Minecraft Hypixel Shutting Down (Bans and YouTube)

Like any other gaming server, Minecraft Hypixel has had its fair share of challenges over the years, some of them leading to rumors and concerns that it will be shutting down soon.

So, is Minecraft Hypixel shutting down? Hypixel is not shutting down anytime soon. It remains one of the servers with the highest user numbers. All the rumors about it closing down are fake news and baseless online information aiming for clickbait. The only way to be certain is when the server announces the closure on its official platforms. Only the China-based version shut down since the contract with NetEase expired.

As a Minecraft fan, it can be shocking to find out that your favorite server Hypixel is shutting down or that you cannot access it due to banning. Perhaps you are worried because you watched a video stating that the server is closing and want to know whether the claims are accurate. The following is Hypixel’s current state based on the server’s official account.

Fortunately, all the rumors about Hypixel shutting down are false and baseless. It is not closing down anytime soon; otherwise, it would announce it on its official pages and platforms. It is one of Minecraft’s most widely-used servers, and there is no valid reason for them to shut down.

If any videos or blogs are getting traction with the rumors, they are likely pranks or mere clickbait. The only time to trust any claims regarding Hypixel is when the information comes from its staff or website.

Lately, the threads about Hypixel shutting down have been going around on social media with detailed video backups. If you look closely at this content, you will easily detect discrepancies.

For instance, some have disclaimers to warn viewers that the information may be inaccurate. On the other hand, others attach fake evidence to support the claims. These YouTubers are only after clickbait, and they seem to succeed given the number of views they attract.

One of the popular rumors claims that Mojang is in a legal battle with Hypixel due to the newly-introduced Skyblock gems in the server. The story is that Hypixel has contravened the EULA (Regulation guiding server monetization) by using play2win. Notably, Skyblock is not a PVP but a PVE, meaning that the server can receive charges for items.

This new feature may be responsible for the claims, perhaps from users that don’t like p2w and want to make it seem illegal. Hypixel cannot go against Minecraft rules since the company usually monitors all the server’s operations. Therefore, any information you read about the shutdown of Hypixel from the internet is likely clickbait unless the company verifies it.

Why Did Minecraft Hypixel China Shut Down?

Minecraft Hypixel is translatable to over a hundred different languages to penetrate the worldwide market better. Due to these various language editions, the Minecraft server deserves its high ranking with millions of users globally. Although it is clear that Hypixel is not shutting down anytime soon, the China edition unfortunately closed.

The agreement between the Hypixel server and the China edition’s creator (NetEase) elapsed, which came as an official communication. Apart from the expiration, there are no other substantial details from the publisher or the server developers.

However, fans of the Chinese Hypixel rendition claim that excessive cheating is one of the possible reasons. Given that this version was “free to play,” cheaters found it easy to plant mods by simply fashioning novel Minecraft accounts.

Fortunately, the scrapping of the Chinese edition never interfered with the original English version. However, still, the fans find it challenging to play the English rendition due to numerous restrictions on the server. Minecraft Hypixel China users are hopeful that the platform will respawn in the future since it remains one of the most widely-used Minecraft servers.

However, they are still waiting for official statements about the resurrection. Minecraft is huge in China, with over four hundred million players as of November 2020, thanks to NetEase for its commendable job in helping the server infiltrate the local market. The Chinese version became popular because it had both Bedrock and Java renditions. Furthermore, Bedrock was free to play, earning it more fame than its rival Java.

Another impressive feature, exclusive in Minecraft China, was the “Shopkeepers gifts.” It allowed gamers to watch ads and, in return, earn Emeralds and Diamonds, which were essential in unlocking custom maps, textures, and mod packs. Additionally, Minecraft China had exciting new modes, mobs, benefits, and extra bosses. This version also featured the dedicated launcher that facilitated most of the activities in the server.

The launcher menu allowed you to install mods and change skins and worlds. These are the exceptional features that pulled users to China Hypixel, and it helped that you would not otherwise experience them in the ordinary Hypixel. The only challenge was that you could not access it unless you lived in China because only the natives could sign in through NetEase, which exclusively runs within the region.

What Can Get You Banned in Minecraft Hypixel?

Sadly, many players worldwide have complained about Hypixel banning their accounts even when they are certain that they have not violated any rules. You may also be a victim, making it necessary to understand the likely reasons to avoid it in the future.

Account banning may be due to a violation of the server terms or a mistake in other cases. Hypixel will likely ban you if you use a hacked or swapped account or have installed illegal mods. The system can detect these irregularities and close down your server for your security.

Generally, if you make the sever run beside its intended design, the company will immediately ban you temporarily or indefinitely if you fail to salvage the situation. However, the ban may be wrongful in other cases, although such scenarios are easier to solve.

Hypixel usually has a valid reason for banning or suspending a user’s account. It even gives you an explanation for the action unless there was an error in the system. The goal is to keep your account safe from hackers by confirming that you are the rightful user; otherwise, it may be due to you violating Hypixel’s terms. It is an automatic remedy whenever the server detects any irregularities to prevent further access by malicious users who will take advantage of your data.

The server can detect account sharing, use of VPN, phishing activities, or unusual log-ins and chatting. If there are valid grounds that your account is compromised, it will show a security breach, in which case you can change your credentials to be safe. Hypixel doesn’t take hacking lightly. If malicious users access an account illegally, they can easily cause you to be banned.

The company is also very keen on users using prohibited mods or cheating to gain the upper hand over other players in Minecraft. It is also forbidden to advance stats in your account or use illegitimate capes and skins in Hypixel. Additionally, the server doesn’t allow you to create inappropriate drawings or structures and insists on using all the items and cosmetics properly.

All the users must also treat other community members with dignity and avoid negatively affecting them. Lastly, you may be in trouble if the system finds you cross-teaming (Illegally liaising with another player or team).

All the above reasons are justified causes for account banning. However, there are also false bans where the account user hasn’t committed any crime but still faces the penalty. Luckily, this form is very rare and easy to resolve.

How To Get Unbanned from Minecraft Hypixel

Since Hypixel hosts thousands of players simultaneously in its systems, it must have the necessary measures to make operations organized. One effective remedy is issuing bans to rule violators. If you are on the receiving end, here is a stepwise guide to help you regain access to your favorite gaming server.

If you believe that Hypixel was too harsh on you or the server banned you erroneously, you can easily get unbanned by appealing. You can go to your account and navigate to Ban Appeal. You will enter your credentials to prove your identity, including your username, Ban ID, and UUID. Lastly, you can give a written defense for Hypixel to reconsider the ban.

However, if you find it hard to locate the forum connected to the Minecraft account, you can ask customer support for unlinking. Similarly, if you have misplaced your UUID, you can retrieve it from NameMC.

Note that it is advisable to be very convincing; or else, the support staff will ignore it. You should be very professional, clear, use proper language, and give all the necessary details. This information will guide the team to understand your case better and confirm whether it was a mistake on their side or if the banning was too severe. Alternatively, if you are uncertain about your writing abilities, you can ask for help from a friend or a third party offering the service.

There is a difference between a banned and a suspended account, and the two should get different treatments. Luckily, Hypixel usually clearly states why you cannot access the account. When you enter your credentials trying to enter the server, you will get a notification explaining why access is denied.

It will state whether it is a permanent or temporary ban, the period of the ban, and the reason behind it. If temporary, it means that it is only a suspension, hence you can easily regain access when the time lapses, although you can still appeal if there has been a mistake. On the other hand, a permanent ban is indefinite, and you will not join Hypixel. This penalty is usually for grave and consistent offenses.

Does Minecraft Hypixel Have a YouTube Channel?

YouTube hosts players of different genres, including those who prefer live streaming and others who only make uploads. Since Hypixel is a dedicated Minecraft server, it would be an added advantage if it had a YouTube channel. In this section, you will learn whether Minecraft Hypixel is on the largest video platform in the world.

Minecraft Hypixel has a YouTube channel by default since the server began operating from the service for Minecraft adventure maps construction. When in the server, you can find the channel by clicking your profile in the lobby then advancing to socials, where you will find the YouTube link.

However, to join the Minecraft Hypixel channel, you must accept all the terms and conditions. For instance, you need a particular minimum number of subscribers in your channel, and you must regularly upload content. Otherwise, you will not get the coveted YouTube Rank.

Now that you can access YouTube through Minecraft Hypixel, you can play live for your fans or upload some videos. Remember that you cannot play the games on your YouTube account without making an official application to Hypixel, or your verification will fail.

You can enjoy benefits like obtaining special perks and a custom username when you become a member. The only achievement left would be to qualify as Minecraft Hypixel content creator rank.

First, it will depend on whether you post content regularly or not. If you are a YouTubers that post Minecraft videos in your channel back to back, you must have at least thirty thousand subscribers.

On the contrary, if you rarely post Minecraft content, you will need a minimum of a hundred thousand subscribers. Furthermore, your channel must be active and have original content attaining at least a thousand views per video within days.

Additionally, always ensure that your uploads are Minecraft-related. To apply for your Minecraft Hypixel YouTube channel to get the YouTuber Rank, use the email creators@hypixel.net.

If you are using the YouTube business email, remember to incorporate your in-game name in the application. The Minecraft YouTube channel has several benefits, including bypassing anti-cheats and unlocking classes giving you the best entertainment for you and your fans.

Wrap Up

Hypixel may have faced several issues over the years, but it remains resilient, maintaining a place among the best Minecraft servers globally. The good news is that it is not stopping operations any time soon, and you can ignore any allegations from malicious and misinformed bloggers.

It is only the China-version that closed operations after contract expiry. However, it still doesn’t take away how effective it was in the region. The only way to be certain about Hypixel is when you read the information from the server’s official sites.

Similarly, if you are running into any issues with your account, the forums are the best and only place to check. For instance, you can go to the appeals section and defend yourself for reinstatement in the case of banning.

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