How Long Kindles Last? (Paperwhites Last, Reasons Expensive)

Kindle is an amazing device that allows you to read your favorite books, magazines or any other print media. If you like reading e-books and are looking for a great device to use, you should consider getting a Kindle. However, before you purchase a Kindle, you might be wondering how long a Kindle lasts.

So, how long do Kindles last? Kindles last between five and ten years, depending on the model and how you use it. Taking good care of it will help prolong its life; therefore, you should avoid overusing it or handling it roughly. Amazon designed the Kindle to last longer because people are using it to buy books from them. The longer the Kindle lasts, the more books and other reading material you buy from Amazon, which boosts their business.

When you are looking to buy a new device, the lifespan is one thing you must consider before making a purchase. If the electronic device lasts longer, you get value for money, but if it lasts a short time, that will be considered a loss.

Kindles are amazing devices if you prefer reading books on an electric device rather than reading the ones printed on paper. If you have never used a Kindle before, it is important to know its lifespan before purchasing one. Here is how long Kindles last.

Kindles last between five and ten years, depending on the model or how you use it. Some Kindle models can only reach five years, while others can reach ten years. The Kindle’s lifespan also depends on how you use it.

You can use it for ten years if you use it correctly and handle it with care. If you drop it regularly or use it every day for several hours, its lifespan will be shortened. Amazon also depends on the longevity of the Kindles to earn revenue from book sales. The longer your Kindle lasts, the more books you purchase; hence, Amazon designed Kindles to last for several years.

Kindle models

Currently, Amazon is selling six Kindle models: the Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition, Kindle Kids Edition, and Kindle Oasis.

Some of these models have unique features that make them last longer than the rest. The Kindle models that use e-ink tend to last longer than the models that do not. A kindle with e-ink technology can last up to two years more than a kindle without the e-ink technology.

Kindles might last several years, but that lifespan can be shorter or longer depending on how you use them. Most electronics have delicate parts that can get easily damaged if handled incorrectly.

If you want your Kindle to last more than five years, you must take good care of it. You should avoid dropping it or handling it roughly. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the Kindle.

You should also avoid repairing your Kindle at home unless you absolutely know what you are doing. If your Kindle is damaged, you should contact customer support and take it to an authorized repair shop.

Amazon began as a book-selling website, and even though it has grown to include other items, it still sells books. To ensure more people are buying books, Amazon introduced the Kindle, which people can buy ebooks from Amazon.

Developing a device with a long lifespan ensures that people can continue buying books from Amazon. If a Kindle lasts only one year, people will not buy it; hence, Amazon will lose revenue generated from book sales. Therefore, to ensure that people continue buying books through Kindles, Amazon ensured that the Kindle would last more than five years to satisfy their customers.

If you want your Kindle to last close to ten years, you should avoid exposing it to extreme heat. Do not leave your Kindle in the car on a hot day for too long. Excess heat can cause damage to the battery and other electrical parts.

You should also charge your Kindle’s battery strategically. Use the correct charger and avoid draining the battery before charging your Kindle. You should also keep your Kindle safe away from heavy objects.

Do not place heavy items on top of it, and avoid leaving them on your couch or bed. Many people have damaged their Kindles due to accident damage when they sit or lay on them without knowing.

How Long Do Kindle Paperwhites Last?

Kindle Paperwhite is one of the most popular e-readers developed by Amazon under their Kindle lineup. The first Kindle Paperwhite device was released on September 6, 2012, while the latest iteration was released on September 21, 2021. If you are interested in using a Kindle Paperwhite, you might also want to know how long it can last. 

A Kindle Paperwhite can last between five and eight years, depending on your use. If you take good care of your Kindle Paperwhite, you can use it for up to eight years. The Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration has an updated processor and a longer battery life. These new features ensure you can use it regularly without worrying about its lifespan.

The earlier iterations of Kindle Paperwhite, such as the first and second, have a shorter lifespan than the later iterations. Therefore, if you want a Kindle that you will use for a long time, you should buy the Kindle Paperwhite fourth or fifth iteration.

The Kindle Paperwhite series features five of the best Kindle model series by Amazon. The Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration has several features that are an improvement from previous models like the Kindle Oasis third iteration and Kindle 10th generation.

The Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration has an updated processor, which means the device can do more than its predecessors. You can use your Kindle Paperwhite for several hours in a day without putting a strain on the processor.

The Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration also features a bigger battery that gives it a longer battery life than other Kindle models. The battery can last up to ten weeks on a single charge; hence, no need to charge your device frequently.

The battery is one of the parts of a device that can ensure a longer or shorter lifespan. If your Kindle’s battery drains after a few hours of use, it is a clear indication that your device is reaching its end. If you can use your Kindle Paperwhite for several weeks before charging it again, you will use it for many years before the battery becomes weak and dies.

You must take care of your Kindle Paperwhite to ensure it lasts up to eight years. If you poorly handle your Kindle Paperwhite, it might not last a year. First, you need to protect your Kindle Paperwhite from bumps, drops and moisture.

When carrying your Kindle Paperwhite, be careful not to hit it on a hard surface and hold it firmly to avoid dropping it. Not all Kindle Paperwhite iterations are not waterproof; therefore, you should avoid using our device in areas with lots of water, such as the shower. Reading while taking a bath can be nice, but if the steam gets in the Kindle Paperwhite, it could cause damage due to internal condensation.

You can also increase your Kindle Paperwhite’s lifespan by repairing it whenever it gets damaged. Mistakes happen, and sometimes they can cause damage to your Kindle Paperwhite. If the damage is not severe, you can take it to a professional for repairs.

Amazon does not have an official department for Kindle repairs; hence, you have to use third-party companies. If you also have the skills and abilities to repair e-readers, you can try to repair your Kindle Paperwhite. If the damage done is beyond repair, you can use your warranty if you have it or trade in your broken Kindle for a new one. 

Why Is Kindle Paperwhite So Expensive?

You can buy several Kindle e-readers from Amazon, each with its features and price tag. The Kindle Paperwhite has five iterations, and the fifth iteration was released on September 21, 2021. The price of a Kindle Paperwhite ranges from 139.99 USD to 189.99 USD, and you might be wondering why is the Kindle Paperwhite so expensive.

A Kindle Paperwhite is expensive because it has numerous features that are an improvement from previous Kindle iterations and gives you the option of having an ad-free device. If you choose the model without ads, you will also pay more since Amazon earns revenue by showing ads on your Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration comes in three configurations: an 8GB model without ads,  a 32GB ad-free Signature Edition, and an 8GB model with ads. The 8GB model with ads is the cheapest among the three, going for 139.99 USD. The 8GB model without ads costs 159.99 USD, and the most expensive model is the 32GB ad-free Signature Edition costs 189.99 USD.

Kindle Paperwhite features

The Kindle Paperwhite has several features that make it one of the best Kindle models on the market. It has a simple finish with an easy grip that allows you to use it for long hours without cramping your wrist.

Another feature that makes the Kindle Paperwhite so expensive is the long battery life. Most mobile devices we use daily have a six to ten hours battery life. The Kindle Paperwhite has a battery life of up to ten weeks on a single charge. If you like to read for long hours without interruptions, you should consider getting a Kindle Paperwhite.

Another feature that was introduced in the Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration is the USB-C port. All Kindles used the micro USB 2.0 port for charging and data transfer. The change from micro USB to USB-C port is an upgrade since other devices have moved using the Micro-USB.

The change to USB-C might have increased production costs; hence, the need to increase the price of a Kindle Paperwhite. Other features that might have caused the price of a Kindle Paperwhite to increase include the 6.8-inch display, LED light and a 300 pixel-per-inch resolution.

Kindle Paperwhite with or without Ads price difference

Ads also make the Kindle Paperwhite cost more or less depending on the model you select. If you do not want to see ads while using your Kindle Paperwhite, you can buy the 8GB without ads or the 32GB ad-free Signature Edition.

If you do not want to pay much, you can buy the 8GB model with ads at 139.99 USD, 20 USD less than the 159.99 USD 8GB model without ads. In addition to making money by selling you books on your Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon also earns revenue by running ads on selected Kindle models.

You need to select an ad-free model if you do not want to see ads on your Kindle’s screen while reading a book or magazine. However, not everyone can afford an ad-free model; hence, they can opt for the model with ads.

It is a small price to pay because you will be subject to several ads in a day when you use your Kindle Paperwhite. Some of these ads will come from Amazon showing your special offers or third-party sponsored ads. You have the option of removing ad support, but it will cost you several dollars. You can remove the ads through your Amazon account.

When buying Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon, you should note that all Kindle are ad-supported. The option is selected by default, and if you continue, you will purchase a Kindle Paperwhite with ads. If you do not want to use a Kindle Paperwhite with ads, click on the “Without Ads” tab.

For example, if you select the 8GB Kindle Paperwhite Fifth iteration, the price will be 139.99, but it will change to 159.99 USD when you click on the “Without Ads” tab. If you have already paid for the one with ads, you can still change it later.

Once you have received your Kindle Paperwhite, sign in to your Amazon account, select your Kindle device and search for the line that says “Special Offers.” Click on “Remove offers” and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be charged through your 1-Click payment system.

Final Word

If you enjoy reading e-books, Amazon has designed several ebook readers popularly known as Kindles. If it is your first time buying a Kindle, you would want to have a device that will last long.

A Kindle can last between five and ten years if you take good care of it. Therefore, if you want to use your Kindle Paperwhite for eight years, avoid handling it poorly and repair it whenever it gets damaged. When you buy a Kindle Paperwhite, you can choose the model with ads or the one without ads. However, the model without ads will be more expensive than the model with ads.

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