500GB or 1TB For Gaming? (PlayStation checked out)

When buying a video game console, it might look like a straightforward process. However, it gets more complicated than expected as you have to consider several confusing options. One of the options being the hard disk size of your new PlayStation.

So, should you get a 500GB or a 1TB PlayStation? If you download games from the web, you should go for a 1TB PlayStation; however, if you play games via discs and tend to buy new games often, a 500 GB PlayStation will be an ideal option. Most games take around 50 GB of space, meaning a 500 GB PlayStation provides just enough space for several of them.

A standard PlayStation has a memory of 500 GB. Even though it seems big enough, games are getting bigger and bigger. 500 GB storage is not enough, especially if you want to play many games and maximize your PlayStation. In most cases, PlayStation games are at least 45 GB; however, games like Red Dead Redemption are as big as 99 GB.

This will need you to increase your storage, a process that sometimes doesn’t work as expected. Simply put, 500 GB is not enough for a PlayStation since games will continue to get bigger, causing you to have to delete files to create space constantly, which limits your freedom as a gamer.

The main reason 500 GB is not enough for PlayStation is that games will keep getting bigger and bigger. For instance, games from PlayStation 3 were as small as 5 GB. Today, the average amount of space a game can occupy on a PlayStation is 45 GB. This means that the 500 GB space will not be enough with time.

It is even worse if you buy digital games from app stores. A game like Red Dead Redemption 2 takes up 144 GB if you download it without the disc, nearly ⅓ of 500 GB. This underlines the fact that 500 GB is not enough for a PlayStation. The more games you get, the more space is taken up.

For more convenience, you will need more than 1TB of space. Arguably, this could also not be enough, especially if you are looking to play many games. Most PS4 games can average between 100-200 GB in size, making it necessary to get more storage. You will have the freedom to play more games with time.

Also, 500 GB is not enough because you will need to constantly delete games to create space. For instance, the PS4 launched in 2014 with 500 GB could accommodate several games due to their small sizes. However, that’s no longer the case because games have increased in size. This means you will have to delete games to create space for new ones.

This can be a very tedious process. If you are a gamer that plays one main game until you finish it and get another one, 500 GB PlayStation can be a big letdown. Instead, you should go for a 1TB model that gives you a little bit of freedom. You can choose which game to play instead of having to delete some to create space.

However, you can solve the space issue by buying an external hard drive that provides more space. Luckily, such hard drives are affordable, and you can access them from any gaming shop near you. A 500 GB PlayStation can work for you if you only play a maximum of 4-5 games. However, getting a hard drive is still necessary as it will accommodate larger games in the near future. For instance, when another version of a game is released, you can keep it on the hard drive.

Another reason why 500 GB is not enough is that it doesn’t give you the freedom you need as a gamer. Imagine missing out on a game you like just because you don’t have enough space for it. This can be very devastating for any gamer. You will be forced to delete existing games that you are still enjoying. These are some of the setbacks associated with having a small storage PlayStation.

Therefore, you should go for a 1TB PlayStation that gives you the freedom you need for better gaming. Sticking to a small storage PlayStation could see you miss out on many great games. There is so much freedom that comes with more space, and 500 GB doesn’t offer it.

If you are a gamer that likes exploring various games and plays several of them in a day, getting a 1TB PlayStation is highly recommended. With that, you don’t have to go through the hustle of upgrading your SSD or getting a hard drive.

Is 500GB Enough for PS4 if I Buy Disc Games Only?

When buying a gaming console, storage is one of the most important factors to consider. Keep this in mind when buying any gaming console, especially the PS4. However, there have been concerns on whether 500 GB is enough for PS4 if you buy disc games only.

500 GB is not enough for PS4, even if you buy disc games only. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you purchase disc games or download them. Just like a downloaded game, the disc you buy will take up a significant amount of space. Discs are only beneficial because you don’t have to go through the process of downloading the game again since it has already been downloaded, and you only need to install it.

This is why storage is a significant factor to consider when buying a PlayStation 4. Apart from storage, there are several other vital factors you need to consider when buying a gaming console. Some of them include the game type, performance, cost, backward compatibility, media support, and controllers.

When buying any gaming console, the game type is an essential factor to consider. You probably have preferences for specific games, and you need to get a console that supports them excellently. You could be into playing sports, shooting, or racing games; all these require a compatible and functional console. It makes no sense to buy a good-looking and shiny console, but it can’t support the games you like.

Performance is also a fundamental issue. You need to know the quality of graphics you prefer. Is it 4K, 1080p, or 720p? Also, determine whether you enjoy smooth gameplay, or you are okay with 60FPS or 30FPS. If you value powerful performances, you won’t like a slow console with poor graphics.

The cost of a PlayStation is also essential. You need to know how much you are willing to spend on it. Keep in mind that gaming can be costly, not only the initial purchase but buying games and other accessories. You wouldn’t want to spend more than you can afford. At the same time, you should avoid poor-quality consoles that could end up costing more in repairs.

Seasoned gamers will understand why backward compatibility is crucial. Backward compatibility is when you can play games from past generations on your new console. A console with this feature makes it possible to play your favorite games from the past without switching consoles. If you are a gamer that will at some point miss the old-gen classics, you should get a console with backward compatibility.

You should also check whether a console enables media support. A good console should be used for more than just gaming. If you enjoy watching videos, listening to music, or streaming content in between your gaming sessions, you will need a console that supports such features. Only a media-enabled console will give you access to all these exciting features.

If you are a gamer that enjoys online gaming, you will need a console that supports online services. Go for a console that gives you the best service available and has sufficient cloud storage. Also, it shouldn’t have downtime and run on stable servers. Furthermore, a gaming console with excellent online services will give you the freedom you need.

Lastly, you also need to consider the controller. Considering your preferred way of controlling games is very important. Therefore, whether you prefer sticks, mouse and keyboard, dual shock controllers, or a controller that has a second screen built-in, you need to get an ideal console.

This is because the kind of console you buy determines your controller. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you get a console with your ideal controller. As much as you can opt to buy third-party controllers, they are very costly and could also underperform.

How Many Games Can 1TB PlayStation Hold?

The total number of games a PlayStation can hold is one of the important factors gamers consider. Therefore, how many games can a 1TB PlayStation hold?

Most PS games are around 50 GB, meaning a 1TB PlayStation can hold up to 15 of such games. However, this isn’t always the case because the form of games you also use matters. It also depends on the size and version of the games you are using. If you have downloaded the games digitally from the PS Store, they tend to take up more space than when you use discs. Besides, saved videos can also take up a lot of space. Therefore, it all depends on the form of game you are using.

There are several games you can enjoy on a PlayStation. Depending on your preferences, you can choose racing games, action games, adventures, among many others. This is the case, especially if your console can hold many of them. Some of the popular games on the PlayStation include God of War, Bloodborne, Grand Theft Auto, and FIFA.

God of War is one of the most popular games you can enjoy on your PlayStation. This game depicts a high-quality presentation with excellent gameplay, characters, and graphics. Every aspect of this game feels ideal and gives you a remarkable interconnection as you explore every inch of it. It has a captivating storyline and side missions that will leave you wanting more. There are also several gaming characters you can use for your missions.

Bloodborne is also another gamers’ favorite. This game can be brutally difficult, but it is worth your time. It is an immensely terrifying action horror game that daredevil gamers will find highly captivating. Before getting used to it, you will spawn and die so many times. But, once you have an idea of how it is played and get past a few stages, you could easily be addicted. The game’s graphics are of high quality, with soundtracks designed to match the terrifying action-packed adventure.

You have probably heard of Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular games in the world. GTA, as it is commonly known, is a game produced by Rockstar. GTA V is the latest version of the game and has already broken the record of the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. This isn’t surprising given the fascinating features the game has. GTA has some of the best game graphics and probably the best storyline. If you like action-packed games, GTA will quench your thirst perfectly.

If you like soccer, you will love playing FIFA. This game attracts millions of gamers globally, with new versions of the game released annually. You will enjoy playing with your favorite players from your famous football clubs. This game’s graphics are exceptional, with soundtracks matching the quality.

FIFA is created by EA Sports, one of the leading game makers. You also have the option to enjoy online tournaments and face off against gamers from different parts of the world. Like in a regular soccer game, FIFA has all the rules and regulations you need to follow. However, you can set the amount of time you want to play.

Wrap Up

When buying a PlayStation, its storage space matters. Deciding on whether to get a 500 GB or 1TB PlayStation will depend on the type of gamer you are. If you download games online, you should go for a 1TB PlayStation. However, if you play games via discs and tend to buy new games often, a 500 GB PlayStation will be an ideal option.

Typically, a 1TB PlayStation can hold up to 15, 50GB games. However, it depends on the form of the game. Apart from the storage, there are several other factors you need to consider when buying a console. Some of them include game type, performance, cost, backwards compatibility, media support, and controllers. These factors will help you get the ideal gaming console.

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