Terraria Tips (Class, Modes, Hardmode, Mechanical Bosses)

Terraria is an action-adventure video game where a player controls a single character and uses that character to explore, craft, build and attack within the character’s world. Re-logic, the game’s developer, included four classes that the player can choose for their character. If you are playing Terraria for the first time, you might be wondering which class you should be in Terraria.

So, what Terraria class should I be in? The best class you should select for your character in Terraria is Ranged. Ranged is the best class when there are too many enemies and little breathing room during combat. You will get weapons like bows, throwing knives, and explosives, among others. The weapons are easy to get, but the ammo is finite; therefore, ensure you have enough ammo when attacking an enemy. You can use Buffing potions to extend the range of your weapon. 

Terraria has interesting gameplay, and the class you select will determine what types of weapons and armor your character gets. Therefore, choosing the correct class will determine if you will have a great time playing or you will struggle to defeat enemies.

Terraria has four classes, namely Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Summoner Builds. You are free to choose one of these classes depending on your experience playing Terraria. If you are creating your character in Terraria, you may be wondering which class you should choose before you begin playing.

You should select the Ranged build because it is a great option for any players who want to create space between their character and enemies. The Ranged build has weapons like guns, bows, crossbows, and throwing knives, among others.

You do not have to get too close to an enemy to use these weapons; they come in handy when you’re being attacked by multiple enemies. You also get armor that protects you from enemy attacks. These armors include the Fossil Set, Necro Set, Frost Set, Huntress’s Jerkin, Red Riding Set, and Vortex Set.

When you select the Ranged build, the weapons at your disposal will require ammo which you have to purchase, find, or craft. All ranged weapons that require ammo have a finite supply; therefore, you should ensure that you always have enough ammo when you are exploring your world.

If multiple enemies attack you and your ammo runs out, your character might get killed. To counter this problem, you should use Buffing Potions or Vanity Items to extend your weapon’s range and provide unlimited ammo for a certain period.

You should note that you are not obliged to select one class for your character in Terraria. You can mix the builds and have the best weapons for your character. You can take specific weapons from each class to make the best combination to fight enemies.

For example, you can take the Enchanted Sword from the Melee class for close combat or a Star Cannon from the Ranged class to kill enemies from a distance. Betsy’s Wrath from the Magic class can greatly damage an enemy and has a strong knockback. From the Summoner class, you can take the Terraprisma, which has high melee damage, and if you have minions, they will spawn several copies of themselves.

Mixing weapons and armor from the four classes ensures that your character has the best attack and defense tools. If an enemy is too strong, having ranged weapons is the best because it allows you to maintain a safe distance between your character and the enemy.

After the enemy becomes weak, you can attack them with a Melee weapon. New players should avoid starting with the Summoner class because the weapons are best classified as secondary weapons. They supplement the Melee, Ranged, and Magic weapons and armor. If you lack Melee or Ranged weapons, the Summoner weapons will be weak and deal less damage to strong enemies. 

What Terraria Mode Should I Play?

Most video game developers include a difficult feature that players can choose depending on their gaming experience. In Terraria, there are several modes that you can select before you start playing the game. Terraria modes affect the character and the world, and you might be wondering which mode you should choose to play Terraria.

You should select the easy modes if you have never played Terraria but if you have experience, you should select the medium or hard mode. When creating your character, you need to select the difficulty mode from these four modes, Journey, Classic, Mediumcore, and Hardcore.

If you are playing Terraria for the first time, you should select Journey or Classic modes for your character. If you have lots of experience playing Terraria, you should try Mediumcore or Hardcore.

When choosing modes for your world, choose Journey or Classic if you have no experience playing Terraria. You can choose Expert or Master if you have experience playing Terraria. The third form of difficulty is the transition from pre-Hardmode to Hardmode, and you cannot choose between the two.

When you select Journey, you can play the game until you get enough experience to change the difficulty mode. The journey is the only character difficulty mode you can change during the game. If you are playing Terraria on Nintendo 3DS, there are no character difficulty modes, and all characters are created as Classic characters.

When you select Mediumcore or Hardcore, the gameplay becomes more difficult, and the consequences of your character death become severe. In Mediumcore, if your character dies, they will drop all items, and in Hardcore, they will drop all items and cannot respawn.  

Another form of difficulty in Terraria is world modes, and players have to choose the difficult mode when creating a new world. These modes affect the world, and they do not have to be the same. You can select a Classic character and play in a Journey World.

As the world mode difficulty increases, the enemies in your world become stronger, spawn near NPCs, drop more loot, and some will have debuffs. Once you choose a difficult mode for your world, you cannot change it; therefore, you should take the time to decide which mode you want to play before selecting one.

The third form of difficulty mode in Terraria is the transition from pre-Hardmode to Hardmode. This transition is part of Terraria’s gameplay, and you have to play both modes. Terraria usually starts with pre-Hardmode, an easy version of your world.

You will play in pre-Hardmode until you defeat the Wall of Flesh. After defeating the Wall of Flesh, the world will automatically turn to Hardmode, adding more content and increasing the game’s difficulty.

What Should I Do Before Hardmode Terraria?

When you create your character and world in Terraria, you will begin playing the game in pre-Hardmode. After defeating the Wall of Flesh, your world will transition to Hardmode, a more difficult version of the pre-Hardmode world. If you want your world to transition from pre-Hardmode to Hardmode, you might be wondering if there are things you need to do before Hardmode starts.

The transition to Hardmode is triggered by the defeat of the Wall of Flesh for the first time; therefore, the first thing you should do is get the best weapons to defeat the Wall of Flesh. You should prepare for the spread of the Hallow or Corruption/Crimson Biome. You need to control the spread of the evil biomes before they cover your entire world.

You should also get the best armor and weapons in pre-Hardmode that will help you survive longer in Hardmode before getting better tools. You should also build houses, shafts, and biomes during pre-Hardmode that will be useful for survival in Hardmode.

When your world turns to Hardmode, two more biomes will appear in your world and start spreading from infected items to “Pure Items.” You need to control the spread of the biome in other parts of the world. Although the spread of the biomes can take some time, the infected areas will be hard to repair once they get infected.

You should collect potions that can limit the spread of Corruption or Crimson, such as Chlorophyte Ore or Bricks. Controlling the spread of Corruption will ensure that it does not affect the validity of the houses in your world.

In Hardmode, the enemies become stronger, and some of the weapons and armor you had in pre-Hardmode may not be effective in defeating them. You need to collect the best gear available in pre-Hardmode that you can use to survive as you collect better tools available in Hardmode.

If you are using Melee builds, use the Molten armor and weapons like Cascade or Dark Lance. If you prefer Ranged weapons, collect the Necro Armor as body armor and Star Cannon, Quad-Barrel Shotgun, or Molten Fury. Weapons like the Water Bolt and Demon Scythe are the best when using a Magic build. You should collect the Imp Staff and Spinal Tap if you use Summoner builds.

You should build a house in the Jungle while in pre-Hardmode, which the Witch Doctor will occupy in Hardmode. The Witch Doctor sells Leaf Wings which allow a player to fly temporarily by pressing and holding the “Jump” key on your controller. The Leaf Wings will be very useful when you try to get away from enemies or travel a long distance within a short time.

You should also build a Hellevator in pre-Hardmode, which you can use to mine new ores and farm rare drops. Building an Hellevator takes time, which you might not have when Hardmode begins. 

What Should I Do After Mechanical Bosses?

In Terraria, Mechanical bosses refer to the three bosses you have to defeat when your world is in Hardmode. These three Mechanical bosses are The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime. After defeating the Mechanical bosses, you might be wondering what to do next.

You can start farming Chlorophyte Ores that you can use to control the spread of evil biomes in your world. There are three Mechanical bosses, and it takes time to defeat all three of them. As you are fighting the Mechanical bosses, the Corruption or Crimson biome will be spreading to the uninfected parts of your world. You should also fight Plantera, a Hardmode boss that appears in your world after defeating all the Mechanical bosses.

When you defeat the three Mechanical bosses, Chlorophyte Ores will become available in your world. You can use Chlorophyte Ore or Chlorophyte Bricks to restrict the spread of evil biomes in your world.

If the Corruption or Crimson biome is spreading towards an area you want to remain pure, you can place Chlorophyte Ore or Chlorophyte Bricks to stop the spread. If you are having trouble locating Chlorophyte Ore or Chlorophyte Bricks in your world, use the Spelunker Potion to find Chlorophyte faster.

After defeating the three Mechanical Bosses, Plantera’s Bulbs will randomly spawn in the Underground Jungle. You will see the message “The jungle grows restless,” indicating the Plantera is about to appear in your world.

If you destroy any of Plantera’s bulbs, Plantera will spawn in your world off-screen. The Plantera will creep after the player and deal damage on contact when near a player. Plantera can also fire seeds, poison seeds, or thorn balls as projectiles.

If you are not ready to fight Plantera, you should avoid destroying the Plantera’s Bulbs. When you defeat Plantera, it will drop a Temple Key, granting you access to the Jungle Temple and the Golem boss.

It is important to note that Plantera is a powerful enemy; hence you should avoid damaging the Plantera’s Bulbs immediately after defeating the three Mechanical bosses. Plantera has enraged behavior which causes her to obtain double damage, double defense, and increased movement speed.

When Plantera is enraged, she also changes her attack patterns and directly rushes at a player, catching you by surprise. Plantera usually becomes enraged when she follows a player out of the Underground Jungle, but she will return to normal behavior once you re-enter the Underground Jungle. 

Wrap Up

When playing Terraria for the first time, you need to select the correct class and difficulty mode to avoid having a difficult gaming experience. You are not restricted to selecting one class when choosing a class. You can combine builds from the four classes. However, if you want to select one class for your character, you should choose Ranged.

You should note that you cannot change a difficulty mode once you start playing. Therefore, ensure you choose the correct difficulty mode according to your skills and experience to avoid starting the game all over again.

Finally, once you defeat the three mechanical bosses, you should first collect or farm Chlorophyte Ores to limit the spread of an evil biome on your world. After collecting the necessary weapons, you can break a Plantera’s bulb and defeat Plantera to release the next Hardmode boss.

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