PS4 vs PS4 Slim: Here’s what you need to know

Like other gaming consoles, the PS4 followed the market trends by introducing a revised PlayStation 4 Slim. Therefore, if you are contemplating upgrading to the newer model, I have compared the two devices for you to make an informed decision.

So, what are the difference between the PS4 and the PS4 slim? The significant difference between the PS4 and Slim is the design. While the Slim has a sleek, lightweight, and trimmed appearance, the PS4 is bulkier and maintains a glossy and matte look. Due to the compact make, the Slim doesn’t have an optical port and is more expensive than the original. The PS4, on the contrary, is noisier with lower storage space and a slower network. Conclusively, the two seem to win in their rights since they have the same power and support similar games.

The PS4 Slim is a revamped version of the PS4 and has some outstanding capabilities. If you are planning to buy it but aren’t sure whether it is better than the PS4, read on to get a better insight.

The most glaring difference between the Slim and the original PS4 is the design, where the Slim has a thin, sleek, and lightweight look with a matte finish. However, it has no optical sound port and is more expensive than the original.

On the contrary, the PS4 is louder, has a lower storage space, and its network connection is slower. However, the two models are at a stalemate regarding their high performance or power, and they both support the same games in the PS4 library.

Choosing between the original PS4 and the PS4 Slim is hard due to the few differences between them. Therefore, the following is a more detailed look at the two impressive consoles to help guide you.

  • Power

There is no significant difference between the PS4 and the slim version because the latter has similar internal capabilities as the original. Generally, the company intended the PS4 Slim to maintain the PS4’s specs in a more compact package. Therefore, the two have identical GPU, RAM, and CPU, and you will notice that their titles run at the same power level.

For both consoles, they have a Jaguar 8-core CPU while the GPU is Radeon (1.84 TFLOP). When you buy a PS4 Slim, there won’t be any difference in visuals while the HDR and PlayStation VR will be compatible. The two, therefore, tie in this category.

  • Storage Space

If you are an avid gamer, one of the essential features to look out for in a console is space. You will need room to store your games or applications, as you keep getting more. Initially, the two devices had the same storage, both at 500GB. However, currently, you can find slim versions with 1TB.

On the other hand, the original model still stands at 500GB, meaning that you may have to keep deleting some content for more room. Fortunately, you can always upgrade hardware by buying a new SSD or HDD for additional storage. If you want to avoid costs and have more space, you may incline more to the PS4 Slim.

  • Design

The most notable difference between the original PS4 and its smaller counterpart is the design. It is the company’s selling point where they focused on a slimmer and more energy-efficient console.

The two may have almost the same surface area, but the Slim is thinner and comes in a sleeker design. Instead of the matte and gloss finish of the original, the newer model is entirely matte, with the logo giving it a gloss touch.

Additionally, if you look at the edges, the Slim is fairly more rounded. It compresses the same hardware components from the original into a smaller space, effectively reducing the size by almost 30%. Consequently, the Slim weighs less, making it more portable than the PS4. The only downside is that there must be some sacrifices.

One compromise with this significant size reduction is that the Slim doesn’t have an optical sound port, although it still has the other slots for USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and AUX. The creators have also converted the PS4’s light bar into a tiny LED strip. However, the aesthetics stay the same, but given the significant design change, the winner here has to be the Slim.

  • Games

On the positive side, the Slim and original support the same games from the PlayStation Library. Sony wanted every user to have the same gaming experience and not compromise by choosing to upgrade. Therefore, you will have access to all the games you had on the PS4.

Luckily, both devices also run HDR graphics, meaning you have similar gameplay quality regardless of your device. As long as you have a lot of storage space, you are good to buy all the titles you need. There is no winner in this round since the two support the same games.

  • Controller

Another surprising move by Sony is that there is no significant difference in the controller. The DualShock 4 has only gone through a sight redesign. For instance, it has ditched the light that randomly changes hues and brightness during gameplay.

The Slim controller now lights up at the front where it is more visible to the user, unlike when you had to turn over the pad. Secondly, the Slim’s controller has an additional grey D-Pad, face buttons, and thumbsticks compared to the standard PS4’s black look.

  • Price

Usually, the release timing of a new generation console affects its prices. Since the original PS4 is older than the novel slim version, it is natural that the older model is more affordable. However, Sony discontinued PS4 production; hence, you can buy it from a store that still stocks them or from a second-hand dealer.

Generally, the PS4 slim will differ in price according to the available SSD. While a 500GB version can go for over $200, one with 1TB storage may cost you almost $500. On the other hand, a new PS4 may sell at around $200, while a pre-owned one could cost close to $100. Therefore, if you are going for an affordable device, your go-to is the original PS4.

  • Noise

You will notice that the PS4 is louder than the Slim due to certain factors. First, it is more prominent with a massive fan that ramps up whenever you run games. Most titles overexert the hardware, causing grinding sounds from the disc drive and the fan that consequently propels at abnormal speed to cool down the burning hardware.

Also, a minor dust clog on the fan may cause disturbing noises from the PS console. On the contrary, the slim version requires less energy to run the titles, producing little to no noise. Therefore, if you’re looking for a quieter device, the PS4 Slim console is your best shot.

  • Network

The internet is crucial when you want to play multiplayer games online with your friends. You’ll need a stable and faster network for enhanced playability. The PS4 runs on a 2.4GHz, which is relatively slow over Wi-Fi, unlike the PS4 slim console that supports a 5GHz connection to improve your online experience.

However, the PS4 will serve you better than the PS4 Slim when it comes to the cable connection. Generally, if you want an online wireless connection, you may incline to the original PS4, but the two gadgets will offer the same service if you use Ethernet.

Is the PS4 Slim Loud?

One of the bummers when buying a console is finding out that it is too noisy. It can be distracting and potentially ruin your entire gaming experience. Before you make the upgrade or purchase decision, you must ask whether the PS4 will be too loud.

Luckily, unlike its predecessors, the Slim is generally quiet, and you can hardly hear a sound when you play, thanks to its revamped properties. However, it may get loud if its fan clogs or overheats.

Additionally, the console may make a sound when the hard drive is trying to fetch data. Thankfully, you can fix the noise from the PS4 Slim at home by cleaning the fan and putting the system in a well-ventilated place.

Overall, the PS4 slim is one of the most silent consoles unless there are faults. Even when the disc drive emits a sound when playing disc games, it is usually manageable. If not, the chances are high that your console has a broken hard drive that needs urgent repair. If you assume such glitches, it could get worse, forcing your device to break down completely.

Also, an aged PS4 slim may become loud because it has been running for a long time. Issues related to the hard drive need expert intervention, but you can effortlessly solve matters regarding a dirty fan. You can open the back lid that covers the metal plate on the fan and grab a compressed air bottle to blow away any debris from the console.

Once the fan is clean, the grinding noise will disappear, and the PS4 will run smoothly. Finally, avoid placing the console on surfaces without proper air circulation. Aeration counters overheating, which otherwise overworks the fan making the console noisy.

The games you play on the PS4 may also contribute to the grinding sounds. Therefore, playing compatible titles with the PS4 slim is best to avoid the noises and play your games in a better environment.

Is it Normal for PS4 To Get Hot and Overheat?

PlayStation consoles are some of the best gaming devices for avid gamers. One challenge with these systems is that they may be subject to overheating, which ruins the hardware. Therefore, if you are wondering whether the PS4 is vulnerable to overheating, here’s what you should know.

It isn’t normal for a PS4 console to overheat, and constant high temperatures pose a grave danger to your gaming system. It can destroy circuit boards and other essential firmware in the console. Several factors contribute to excessive heating in a PS4, but some are easily manageable at home, although others require expert advice.

A PS4 can become warm or a bit hot, but extreme temperatures can be dangerous to your device. If a PS4 overheats above the normal, it will automatically show a text on the screen to alert you, advising you to shut the system down to cool before resuming. The PS4 may heat up due to excessive use or other internal issues. If your console emits burning heat, then there must be a glitch that requires your immediate attention.

Before concluding that your console is dead from excessive heat, it is best to try a few remedies to see whether you can salvage it. If a PS4 pop-up window constantly appears indicating overheating, the response should be to shut it down and let it cool before turning it back on. It is also necessary to ensure that the temperatures range between 50-80 degrees.

If the overheating persists, you can try cleaning the console fan and improving the ventilation inside the room. You can blow away dust from the fan since the cold and hot air exchange rates drop, increasing heat levels if it clogs. Furthermore, you can place the console vertically on the table for better aeration.

Typically, gamers place the device horizontally on a table or other flat surfaces, and the fan stays below the console and directly above the table. In this case, air movement becomes limited due to the tiny space in between. It is also necessary to frequently conduct system updates to ensure that your console always runs smoothly. If the overheating prevails, then it’s time to seek professional help.


The PS4 slim is undoubtedly a significant improvement from the original console. It explains why many users are rushing to upgrade and take advantage of the cool features. If you aren’t sure of the investment, I guarantee you that it is worth your money. You will get a slimmer, lightweight, and sleek device.

It is also energy efficient emitting little or no noise. The storage space is relatively high at 1TB, perfect for your titles and applications. It also has fast internet capabilities and supports all games from the PS4 library. The only compromise is that it is pricier and lacks an optical sound port, unlike the original PS4.

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