Get Mario Kart Stars (Nintendo Wii checked out)

There are many Mario Kart variations, and they all earn their place as some of the most exciting racing games with millions of players globally. If you are a new gamer, you must have seen or heard others flaunting their stars and can’t wait to earn yours. Luckily, I will tell you how to obtain them.

So, how do you get a star in Mario Kart Wii? To get at least one star means improving gameplay and maintaining the lead for the better part of the game. It is advisable to avoid colliding with walls or falling and keeping steady on the tracks because going off-road takes away some points. Your effort should be at least 90% and your achievements more than 33 or higher in other levels. There are three achievable stars in the game, with the 3-star rating being the most challenging to attain.

Mario Kart stars determine a player’s skill level, and you can use them to tell apart a beginner from a veteran. There are three-star ranks, from one to three, with three as the toughest to achieve. I will start with the basics, telling you how to get to the first two-star rankings.

Some guidelines are essential to earning one star, but they are not as stringent as the two or three-star ranks. Many decorated gamers give their best shot when playing their best and performing many Mario Kart tricks like snaking and drift boosts.

They also maintain the first position majority of the race. You can bump into a wall or obstacles or fall twice at most, and it is best to avoid going off the road or tracks, but it should not be more than two times if you must. Lastly, it is advisable to garner more than 33 points or 53 in total.

It is a proud moment for any Mario Kart gamer to get a star, and it is understandable to want one too. In the coming sections, I will tell you how to obtain the recognition and the perks that come with it. Read on to find out more.

Many gamers use the star ranks to determine how skilled their competitors are. You will find this award system on most of the Mario Kart editions like DS, Super Circuit, Wii, 7, and 8, and there are three categories of star rank. There is the 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star, with the 1-star being the simplest to attain. It is pretty simple to get it in Mario Kart Wii; however, you will still need to have a great game to earn it.

You only have to observe the basic guidelines like avoiding collision and getting a minimum of 33 points. You can reduce the number of wall hits and falls to two at most to improve your chances.

Therefore, you need to drive straight and be wary of all the obstacles on the tracks. If you don’t have a boost, you can only off-road thrice at most, but be careful not to fall off-track because you may not get any stars if you drop twice.

This chance is your opportunity to showcase great gameplay, giving at least 90% of your effort and doing all the Mario Kart tactics. You don’t have to shy off the snaking, wheelie, or other special skills and try to stay first for the better part of the game. Additionally, it is best to avoid using unique items to try beating other players, although you can do it once if you must.

Many single-star-rated players have fast gameplay and strive for more than 33 points or 54 in later stages. If you are confident about meeting all these guidelines and know that you can have more points, you can aim for the 2-star rating on the title. The requirements for two stars are almost the same as the 1-star but with slightly stricter rules.

It is a bit more challenging but not as much as getting three stars. For instance, you can never drop across the edge, but you can only hit the walls twice at most and only allow blue shell hits.

For this higher ranking, it is advisable to avoid collision with walls or any other obstacle on the track. Moreover, as with the 1-star rating, it is also best to shun off-roading or going off the path, but there’s no harm in doing it once.

However, note that going off-course twice or thrice can reduce you to 1-star, and four or more times can make you miss out on star ranking. As with a single star rating, doing all the Mario Kart techniques like Drift Boosts and mostly maintaining first place can also help. However, in this case, it is wise to put in more effort, at least 95%, and get a minimum of 36 points, but, generally, you can strive for a total of 55.

How To Get 3 Stars in Mario Kart Wii

A 3-star rating is the highest in Mario Kart Wii, and it gives any gamer bragging rights as one of the best. Many gamers get one or two stars, but you would stand out if you have a three-star.

There are strict rules in the 3-star rating since it requires the highest points and no chance for errors. For the perfect score, gamers avoid bumping into walls and other obstacles and always use the track. You can also maintain traveling on the road except with a boost item letting you go off-course.

Additionally, keep stable on the course to avoid tumbling, and it is best to retain the first position the entire race and avoid using items to get back to the front if you fall behind. While keeping the lead, you can ensure that you complete the course as fast as you can, and, in total, strive for at least sixty points.

Getting the 3-star rating is one of the most coveted accomplishments in Mario Kart, explaining why it is quite tasking to achieve. Unlike the two and 1-star, there is no room for slip-ups if you want this high rating. The first tip is to avoid falling because it usually increases your time by ten seconds.

Secondly, it is advisable to be first for the better part of the races and always drive on-course unless using boosts. Moreover, the best veteran gamers never bang obstacles or walls, and, if possible, deploy all the Mario Kart techniques like Wheelie and Snaking.

Lastly, if you maintain the lead, you will notice that you will finish very fast and gather many points, and to be sure of three stars, you can aim for more than sixty points in total.

What Do the 6 Stars Do in Mario Kart 8?

Mario Kart has had significant improvements over the years with different exciting versions. However, each is an excellent game with rewards and hidden functionalities. If you are keen, you must have seen some stars in the game and wondered how important they are to Mario Kart.

You can use the stars to mark your favorite game and make it easily accessible, allowing you to replay them later. You cannot add another title once you fill all the available six slots unless you delete one. Mario Kart has numerous races, and this is one way to identify your favorites. From the Mario Kart TV menu, you can only access the recent twelve games.

If the race you are after doesn’t fall on the list, finding it when you need to play may be challenging. By clicking the + button, you can add the race to a particular folder that stays permanently after playing a series of twelve races.

The 0/6 stars in the game are a fantastic feature ensuring that you keep track of all the best highlights that you can replay sometime later. The number of stars corresponds to the total games you can save.

After particular gameplay, you can open the MKTV main menu, which has the last twelve contests, and click the save button for every game you wish to replay. With this, you will have made it easier to access these saved favorites.

You only have to go to the Mario Kart TV menu, then the favorites, then scroll on the drop-down list until you find the races you pinned and tap to play. Additionally, using the same procedure, you may want to replace some games and bring new ones on board in the future.

Thanks to the select/minus button, you can delete a highlight and add another later. However, note that these stars aren’t the same as your ranking according to your performances in a race.

What Are the Stars for in Mario Kart Wii?

Now that you know how to get all the stars in Mario Kart, one unanswered question is their impact on your gameplay. Therefore, does it have any benefit or improve your gaming experience?

The stars you obtain in Mario Kart don’t necessarily affect your gameplay or scores, but they are essential for your status as a great racer. If you work hard to get them, your star rating will show beside your trophy for everyone to see. Generally, players get ranking due to their points, gameplay time, and general gaming skills.

The highest you can get is three stars. as the level drops to two then one, but there is also lower recognition in the letters A to D. Your achievement usually shows beside your name whenever you want to race. This way, your opponents will always see your skill level during multiplayer.

The second you finish a cup, Mario Kart awards you stars based on how great you are, with the 3-star rating being the most prestigious. This accolade stays plastered beside your name forever, and if you upgrade to a higher rate, a new record replaces the old one instantly. However, players don’t usually get anything special besides fame when they climb up the rankings.

The stars or letters you have achieved will appear on your name, and you may get the reputation that you are skilled in Mario Kart. Therefore, it is more about status, and it helps that the title never goes away.

If you follow all the guidelines as previously discussed, you will be on your way to becoming a top-ranked gamer. However, even one star is enough to showcase your skills, and the bar is generally lower and more achievable than the 3-star rating.

How to Get Free Rubies in Mario Kart Tour?

Rubies are currency-like rewards that you get after some tasks. For instance, five Rubies can let you hit the pipe once to unlock gliders, drivers, or karts, while 45 can fire the tube ten times. Given how essential these items are, it is only prudent to discuss how to obtain them.

Every first-timer in Mario Kart Tour gets a batch of twenty Rubies. Therefore, the free set is your starter pack. Additionally, you can also do specific tasks that will give you more earnings. In some cases, you may have to pay to get extra rewards, while there are other options where you will play for complimentary.

As you compete and win, you gain more points and experience and level up each time to get some Rubies. You will also obtain these treasures according to your achievements by joining Ranked Cup Events.

It may be pretty pricey to use real money to buy Rubies whenever you need a new kart or a driver. Therefore, by logging in daily, you can earn extra free Rubies. Moreover, you can contest the various challenges in Mario Kart Tour to obtain the rewards such as the grand stars or Rubies.

You can also win free treasures by tapping on the gifts button at the left corner of the game’s menu. Players can further gather tour gifts benefits which unlock to give you Rubies.

You get a lot of benefits when you reach the next racing level. The rewards come as Rubies that you can eventually use to get the items you need. Other than the in-game events that earn you free Rubies, you can get them quicker by buying them using actual money. However, if you are patient, you can collect a fortune that you can eventually use to acquire the best kart for your races.


Most games have reward systems to keep the players excited and motivated. For all the Mario Kart series, one such incentive is the stars. There are only three, and the highest you get, the better player you are. The stars will always appear beside your name if you achieve this, giving you the bragging rights you deserve.

However, it is quite tasking to obtain all three. It means perfect gameplay and avoiding any action that will make you lose points. The rules for a 1-star rating are more relaxed than the 3-star, but it’s a great start on your way to becoming an invincible player.

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