedrock, only an infinite empty black void. This space is the bottom of the overworld, the nether, and the cliff at the end of the game. If an item or a character (including you and mobs) fall below the bedrock, they will keep dropping and never return unless they can teleport. It explains why the layer is unbeatable if you are in survival mode.

As a curious Minecraft enthusiast, you may have wondered what to expect beneath the solid bedrock block. In this guide, I will clarify what is under the bedrock in Minecraft, how to get below the bedrock in Minecraft, if nether is under the bedrock, if the bedrock is the bottom of Minecraft, and if you can build under the bedrock. Read on to find out the fascinating secrets in Minecraft.

There are different realms in Minecraft, but you will notice the bedrock in any mode you play. Therefore, I investigated the hidden world under this solid block, both on Creative or Survival gameplay, and here’s what I discovered.

When you break the bedrock, you get to the void, particularly when at the overworld, the nether, or the cliff at the end of the game. The vacuum is a dark space that lies under the last bedrock layer, and it is infinite.

When you fall into it, you will keep going down until you die, marking the end of the game. It is an instant death when you are on Creative or Survival Mode. Therefore, you cannot build in the space or conduct any activity beneath the bedrock. Mobs will also die when they get to the void, and you won’t recover any item that falls there.

When playing on Creative Mode, you first get to the bedrock layer, then get under it in overworld or nether. You will then find the void, and since it is an infinite space, you will keep falling until the end of the game. On the contrary, you can get to the void in overworld or nether on Survival Mode after breaking the bedrock on Creative mode, then alternating back to Survival.

If you manage to get under the bedrock on Survival mode, you will get stuck indefinitely; hence, a sudden death when anyone falls below. Generally, nothing happens in the void, meaning that you cannot build or survive under it and cannot retrieve any items that drop into it.

You will only keep falling, meaning game over for you. Mobs will also automatically die in that space, although Endermen hardly fall into the void due to their teleportation abilities.

How Do You Get Below Bedrock in Minecraft?

You will likely bump into various blocks in Minecraft, and, fortunately, most of them are easy to break as long as you have a suitable tool. However, bedrock blocks are exceptional and meant to be indestructible. Therefore, the only way to get through them is to exploit vulnerabilities in the game.

One of the easiest methods to break the bedrock is by using ender pearls. You can look for a two-block space and stay beneath the top layer of the nether. Next, fling the pearl directly into the distance, then jump, and you will soon be in the bedrock.

This strategy involves an ender pearl glitch that teleports you beneath the block. As a result, when you throw another pearl, it will go over the block and bring you back to the top. Although there are other ways to get under this tough layer, the ender pearl version is straightforward since you can easily find all the materials you need. On the downside, you may need many pearls to succeed, which is pretty risky.

Initially, the developers designed bedrock to be an unbeatable layer at the foot of the overworld and the ceiling and floor of the nether. However, when on creative Mode, you will realize that you can break through it as a stable block. In contrast, you can only get under it in survival mode by manipulating glitches in the system, and there are several ways to do that.

However, the developer, Mojang, knows these schemes and works tirelessly to seal off these loopholes. It may seem like a pointless venture but getting under bedrock has its perks. For instance, you can use the strategy to go long distances through nether or get to the void. It will also come in handy to break through some complex blocks like end gateways and the exit.

Is the Nether under the Bedrock?

There are various realms and dimensions in Minecraft, each with a particular purpose and design. You must have come across the nether and the bedrock, but one pressing question is which layer is above the other.

The bedrock lies at the top and bottom of the nether. Usually, there is a bedrock layer on the floor of the overworld, which stands at around 256 blocks, while the nether is 127 blocks tall. It is a menacing land containing flames, fungi vegetation, and brutal mobs.

Since there is a bedrock layer at the top and bottom of the nether, you can only build on the bedrock, and it becomes challenging to construct anything below it in the overworld or the nether.

If you want to get to the nether, you should first design a portal in the overworld but note that you cannot create one at the end since it won’t activate. The only way to make this is using an obsidian rectangular-shaped frame of at least 4 by 5 or 23 by 23.

When you are done making the frame, you can activate it by putting fire inside it. Here, you can use any material at your disposal, whether a fire charge or a flint, if it can cause sparks and create flames.

The nether is one of the most infamous realms in Minecraft, especially in terms of danger, explaining why it is under the bedrock. It has lava, hostile mobs, fire, and an exceptional cave-like landscape without a sky.

The lava, glowstones, and portals serve as the dimension’s primary light sources since it doesn’t have a daylight cycle or a weather pattern. You will mostly come across fire and lava, and there is usually fog in the distance. Lastly, the nether integrates into numerous biomes, each with specific landscapes and structures.

Is Bedrock the Bottom of Minecraft?

If you are a Minecraft enthusiast, it means that you are always curious about all the hidden worlds of the game. Therefore, it would be thrilling to know that you haven’t explored a particular dimension yet because it means more adventure.

The bedrock is the last layer in Minecraft because there is only an infinite void below it. If you fall through the space, you die after a few seconds, and it means permanent loss of your entire inventory. You can bump into it at the floor of the overworld, and it is the roof and ground in nether.

The rock is typically the last few layers of Minecraft world and is reputably one of the most indestructible blocks in Survival Mode. However, you can get through it in Creative Mode, and there are some mods you can deploy on Survival, although risky.

The bedrock was included by Minecraft development a few days after the launch of the game. Therefore, it came earlier than features like lava and water. If you get to the bottom of the overworld, you will find the robust bedrock layer, especially on Survival Mode. Being the toughest Minecraft Material, there’s no tool in the game that can burst it open unless you manipulate the system using glitches.

However, you can take advantage of the Creative Mode since you can break any block you want. The bedrock is purposely hard because it is the bottom of the game, and, below it, lies a void. No object or character goes through this space and emerges except if it has teleportation powers. When you fall for a few seconds, you die, and you cannot recover your inventory.

Can You Build Under the Bedrock?

The bedrock in Minecraft is an indestructible block found below the overworld that prevents players from going deeper into the game by limiting their movements. The bedrock layer also differs depending on your game’s edition. Therefore, you may wonder if it is possible to build below the bedrock.

It is impossible to build under the bedrock because the space below the layer is empty in every realm. The block is unbreakable. However, if you play in other editions like the Creative Mode, you can break the rock using some glitches in the game.

If you try falling into the void to explore, there are high chances that you will die and end your game. Fortunately, some modes allow you to keep playing even when you go below the y=0. The zero block is likely tough to keep players away for them to focus on their gameplay.

Unlike in the overworld, the void under the bedrock doesn’t support any activity. However, the rock above it is a gold mine. It is challenging and time-consuming to break using some of the best mining tools in Minecraft. Furthermore, there are editions where you cannot penetrate the bedrock or split it for personal use.

The blocks can be helpful material to build a robust base for mobs. Players may need to construct houses in the safest places possible. Unfortunately, the bedrock isn’t an ideal location. A good base requires a rigid foundation, unlike the space beneath the bedrock, which is entirely void.

Alternatively, a suitable place to build a house is within a mountain block or on top of the plateau, where you can quickly notice when danger is approaching. Additionally, avoid constructing houses under mountains and tree shades to ensure your safety, and to guard it against attacks.

What Can You Do above Bedrock in the Nether in Minecraft?

Minecraft comes with several games that you can play as a family or when you’re alone, and, interestingly, there are some titles that you can play for free. Therefore, if you have already discovered the nether, you may wonder what you can do.

You can build scaffolding on the nether to assist you in climbing out to the ceiling. Also, a player can create a portal on this layer and use it to return to the overland. Although you cannot place water in the nether, you can grow plants that don’t need it, like the nether wart, among other varieties.

Furthermore, since the netherworld has two bedrocks, the one on the ceiling also assists players who need to travel long distances within the shortest time possible. Also, gamers can construct gold farms, which you can harvest and use to trade for other items on the empty massive nether ceiling.

Unlike below level zero, netherworld is survivable in all player modes, and it helps since you can occupy yourself with several activities. You can either farm or mine gold to add to your fortune bucket, and the space on the ceiling is suitable for quick transport. Eight blocks on the actual surface equal one on the nether realm; hence, if you need speed, then you can explore level 127.

However, despite the exciting parks that you may encounter in the nether, there are also unusual mobs that can attack you at any time. Therefore, this dimension is an incredible adventure, but it is best to ensure that you are alive to keep the game going.

Once you are done admiring the unique landscape in the underworld, you can easily find your way back home by constructing a portal on the bedrock. After this journey, you’ll notice that irrespective of how hostile nether is, it has some of the best sites and tasks to make the best Minecraft experience.

Wrap Up

Minecraft offers one of the most exciting worlds and dimensions for your exploration. Each has its strengths and weaknesses that you can use to your advantage to survive in the game. For instance, whether you are on Survival or Creative Mode, you will always notice the bedrock. This rigid layer is the floor in the overworld but the ceiling and the bottom of the nether.

In Survival Mode, it is an indestructible block that leads to an infinite void where objects and characters sink, never to return to the surface. You cannot build under this layer or conduct any activities on it, and if you fall into the void, you will only keep sinking then die. Also, if you drop into it, you will lose your entire inventory.

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