Sell Oculus Quest (Trade Ins, Selling, Swappa, GameStop)

If you purchased your Oculus Quest in 2019 when it was first released, it is probably old, requiring replacement or an upgrade. Given the initial high investment, getting the best deal when disposing of your Oculus Quest is ideal.

So, how do you sell the Oculus Quest? To sell your Oculus Quest, shortlist the hardware for sale on Craigslist, eBay, or any other local listing. While doing this, ensure you let the buyer know of the regional restrictions on your location so that they do not purchase a device and never use it.

You should also conduct adequate research to ensure you sell your headsets at the best price. To protect your privacy, factory reset your Oculus Quest before the sale to remove your account details and content you downloaded in the hardware.

If you feel you no longer need your current Oculus Quest version, you can factory reset and return it to your dealer or resell the hardware. Most gamers will go with the latter option, especially if in need of an upgrade.

With this option, you can top up the deficit, saving you from making a whole investment altogether. However, you should note that selling your account together with the headsets violates the terms and conditions.

Selling your Oculus Quest is possible via trade-ins from your local or online stores. Depending on its condition, a used Oculus Quest will sell between $100 and $115 dollars. However, this value may go below a hundred dollars in very old or damaged devices.

For any purchases you make in your oculus Quest, they will remain in your account, which is why you should factory reset the hardware. The person buying the Quest from you should create their account. This is regardless of whether the Facebook account or email you are using for your Oculus Quest is strictly for this purpose.

To perform a factory reset and sell your Oculus Quest, you will follow one of two procedures depending on whether you are using your phone to reset or the headset. If you are using your phone, navigate to the Oculus app, then tap Devices in the menu. Next, tap your Oculus Headset connected to your phone then the Advanced Settings. Afterward, tap Factory Reset then Reset to effect the change.

If using your headset to Factory Reset, start by turning off your headset. Next, simultaneously hold the volume down and power buttons until the boot screen loads on your headset. Using the volume buttons on your headset, highlight Factory Reset, then press the power button. Finally, use the volume buttons to highlight Yes and press the power button.

As stated earlier, you should not ignore the Factory reset step when selling your Oculus Quest. This will protect your privacy, as it will get rid of your private information, preventing access by the new owner. 

A factory reset is irreversible and will delete your downloaded games, account information, and any other content you have saved in your headset. As such, you should only do this when you want to get rid of your Oculus Quest or if you are having issues uncorrectable through other methods.

However, a factory reset will not remove the content you have downloaded or purchased from your account, and you can access them when you log in to your account upon replacement of your old oculus quest headsets.

Can You Trade in Your Oculus Quest 2?

Trade-ins offer a convenient money-saving option for a seller looking to upgrade their device. With this option, you will present your old device as long as it is in good condition to your local or online store, and they will value it, after which you can top up the deficit and upgrade your device.

As stated earlier, your Oculus Quest will eventually need an upgrade to a new version or replacement if you want to dispose of the older model. Read on to know whether you can trade-in your Oculus Quest 2 and the suitable stores to consider.

It is possible to trade your Oculus Quest 2 in certain local and online stores. Among the top-rated stores where you can sell your Oculus Quest include Swappa and Amazon trade-In. You can also try out Techpayout, GreenBuyback, among other sites.

Swappa, a human-powered marketplace, features convenience. You can buy and sell directly without the intervention of a middle person. As such, you will be able to sell your Oculus Quest at the best price, not to mention that the listing is free, and you will only need to pay a 3% fee after the sale has taken place.

Selling on Swappa will also enable you to get more money for your VR than other trade-in sites. You will also get your payment when you get a buyer for your headset. This is unlike other sites where you may have to wait for up to a week or more for a check.

Swappa is also a community and not just a selling website. As such, you can interact directly with your buyer when selling your product. The set community guidelines will protect both parties from exploitation while ensuring easy and convenient transactions. With the strong buyer and seller protection by Swappa, you can rest assured that your money and devices are safe.

To sell your Quest on Swappa, start by listing it for sale. You will be asked to enter a few of your headset’s specs, including its current condition. Also, you will need to upload a few pictures and select a price.

To aid you in selecting the best price, the system will provide a list of recently sold Oculus Quest pricing data, and you can select the prices depending on the specs, color, storage size, and market trends.

After making your submissions, the Swappa team will do a quick check to ensure you have availed every necessary detail. Upon approval, your listing will be added to the marketplace and users looking for an affordable Oculus Quest can find it.

GreenBuyback specializes in the buying of Oculus Quest models. If your VR headset is in good condition, GreenBuyback will either pay via PayPal or check. You should note that each headset condition will attract different prices, with a well-maintained headset having a greater reward than an old worn-out pair.

GreenBuyback requires you to send your Oculus Quest with its controllers, and you can do this during shipping. If you are selling the Oculus Go model, GreenBuyback will pay you cash. With Techpayout, ensure your Oculus Quest is in good condition for a successful trade.

Amazon trade-in is famous for PC sales, but you can use this store to sell if you have a working Oculus Quest. The store works like the Amazon store, and you will need to upload and submit your VR headset from your mobile app. You may need to register for easy submissions.

During submission, you will enter your Oculus Quest’s conditions according to the system prompts. Like in other sites, products in poor condition will sell at lower prices. After evaluating your submissions and setting the price based on the condition, Amazon will process your transaction, and you can top up the amount and upgrade your Oculus Quest from Amazon.

Does Oculus Do Trade-ins?

As an Oculus Quest user, it will be convenient if Oculus has trade-ins for its headsets. This way, it will be easier for you to upgrade your device in case of a new update from a new model. Read on to know whether the Oculus features trade-ins and how to navigate selling your old Oculus version for a new one.

Unfortunately, Oculus does not do trade-ins. This is despite them making a new product with the previous one still in beta. While Oculus has a valid reason behind this, online users attribute this to a common trend with major companies, including Nintendo and Sega.

According to a user online who reached Oculus with a similar concern, the support team stated that future Oculus Quest updates would resolve issues in the previous device versions. The team does not give a guarantee on the expected resolutions and timeline within which they will resolve these issues. Among the addressed issues include the microphone and audio issues. According to Oculus, some of the software updates in their versions should resolve most of the issues. 

Generally, I cannot blame Facebook or Oculus for coming out clear on no trade-ins, as it is not the norm for companies dealing in hardware to trade in the old versions for new releases.

Accommodating this will attract traffic from its users who are always curious to know what is new in the new versions, not to mention the monetary implications that will result in huge losses should a company adopt this policy.

Given the above limitation, if you want to trade in your Oculus, you should utilize the sites I have mentioned, such as Amazon and Swappa, among others. It is advisable to deal with known websites for security reasons. If you are unable to verify a site, avoiding it is best lest you lose your money and device and end up spending more than you would on a brand new purchase.

Can You Trade in an Oculus Quest To GameStop?

If you want to upgrade your Oculus Quest without spending a lot of money, trading in your old version is ideal. GameStop is famous for consoles, video game releases, and collectibles trade-ins. Since Oculus Quest does not offer trade-ins, you may wonder whether you can use it to trade an Oculus Quest to GameStop.

You can trade in your Oculus Quest to GameStop. To make your sale on GameStop, visit your local GameStop with your headset and its accessories. This is considering that with GameStop, you cannot trade online.

You should ensure you factory reset your headset prior to removing your personal information and downloads. Once at the store, let the team know that you want to trade in your Oculus Quest and spread it on the counter for them to evaluate and price.

If you are unsure of the nearest GameStop location, you can visit the website to locate one. When you bring your Oculus Quest to your local store, the employees at the store will test your headset’s functionality and its overall condition.

They will also consider its demand and offer you an equivalent quotation. If you accept it, you will either get a credit or cash. While cash is useful as you can spend it, credit is a better option and has a higher value than cash. If you have not done your research.

The amount of money or credit you get for your Oculus will depend on its current condition. Like most Trade-ins, you will receive a higher amount of credit if your Oculus is in a good state. GameStop dealers will restore damaged headsets to full functionality.

They will also clean and disinfect it before making it available to the buyers. For maximum value on your Oculus Quest headsets, you will solely rely on the GameStop quotation. If you are unsure of how much your headsets will retail at, GameStop has a tool that you can use to determine their value.

This tool saves you the trouble of going to the store and wasting your time on stuff without value. You can upload pictures and specs of your headsets, and the tool will give a range that may differ slightly from the estimations at the store.

Wrap Up

Over time, you may want to upgrade or replace your Oculus Quest. To effect this sale, you can trade in a local or online store near you. Among the stores you can utilize include Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, and Techpayout, among others.

Whichever store you choose, it is advisable that you conduct prior research before presenting it to the local store. Also, you should factory reset your Oculus Quest to remove your details and content you downloaded.

In stores like GameStop, where there is no online stop, you will have to visit the store in person and present your headsets together with the accessories. Once at the store, the team will inspect and appraise your headset and give cash or credit payment. In this case, credit payment is more convenient and has a higher value, enabling you to make your next purchase.

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