Wii Still Worth It? (Checked out)

The mid-2000s marked the launch and hit of the Nintendo Wii consoles. Boxes flew off shelves as anyone who loved virtual gaming gadgets rushed to purchase one. Many gamers still enjoy gameplay on the devices, explaining why you would want to buy one too.

So, is the Wii still worth it? The Wii is still a worthy investment considering that the good outweighs the bad. It has a huge game library featuring the classic titles of different genres, from dance, boxing and RPG. It also comes in three models to choose from, the original has GameCube support, and they are all very affordable gadgets.

Unfortunately, the online capabilities became somewhat limited, along with having little storage space, low graphics quality, and some games of the games have become outdated.

Hardcore gamers are always excited about new gadgets, and the Wii had its fair share of the hype in the 2000s. Before I get to the pros and cons of the device, I will first take a trip down memory lane to remember when the Wii was a must-have for any gamer.

The Nintendo Wii was one of the most prized possessions for gamers in the mid-2000s. It came in a thin white box, a sensor, and white TV remote-like controllers. The best part is that it had some of the best games perfect for lovers of innovative consoles.

Being a predecessor of the GameBoy and coming into the market when other gadgets like the PS3 were still major hits, the Wii had to stand out. Therefore, it boasted of tiny controllers and had a new navigation method, unlike other consoles. Additionally, it came with bigger and better games like the Mario franchise, and they were so great that the games in later consoles became adaptations from the Wii titles.

The Wii also attributed its sales from its attention to gamers’ needs. When it launched, it didn’t necessarily aim for the skilled and avid gamers; instead, the company ensured that the design and titles accommodated first-timers, kids, and even older players.

This aspect guaranteed its spot in the gaming market because anyone could join in the fun. As long as you could get your hands on one, you could play one of the console’s famous games like Zelda or Mario.

The icing on the cake was the motion control system. It meant that you could throw punches at a character, roll a ball or play golf, all fascinating actions you wouldn’t find on other consoles. The device also allowed internet use through its Wii Shop, where gamers could navigate to download titles from the previous consoles.

It was also the first of its kind to allow backward compatibility with GameCube titles. Currently, the Nintendo Switch has taken over with more advanced capabilities, Wii’s novelty hasn’t worn off just yet, and many gamers still want to go back to enjoy the cool features.

Why You May Want To Buy a Wii

Although the Switch swooped in to take over Wii’s spotlight, some gamers were still inclined to the old console. You may be one of the nostalgic owners, or you want to buy it as an addition to your gaming gadget collection. The following are the pros of owning a Wii.

The Wii consoles have a massive game library with games from different genres, perfect for gamers of different ages, from fitness games to RPGs. Its motion-sensing controls make it excellent for active games and multiplayer mode.

Additionally, the original Wii is backward compatible, meaning that it also supports GameCube titles and the console’s accessories. There are also three models to pick from: the original, the family edition and the mini. Compared to the latest consoles, the Wii console and its games are very affordable.

If you consider buying a Wii, I will take a look at the best features that may influence your decision.

  • It Comes in Three Models

There are three Nintendo Wii versions to choose from; the original, the family edition, and the Wii mini. The white model is the first release from the mid-2000s that has backward compatibility with GameCube titles. The second version came in late 2011, and it lies horizontally, unlike the original that you place vertically.

The Wii Mini, on the other hand, came last upon its release before the beginning of 2013. The major difference between the original and the later models is the backward capability. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your GameCube titles, your go-to is the original make. Thus, you can buy the mini or the family edition if you already have a GameCube console.

  • It Supports Backward Compatibility

When it launched, one of the perks of the system was backward compatibility. By buying it, you get full access to GameCube titles, and it helps that the Wii supports all its accessories. Therefore, you can link the GameCube controllers, cartridges and enjoy all your favorite titles. You can even connect the GC’s Wavebird if you like wireless controllers.

  • It Has an Impressive Game Library

Another desirable feature of the Wii console is its massive title library. The first buyers couldn’t get enough of the incredible games like Super Mario, Zelda and many other genres. Some of these games are now in the later console models by Nintendo, but you can still get the original versions on the Wii.

You can play the ones you love, and you will appreciate that the console’s titles are also relatively cheap. Moreover, its compatibility with GameCube only increases the game library. In the long run, you will have saved a fortune than you would if you had invested in a new Switch and its titles.

  • It Is Affordable

Another excellent feature about the Wii is that it is one of the least pricey consoles. With less than $50, you can get your hands on one from thrift stores or second-hand shops. Although Nintendo discontinued their manufacture, you can still find a used one at a reasonable price. It beats spending more than $500 on the latest console models when you can still access your favorite titles from the Wii.

You may only have to compromise on high graphics quality and other modern functionalities, but the massive game library makes up for it. There are many RPGs, party games, and any other type you like in a very cheap package. Besides, the Wii is one of the most reliable and sturdy gadgets, meaning that you will likely find it still intact when purchasing it.

  • It Is Perfect for Fitness Games

When Nintendo included motion controls in its Wii, it opened up a whole new world for exercise games. Instead of sitting for hours on end, you can actively participate and stay fit. From Wii Sports to Wii Fit, you can stretch and have a fitness regimen while you play.

There are also titles for boxing, Zumba, biking, and other high adrenaline activities. You can also get the Just Dance franchise to practice your dance moves if you love music and dance. The game is one of the best if you want to exercise in the comfort of your home while simultaneously improving your dancing skills.

Cons of the Wii

Before the Switch replaced the Wii, Nintendo must have noticed the previous console’s vulnerabilities. It is important to understand these weaknesses before you buy your gadget. Therefore, I will highlight some compromises you will make when you buy the Wii instead of more advanced devices.

The most significant problem with the Wii consoles is their lack of internet support. Nintendo canceled the ability to download games from the Wii Shop. Therefore, you can only play the titles that the previous user had already downloaded. Some of the gadgets’ games are rather outdated, unlike the modern adaptations in the advanced consoles.

It also has little storage space, meaning it cannot support a lot of games at a time. The images it produces are also relatively of lower quality. Lastly, these gadgets aren’t readily available in all gaming stores, and neither are their spares.

Therefore, you should also consider the drawbacks of the console for the level ground to help you make a decision. The following are some limitations of the console.

  • Some Wii Games May Be Outdated

Although Wii users enjoy a massive library, there are concerns that some titles are a bit redundant, given that the console came out a long time ago. The new and improved models have taken over, and they have comparatively better games than the Wii. It is only a great choice if you love the classic titles and enjoy the unlimited options. The Wii is also a go-to if you want to play motion-censored games or play on multiplayer.

  • The Wii Doesn’t Have Online Capabilities

One of the main disadvantages of owning a Wii is the lack of internet access. When the Nintendo Wii Shop closed in 2019, the console users could no longer go to the platform to download their favorite titles.

When the Wii was discontinued, Nintendo also shut down the device’s internet functions. Currently, none of the Wiis support internet, and the only way around it is to buy one that comes with already downloaded Virtual games.

  • It Has Little Storage Space

Another compromise to deal with is the low storage space. As an old gadget, it only carries around 512 memory capacity in its internal flash, unlike its competitors at that time, like Xbox 360. Therefore, the console cannot hold many games unless you store them in a backup and retrieve them later.

  • It Has a Low Graphics Level

The Wii may have better graphics than its predecessor, but it doesn’t match the high quality of the latest consoles. When you buy it, you may not get the 1080p highly realistic images you find in the Switch and other consoles. Usually, Wii titles come in double-layered wide discs; therefore, they don’t have high storage or HD quality like Blu-Ray discs.

  • The Console and Spares Aren’t Readily Available

Since it is an old gadget that Nintendo already stopped manufacturing, it is quite tasking to find them on gaming gadget shelves. You can only obtain them in thrift stores or directly from previous owners. Secondly, it is challenging to find the console’s spares or repair it when it breaks down.

Is the Wii Worth Buying Now?

I have highlighted the pros and cons of the Wii, but the most important question is whether the console is a worthy investment. Therefore, based on the good, the bad and all the related factors, is the Wii worth buying now?

Whether or not to buy the Wii may be a personal decision, but the good outweighs the bad based on the pros and cons. The most admirable aspect of the console is its huge game library, allowing you to enjoy all the classics.

It is a fun way to access exercise, motion-controlled, and GameCube titles, especially those that didn’t cross over to the Switch. There are also three models to choose from depending on your preference, and they are all very affordable. Although you may not get online capabilities, the Wii still stands out as one of the most exhilarating consoles from Nintendo.

The Nintendo Wii was one of the most popular consoles, stunning prospective users with its creative motion-sensing controllers, backward compatibility, and incredible games during its release.

However, its heydays between 2006 and 2012 ended when more powerful gadgets with better graphics entered the market. They had online support and HDMI output. These factors led to Nintendo’s launch of the Switch to rival the competitors, and it also became the company’s massive hit.

However, the Wii hasn’t lost its significance despite being more than a decade old after having its plug pulled by Nintendo. Whether you love playing with your friend, workout, or punch virtual characters, you can still enjoy the fun games regardless of your age. You may also be a die-hard fan of the old classics or are a dotting collector of Nintendo’s magnificent creations, either way, we guarantee that the Wii is a worthy purchase.

The Decision

The Nintendo Wii is a worthy gadget. You won’t regret owning it because it is a classic device that has retained its significance all this time. There are three types to choose from; you can go for the original, family edition, or mini. All of them are affordable, but only the original version is backward compatible.

However, the most outstanding aspect is that the Wii comes with a vast library of games to choose from regardless of your favorite type, whether racing, boxing, biking, or any other. On the contrary, the Wii also has its limitations. For instance, it doesn’t have internet support, meaning you cannot directly download games through it. Lastly, it has a low storage space, and the display is not of high HD quality.

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