Terraria Tips (Plants, Seeds, Trees Growing Times)

Terraria is an exciting 2D adventure sandbox game that is playable on a wide range of platforms. It has a captivating storyline revolving around gardening and establishing a good relationship with others. It also emphasizes combat and movement.

So, how long do plants take to grow in Terraria? It takes 2-3 days for plants to grow in Terraria. While it can take shorter than that, it depends on the size of plants you grow. Larger plants take up to three days to mature while smaller ones could be ready in a day. These plants must be blooming and ripe for harvest before you consume them. Avoid harvesting plants early in Terraria because their quality will be low, and they won’t give the desired results.

Terraria is an exciting game that allows you to improve your gardening skills. You can grow different plants and nature them to maturity. However, some gamers wonder how long it takes for plants to grow in this game.

It takes 2-3 days for plants to grow in Terraria. Given the wide range of plants available, the growth rate depends on various factors. For instance, the size of plants could impact the overall growth rate.

Large harvests tend to take three days to grow, while smaller ones could take only a day. Understanding the various conditions affecting growth rates will help you make better decisions in the game. This section discusses these factors and some of the plants you should consider growing.

Plants feature in every game version of Terraria, whether it is PC or mobile. Making good use of these plants gives you an infinite supply of the materials you need for crafting. Remember that every plant in Terraria grows in a different area and has its blooming time.

This is why it is crucial to know the ideal location to grow your plants. You should also know the amount of time it takes for these plants to bloom. Doing so will let you know when to expect a harvest.

Most players have a hard time with harvesting because they lack sufficient materials to handle the harvest. Some plants are large in size and demand players to have specific machinery. If you know about growing mushrooms in Terraria, you can evaluate their bloom times and pinpoint the spawn locations.

Clay pots and planter boxes are some of the ideal places to grow plants. Both of these options are ideal because they allow any type of plant to flourish. You should know that planter boxes are sold by Dryad, meaning that they can be used as platforms. This makes it an excellent way of spending your money in Terraria.

One common tactic that players use is going between platforms. To do so, place them around three blocks above each other. This is essential because it allows plenty of room for plants to grow and flourish accordingly. Unless you do that, you will not be able to use some types of seeds.

Most planter box styles only offer a new look but don’t give any benefit. If you have not yet defeated a boss, you can use clay pots to grow your plants. You can make these pots at the furnace to enhance efficiency.

What makes it advantageous to grow plants in Terraria is that they are free and ideal for early gardening. They also do better than planter boxes. One of the plants that grow fast in pots is Daybloom.

This plant seems to grow fastest, with others lagging in maturity. On the contrary, waterleaf grows the slowest in pots. Luckily, its growth doesn’t involve a lot of combat potion recipes.

Either way, plants will grow in pots no matter the time you plant them. It also doesn’t matter whether you grow them indoors or outdoors. All you have to do is nature them until they are ready to bloom. When the time comes, you can harvest your plants with the available resources.

Another thing you need to know about growing plants in Terraria is collecting seeds. When a plant is in bloom, it is essential for the farming process. Growing plants like Pickaxe needs a special approach in Terraria.

Harvesting this plant gives you 1-3 seeds, which you can replant later. Avoid harvesting the plant before it matures because it wastes the opportunity to get seeds. This means that you will have to purchase seeds if you need to replant.

You can harvest plants in the wild using any available weapon. This applies to seeds — however, waiting for them to bloom could affect the quality of the harvest. Focus on timing the harvest perfectly to get a good amount of seeds.

Mushrooms take the shortest time to grow in Terraria. While you cannot farm mushrooms like other plants, they are extremely useful in alchemy. They also grow naturally over time, giving them an edge over other plants.

Mushrooms grow on normal forest grass, and it is possible to dig other areas to let the grass grow. This increases the surface area for mushrooms to grow. Experts advise that you use dirt blocks to make growth easier. You need a single tile space between the garden to create room for the mushroom spawn.

You can cultivate glowing mushrooms after visiting the underground mushroom biome where they are found. Then, get a mushroom glass seed, which you can keep for growth. This plant can be grown in a mud area above the ground for optimum growth.

You are warned against growing too many mushrooms in a single area because they might lack a sufficient supply of minerals. Given that these plants take only 1-2 days to grow, most players choose to grow them. They also don’t need specialized care.

How Long Do Seeds Take To Grow in Terraria?

Given that Terraria is a gardening game, gamers can grow different plants. While mushrooms are among the most grown in Terraria, seeds are another excellent option to consider. However, some users wonder how long it takes for seeds to grow in Terraria.

It takes around two days for seeds to grow in Terraria. However, the growth rate is affected by different factors. For instance, the size of seeds you plant could impact the growth rate. Where you plant your seeds could also significantly affect the time it takes for them to grow. To enlighten you on growing seeds in Terraria, this section discusses everything you should know about it.

There is a rare staff in Terraria that allows players to get the best results when growing seeds. It acts as a weak weapon but works well with lots and planter boxes. With this setup, you are only allowed to grow your seeds in bloom by swinging them wildly. This is unlike the pickaxe that could easily damage your seeds if not handled appropriately. For every harvest, you might get additional seeds and extra plants.

However, when growing seeds in the wild, you need to get them in bloom for the best results. This enables you to swing it while walking through corruption/crimson to get death weed seeds. You can do so without waiting on a blood moon or full moon.

These conditions are also vital for collecting mushrooms since you could use them to spread grass to various platforms of dirt. You can do so by creating a vertical wall with dirt platforms installed across. Mushrooms will then start growing there, increasing your yields in the long run.

While planting seeds in Terraria, you can locate the Staff of Regrowth by adventuring in Jungle Biome. You can also explore the underground world. While underground, you should look for treasure rooms that could have a chest.

If you play Terraria on your PC, you may find these treasures in Jungle Crates that are located in large ponds. Regardless of the manner through which you get the treasure, you should ensure that you have the jungle mapped out for easy access. You should do so every time you head out to engage Plantera and other possible assailants.

What Are the Best Seeds for Terraria?

Terraria is a 2D platformer RPG game with a variety of seeds. These seeds can generate worlds with alternative and unique features. It is crucial to know the best seeds for Terraria for effective gaming.

The best seeds for Terraria are Not the Bees and For the Worthy. These seeds come with a wide range of exciting features such as the ability to create distinct worlds. Given their huge significance, getting these seeds might be challenging. However, this section will enlighten you on these seeds and why they are crucial for Terraria.

Bees are some of the most ideal seeds for Terraria. They create a world that is almost completely covered with bee-themed biomes and other related items and structures. This seed is named after a reference to the “not the bees” meme that exploded into life with the help of The Wicker Man movie. Several features make this seed unique.

For instance, the majority of the game world is made up of a plethora of hives and a Jungle Biome. You will also have access to some honey blocks. While sticking with the bee theme, trees and water chests can generate honey.

In this world, larvae are plenty and could appear almost everywhere. Remember that many of the seeds have been replaced with bee-themed ones. For instance, all the water in these seeds is replaced with honey. However, water remains in floating islands, inside the cavern layer found under the Biomes.

Worthy is another ideal seed for Terraria. This seed offers an additional challenge for players, as the game difficulty level has been dramatically increased. The world created by this seed has a secrete code that is a direct reference to the tooltip of the Red Potion. The secret code is “only for those who are worthy.” While you generate this seed, you will notice that all the messages are spelled backward.

The enemies found in this seed are also a very difficult challenge to endeavor. This is because the defense and damage for enemies have been increased dramatically. Some of the enemies you encounter on the hard mode level of this are so deadly that they could kill you with one shot! Mostly, the bosses are either smaller or larger than normal. There are changes to their AI to make the encounter more challenging.

While playing the Terraria world itself, you could also experience additional inconveniences. Many of the areas with pools of water have been replaced with lava. Pots and trees may drop lit bombs in case you get in contact with them. Bunnies have been replaced with explosive bunnies, with floating islands significantly infected.

How Long Do Trees Take To Grow in Terraria?

You can grow a wide range of plants in Terraria, including trees. Trees play an essential in defending territories in this game. However, it is vital to know how long they take to grow.

Trees can take anywhere between 30 seconds and five minutes to grow in Terraria. However, once a tree has grown, it will not get any taller. It will also not grow additional branches. You should know that trees need special conditions to grow quickly. For instance, spacing is vital when growing trees in Terraria.

They rarely grow when planted three miles apart. On the contrary, they grow much faster when grown four miles apart. Therefore, it is vital to know the spacing when growing trees in Terraria.

For these reasons, experts advise that you plant acorns every four tiles for effective results. You should plant them on the flat row of surface grass. You should start by putting down some blocks and planting grass seed. If the grass spreads to other blocks, it is possible to plant trees there. Similarly, if you are below the surface but can still access sunlight, you can grow trees.


It takes around 2-3 days for plants to grow in Terraria. However, this depends on a wide range of factors, including the size of your harvest. If you grow a lot of plants, it will take longer for them to grow. The opposite applies to a smaller size of plants.

There are different seeds you can grow in Terraria. However, the best ones are Not the Bees and For the Worthy. These seeds are ideal because they come with a wide range of unique features, including creating distinct worlds. You should know that it takes around two days for seeds to grow in Terraria.

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