Minecraft Hypixel Friends Tips (Play, Add, Party)

Hypixel, also known as Hypixel Network, is a Minecraft Minigame server that Simon Collins-Laflamme and Philippe Touchette released in 2013 to play and showcase their maps to other Minecraft players. Hypixel is considered one of the largest active Minecraft servers globally, with over 100,000 active players. If you have joined Minecraft Hypixel and are yet to make friends, you might wonder how you can do it.

So, how do you friend someone on Minecraft Hypixel? To friend someone on Minecraft Hypixel, you first need to know their Minecraft username or Gamertag if they have an Xbox Account. In the command box, type this command /friend name, for example, /friend Megatron, and press enter to send a friend request. Your friend has five minutes to accept the friend request, if they do not, it will disappear, and you have to send another request.

Minecraft Hypixel is a great place to meet new friends who enjoy playing Minecraft. You can interact with them by messaging them and playing the game together. Playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode is fun if several gamers are on your friend list.

There are thousands of Minecraft servers where gamers join to explore their friends and maps, interact, and even complete quests together. Minecraft Hypixel has a social feature that allows you to add friends and interact with them when they are online. If you have joined Minecraft Hypixel and want to add a friend, here is how you do it.

First, you need the Minecraft username or ID to add someone as your friend on Hypixel. If your friend uses an Xbox console or Windows PC, you can use their Gamertag. After getting their Minecraft username or Gamertag, use this command /friend name to add someone.

For example, type /friend Megatron in the command box and press enter to send the friend request. After you press enter, a message will appear on the screen informing you that your friend has five minutes to accept the request.

Since your friend only has five minutes to accept the friend request, ensure that they are online or near their gaming system to accept the request. You can ask them when they will join the Hypixel server and send the request a few minutes after confirming that they are online. If your friend does not accept the friend request, check if you typed their username correctly in the command box.

If you cannot send a friend request, Check your game system’s age restrictions. For example, if you were using an Xbox console and logged in to a minor’s Xbox account, you will not be able to send any friend request until you remove the age restrictions. If the name is correct, but your friend did not receive any request, inform Hypixel customer support for help.

How To Accept Friend Request on Minecraft Hypixel

Playing Minecraft in single-player mode is fun, but it can get lonely when playing it. When you opt for the Multiplayer mode, Hypixel is a great Minecraft server where you can find thousands of friends. If you receive a friend from another gamer on Minecraft Hypixel and you do not know how to accept it, here is how to do it.

To accept a friend request on Minecraft Hypixel, use the command, /f accept <player>. When another gamer sends you a friend request, a message will pop up on the screen informing you that a certain person has sent you a request.

The message will include the gamer’s name, which you will use to accept the friend request. For example, if you receive a friend request from a player called Titan, go to the command box, type “/f accept Titan”, and press enter. After accepting the friend request, that gamer will appear on your friend list, and you can interact with them through messages or play games together.

If you do not want to accept a gamer’s friend request, you can leave, and after five minutes, it will disappear. In Minecraft Hypixel, friend requests remain pending for five minutes only. If you do not want to wait for the five minutes to end, you can use this command “/f deny <player> to decline a friend request.

For example, if you receive a friend request from Titan and they are known to be bad players in the Minecraft community, type “/f deny Titan” to decline their friend request. If they keep sending you friend requests, you can report their username to Minecraft customer support for disciplinary action.

You can remove any player on your friend list using a command. Type “/f remove <player> and press enter to confirm. For example, if you want to remove a player named Morris034, go to the command box and type “/f remove Morris034.” They will be removed from the friend list. If they send you another friend request, you can use the option in the above paragraph to decline their request.

How To Play Minecraft Hypixel with Friends

The friend system in Minecraft Hypixel has many functions, including meeting new people, talking to them, visiting their world and playing games with them. After accepting friend requests from other gamers on Minecraft Hypixel, the next thing to do is play a game. If you do not know how to start playing Minecraft with friends on Hypixel, here is how you do it.

To play with your friends on Minecraft Hypixel, you first need to be at the same party as them. You can create a party and invite your friends, or one of your friends can invite you to their party. If you want to invite a friend, type the command /p invite <player>, which will create a party, and your friend will join.

For example, if you want to play Minecraft Hypixel with your friend named Gary, type /p invite Gary, and you can start playing the game as soon as your friend accepts the invite. After your friends have joined the party, you can now play the same games that your friends are playing.

When you create a party, that makes you a party leader, and whichever games you choose to join, all friends in your party will automatically join that game. Therefore, if you want to control which games you want to play, you should create your party and send invites to your friends. The party leader also has the authority to change the settings of a game.

You can change the settings of a game to suit your gaming style as long as it does not impede your friends from enjoying the game. When you are done playing a game, you can warp everyone into your lobby to hang out as a party leader.

You can leave a party whenever you want as long as you are a party leader. Before you exit a party, you created, you can choose another friend to be a party leader. To choose another party leader, type in the command, “/p Promote <player> to promote a party member to either party mod or party leader.

You can also kick out players who are not following the rules of your party using this command, “/p Kick <player> to remove any player. Once you are done playing with your friends and want to close the party forever, type “/p Disband party” to close the party entirely.

How To Add Friends on Minecraft Hypixel

Even though Minecraft has a single-player mode, it is a video game tailor-made to play with friends. After joining the Hypixel server, you might be looking for ways to add friends to interact and play with. Adding friends is very easy, and here is how you do it.

To add friends on Minecraft Hypixel, you first need to activate the Friends feature in the game. Type this command, /friend in-game, to activate the friend feature. You can now send friend requests using this command /friend <player>.

Ensure that you have the correct Minecraft usernames or Gamertags of all your that play Minecraft, and you want to add them on Minecraft Hypixel. You have to type a friend request command with the Minecraft Username or gamer one at a time because there is no option of sending a group friend request. To confirm that every person you sent a request has accepted, type /f list in the command box to list all your online friends.

In Minecraft Hypixel, your friends can see your online status and the game you are playing and might contact you through message if they want to play the same game with you. To play games with all your friends, you have to create a party and invite the players you want to participate in the game you are playing. If you do not want to play with your friends, you can chat with them. To message a friend, type /msg <player> <message> on the command box.

Ensure you include the correct username in the command, or your message will go to the wrong friend. If a friend has sent a message to you, to reply, type /r <message>; however, you should note that you can only reply to a message that has been sent to you less than five minutes earlier.

How To Leave a Party in Minecraft Hypixel

The only option of playing games in Minecraft Hypixel with friends is to create or join a party. After gaming and hanging out with other gamers at the party, you will want to leave, and you might not know how to leave. Here is how you leave a party in Minecraft Hypixel.

To leave a party in Minecraft Hypixel and you are the party leader, type this command, /p Leave, to exit the party. If you are not the party leader and want to leave, you should ask the party leader to either disband the party or remove you from the party.

To kick you out, the party leader will enter the command /p kick <your username>, and you will no longer be a member of that party. If everyone in the party requests to leave, the party leader shall enter the command / p Drain party, and everyone will be kicked out of the party apart from the party leader.

As the party leader, you have control over every aspect of the party, from choosing the game to disbanding the party. Sometimes, party members may not get along, and you have to kick out a few members to keep the peace. You can close the party after removing the troublesome members, so people cannot join.

To close a party, type this command, “/p close party,” and everyone who has not accepted your party invite will be locked out. If you want to accept more members to your party, go to the party settings by typing the command “/p settings” and set the number of party members to the maximum.

There are so many reasons that can make you want to leave a party, from boredom to abuse and harassment. If you are leaving a party because someone abused or harassed you, you should report them to the Hypixel customer report.

Before you leave the party, go to the user’s profile and click on the “Report” button. You will have to include all the information regarding your report, and Hypixel staff will review the report and deal with the user according to their rules.

Wrap Up

Hypixel started as a YouTube channel where Simon Collin-Laflamme and Philippe Touchette would share their Minecraft Adventure maps with viewers. The two then created a Minecraft server to showcase their maps further, and it grew to a popular server with over 100,000 active players at a time.

When you join the server, you can add friends you can chat with, play games or hang out within lobbies. When another gamer sends you a friend request in Minecraft Hypixel, you should accept it within five minutes.

To play with friends on Minecraft Hypixel, you have to create a party or join one. If you choose to create a party, you will automatically be the party leader. As a party leader, you have the authority to choose games, warp party members to your lobby, kick out members and disband the party, among others. Finally, if you choose to leave a party because of abuse or someone breaking Hypixel rules, ensure you report them before you leave.

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