Terraria Tips (Imp Staff, Hornet Staff, Blade Staff)

Many players love how Terraria has unique summoning weapons that give a player strong staff. Some of the fans’ favorites are the Hornet and Imp staff. If you are not well conversant with the game, you may wonder what are their differences.

So, what are the difference between Imp staff and Hornet staff? Imp has more damage at 17 with a fireball debuff while Hornet deals 12 damage and attacks the enemy by poisoning. Imp is also a penetrating weapon able to make multiple attacks in one hit but Hornet Staff only takes down one enemy per attack. You can craft Hornet using Bees Waxes but you need Hellstones to create Imp staff. The two also have many similarities but the Imp staff seems like the more powerful weapon overall.

These two staffs are ideal summoning weapons that you can use to your advantage. The only problem is that they have a lot in common, making it challenging to select the better version. The following is a look at their individual and comparative strengths and weaknesses.

Hornet staff deals 12 damage and has a poisoning debuff but Imp has 17 damage and uses a fireball debuff. Imp can effortlessly take down multiple enemies in one take since the fireball has piercing capabilities but Hornet Staff only has single hits, although with a faster attack rate. The crafting resources are also different because you will need Underworld ores for Imps and Bees Waxes for Hornets. Therefore, the Imp staff is the winner in damage and strength.

It is essential to take a closer look at the two staff independently before getting to the comparisons. It gives you more details about each weapon to help in your decision, and the first in line is the Imp staff. Creating the Imp staff involves using Iron or lead Anvil and 17 Hellstones as crafting material. Since it is a summon weapon, you can use it alongside modifiers, and your best bet is Ruthless.

This pre-hardmode summoning weapon is for spawning tiny Flying Imp. It provides you with a flying minion that constantly tails you and attacks close enemies. The Flying Imps are also indestructible by enemies, making them reliable companions.

They will only leave your side if you die, replace them, lose the buff, or move to another world. These Imp deal damages by using unlimited fireballs that charge straight and pierce through enemies.

The high number of projectiles makes the weapon lethal, able to damage multiple enemies in one hit. Generally, the attack rate is a fire every 1.25 seconds in addition to the burning damage. The Imps fly through water but without the fire projectiles.

On the other hand, the Hornet staff is also a pre-hardmode summoner but spawns hornet minions. Like the Imp staff, activating Hornet also unlocks a flying minion to follow you around and attack your close-range enemies.

Another similarity is that the hornet minions are invincible to all attacks and will always be present unless you shift worlds, replace them, or die. The hornets attack using stings that they hurl as projectiles towards the enemies.

The assault also launches straight, although they are not piercing, meaning that the hit can only take down one enemy at a time. Besides the sting damage, there is an additional effect due to poisoning, a debuff that takes up to seven seconds. You can also supplement its use with the Ruthless modifier. Just like the Imp staff, creating it needs Iron or Lead Anvil but you will add 17 Bees Waxes instead of Hellstones.

It gets easier to highlight the differences between the Imp and Hornet staff now that you know their individual properties; the following are their relative up and downsides. First, while Hornet deals 12 damage, Imp delivers 17, and the same difference applies to their projectile strengths.

Imp’s fire debuff is more lethal than poisoning, and you can tell from the multiple attacks in a hit. However, the fire debuff is generally slower than Hornet’s version, and there is a slight advantage between the two if you compare damage due to a single hit. Secondly, the Imp staff projectiles gain the advantage given their piercing nature, which guarantees multiple hits compared to the hornets with only one impact.

The crafting resources are also distinct; while Imps staff needs ores from the Underworld Hornet requires Bees Waxes from the Queen Bee. You must locate a beehive, kill the Bee, and create the tool for the latter.

You can conclude that the Imp staff has the upper hand based on their properties only coming in second due to the slower firing rate. Therefore, you will have a better shot with the Imp staff if you are uncertain about which weapon to use.

Terraria Blade Staff Vs. Spider Staff?

Beginners and veteran players have personal playstyles and weapons choices, primarily depending on the enemy they face. Terraria has several armaments, making it overwhelming to choose the best versions. Some of the excellent weapons are the Spider Staff and Blade Staff, and the following is how they compete.

Blade and Spider Staff are both summoner weapons from Terraria hardmode. They spawn minions that assist the character in fighting enemies, and they are craftable using particular recipes. By defeating the hardmode bosses, you increase the chances of Blade and Spider staffs dropping from them.

Besides these similarities, the two weapons are far apart in aspects like the speed of attacks and the defense power that the foe wields. They also differ in modifiers and have contrasting knockback effects.

The staffs summon different items. The Spider Staff spawns spider minion while Blade mobilizes an Enchanted Dagger minion. Spider uses latching as its attack mode, which involves the minion holding onto the enemy until it obliterates it. However, the blade fights by flying through the enemies severally and cutting them to death. Unlike Spider Staff, Blade is quicker in action and devours the opponent instantly.

Spider has a knockback of 3, which is not very strong but is better than the Blade Staff, which has none. The two weapons also have contrasting modifiers, and Spider’s best modifier is Ruthless but Mythical is better in knockback stats. On the other hand, the Dagger has various modifiers, including Hurtful, Demonic, Deadly, and Mystic, and its damage is below the Spider minions.

However, there are damage and knockback-improving antidotes like Whips and Papyrus Scarab, respectively. Note that the Spider minions can only walk or jump but cannot fly, hence ineffective when fighting flying bosses. Their ability to move on background walls makes them ideal in fighting enemies in enclosed places but the Dagger can fly towards an enemy, thus doesn’t require a particular battleground.

These weapons are equally similar in some aspects despite the many difference. For instance, both are summonable and are hardmode weapons excellent for attacking more lethal enemies, and the items also use buffs to enhance their damage and knockback effects. Additionally, the arms drop from bosses but you can also craft them using particular resources in Terraria.

Blade Staff summons the Enchanted Dagger that attacks enemies with defense lower than twenty-five, and its attack rate is excellent at five times per second. You can use buffs such as Flask of Ichor to enhance Blade’s damage, making it ideal for melee attacks on your rivals. Thanks to its swift cutting abilities, the weapon effectively kills Mechanical bosses and Dungeon Guardians.

On the other hand, Spider Staff summons the invincible spider minions spawning behind the characters and follows them everywhere for protection. It attacks the enemies by inflicting acid venom that lasts about 3-4 seconds before destroying the attackers.

The minions take smaller slots than usual; hence you can comfortably summon four spiders if you have room for three. The weapon is readily available at the initial stages of hardmode and using it will assist you in defeating bosses such as Black Recluses.

Which Spider Staff Should I Use in Terraria?

Many new gamers confuse the Spider staff with the Queen Spider staff. The two have many similarities, but a closer look will show you that they are worlds apart. Here is what to know about them if you are undecided about the better staff to use.

While Spider Staff is from a hardmode summon, the Queen Spider staff is a hardmode sentry weapon that lasts only two minutes when you activate it. The Spider Staff spawns minions, great invincible climbers that attach to enemies during attacks.

The Queen Spider’s tactic is to fire spider eggs that break when they collide with enemies. These eggs also spawn baby spiders with suicide-style attacks but they are not excellent climbers like the spider minions. Lastly, the Queen Spider staff has more Knockback and Velocity than the Spider staff. Therefore, you can see that these hardmode weapons are both exceptional. 

These two have several similarities. They are the only artillery with acid venom, don’t have bonuses, and require spider fangs and iron or lead anvil for crafting. Additionally, their best modifier is Ruthless, and they share some statistics. For instance, they have 26 damage and 10 mana. In contrast, they differ in attack methods.

The Spider staff provides the players with minions that climb onto enemies and kill them with venom. They are indestructible, although they don’t have power over flying enemies. However, the Queen spider launches spider eggs onto enemies, and they spawn baby spiders that are suicide attackers.

These babies cannot climb like the spider minions. It is a tough choice between the two hardmode weapons because they are unique. However, the Spider staff gains the advantage of spawning indestructible minions that always follow and protect the player.

What Can You Use Spider Fangs for in Terraria?

Each Terraria game mode presents unique features and resources, similar to those in other levels but with exceptional functionality. Spider Fangs are excellent items that help Terraria players finish challenging quests, and the following are their primary roles if you are not familiar with them,

Spider Fangs are requirements for crafting minion items and armor. For instance, they help make the Spider staff a summoning weapon that gathers minions to attack an enemy on behalf of the character.

You can also craft Queen Spider staff to sell and get five gold pieces in return. Other than the staff, you can also create Spider Nest Block, Spider Mask, Spider Breastplate, and Spider Greaves. Spider Fangs help craft Spider armor, adding damage resistance and enhancing your minion capacity.

Spider fangs are Terraria hardmode resources that you can find in the Spider caves as drops from defeated Black Recluse bosses. The items have over fifty percent dropping chances, making them the most accessible crafting materials to find in Terraria hardmode. You will need to collect seventy-six spider fangs to craft all the minion items you require besides the armor, which needs thirty-six spider fangs.

All the craftables help you effortlessly fight through the early stages of hardmode since the resources have very high dropping rates. The Queen Spider Staff and Spider Staff summoning weapons are effective because they both summon minions that aggressively defend the character.

Queen Spider staff summons the queen spider minion that fights by throwing eggs at an enemy. The eggs break and cause damages before releasing spider babies, which inflict adverse venom damages into the enemy’s body. Besides summoning the Queen Spider staff, you can sell it and get money for it instead while still having the staff item that releases spider minions that latch on your rivals.

Wearing the full armor in Terraria improves your defense by twenty, including pants, shirt, and helmet. This way, you enhance the number of minions you can hold and the damages they can deal on your enemies.

Mask and Breastplate minions give a five percent damage bonus, and Spider Greave has a six percent destruction effect. Spider Nest Blocks serve as the Spider’s nest wall and furniture, while the Spider Mask can be part of the armor. The spider fang craftables have numerous uses, but the essential role is summoning weapons to defend the character in early Terraria hardmode.


The Imp and Hornet Staff are pretty alike in roles and statistics, explaining why many gamers have difficulty picking the better version. Imp staff stands out more since it deals more damage and has piercing capabilities, taking down several lined up enemies at a go.

The decision, in contrast, is more complicated between the Blade, Spider, and Queen Spider since they have unique capabilities. Your decision will be on how many enemies you have and your battleground knowing that Blade is versatile since it is not limited to grounded enemies.

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