500GB or 1TB For Gaming? (Must Know Info)

When you are shopping for a new gaming console, one of the features you need to check is the storage space. Therefore, the type of gamer you are determines the amount of storage you need. However, if you are unsure of the type of gamer you are, you might be wondering if a 500GB hard drive will be enough space for your gaming needs.

So, is a 500GB hard drive good for gaming? A 500GB hard drive is not good for gaming because it does not provide enough space to fit several modern games. Modern AAA games require a lot of space; for example, Red Dead Redemption 2 will take up to 144GB of space from your hard drive.

You also do not get the exact 500GB after buying your console or gaming PC because the pre-installed apps and operating system will occupy some space on the 500GB hard drive. A 500GB hard drive is only good for gaming if you install games that need little space from the hard drive.

Storage needs for gaming among gamers are personal; therefore, you need to consider your gaming habits before choosing between a 500GB or 1TB hard drive. 500GB might seem like plenty of space for one gamer, but for you, it might seem too little.

When you are looking to buy a new gaming console or PC, the storage capacity is very important as it will determine how many games and apps you will install. Most gaming consoles come equipped with a 500GB hard drive, but some new generation consoles have a 1TB hard drive. However, what factors should you consider when deciding either to purchase the 500GB or the 1TB console?

You can make several considerations when deciding whether you need a 500GB or 1TB hard drive, and one of them is the number of games you need to install. Your budget will also determine if you can get the 500GB or 1TB hard drive. How you are going to use your gaming machine also determines the size of storage space you need.

In addition, your plans for the future can also affect the types of storage you will get when choosing a gaming console. The types of games you play will also influence your choice, especially if you want to play games in 4K.

Before you choose a gaming console or PC, you need to know the number of games you intend to install within the first few weeks. If you have eyes for one or two games, then a 500GB hard drive is not a bad choice. However, if you are planning to install more than ten games, then a 1TB hard drive is the best option.

If you are a casual gamer, you can install one game or two at a time and play them for months without installing others. Intense gamers are always looking for more games to play, and a 500GB hard drive will limit the number of games they can install on their console or gaming PC.

Gaming machines with a high storage capacity tend to cost more than lower capacity ones. For example, the Xbox Series X has a 1TB SSD, while the Xbox Series S comes equipped with a 500GG SSD. The high storage capacity of the Xbox Series X console makes it more expensive than the Xbox Series S. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy the Xbox Series S for 395 US dollars. However, if you have enough money, you can get the Xbox Series X for 499 US dollars.

You can also choose the 500GB hard drive because you plan to expand your console’s storage space in the future. Both Sony and Microsoft allow gamers to expand the internal memory of their consoles.

Therefore, if you do not have enough money to buy a console with a 1TB internal memory, you can buy a 500GB one and expand the memory later. If you own an Xbox Series S, you can save money for a few weeks or months and buy an expansion card with the storage capacity you desire.

How you play games will also decide if 500GB or 1TB is the correct storage space for you. If you are a casual gamer who plays video games once or twice a week for a few hours, there is no need to get the 1TB hard drive. A 1TB hard drive will remain empty for a long time because you might only install two or three games.

However, if you are an avid gamer who enjoys playing games daily, then a 1TB hard drive is the best choice. The 1TB hard drive gives you a lot of space to install multiple modern AAA games such as GTA V, Devil May Cry 5, Cyberpunk 2077, and Resident Evil 2, among many others.

Developers make games that support new features that new generations consoles have, such as 4K and 120fps. Previous games could support 1080p and 60fps, while modern games have embraced the new 4K resolution and 120fps. Gaming consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can play some games in 4K, and these games are heavyweights when it comes to storage capacity. For example, the Red Dead Redemption 2 requires at least 110GB of storage space; therefore, you need a 1TB hard drive.

If you are looking forward to playing games in 4K and 120fps, you should get the 1TB hard drive. Even if the pre-installed apps and operating system take up some space, you still have close to 820GB of storage space for your games. If you have a 500GB hard drive, you will have 360GB of storage space, which can fit only three modern AAA games.

This means you have to uninstall some games to play new ones. The one TB hard drive also assures you will have enough space for updates and patches of all the modern games you have installed.

How To Choose an External Drive for Your Gaming Console?

Gaming console makers now include a 1TB hard drive or SSD, as gamers demand more storage space for their game. However, sometimes, even a 1TB internal storage space is not enough, and you have to use external hard drives to store your games and other data. There are many types of external drives, and you need to know how to choose the best one.

The most important thing you need to check is the storage capacity of the external hard drive. You also need to check the transfer speed of the external drive you want to buy. You should also know the different types of external drives available and their advantages.

Portability is also important when choosing an external drive, especially for gamers who move around a lot. You have to choose an external drive that will last long and serve you well. It is also important to buy an external drive that is compatible with your console or gaming PC. Finally, you need an external drive that is safe and secure if you want to store sensitive data in it.

The reason you are looking for an external drive is the lack of space in the internal storage drive of your console or PC. Therefore, you need to get an external drive with enough space even more than the internal hard drive. You can find external drives with a storage capacity ranging from 500GB to 4TB. If your gaming console has an internal hard drive of 500GB, you need a 1TB or 2TB external drive depending on your budget. If you have a lot of data to store, then you can buy a 4TB external drive.

Another important thing you have to check in an external drive is the transfer speed. The transfer speed refers to the amount of data you can transfer to and from your external drive to your console or PC within a specific time. Some external drives can transfer large amounts of data within a short time, while others will take hours.

The transfer speed of an external drive is affected by the technology in the drive and the connector it uses. If the drive has inferior technology, it will take longer to read data; hence, longer transfer times. External drives with USB 3.2 connectors have a transfer speed of close to 20Gbps.

There are two types of external drives that you can use for gaming: Hard Drive Disk (HDD) and Solid-state Drive (SSD). HDDs use spinning magnetic disks to store data, while SSDs use gate transistors that flip on and off based on electric pulses. SSDs are much faster than HDDs because they do not have any moving parts and cannot get damaged easily, but they are expensive. If you want a good external drive that is fast and has a great chance of lasting longer, you have to buy an external SSD drive.

Most gamers prefer portable external drives because you can take them with you if you have to leave your gaming console but still need to play games. Several lightweight external drives are so small you can fit in your pocket. SSDs tend to be smaller compared to HDDs because they have fewer parts.

If you do not want portable external drives, there are also several types of external drives that you need to be connected to your PC or console and also need a power source to operate. Non-portable external drives are great for gamers who have gaming systems that need not be moved.

Most external drives, especially SSDs, are expensive; therefore, you need to buy one that will last long. It will be unwise to keep buying external drives that keep getting damaged after working for a few months. HDDs last shorter compared to SSDs because of the moving parts. Even though HDDs have tough casings to protect the moving parts, poor handling and excessive use can damage them. However, SSDs do not have moving parts, which mean they can last longer even if subjected to rough handling.

You also have to check compatibility with your gaming machine before buying the external drive. Most external drives are formatted for a specific operating system, and they will have issues if used in a device with a different operating system.

For example, if an external hard drive is formatted for Windows 10, it might have problems using it on a device with a different operating system. Therefore, when buying an external drive, ensure it is formatted to function with the operating system of your gaming PC or console.

In addition to games, you can also put some of your data on the external drive, and some of it can be sensitive. It is also important to protect the sensitive data stored on your external drive because if it falls on the wrong hand, it can be used to ruin your life. You protect the data on your external drive by encrypting it.

Most external drives are compatible with encryption software to protect all the data on the drive. Some gamers go a step further and get an external drive with hardware encryption. You can also opt for a physical security system such as a pin code input which requires a pin anytime you want to access data on the external drive.

Wrap Up

The 1TB hard drive offers you a lot of space and freedom to install major titles that require hundreds of GB on your hard drive. Since the games keep getting bigger and bigger, it is the correct choice to have a gaming console equipped with a 1TB internal hard drive or SSD.

You can also make a 500GB hard drive work for you, but you have to limit the number or size of games you can install. If you want to avoid getting an external hard drive or expanding your console’s internal hard drive, you should get the 1TB hard drive in the first place.

Many things can help you choose a perfect external drive for your gaming console, such as transfer speed, storage capacity, and durability, among others. You also need to decide if you want an external HDD or SSD.

Most console makers are using SSDs because of their proven reliability. Therefore, if you want a durable and reliable external drive, you should get an SSD. If you are yet to decide which external drive you want to get, you can use the suggestions in this article before making the final decision.

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