PS4 Controller Vibrate Settings (PS4 and PC checked out)

The DualShock 4 is the primary gaming controller of the PlayStation 4 console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PS4 controller has several features that make it an excellent gaming controller, one of them being the vibration settings. If you are new to gaming, you may wonder how to enable vibration on the PlayStation 4 controller.

So, how do you make a PS4 controller vibrate? To make your PlayStation4 controller vibrate, first ensure that your controller is connected to a PS4 console. Turn your console on and go to “Setting,” and select “Device.” Find and select your PS4 controller, and the vibration options will appear on your screen. Check “Enable Vibration” and close the settings.

Your PS4 controller will now vibrate anytime you use it to play games on navigating the menu. Another way you can enable vibration on your PS4 controller is by using third-party apps. However, you should only use third-party apps to make the controller vibrate when the vibration settings on the console do not work.

Many gamers who use PlayStation consoles prefer to use the DualShock 4 controller because it guarantees a great gaming experience. The DualShock 4, also known as the PS4 controller, has numerous features that make it a great gaming controller, including vibrating. Here is how you can enable vibration on your PS4 controller.

To make the PS4 controller vibrate while gaming is easy. First, confirm that the PS4 controller is connected to the PS4 console. Using the controller, go to “Settings” and select “Devices.” Choose your PS4 controller and check on “Enable Vibration”.

The vibration mode is now enabled, and it will vibrate any time you press a button. You can also make the controller vibrate continuously; however, you cannot do it through your PS4 console. If you wish to disable the vibration mode, follow the same steps and uncheck the “Enable Vibration.”

The vibration mode adds more to your gaming experience and makes it even more interesting to play games using the controller. Every time you press a button on your PS4 controller, the vibrations make you more engaged in the game.

When you play a game like GTA V or Fortnite, the vibrations make the game more enjoyable as you shoot your opponents. The vibrations also make it easier to play certain games because you will develop muscle memory and know which buttons to press without looking at the controller.

The vibration mode also shows you if the PS4 controller is disconnected from the PS4 console or damaged. After getting used to playing with a vibrating PS4 controller, you will know the controller is disconnected or damaged anytime you start playing a game and you do not feel any vibrations.

If the PS4 controller is disconnected, you can reconnect it wirelessly or use a USB cable. If the PS4 controller does not vibrate after reconnection, check if the vibration mode is disabled. You should contact customer support if your PS4 controller no longer vibrates even after turning on the vibration mode.

Sometimes, your PS4 controller might not vibrate even after you enable vibration, and one of the issues could be low power. If you did not charge your PS4 controller before enabling vibration, it might not have enough power to initiate the vibrations.

Before you enable the vibration mode, ensure that your PS4 controller has enough battery power. If your PS4 controller is fully charged and still does not vibrate, you should replace the battery or the vibration motors.

Another issue that can cause your PS4 controller not to vibrate is general controller malfunction. After using your PS4 controller for some time, it could start to malfunction, and you will need to reset the controller manually. To manually reset your PS4 controller, locate the small reset button on the back of the controller near the L2 button.

Use a pin to push the button because it is located in a tiny hole next to the top right screw. Press and hold the button down for several seconds and release. Your PS4 controller will reset, and you will need to reconnect it to your PS4 console; after reconnection, go to the setting and enable vibration.

You should note that enabling vibration mode on your PS4 controller will drain the battery faster. It is fun when your PS4 controller vibrates when driving a car in Need for Speed heat or shooting an opponent in Fortnite. However, each time your PS4 controller vibrates, the faster your controller’s battery will drain.

The PS4 controller battery can last between four to eight hours, and if you need to save the battery, you have to use the vibration mode sparingly. If you want to increase your PS4 controller’s battery charge, you can use the vibration mode only when the controller is connected to the console through a USB cable.

If you enjoy your PS4 controller’s vibrations while in use, you can also make the vibrations continuous. The continuous option is not available via the PS4 console settings, but you can make the vibrations continuous using the DS4 Windows program.

You need to download and install the DS4 Windows program on your PC. The DS4 Windows program emulates different console controllers, and you can use it to change several settings on your PS4 controllers.

After downloading and installing the DS4 Windows program on your PC, open the program and connect your controller to your PC via Bluetooth. Select “Rocket League” and enter free play. On your PS4 controller, press the center button to turn down the controller. Then, connect the PS4 controller to your PS4 console with a USB cable and activate it.

Your PS4 controller will vibrate continuously if you keep it connected to your PS4 console using a USB cable. If your PS4 controller stops vibrating continuously, you can repeat the process above to reactivate the continuous vibration mode.

How To Make a PS4 Controller Vibrate on PC?

PC gamers are no longer restricted to using the keyboard and mouse to play games on the PCs because game developers are including other console controller support in PC games. One of the console controllers you can use to play games on PC is the DualShock 4, released together with the PS4 console. The PS4 controller has a vibrating feature, and if you want to use it with your PC, you might be wondering how you can make it vibrate.

To enable vibration on the PS4 controller when playing video games on your PC, you need the DS4 Windows program. If you do not have DS4 Windows, download it from the official DS4 Windows website and install it on your PC. Open DS4 Windows, and, under settings, select “Hide DS4 Controller”. Connect your controller to your PC via Bluetooth and open “Rocket League.”

On “Rocket League,” go to “Settings,” “Controls,” select “Controller Vibration,” and choose the type of vibration you want on your PS4 controller. Enter free play to ensure the vibration works and turn off your PS4 controller.

Connect your controller to your PC using a USB cable and turn it on. Your PS4 controller will now vibrate when you play video games on your PC. You can also use third-party apps to make the controller vibrate when using it on your PC.

Unlike in console gaming, where you cannot choose the type of vibration, you can choose how your PS4 controller will vibrate on a PC. When you select “Controller Vibration,” you will see three options: “Disabled,” “Default,” and “All”. “Disabled” removes the controller vibration, “Default” enables vibration only on impact, boost activations, and demolitions, and “All” enables vibrations during the entire use.

You can also choose “Vibration Intensity” with the slider running from 0.00 to 3.00. When you set the slider at 0.00, the vibration mode will be disabled. For light vibration, set the slider at 0.5, 1.8 for medium vibration, and 3.0 for heavy vibration.

DS4 Windows is an important program, and, without it, you cannot make the controller vibrate when you play games on your PC. To install DS4 Windows on your PC, download the Zip file from the DS4 Windows website and extract the two programs from the file.

The two programs are DS4Windows and DS4Updater. You can extract them to any location on your PC as long as there is enough storage space. After extracting the programs, launch the DS4Windows, and a window will pop up with instructions on how to install the driver. Connect your PS4 controller, and you are ready to use your PS4 controller on your PC.

If you cannot use the DS4 Windows option or have tried to use it and it fails, you can still enable vibration on your PS4 controller using a third-party app. Several apps can make the controller vibrate on PC, but most gamers prefer to use iVibrate.

The iVibrate app can make most console controllers with vibration features such as Xbox One controller, Xbox 360 controller, and DualShock 4 controllers vibrate continuously when playing video games on your PC. The iVibrate app is also compatible with other operating systems; hence, you can use it on your Mac PC or Linux-operated PC.

To install iVibrate on your PC, go to the kink master studios website and download the iVibrate driver app. Save the iVibrate driver app on your PC and launch it. A window will pop on your screen requesting you to proceed with the installation process.

After installing the iVibrate app on your PC, connect your controller to your PC, and it will start to vibrate whenever you use it to play a game. The iVibrate is the perfect app if you want your PS4 controller to vibrate continuously on your PC.

One advantage of using the iVibrate is the app’s numerous vibration options you can set on your PS4 controller. The iVibrate has three main modes; that is the three vibration modes, ten vibration strength levels, and more than twenty vibration patterns. Therefore, you can choose how your PS4 controller can vibrate depending on the game you are playing.

You can choose different vibration patterns for each first-person shooter video game like GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077, and Fortnite. The different vibration strengths and patterns allow your PS4 controller to vibrate hard or soft, improving your PC gaming experience.

Since the iVibrate makes your PS4 controller vibrate continuously, always use your controller with a wired connection. The continuous vibration will drain the battery quickly if you are using a wireless connection. The wired connection keeps your PS4 controller charged and will use energy from your PC to power the vibration motors in your controller.

If you want to use a PS4 controller with a wireless connection, choose the less intense vibration patterns and low vibration strength. If you no longer want your PS4 controller vibrating when playing video games on your PC, uninstall the iVibrate driver app and restart your PC.

If you try the DS4 Windows and iVibrate option and your PS4 controller still does not vibrate, first try to disconnect and reconnect your PS4 with your PC and see if the problem has gone away. If the PS4 controller is still not vibrating, change the USB cable, and if that does not work, contact PlayStation customer support.

If you suspect the problem with the vibration motors, do not open your PS4 controller to repair it. Opening the PS4 controller voids the warranty, and you will have to pay for any repairs or replacement.


If you are wondering why your PS4 controller vibrates when you push a button, then this guide is for you. This guide will help you know how to enable vibration on the PlayStation 4 while using PS4 and on PC.

It is easy to make your PlayStation 4 controller vibrate whether using a gaming PC or the PS4 console. On the PS4 console, you have fewer options on how your PS4 controller can vibrate; however, when using PC, you can use third party apps such as the DS4 Windows program to change the settings.

If you want to make your PS4 controller, follow the steps and methods discussed in this article and enjoy your video games. However, you should be mindful of your PS4 controller’s battery charge because it does not have long battery life.

Depending on how you use it, you might have to recharge your PS4’s battery after four hours of gaming. Vibration is a feature that drains a lot of your PS4 battery and if you want to avoid charging it frequently, use a wired connection.

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