Best Kart in Mario Kart (Checked out)

Racing games can be pretty competitive, and the only way to stand out is to have the best car and the perfect character. There are several factors to consider when selecting the best vehicle for Mario Kart; therefore, I aim to break everything down to help you improve your gameplay.

So, what’s the best kart in Mario Kart Wii? The Blue Falcon is one of the best in the small vehicle category. Given its lightweight and fantastic speed, you can easily maintain your lead. Also, thanks to the mini turbo and impressive drift, you will find the Wild Wing suitable for the second group, the medium karts.

It has the proper weight balance and is easy to control. Finally, for the massive vehicle category, many gamers opt for the Honeycoupe since it is effortless to drive and has excellent speed despite the weight.

There are thirty-six vehicles in Mario Kart Wii, sixteen of them being karts. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and it can be daunting to narrow it all down to just one. Fortunately, I have selected a few of the best to help you decide.

The Blue Falcon is one of the best karts in the small-vehicle category. It has high speed, making it easy to maintain the lead, especially when the track doesn’t have very sharp turns. It will also be suitable if you prefer tiny characters like Baby Daisy and Baby Luigi. Secondly, in the medium kart category, many gamers are inclined to the Wild Wing.

You will love the mini turbo, especially if you want a fantastic drift. It is ideal for a beginner, as it is a classic vehicle and easy to control. Lastly, if large karts are your go-to, the Honeycoupe may be an excellent choice for you. The drive is effortless, and it doesn’t compromise on the speed, and the weight isn’t an issue.

The Mario kart vehicles are usually in three size classes, each with six cars. Therefore, you can choose small, medium, or large karts depending on your needs and characters. The Blue Falcon and the Mini Beast are gamers’ favorite tiny karts, but our winner is the Blue Falcon.

The speed is excellent, and it’s pretty easy to lead while driving it, provided that there aren’t many sharp corners on the course. Therefore, if you are a fan of tiny Mario characters, you can never go wrong with the Blue Falcon.

The second vehicle category is the middleweight, perfect for gamers who don’t want a tiny or massive kart. With this group, you will still have speed and control, meaning the best of both worlds.

Our top two medium-sized karts are the Wild Wing and the Super Blooper, each with its own unique features. However, the go-to is the Wild Wing, particularly for gamers with experience in drifting, given the high-rated mini turbo.

If you couple the Wild Wing with great gameplay, you will achieve record-high speeds the entire race. However, this vehicle may not have the best acceleration; hence, it is best to be very careful to avoid collisions. Finally, if you are a veteran gamer whose primary kart must be massive, then you may incline to the Honeycoupe.

It offers you speed, the perfect weight, and impressive drift, thanks to the mini turbo, and you may find its performance very similar to the Wild Wing but with the advantage of additional weight.

Gamers also hail their handling capabilities and easy driving. Moreover, if you also go for style, the Honeycoupe has you covered. Additionally, it helps that it has a perfect balance and works with some of the best Mario Kart characters like Waluigi and Rosalina.

If you want to be the best racer in Mario Kart, you need to choose the most suitable kart. Read on as I discuss the best stats, highest winning chances, and the perfect character-kart combo to help you choose the best kart.

What Makes a Great Kart in Mario Kart Wii?

Trying out challenges and completing at higher ranks is exciting because you earn points that you can use to unlock certain valuable items. Therefore, to achieve the top positions, you need a car that would guarantee your victory. It is essential to understand the qualities that make your kart have a competitive advantage over others.

A kart should have a mini-turbo for enhanced speed and acceleration. It should also have off-road capabilities to move at extreme speeds even when it has gone off the main tracks. Drift and handling will also be critical because you should always have ultimate control over your vehicle. The kart should also be a bit weighty since heavier cars have more traction and can also ramp over the lighter karts. In addition, the car should also have speed.

Therefore, your kart should have seven stats for an outstanding performance at any race that you join. The above stats are vital for every car in Mario Kart Wii, although they may seem complicated for beginners. For starters, drift means effortlessly maneuvering at a bend on the tracks without losing your speed.

On the other hand, handling refers to how sharply you can turn the kart, and, generally, the better your handling, the better the turns you will make. Additionally, there is acceleration and speed.

While the former is how quickly your car can reach its top speed, the latter refers to the highest momentum that your kart can attain, and if the two aspects are at their maximum, you are likely to stand out in all your races.

Lastly, the car’s weight also has a lot of impact on your gameplay. You’ll notice that lighter vehicles are usually victims to heavier ones since you can quickly push them away to clear out your path.

However, the light karts are also very fast because they are effortless to drive and achieve the highest speeds. Finally, you will find that the heavy vehicles have more traction than the lightweights, which is a crucial asset during drifts and turns.

What Is the Best Character-Kart Combination in Mario Kart Wii?

Using the most reliable kart in a race may not be enough because the character you choose is also an integral part of gameplay. Based on the best gamers’ experience, I have compiled a list of the most formidable character-kart pairing in Mario Kart Wii.

One favorite pair is the Mario and the Wild Wing partnership. It is a classic combination, and you can achieve incredible speeds, drift, and the right balance of a medium-weight kart. Alternatively, Yoshi can be a great secondary choice for Wild Wing. Secondly, Baby Luigi is a great driver for the Blue Falcon, and, rightfully, the character is one of the fastest, meaning that you will have the upper hand with this combo.

The Flame Flyer is another excellent choice, although it isn’t the best at accelerations, but Donkey Kong will be a great character to drive it. Lastly, most gamers find it fun playing with Yoshi and the Super Blooper, while Waluigi seems like a great pair with Offroader.

The Wild Wing is a go-to for many experienced and first-time players, thanks to its medium weight. It is one of the best karts and is even better if you have Mario behind the wheel. With the two, you are sure of impressive speed, mini turbo, and drift. The Wild Wing is generally a fantastic racing vehicle in Mario Kart. Therefore, it won’t be challenging to find the exemplary character for the best gameplay.

You can even go for Yoshi instead of Mario to switch things up. Some gamers also love the small-weight vehicles like the Blue Falcon and the miniature characters. They are comparatively faster, and it is easier for you to lead and maintain the position and bounce back after collisions. Baby Luigi could be your first choice if you have a tiny kart like this.

Alternatively, you can also pick Baby Daisy, and you will be confident of extreme speeds. Note that these characters can also be a great pair with the Mini Beast. Still, the Super Blooper is primarily a go-to car for Yoshi on middleweight vehicles, although it can also be a great match with DK or Bowser. The acceleration is impressive, and with the proper techniques, you can reach incredible speeds.

I must also consider experienced players who prefer heavyweight vehicles like the Flame Flyer and Offroader. The Flame Flyer, for instance, is a pretty good kart, and it seems to pair nicely with Donkey Kong.

The only challenge is that this vehicle may not be the best option for first-time players, and its acceleration may be a bit wanting. On the other hand, you won’t go wrong with Waluigi driving the Offroader. It is a thoughtful pair, and the best part is that you can make incredible drifts with this kart.

Best Kart for Yoshi in Mario Kart 8

To be among the fastest in Mario kart, you need a top-class vehicle with great speed to maintain the advantage over your competition. To win in the various Mario Kart events, you need reliable Karts in every event. Starting with Yoshi, let’s find out his most ideal Kart build that guarantees the lead in the highly competitive race.

The Pipe Frame is an excellent choice to get you in the lead and help you maintain it. Unlike in the previous Mario Kart versions, you can customize this car according to your game’s strategies. Yoshi is a great driver for the vehicle due to its impressive handling, acceleration, and traction.

The Blue Falcon is another worthy kart choice if you play with Yoshi and need a sleek vehicle with fast speed and excellent acceleration rates. Given its lightweight, it is easy to achieve the best speeds when driving it.

Since Yoshi is primarily a middleweight character in Mario Kart 8, he can cruise on most cars, provided it is manageable. Medium-weight characters are good at handling and accelerating their vehicles, making them the first choice whenever you’re picking a character. Most of the vehicles above are also suitable for contests; hence, a great combo with a player like Yoshi.

Generally, a fantastic build with an excellent combination can get you the lead. Yoshi will also do great with two other karts, the Blue Falcon and the Steele. The Blue Falcon kart in Mario Kart 8, for instance, emits flames instead of smoke that changes color whenever you drift, making your race quite interesting. Similarly, Streetle kart mimics the appearance of a beetle, making it quite enjoyable to use. The car is also comfortable and fast, and, interestingly, it shares stats with the Blue Falcon.

Best Kart for Rosalina in Mario Kart 8

Rosalina is one of the top-rating players in Mario Kart and is one of the first female kart drivers. You must notice her from her white and turquoise attire, and if she is your favorite in Mario Kart 8, you would want to know how to pair her with the best vehicle.

The best Rosalina-kart combination in Mario Kart 8 is the Honeycoupe, and, deservingly, it is also Rosalina’s signature vehicle. The best kart for her can also be the Honeycoupe equivalent, the shooting star. The best kart for Rosalina should be heavy and have the best drift and speed, all admirable features of the Honeycoupe.

Additionally, the kart boasts a mini turbo and has impressive control when on the tracks. It takes a yellow color with a teal windshield, blue headlights, and red seat and tail lights when she’s in the vehicle.

The Honeycoupe is an excellent choice for Rosalina, thanks to its impressive mini turbo and drift, making it compete with the Wild Wing. Secondly, it possesses off-road capabilities rivaling the best like the Sneaker. It is also ideal if you’d rather drive heavy vehicles. Among the heaviest vehicles in Mario Kart 8, this car comes in third after the Piranha Prowler and Offroader, and surprisingly, it seems smaller than most heavy karts.

However, it stays ahead of some of the heaviest, like the Flame Flyer. Paired with Rosalina’s strengths and the Honeycoupe’s weight, speed, mini turbo, and drift, you will effortlessly crush your competitors on the tracks.

However, as with any other vehicle, the Honeycoupe also has its downsides. For instance, it has low acceleration and handling capabilities. Fortunately, you can still maximize its strengths for the best gameplay.


You will notice that the outcome of a Mario Kart race usually depends on your character and vehicle choice; therefore, it is wise to be very keen on your selection. Fortunately, there are more than ten vehicles to choose from, each divided into a respective weight class, whether light, medium, or heavy.

Our top choice for the small kart category is the Blue falcon, thanks to its high speed, while the Wild Wing is our go-to for middleweight karts due to its balance. I also find the heavy Honeycoupe a suitable choice for fans of massive vehicles. Regardless of your choice, you should always ensure that your car has speed, drift, handling, the right weight, and off-road capabilities.

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