PS5 Netflix Controller Settings (Tips and Tricks)

If you are fond of movies or television series, you may binge-watch Netflix or use other downloaded apps on the PS5. Therefore, since you are not using your controllers, you may need to turn them off.

So, how do you turn off the PS5 controller while watching Netflix? You can long-press the PS5 button until the device option appears, then tap the circle to leave the menu. Afterward, click X for your Netflix video to resume, and your controller will shut down in the process. Note that for this process to work, you should have your finger on the button the entire time. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pause Netflix or any other app, you can change the settings on the controller to auto-shut after a few minutes.

If your controllers are on when you are not using them, the chances are high that their battery will drain out. The lights may also be distracting if you love watching the TV when it’s dark. Therefore, it is essential to find a way to switch them off, especially when enjoying your favorite Netflix shows.

One way is to long-press the PS key and wait for the device options to come up. As your finger is still on the button, you can tap on the circle to leave the menu, then click X for your video to continue, and the controller will shut off. When doing all this, remember to keep your finger on the PS key.

Alternatively, you can make an automatic setting if you don’t want to press the PS key or interfere with your app. For instance, before you start using Netflix, you can make the controller turn off in the next ten minutes. This way, you won’t have to pause your shows in the process.

If you want to turn off the PS5 controller while still using the console, this is the guide for you. I will explain how to turn off the PS5 controller while watching Netflix or using any other apps. Read on for a more detailed explanation.

Many gamers would rather have their controllers on when they are not using them. This is because it is easier to use your console and turn the PS5 off with the controllers. However, the challenge occurs when you want to keep using your console but want the controllers off.

If they stay on for a long time, you may have to keep recharging them, interfering with your gameplay. Otherwise, the LEDs may keep flickering in the background if you have the lights off. Luckily, there are two ways to go about it; the manual or automatic method.

For the manual way, you can long-press the PS5 key until the menu comes up, leave the menu, then click X. Thus, Netflix will keep playing, and the controller will turn off. On the other hand, you can also go to power management under settings and make the controller auto shut after 10 minutes.

This method won’t interfere with your programs or apps, and many find it more convenient than the other procedure where you must press the console.

How To Turn Off the PS5 Controller Without Pausing Netflix?

The PS5 has one of the most upgraded controllers, unlike previous generation console models. Turning off the DualSense when it’s not in use saves the controller’s battery life for it to last longer. In this section, I will look at how to switch off a PS5 controller without stopping a running show on Netflix.

You can switch off your PS5 controller while watching without pausing by setting a timer. The automatic shutdown will come in handy when you don’t want to interfere with your movie or series. Unfortunately, the procedure doesn’t work when you are already watching, meaning that you can only do it before clicking on the Netflix app.

You can go to settings, tap the system, and scroll to power saving. Tap “set until Controller turns off,” and you’ll see a prompt with various time limits, then choose your preferred one. Now, your DualSense can turn off after either ten, thirty, or sixty minutes.

Since your sole mission is to save the controller batteries, you can set it at the shortest time possible. Once you start your movies on Netflix and your PS5 DualSense is on the automatic mode, it will turn off whenever you leave it idle for some minutes. After setting the controller to auto-shut, the device will constantly turn off if you are not using it. With this PS5 control switch-off procedure, you won’t have to keep pausing your Netflix streams.

Other DualSense shutdown methods can only function when you stop your show momentarily before resuming. It occurs because each time you start the device’s menu, it will instinctively pause the running program. Thus, the timer setting remains the only viable option to switch off the PS5 controller without stalling the streaming on Netflix or any other application.

Furthermore, your device’s power won’t deplete faster, and it is helpful when you tend to forget that your controller was on the entire time, but the battery is dead when you need it. A fully charged PS5 controller can last about five hours. However, if you leave it running for long, it can drain a substantial amount of power.

To buy you additional usage time, you can either turn it off manually or use a timer. On the PS5 home screen at the top right corner, you can click on the settings button. It will open a window with items to access when you scroll down to “system”. You can select it and choose the power-saving option.

It will open, giving you several options, but you should go for the “set time until controllers turn off”. Once you click on it, the menu will open to your right, presenting the time alternatives ranging from ten, thirty, and sixty minutes. The minute you choose an option, your device will be ready for use and automatically turn off after inactivity.

The PS5 idle timer comes in handy when you are likely to forget that your console was on. Additionally, sometimes, you may dash to attend to an emergency and fail to turn your system off. In this case, the controller will automatically shut down before you return, although it will depend on your settings.

Generally, the DualSense saves you the hassle and switches off the remote device before it depletes all the available power. The time-out feature on the PlayStation 5 is majorly a battery-saving strategy. Hence, other than setting the system to switch off after a given time, you can also put it to sleep or rest in the power saving options under device settings.

How To Turn Off PS5 Controller Without Turning off the Console

It is easy to turn off your console and all its accessories at the same time. The feature comes in handy when you want to use your PS5 console but not the controller. So, how do you turn off the PS5 controller without turning off the console?

You can go to the PS key on the controller, and the cards menu will pop up. Next, scroll down to the quick menu then to the accessories option in the eighth option slot. Lastly, pick your controller and click to turn it off. The second method is through the settings menu on the top right of the PS5 home screen.

After selecting the settings menu, navigate to the accessories icon followed by primary options. The settings you can change will come up, and you can select the second listed option to turn off accessories.

The easiest way to turn off your controller without necessarily turning off your console is through the quick menu under the cards icon. This method also applies to turning off other accessories besides the controller. First, go to the PS primary key from the controller for the icon to show as rows under the screen.

Afterward, click the accessories menu, then pick the controller you want to switch off from the available options. An alternative method is through the settings. The starting point is the PS home screen then the settings icon that looks like a gear on the top right part of the screen after the time. The second you click on the menu; some options will come up vertically on a new tab.

You can toggle down to the accessories icon that emerges as two lists starting with options on the right side. You will then see the icon to turn off the accessories. When you click on it, you will have successfully switched off any device linking to the console, including the remote and controller.

Can You Turn Off PS5 Controller While Using other Apps?

Generally, most Netflix controllers have a maximum of eight hours of use before the batteries die and need a recharge. If your accessories connect via Bluetooth, it means that they will keep trying to connect, losing charge in the process. Therefore, you need to stop the controller from working when using other apps like Disney+, Spotify, or YouTube.

As long as you are not using your PS5 controller, you can shut it off without interfering with other apps. For instance, if you are listening to music on Spotify, it can run in the background when you are playing games, making it easy to turn off the controllers too when the app is running. Moreover, if you are watching movies on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Disney+ and aren’t using the controller, you can switch it off.

There are two ways to do this, the automatic or manual method. While you won’t interfere with other apps using the automatic method, you may pause some shows with the manual mode. It is easier to keep turning off your controller without tampering with other apps through the automated process.

Before clicking on your app, you can go to the power management settings and create a timer such that your controller will go off after some time, and the lowest time frame is ten minutes. The trick is to set it before running the application to ensure that you don’t have to stop when the settings menu pops up on the screen.

This interruption happens with the manual procedure. If your go-to is the settings or quick menu, you will have to make the changes through the home screen first. Therefore, since you will use your controller to find and run your apps, you will interfere with your sessions. The apps will stop as you make the adjustment and resume when you are done.

Is It Okay To Turn Off Your PS5 Controllers when other Apps Are Running?

Now that I have tackled all the ways to turn off your PS5 controller without interfering with other apps, I must also look at the ups and downsides involved. Therefore, is it a good idea to turn off your controllers when other apps are running?

It is advisable to turn off your console whenever you are not using it. Primarily, if you have a wireless controller linking through Bluetooth, it means that your controller will keep trying to establish a connection, losing charge in the process.

Turning it off ensures that no power is lost, which extends your battery life, and you don’t have to keep recharging it. Additionally, if you like to watch movies in the dark, you won’t have to deal with the disruptive glaring lights from the controller.

Leaving your controller on when other apps are running also drains your batteries. Therefore, you will have to recharge it even when you are not using it. Switching it off saves power allowing you to play when you want to without the hassle of frequently recharging the controller.

Secondly, if you prefer the lights off when watching videos and movies, you will always find the flashing lights on the controller interruptive. The best part is that you don’t have to interfere with your apps while at it since you can even make automatic settings to shut the accessories off after a specific timeframe.

Wrap Up

One of the best aspects of using a console is playing games and downloading movies and music apps. However, you don’t need the controllers when watching a show on Netflix, Disney+, or other applications. Therefore, it is best to switch the accessories off to preserve their power. There are two primary ways to do this, the automatic or manual method.

Most prefer the auto-shut because your shows don’t have to pause in the process. You can go to power management and adjust the system such that the controllers turn off after ten minutes. This way, there will be no interruptions when you start your shows.

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