Kindle Books Detailed Guide (Free Books, Reading Benefits)

For many years, people have been reading books printed on paper, but after the introduction of eReaders, the digital book revolution has taken over. Instead of buying normal physical books, people are now buying Kindles to read e-books, magazines, newspapers and other digital media. If you want to join the digital books revolution, you might want to know what Kindle books are.

So, what are Kindle books? Kindle books are electronic books that you can download and read on a Kindle or any other supported eReader device. You can also read a Kindle book on any device that can run the Kindle app. When using a Kindle or Kindle app, you need an Amazon account to buy a Kindle book. You can also use your Amazon account to access free Kindle books on your Kindle or the Kindle app.

If you are an avid reader or looking for a gift for a bookworm friend or relative, a Kindle is a perfect choice. You can use it to access more than one million ebooks instead of buying books printed on paper.

Ebooks are phasing out traditional books because people are looking for an efficient way to read books. One of the devices you can use to read ebooks is the Kindle. When looking for ebooks to read on your Kindle, you will see the name “Kindle Books,” and you might wonder what they are.

Kindle books are electronic books commonly known as ebooks that you can download and read using a Kindle. Kindle books are usually the electronic version of a traditional book. If you do not want to buy a book printed on paper, you can search for it on Amazon using your Kindle and purchase the digital form.

You can also read Kindle books on other devices using the Kindle app. You can install the Kindle app on your smartphone, tablet or computer and use it to read Kindle books.

Kindles are some of the best ebook readers in the world, and there are several models you can purchase, depending on your budget and needs. After buying a Kindle, you need to set it up and download books to read. During the set-up, you will be prompted to create an Amazon account. You need to create an Amazon account or sign in to one if you already have it and add a credit card for buying Kindle books and other digital print media. Amazon has more than one million books in its library; hence, you will likely find your favorite books.

Buying Kindle Books

To buy Kindle books on your Kindle, turn it on and go to the Home screen. You must connect your Kindle to a working Wi-Fi network and sign in to your Amazon account. Tap “Books” on the top left corner of the screen and tap “Store” afterward.

Look for a book you want to read by searching the author’s name or title of the book. You can also tap on genres such as “Fiction” or “Romance” and scroll through the results to find the book you want. Tap on the book you want to purchase and tap “Buy”.

You will be prompted to select which mode of payment you want to use. You can have one or several payment methods on your Kindle. After confirming the purchase, the book will automatically begin to download to your Kindle.

Accessing Kindle Books

To access the Kindle books you have downloaded on your Kindle, go to your library books. You will find all books you have purchased, leased or downloaded for free. Tap on the book you want to read and start reading from anywhere you want. Tap “Go To” to see the table of contents of the book you are reading if you are looking for a specific chapter to read.

While reading a Kindle book, there are certain features you can use to have a good reading experience. You can make highlight quotations from the books and share the book or specific pages on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Are Kindles Good for Reading?

Reading ebooks has become the most efficient way to read books, and there are several ereaders on the market. Amazon developed the Kindle, becoming one of the most popular ereaders in the world. Before purchasing a Kindle, you might wonder if Kindles are good for reading.

Kindles are good for reading because they have amazing features and qualities that make e-reading a great experience. They have an e-ink display that makes the Kindle screen imitate paper. Kindles and the Kindle books sold by Amazon are also affordable. Amazon also has numerous deals that allow you to access certain books at low prices or even free.

Even though Kindles are an Amazon product, you can download ebooks from other sources. You can also read books in PDF format and many other formats. Kindles are also small; hence, you can take them anywhere with you. 

Most Kindle models use the e-ink display technology, giving readers a good reading experience. The e-ink display is very different from the technology used by smartphones, laptops or computers.

The E-ink display uses millions of capsules and sub capsules filled with tiny drops of color pigment, usually black and white. Using the electrical charges, the black and white pigments will rearrange themselves to display letters on the screen, giving the same display as real paper.

The e-ink technology ensures you do not irritate your eyes when using the Kindle; hence, you can read for as long as you want without discomfort.

Kindles are also affordable, depending on the model you want to purchase. Kindles are also classified according to different economic classes; hence, there is a model for everyone. If you  are on a budget, you can buy one for 89 USD, but if your budget is flexible, you can get a Kindle Oasis for 279 USD.

The books sold on Amazon for Kindle are also very affordable. Most ebooks on Amazon cost close to 25% less than physical books. You can also find special offers where certain books go for 50% less than physical books. You can also find a certain book for free on Amazon that you can read on your Kindle; hence, you might not even spend money on books for a long time.

Ebook Formats

Ebooks usually come in different formats, the most common being PDF, Amazon AZW ebook, and Amazon MOBI ebook. Kindles can read most major ebook formats except the EPUB format.

When you buy a Kindle, you can purchase many books in different formats without worrying that the Kindle will not display the books. Kindle also allows you to convert certain ebook formats to compatible Kindle formats.

You can download a conversion tool or application such as Caliber. If you find an ebook in a format incompatible, you can convert it to any format compatible with the Kindle instead of deleting the book.

Ebook Portability

Kindles are also good because they are small and portable. You can take your Kindle anywhere and read all the books you have. The biggest issue with physical books is they are sometimes big and make moving from one place to another difficult. For example, the Kindle can hold more than one thousand books, depending on the available storage space.

This means you can carry more than one thousand books in a single device without getting tired. You would require a truck or a large vehicle to move around more than one thousand books.

Kindle Battery Life

Unlike other devices such as smartphones and tablets, Kindles have excellent battery life. Kindles have a battery life of five to ten weeks from a single charge. You can read for many hours without worrying about your device’s battery dying.

However, the battery will drain faster if you let the Kindle connect to a Wi-Fi network while reading. If you want to preserve your Kindle’s battery life, turn on Airplane mode when you do not need to use the internet. You can also lower the screen’s brightness to preserve the battery.

Does Kindle Come with books and are they free?

If you are a first-time Kindle buyer, you might not know how the device works. After setting up your Kindle, the next step is to find reading materials to use on your Kindle. Since the main purpose of the Kindle is to read books, you might be wondering if it comes with books and if the books are free.

The Kindle does not come with books; however, there are certain books you can download or access for free. The Kindle library is usually empty after setting it up, and it is up to you to add books to the library. You can add books to your Kindle by purchasing, leasing or downloading for free.

The reason Kindles do not come with books is to allow you to choose what kind of books you want to read. If you love reading romantic books, Amazon cannot know your taste; hence, they will let you buy a Kindle that is empty, and you choose which romantic books you want to be stored in your Kindle. The only reading material that comes with the Kindle is the user guide manual.

Adding Kindle Books

After setting up your Kindle, the most common way to add books to your Kindle is to purchase them. To purchase a book on Kindle, turn on your Kindle and tap on “Books” on the top left corner of the screen. Tap on “Store” on the top right side of your screen and search for the book you want to buy.

If you know the title of the book or its author, type the title or name of the author on the search bar and scroll through the search results to find the book you are looking for. When you find the book you are looking for, tap on it and select “Buy”.

If you do not have a specific book you are looking for; you can search using the categories. Tap on any genre you like, search as Fiction, and all fiction books available will show on your screen. You can also opt to download a sample before you buy. You will receive the first few pages for free, read them and decide if you want to buy the book or not.

You can also download free books on your Kindle if you do not have money to spend on books. You can download free books from the Kindle Store or any other third-party site. To download free books on Kindle, type the word free on the search bar, and the search results will show all the free books available.

Select the one you want to read and download it. Kindle Store also has a deals section where selected books are sold at a discounted price. You can find some of your favorite books in the “Deals” sections. You can also use Kindle Unlimited to access millions of books every month. Kindle Unlimited goes for 9.99 USD per month, and you can read one million plus titles in one month.

Third-party sites are also a good source of free books for your Kindle. Amazon allows you to download books from any other third-party site as long as it provides the ebooks with a compatible format.

Some of the best third-party websites where you can find free books for your Kindle include Bookhub, OverDrive, eReaderIQ, and Project Gutenberg. When downloading books on your Kindle using third-party sites, ensure you access credible websites. If you use uncredible websites, you might download a book with malware that might compromise the security of your device. 

You can also lease books on your Kindle if you do not have money to buy them and cannot find it for free. To borrow a book from the Kindle Lending Library, you must have a Kindle and be an Amazon Prime member.

The Kindle Lending Library has over eight hundred thousand books; you can borrow any book anytime. You can only borrow one book at a time. The book will remain in your library until you remove it.

If you have finished reading the book, go to “My Library”, tap on the three dots on the left side of the screen and select “Remove From Device. After removing the book, you are free to borrow another one.


Kindles are some of the best ebook readers you can own, and Amazon has more than one million Kindle books you can access on your device. If you are looking for a good device to read ebooks, you should consider buying a Kindle.

There are also many Kindle models designed to suit every reader’s needs. Whether you choose the normal Kindle or the high-end Kindle Oasis, your reading experience will still be amazing. Amazon sells books to Kindle users through the Kindle Store, but you can also find free books in the store. You can also download books on your Kindle using third-party sites.

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