Minecraft Fabric vs Forge: Know the differences

Minecraft supports modifications, and you can download and use them to help improve your gameplay. However, these mods need launchers to run, luckily, there are several available options to try out, including Fabric and Forge.

So, how do Minecraft Fabric and Forge compare? Compared to Fabric, Forge seems to be the better mod loader for Minecraft, thanks to its exceptional features. It is years older than Fabric and has layer helpers to facilitate mod compatibility. It is also relatively user-friendly and has amassed many users to date. On the other hand, Fabric is comparatively lightweight, making it more creator-friendly. It is simple to design and faster to update and load. Although it doesn’t support as many mods, it helps that it is handy in almost all Minecraft game modes.

Minecraft Forge and Fabric are the most frequently used words in the world of Minecraft mod launchers. Therefore, in this section, I will give you an individual and side-by-side analysis to understand them better and choose your ideal version.

Based on their features, Forge seems to be an excellent mod loader, and there are several reasons to back it up. First, it launched five years earlier than Fabric and has better features. Since it has more helpers and layers, it becomes compatible with more mods. Many gamers also find it easier to use, and it helps that it has attracted more Minecraft fans over the years.

In contrast, Fabric is comparatively “lightweight” and ideal for mod creators. It is effortless to design and update, and it helps that it has a faster loading time. However, it doesn’t support many mods, unlike Forge.

Before I compare the two, you may want to have a detailed look at the individual launchers to understand why they are popular in Minecraft. Therefore, I will describe Forge and Fabric individually and give you the pros and cons to expect before installing them.

  • Forge

Minecraft Forge or Forge is a valuable API in modding. It launched in the market a few years after Minecraft’s release in 2011, precisely on the 30th of January. Over the years, it has been very successful and famous among players thanks to its outstanding features. You will notice that most gamers using mods prefer Forge whenever they load the game. It owes the fame to its user-friendliness, compatibility, and support for several mods.

Given that it has existed in Java for a long time, you will realize that it has several mods, enough to select your preferred versions. It is also simpler to set up modifications for Forge since many of them are compatible. This feature is thanks to the assistive layers that support massive mod packs.

Forge is a go-to for many mod creators since it offers more compatibility than other alternatives. Some are gamers ‘ favorites from several mods supported by Forge. For instance, you can get Biomes O’Plenty, an excellent mod that offers you more plant life and biomes that you can use in the overworld, making gameplay more exciting for you. On the other hand, if you want to explore food in Minecraft, you can access the Farmer’s Delight mod. Here, you can plant tomatoes and enjoy cooking new dishes.

Instead of the regular food in the game, the mod allows you to experiment with alternatives like burgers and meat. Lastly, the Create mod will open up a whole new Minecraft world where you can use machines like elevators and others. Despite all these aspects, there are still some downsides to consider.

One of the most significant complaints from Forge users is that the system takes too long to update compared to other options. A vivid example is when the creators updated version 1.13 in about seven months. Another issue with the launcher is that the community isn’t very cooperative with the users. Some often complain that they don’t diligently address their concerns.

  • Fabric

Given its launch in 2016, Minecraft Fabric is one of the latest mod loaders for the game. Therefore, it has fewer users since it gradually finds its place in gaming. After launching, it wasn’t accessible to the public until two years later. Despite this, it is still quite famous among players and battles out with heavyweights like Forge due to its excellent capabilities.

First, mod creators love this version because it is “lightweight”, thus simple to create and update. The best part about this aspect is that the loader is usually faster. Generally, this feature is more significant for the creators, who will often go for less demanding options. Another Fabric upside is that the loader allows you to modify any Minecraft game mode, useful for every gamer group.

You will also appreciate that since the launcher is pretty lightweight, it is easier for the creators to make frequent updates. Unlike other versions that take months to update to the latest versions, Fabric only spent a couple of days to switch to 1.17.

Forge also boasts of some excellent mods. Origin is one exceptional version if you want to improve your gaming experience. It lets you take any gameplay form you want, whether human, blazerborn, enderian, or others.

Alternatively, you can use it for Better End, an improved mod with better features like new and more exciting biomes. Unlike the old version, this one has more cities to explore and extra chorus fruits. Lastly, you can also enjoy Sodium that significantly increases your game’s loading time. However, this mod doesn’t have other perks like additional blocks for Minecraft.

On the downside, Fabric doesn’t support a lot of mods, and it explains why it isn’t as popular as other loaders. If you check Curseforge, you will see that less than 30% of the mods are for Fabric. It is due to its lightweight nature that makes compatibility tasking since it doesn’t have helpers or cooperative layers to facilitate compatibility.

That is a detailed look at the two mod launchers for Minecraft. It is easier to pick your preferred option based on your needs with more information. You can go for Forge if you want a reliable version since it has been in the market for longer and has attracted many users so far. It has also proven compatible with several Minecraft mods due to its layer system.

Fabric is also a great choice, especially for mod developers, since it is lightweight. However, being new to the scene is a downside because not many gamers currently use it, but the advantage is its effortless updating and fast loading time. It may not support as many mods as Forge does, but it is still a worthy loader to try out.

How To Update Minecraft Forge

Once you experience the gameplay with Forge, you will always want to keep it updated on the latest version. If you’re going to continue using it for Minecraft, it is ideal to know the upgrade process once a new generation is out. Therefore, I will explain how to update an outdated Forge.

The first step is to go to Forge’s official website to find the several Minecraft versions to choose the one you are currently using. A window will open, prompting you to select Minecraft Forge’s newest model.

Next, click ”Skip” from the options given, save and run the file you’ve chosen. Afterward, tap install server on the next screen, click the three buttons on the right, create a folder, and name it. Now, you can delete the old Minecraft server.jar files from the Servercraft panel then upload the new Forge. Finally, you can start your Minecraft Forge on a new version.

Making upgrades enables you to continue enjoying the advantages of the mod launcher. The upgrade procedure is straightforward, and you can start within a few minutes. From the Forge’s website, click the Minecraft version you are currently using to get the possible Forge models available for you and ensure that your pick is compatible with your current Minecraft. Select “install server” in the Forge installer and create a folder.

Before uploading the current Forge to the server, empty all the data from the previous version and fill the new file accordingly. Before uploading the new mod launcher, start the server, then stop and open the “Update Forge Minecraft” tab. Check the content and shift the adaptation to “custom” on the menu that appears. If you find it challenging to upgrade, you can re-upload the Forge data onto the server.

Minecraft Forge on Mac

Minecraft Forge performs equally well on Windows and Mac to give you the best cheats for Minecraft. Forge has been in the market long enough, and you can trust its performance on your gaming devices. This section discusses how to download and use it on Mac.

First, open your Minecraft Launcher and find the “Launch options” menu, then click the “On” button, next to the advanced options key, and press OK. On the next open window, choose “Add new.” A drop-down menu will appear, enabling you to select your game’s version. The following screen has a toggle button next to JVM Arguments.

Move it to the text below and change the “1G” to a value half less the size of your device’s RAM. After the reset, your main menu play button will display an arrow next to it. You can now go to the Forge website and download a compatible version. Now with the recommended Forge, repeat the previous procedure to install.

After tweaking the Minecraft Launcher, you can download the latest recommended Forge version. On the next window, click skip, and you will see the installer on the screen but before launching it, select “Install Client”.

Once you tap the ok button, follow the on-screen prompts. Now open the Minecraft Launcher again, launch options, and select “add new.” Navigate the drop-down menu on the versions tab to find the Forge model you need.

Next, adjust the JVM Arguments as you did previously and save them. Back to the main menu, click the arrow close to the play button. It will open a selection with options to choose the key with “release (model) forge.” After a successful launch, the game will give you mod options. Using mods in Minecraft, you open a whole new gameplay design. You can incorporate new mods, add novel tools and even blocks.

How To Update Minecraft Fabric

Using mods in Minecraft improves your gaming experience and lets you try some aspects you wouldn’t otherwise maneuver conventionally. However, the program requires upgrading whenever the manufacturer releases a new version. Therefore, it is ideal to know how to update the Fabric loader.

From the existing MultiMC, open the Fabric tab that you want to upgrade, then tap on its icon and click edit. Once you open the version tab, you can see the Fabric Loader category you are using. Next, browse fabricmc.net and open the “show expert options,” where a window will open showing “Download MultiMC patch JSON,” and you can click it to download.

Afterward, locate the file from “patches” in the instance folder and overwrite it on the previous file. From the versions menu in MultiMC, confirm whether the update is successful, then delete the fabric folder inside the Minecraft file.

After upgrading the Fabric to the newest version, you can also check the status of the API. If it is running on an older generation, it is best to update it. You may also go to minecraft.curseforge.com and look for the latest Fabric API version.

If you are joining Fabric for the first time, the procedures may seem complicated at first. Before anything, it will be best to backup your server because it will restart and take over the functions of the old version.

Next, download the latest Fabric from its website using the windows/EXE if you are using Windows or Universal/JAR in case you have a macOS. Once you have completed the download, run the software file, then select the Minecraft version you wish to use.

If you click on the loader, a drop-down menu appears to help you choose the game mode compatible with your mod. Click install, then download the Fabric API and move it to the Minecraft mod folder.


The Minecraft world is exciting but playing it with mods makes it even better. You will need launchers or loaders to facilitate the process for these mods to run. The most commonly used versions are the Forge and Fabric, each with remarkable capabilities.

However, many gamers prefer Forge because it is more user-friendly. It is also compatible with many mods and generally comes with more features. Still, Fabric is a viable alternative, especially for mod creators. It is simple to use, easier to update, and loads much faster thanks to its lightness. However, these two versions also need frequent updates to perform at par with the new game versions.

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