Terraria Size (Small, Medium, Large, Best World Size)

Sandbox games like Terraria involve players delving into the vast worlds to create structures and battle enemies while they are at it. Therefore, as a new player, you want to know whether the world is big enough to explore, especially on your gaming device. Here are the answers to your concerns.

So, what is the size of Terraria? Terraria has three distinct world sizes for players to select from at creation. There is the small world measuring 4200 by 1200 in width and height, the medium world at 6400 by 1800, and the large at 8400 blocks wide and 2400 blocks high. Moreover, if you use 3DS, you can select “expanded” or “normal.” While the small world is fast and convenient for beginners, the large version is more fun, especially for experienced gamers.

Terraria offers all players the best of gaming depending on their skills and the size of their gadgets. Luckily, the world is generally massive enough for you to keep practicing and enjoying the gameplay.

Terraria has achieved a lot since its launch in 2011, and it is still gaining popularity among players who love simple yet exciting games. One of the reasons behind this success is the world size that ensures that players have a great gaming experience when they step onto the blocks.

Terraria has three world sizes for players to choose from during creation: small, medium, and large. While the small world is 4200 by 1200 in width and height, the medium world measures 6400 by 1800 blocks. On the other hand, the enormous world is 8400 blocks in width and 2400 blocks in height.

You are free to pick your preferred size out of the three. Moreover, if you use 3DS, you can select “expanded” or “normal.” Note that each world size has advantages and disadvantages depending on your gaming gadget.

A Terraria world size depends on how broad you want your gaming ground to be. Whether you have a console, desktop, mobile, or Switch, you can create it regardless of your device. An impressive aspect of the game is that it gives you the freedom to select your go-to size, whether small, large, or medium. It is only in 3DS where you have additional “normal” and “expanded” options where “expanded” is the same as the small world in the other gaming devices.

Also, note that you can only choose a size for a new world, and it will only work if you are generating it on the 1.3 updates if you are using a mobile device. Additionally, you will only access a large world for the mobile device if your device has a RAM of 1.5 or more. Secondly, if you use a 3DS, you can only expand the world for European and North American versions (Western) of the Nintendo 3DS. These are the only limitations when picking a world.

It is also imperative to note that various world sizes are suitable for particular circumstances. In some cases, gamers will find it more practical to select the small world than the large or medium, especially when their gadgets don’t have enough memory.

There are also many upsides to playing Terraria in a small world. All the items are always within your reach hence easier to find. You don’t have to travel for a long time to locate places like the Oceans, Dungeons, or Jungle.

You will also quickly locate the Jungle Temple and Meteors. Additionally, you don’t have to dig to get to the Underworld for a long time. You will notice that the Floating Islands are closer and easy to find.

The same applies to the Ores. It will no longer be a hassle for you to farm Wyverns because they usually spawn closer in tiny worlds. Another advantage is that it is relatively faster to obtain precious liquids like lava and water.

It is generally simpler and cheaper to construct subways, teleporters, sky bridges, and other structures. If you create this world, you will see that it usually loads and saves faster. The enormous world, in contrast, also has its fair share of merits, especially since it gives you more room to create your structures and explore Terraria.

Given that the Underworld is more extensive, you get more time to beat Wall of Flesh, and you will notice that the transitions of the layer to the biome are steadier. Also, if you want to fish, the water bodies in a big world will be massive enough for that. Generally, this size is perfect for players who wish to explore Terraria fully.

Is Terraria Small, Medium, or Large?

A Terraria player can generate billions of worlds to play in, and each version’s gems and resources are random and gamer specific. By making the worlds distinct in size, Terraria ensures that players get a whole new experience according to their maps. One of the lingering questions from newcomers is the game’s actual size.

Terraria has small, medium, and large worlds depending on your selection during world creation on your gaming device. Here, you can choose from three different world sizes unless you play a 3DS version with only two options; regular and expanded. Each Terraria world has its size measurements for every choice.

They are 8,400 by 2400, 128,000 by 3, 600 and 168,000 by 48000 feet for small, medium, and large, respectively. These sizes may also determine which gadget you use. For instance, mobiles with smaller RAM may find it challenging to run larger Terraria worlds.

The Terraria world sizes have different impacts on users. A more miniature world occupies little space, allowing you to construct as many maps as possible. Secondly, if your device has a smaller memory, it is advisable to use Terraria small maps, and it helps that such worlds make your work easier since all the resources are within reach. Additionally, the tiny map is simple to generate and load, and you will spend less time moving from one place to the next.

The Oceans and the Jungle become nearer, and you will need less time to move through the Underworld. Unlike large Terraria, this world is fast, and it is less costly to build essential structures.

The Ores are closer and less involving to mine, while the Meteors are easier to find. In this map, you will find that manipulating the Hallow, Corruption, and Crimson is less demanding. Moreover, you can effortlessly fetch water and collect lava using pumps or buckets.

Generally, a smaller Terraria may look convenient, but it minimizes your building and exploration space. The Medium Terraria world is about twice as large as the small one and close to one and half times smaller than the large Terraria. In the medium map, the resources are even. Every aspect in this map is moderate; items are not far apart or too close, like more miniature worlds.

On the other hand, a larger Terraria is the ultimate size, a complete opposite of the more miniature worlds. First, the map has more expansive spaces, and resources are further apart from each other.

You will likely get broad water bodies ideal for fishing and terrains with various unique resources to make your exploration more fun. Larger worlds also mean more items and Ores to mine, which help craft weapons and other tools that you need to defeat enemies.

Also, the extensive Underworld offers you more time to beat the Wall of Flesh which is a door opener to Terraria hard mode. Besides the positives of playing large Terraria, this world also increases the chances of falling prey to dangerous biomes and traps. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful even as you enjoy the massive space. The distances between locations are more comprehensive, and enemies lurk along the paths.

How Is Terraria so Small?

Sometimes the size of the world you are playing affects how much you enjoy action and adventure in Terraria. Some new players may complain that the world is too small for them to explore fully, but it helps that the game comes in three different sizes, each with its advantages and downsides.

Terraria worlds measure 3,500 by 1,800 or 8,400 by 2,400 feet for tiny maps, respectively. These worlds make it challenging to comfortably build houses and other structures since Wyverns spawn closer to the surface, making it challenging to construct fantastic homes.

On the positive, the time between places is minimal in that you can travel to the Jungle swiftly and protect it from enemies. Also, Ores in Small Terraria are easy to find since you don’t need to dig much to access them.

The Small Terraria is tiny, such that you would not notice when you have reached the end because you spend less time walking from one location to the next. Its size makes it hard to explore the world. Therefore, if you plan to explore it entirely, it is advisable to select an alternative size. All the resources in this world are effortlessly accessible because they are closely knit to fit in the small space.

Unfortunately, some resources may be missing in this Terraria world due to size issues. A small Terraria implies that the Dungeon and Jungle are tiny. Therefore, the latter becomes hard to protect before Crimson or Corruption clears it. On the other hand, a smaller Dungeon may mean that you lack essential items like a Cobalt shield. The lava layers fill quickly and can destroy your valuables very fast.

Thus, it is best to be careful and remove it when necessary. The Small Terraria may be compact, but it does not mean that gameplay will be less fun. It is the best place to start if you are a first timer because you will sharpen your skills as you prepare to join experts in the medium and large worlds.

What Is the Best World Size for Terraria?

Video games should be fun and exciting, and the Terraria world size has a significant role to play. The game has three different world sizes, all unique in certain aspects. Sometimes it may be challenging to choose the ideal Terraria size to play, especially if you are a first timer, but the following are helpful tips.

If you are a single player, you will find the medium world a great choice. Otherwise, the larger Terraria would be more practical if you are on multiplayer. On the other hand, the smaller world size will suffice for beginners. Therefore, before selecting a world in Terraria, it is best first to assess your skill levels and whether you will play solo or with your friends.

Remember that after generating a world, for instance, small, it may be challenging to make it medium or large. It will only work if you create another Terraria then transfer your possessions into the new world, a process that may be quite involving.

A small world is ideal for one player, especially if you want to finish the tasks quickly and move on to the subsequent levels. Its resources are closer, and the distance you take from one place to the next is significantly minimal.

If you are a beginner in Terraria, this world size will help you familiarize yourself with resources in the game, but it may not be an ideal choice if you want a world to explore. However, once you are well equipped, you can now opt for a Medium world.

Medium Terraria world seems to be the best option since it lies between the smaller and the larger versions. It is essential for experienced players, and you can comfortably play with one more friend and still have enough Chests and a fair amount of Hearts. Besides, if you cannot find adequate items from Chests, you can find other resources from crates for your counterpart.

The medium world also has enough room for two players to explore. Generally, you can go solo or co-op with a friend, and you will get enough resources. Finally, the large Terraria is the ultimate world size available. It is extensive with numerous biomes and bosses and several well-spread resources making home building easier.

The enormous world is the most efficient for multiplayer since it has all the items you need. You can play with over five friends in this world and still enjoy the game. However, large Terraria may be too massive for a single player because it will take you longer to explore the world as a whole. Therefore, expert solo players should use the medium world and starters to try the small Terraria.


Terraria is an exciting game, and the best part is that you can pick the world size you want to use. Depending on your skill level and preference, you can play on the small, large, or medium. Beginners opt for the tiny world since it is less demanding where all the resources are within reach. It is also a good choice if you want fast gaming to move on to the next level quickly.

The enormous world, on the contrary, is perfect for experienced players who know their way around Terraria. It is also suitable if you need enough room to explore the game entirely. Alternatively, you will be safe if you go for the medium version with all the best features of the small and large worlds.

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