Is It Easy To Learn UiPath? (Important Info)

With digitalization comes the need to employ experts versed with specific skill sets to handle complex technology; UiPath is one solution to this problem. However, most people are concerned about whether it is easy to learn and get certified in the area. We did more research on UiPath to find out.

So, is it easy to learn UiPath? Not only is learning UiPath easy, but it is also not expensive because you can acquire the skills online. The process is simple, straightforward, and in just a short time, you can get the certification you need. Upon completion, you get hands-on experience in the highly competitive field, and one advantage is that the certificate does not expire.

It is difficult to find people with the relevant expertise to carry out tasks fast and accurately the same way that automation does. Here is where UiPath comes in handy.

UiPath was founded in 2005 by Marius Tirca and Daniel Dines, entrepreneurs from Rome. It is a tool used for automatic processing, particularly for Windows Desktop. It helps to perform otherwise tiring repetitive tasks and works effectively on its own; hence, limiting human interference. The use of drag and drop makes it one of the most reliable RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) tools available.

If you are interested in UiPath but have concerns about what you need before you get the certification, read on to find out more. We share the features and products it offers with you, and we show you how simple it is to acquire the certification.

UiPath Products

The following products are available on the UiPath platform.

  1. UiPath Studio

You get access to a world of visually designed automation. With the use of recorders, diagrams, and easy to perform widgets, users can see the progress of the task that they are performing.

  1. UiPath Robot

Once the UiPath studio is in place, you can execute the functions using the UiPath robots. once you issue commands, the system picks up the steps, allowing it to work even without human interference.

  1. UiPath Orchestrator

The application is web/ browser-based that allows the user to control the robots. You can also schedule and monitor the tasks that you have assigned to the systems.

Features of UiPath

The following features make UiPath one of the most sought after RPA tools.

  1. Application Affinity

The tool is compatible with various desktop and web applications. Therefore, its functions are not limited to particular applications.

  1. Hosting Ability

UiPath allows you to host data on the cloud as well as virtual termini, making it a flexible and reliable RPA tool.

  1. Security

The system offers a high level of security in access and login. You can encrypt your credentials during logging in so that only you can access it.

  1. Centralization

It is a reliable system that lets the user handle all the robots at once. It saves you time since it gets the work done faster and more accurately.

  1. Ease of Operation

Unlike other applications, the UiPath is intuitive, making it simple to understand. It is a simplified system, mainly due to the drag-and-drop feature.

  1. Recording Feature

The user can enable recording of the desktop applications and terminal emulators, which increases the efficiency and speed of the system.

Is UiPath Certification Easy?

Taking the UiPath exam is quite simple. You can take it online at your convenient place and time. This flexibility allows you comfort and peace of mind; hence; a higher probability of passing and getting certified. The expenses are few, the content is available on the internet, and the exam is suitable for everybody who has gone through the content.

Why Get UiPath Certification?

A certificate in UiPath guarantees that you stay ahead of your counterparts in terms of career and skill set. You will be more competitive in the job market since most firms are gradually switching to automation. It is a skill whose relevance stays in the market for decades.

Since the certification does not expire, you will always have evidence that you have the skill; hence, it will always come in handy at any point in your career.

Revision and course books are available to help you study and revise for exams at any time. They will also be valuable sources of reference in future.

What Areas Are Covered by the Certification?

Below is a brief overview of some areas that the UiPath certification tests.

  • Fundamentals of RPA
  • UiPath Studio- Overview, arguments, control flow, selectors, manipulation of data
  • Concepts and techniques in automation
  • UiPath Orchestrator- Overview

These are some commonly tested areas, though the test highly depends on the course content.

What Is the Format of the Exam?

It entails 60 questions (multiple choices), and it takes 90 minutes. The problems come in various formats such as instructions to order activities, interpret workflows, or predict the output of the RPA. With more practice, you can smoothly sail through the exam. The exam has an approximate pass rate of 70%.

When Do You Get Your Results?

Once you complete your exam, you get immediate results on your screen. Upon successful completion, you can obtain your certification badge via the site of the Certification Manager in about five days.

You can use your certification for as long as you need to since it doesn’t expire. Go ahead and print it or use the soft copy to prove your credibility on websites.

Before You Get Your UiPath Certification

The following tips will help you in your path to getting the UiPath certification.

  1. Make use of the learning materials.

Revision of your course content is vital before you take the exam. Read the chapters available and try the examples so that you get the hang of it. You can also review on the scheduled day to be sure. Treat every section equally and read the entire content so that you can ace the test.

  • Choose a convenient time and place.

Most people get nervous before exams. The advantage of UiPath certification is that it allows you to do it at the comfort of your home. Being comfortable is essential because you are calm as you answer the questions.

You can schedule your exam so that you can take it at your most convenient time. You can work around your own time to ensure that you are entirely focused when taking the exam.

  • Take your time

It is a good idea to be patient when taking the test. Go slow on the learning and exam process so that you prepare adequately and pass.

What Next?

Once you complete the Associate Level of certification, there is the final advanced level; the Advanced Developer. If you feel confident enough to take on this certification, it is allowed; however, we recommend some months of working in the field of RPA before you take on a more advanced course.


UiPath software application is one of the solutions to our automation problems. We can do away with redundant tasks by deploying it in our routine. The different application products are practical and easy to manipulate as well as the various components. UiPath is a definite game-changer, and getting its certification is an impressive boost to your credentials.

We highly recommend taking the UiPath certification exam. Besides being an easy, straight forward process, it is also easy on your budget, and you get skills in one of the most competitive sectors of the job market. You are also provided with vast resources for you to practice and refer in future.

The exam is also easy to pass, given that you can take it at your most convenient time and location. You don’t need to deal with the nerves that come with sitting in the exam halls.

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