PVP vs PVE (Elder Scrolls Online & other games checked out)

Elder Scrolls Online is a popular online multiplayer game also known as ESO in the gaming community. Most online games are divided into two categories: PvP, meaning Player versus Player, and PvE, meaning Player versus Environment. If you are interested in playing ESO, you might be wondering if it is a PvP game or a PvE game.

So, is Elder Scrolls Online PvP or PvE? Elder Scrolls Online is both PvP and PvE. When you first create your character on ESO, you will first play ESO as Player versus Environment by completing certain tasks and missions so that you can level up. You can also join an alliance and complete quests with other online gamers.

If you want to access ESO’s PvP, your character needs to be at least level 10. At level 10, you can select a campaign, and you will be transported to the PvP zone known as Cyrodiil to join a faction consisting of other online gamers. You will find two more factions consisting of other players who you will have to defeat in battle to claim victory.

PvP and PvE are common terms among seasoned online gamers, but they can confuse new players. Knowing the difference between PvP and PvE can help you know which online multiplayer game you should play.

ZeniMax Online Studios was developed and released in 2014 for PC gamers, the Elder Scrolls Online game, and, as of 2021, there are ESO versions for console gamers. ESO is a role-playing online multiplayer game with a large open world, lots of content, and many online gamers to interact with during quests and campaigns. If you want to play ESO, you might be wondering if it is a PvP or a PvE game.

The Elder Scrolls Online is both a PvP or PvE game because the developers have created zones that allow players to play against the environment or other players. ESO has only one zone known as Cyrodiil, which allows you to play against other players. You cannot attack other players in any other zone, whether alone or with your faction. Therefore, if you would like to battle with another player, you have to find a faction and convince them to undertake a campaign in Cyrodiil.

The developers made Cyrodiil the only province in the ESO where you can attack other players because it has the Ruby Throne. When you win the war against other factions, you get the right to rule Tamriel.

You do not have to participate in any battles in Cyrodiil, and it is up to you as a player to decide if you want to fight other players or not. Unlike other online multiplayer games where a player can attack you at any time, in ESO, nobody can attack you outside of Cyrodiil.

To participate in ESO PvP, you need to be at least at level 10; however, try reaching at least level 50 before joining a faction to be beneficial to your faction. If you are at level 10 and you go against players at level 50, it will be difficult to survive in battle, and you might be useless to your faction.

Access to weapons will be limited when you enter the Cyrodiil province, but the experience still counts. If you are in a faction with level 12 players going up against a faction with level 50 players with the same weapons, the chances are, you will be defeated within a short time.

PvE makes up a large percentage of ESO’s gameplay, and you even have to play in PvE for a certain period before you can play PvP. After creating a character in ESO, you will begin at level 1 and participate in quests.

When you start and want to level up faster, join a guild with unique quests and rewards that may improve your character’s skills. You can play ESO PvE for as long as you want; however, since the storyline in PvE needs updating after some time, it can get boring if you only do solo quests.

What Is the Difference Between PvP and PvE?

The terms PvP and PvE are very common among online multiplayer games, and you need to know the difference between the two terms. Gamers have different preferences, and if you do not know the difference between PvP and PvE, you might select an online game that you will not enjoy playing.

PvP stands for Player vs. Player, and the playstyle usually involves engaging other players in certain activities like fighting, racing, or shooting. On the other hand, PvE stands for Player vs. Environment, where a single player interacts with AI, also known as NPCs. PvP mode is common for players with experience, while players seeking to learn about a game prefer the PvE mode.

PvP is more aggressive, and the survival of your character depends on your skills and experience. In PvE mode, you can spend time developing your character, build a house, improve equipment, and level up.

Most online games have PvP modes where gamers interact with each other. The main enemies and protagonists in a PvP game are controlled by humans, and game developers can include an arena or tournament where players fight against each other.

One example of a PvP game is the popular Fortnite, where players are dropped on an island and fight against each other, and the remaining player is declared the winner. You can also team up with other gamers and battle other teams with the goal of outlasting your opponents.

Some games have PvP and PvE modes, and you can choose which mode you are comfortable playing. If you decide to play in PvP mode, you can attack any player at any time, and you can also get attacked at any time. In PvE mode, most games limit interactions with other players unless you are taking a quest that requires help from other players.

Once you enter the PvE mode in some games, you cannot see other players unless they are in your faction. In ESO, you can only interact with players when you request them join your faction or guild. When you are undertaking a sole quest, all other players in your province will disappear.

PvE game mode is great for players with little experience who want to learn how to play. In PvE mode, you do not have to interact with other players, and you can take as much time as you want to learn about the controls and the environment.

In PvE mode, you have the option of completing quests or roaming around doing nothing. For example, in GTA Online, you can spend some time alone driving and exploring different areas on the map, going to flight school to learn how to fly different aircraft, and even watching a movie.

Can You PvP in PvE?

The playing style is quite different between PvP and PvE; for example, in most games, the PvP zone is highly aggressive while the PvE zone is calm. If you are playing a game with both PvP and PvE zones, you might be wondering if you can play as a PvP character in a PvE zone.

You cannot PvP in PvE mode because engaging other players in PvE mode is disallowed or disabled in most games. In most online games with PvP and PvE modes, a player has to move to the PvP zone before attacking or being attacked by other players. Once you decide which zone to play in, you cannot carry out banned or restricted activities in another zone.

For instance, in ESO, PvP is only available in the Cyrodiil province, and players have to consent before entering the PvP zone. Outside the Cyrodiil province, you can interact with other characters by completing quests, but you cannot attack or get attacked by other factions or guilds.

In combat games, gamers usually refer to the PvP zone as the dead zone because anything that moves can be attacked and killed at any moment. Sometimes, players can attack other gamer’s characters at any moment, and it can be tiresome if you spend half of your game time reviving your character.

Most games allow players to choose between PvP and PvE, and it is difficult for a PvP player to cross over to the PvE zone and start to wreak havoc. However, if you have a PvE character and enter a PvP zone in some games, other players will be free to attack you.

In some games like War of Warcraft, you can report a player for PvP harassment if they continue killing you or killing NPCs that are important in a quest. However, other tactics are deemed legitimate in a PvP zone, such as corpses camping, and killing players below your level.

Corpse camping means killing a player’s character, waiting by their side, killing them again when they respawn, and taking their equipment. Therefore, before you start playing a game, ensure that you are familiar with the rules set for PvP and PvE zones.

Before you decide to join the PvP zone in a particular game, ensure that you have enough experience to fight other players. Most players in the PvP zone have lots of experience playing against other players and cannot wait to take advantage of rookies joining the PvP zone.

If an online game does not have a PvP zone, try playing the offline or single-player version of the game. For example, GTA, the online game is 100% PvP, and you can get attacked by any player at any moment during the game. If you do not have experience playing GTA online, try playing one of the single-player GTA games like GTA San Andreas or GTA 5 to get some experience.

How Does PvP Work on PvE Server?

Most online games with PvP and PvE modes have two servers to separate the players. If you like to play in the PvP zone, you might be wondering if a PvP player can compete or play on a PvE server.

PvP does not work on a PvE server because the PvE servers do not allow players to interact directly with other players. While you can only engage PvP on certain zones of a PvE server, you can engage in PvE in a PvP zone; however, you risk getting attacked by other players.

Some games do not have PvE servers, and they usually control PvP players by requiring all players to give consent. Some games will also limit combat gear and other in-game weapons in PvE zones or block PvP players from entering PvE zones with weapons.

PvE servers are important for gamers who prefer to play online games without interruptions from other online gamers. Players cannot attack or kill you when you choose to play on a PvE server. In a PvP server, you can get ambushed at any moment by other online players before you complete your mission.

Therefore, you have to defend yourself and ensure you complete the mission, and if you do not have enough experience dealing with other online players, it might take longer to complete the mission in PvP mode.

In most online multiplayer games, killing another player’s character allows you to take their possessions such as weapons, armor, food, car, and horse, among others. In PvE server, a player usually spends a lot of time building their character by obtaining better weapons, cars, horses, and armor, among others. If PvP were allowed on a PvE server, many players would lose valuable items that they spent a lot of time getting by completing numerous missions.

If you are a gamer who likes PvP mode and want to participate in a PvE zone, choose a game with a lot of action. Some online multiplayer games have PvE servers with interesting missions or campaigns with lots of actions.

You can complete the missions with other players, or you can complete them alone. PvE servers have better weapons and armor, allowing you to take on more powerful NPCs than characters of other online players.


Gamers have different preferences, whereas some love to play against other players, and others prefer to go on quests alone. PvP offers a more engaging gaming experience as you go against skilled gamers.

On the other hand, PvE allows a gamer to create a character carefully without interruption from other online players. In the Elder Scroll Online game, you have the option of playing in the PvP zone or the PvE zone. If you get bored completing solo quests, you can form a guild or factions with other online players, enter Cyrodiil and fight two other factions to rule the province.

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